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United Bank of India Chandigarh-Region SCO-32,33,34, Sector-17–C, Chandigarh Telephone-0172-2541633,2541634,Fax-0172-5070900 E-AUCTION SALE NOTICE SALE OF IMMOVABLE PROPERTY MORTGAGED TO THE BANK UNDER THE SECURITISATION AND RECONSTRUCTION OF FINANCIAL ASSETS AND ENFORCEMENT OF SECURITY INTEREST ACT, 2002 As described below the under mentioned Borrowers have taken lo


Common presentations •  Intermittent abdominal and flank pain –  May be associated with nausea and vomiting •  Incidentally found during investigation of –  Azotemia •  Obstruction of a functionally or anatomically solitary –  Haematuria –  UTI, pyuria Approach to Mx •  Acute obstruction (urosepsis, azotemia with solitary kidn

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How foundations garble their messageand lose their audience Table of Contents A foreword by Michael Bailin, President How foundations garble their message and lose their audiencePhilanthropy’s favorite noise,and the meaning it concealsDrawing sense from the wells of gibberishCopyright © 2001 by The Edna McConnell Clark FoundationIt was in that spirit that a little over a yearA forewor


Religions don’t Dialogue, Believers can 15 6.2 Interreligious and/or Intercultural Dialogue? Abdul Aziz Saïd and Paolo Dall’Oglio Comments on Paolo Dall’Oglio by Abdul Aziz SaïdUnderstanding the many contexts that shape expressions of religious identity and belief – especially cultural, historical, political, and economic contexts – is one of the great challenges of interrel


TRAVELLING Travelling is very popular in the 21st century and that is why it is so common. People all around the world travel for various reasons: One of them is tourism - especially during holidays. Others travel for scientific purposes, on business or for educational reasons. Even smuggling is not unusual. Many people like travelling because it is exciting. They can see new places, meet new

Wiskott-aldrich syndrome registry -- data collection form

DiGeorge Syndrome (DGS) Registry Data Collection Form _ Patient Identification: Patient Name (first, middle, last)_________________________________________________________ Patient’s USIDNET Registry Number assigned after online enrollment ________ Date of Birth _____/_____/______(mm/dd/yyyy) or Year of Birth _________ Gender: male [ ], female [ ] Home Address: Date of this Rec


Publicación de la Unión de Escritores y Artistas de CubaAño 2, números 6 - 7. La Habana, enero, 2008Con una conferencia del doctor Eusebio Leal, Historiador de la Ciudad de La Habana, se iniciaron en la UnEAC los actos por el 50 aniversario del triunfo de la Revolución. Para celebrar ese importante acontecimiento, la Asociación de Escritores convocó el ciclo La Revolución, la escri-


Abstracts of the Third European Congress of Andrology and16th Congress of the German Society of Andrology,Mu¨ nster, Germany, 11–14 September 2004N. Goncharov (Russia)A. Giwercman (Sweden)C. Krausz (Italy)R. Mieusset (France)E. Nieschlag (Germany)P. Saunders (United Kingdom)O. So¨der (Sweden)F. M. Ko¨hn (Germany)E. Nieschlag (Germany)W. Weidner (Germany)M. E. Beutel1, W. Weidner2 and E.

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Bacteria race ahead of drugs Falling behind: Deadly infections increasingly able to beat antibiotics Sabin Russell, Chronicle Medical Writer, dated January 20, 2008 UNE Biomist Website Posted: February 27, 2009 At a busy microbiology lab in San Francisco, bad bugs are brewing inside vials of human blood, or sprouting inside petri dishes, all in preparation for a battery of tests. These t


(Actos adoptados en aplicación del Tratado UE) ACTOS ADOPTADOS EN APLICACIÓN DEL TÍTULO VI DEL TRATADO UE DECISIÓN 2008/615/JAI DEL CONSEJO de 23 de junio de 2008 sobre la profundización de la cooperación transfronteriza, en particular en materia de lucha contra el terrorismo y la delincuencia transfronteriza planteamiento innovador del intercambio transfronterizode informació

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Session (Circle) (1) 6/13-18 (2) 6/20-25 (3) 6/27-7/2 UPLIFT 2009 Youth Group: Grade (entering) : T-Shirt Size: CAMPER’S GENERAL INFORMATION EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION Mother’s Info Name: (or guardian) Father’s Info Name: (or guardian) Address: Youth Min./ Sponsor Info Emergency Contact (if above are unreachable) INSURANCE IN

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A. PROJECT IDENTIFICATION SUPPORT FOR JOURNALIST PROJECT TITLE TRAINING IPDC/55 HAI/02 MEDIA DEVELOPMENT INDICATOR Category 4: Professional training and support CATEGORY for training institutions to promote freedom of expression, pluralism and diversity IPDC PRIORITY AREA TYPE OF ASSISTANCE REQUESTED Financial aid for training and institutional capacity buildi

Annual report - final mar 2007

Our mission is to foster, facilitate, and medical care for residents of Delta & February 19, 2007 The year 2006 will be remembered for the many “firsts” experienced by the Medical Access Coalition: the opening of offices in Escanaba and Menominee, establishing referral and coordination procedures with many local healthcare providers and agencies, and enrolling our first clients. Wh


5th Annual Columbus CANstruction® Competition It starts with one can. To feed the hungry. To lift the spirit. To change the world.® architects, engineers, artists or designers What design & build structures made entirely Where Fair Oaks Mall, Columbus, Indiana CANstruction®, a charity committed to ending hunger, is using

Ir thermography for the detection of buried objects: a short review

IR Thermography for the Detection of Buried Objects: A Short Review ABSTRACT Sub-surface buried objects, such landmines and archaeological artefacts, and the surrounding environment constitute a complex system with variable characteristics. As a consequence, the detection and recognition of these objects may be extremely difficult. IR thermography, which is widely employed in the d



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UKISCRS 2008 Refractive Surgery Day 13th November 2009 The Dome, Brighton Report by Christopher Liu FRCOphth Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, Sussex Eye Hospital, Brighton Medical Director, Tongdean Eye Clinic, Hove Lecture Room 2 was packed with many delegates standing at the back. The day opened with a session chaired by Sheraz Daya and Steve Schallhorn entitl

Radionuclide imaging in surgery: part 2

Radio-nuclide imaging in surgery: Part 2 ‰ S. Sanyal MS ‰ I. Nyaruhirira Director, Centre Hospitalier de KIGALI, “C.H.K.” Kigali, Rwanda. From extracting natural radioactive substances from crude pitch blende ore to creating artificial radioactivity in betatrons is a long leap indeed. In this treatise the authors tell us about the clinical applications of o

Estudio de la densidad mineral osea por medio de rayos x en ratas de la sepa wistar

ESTUDIO DE LA DENSIDAD MINERAL OSEA POR MEDIO DE RAYOS X EN RATAS DE LA SEPA WISTAR Vera Martínez N.(1); Hernández Urbiola M. I. (2); Pérez Torrero E.(3) 1Facultad de Ciencias Naturales, Licenciatura en Nutrición, Universidad, Autónoma de 2Posgrado en Investigaciones Biomédicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 3Departamento de Posgrado e Investigación, Facultad de Inge


Accidents aigus des nouvelles toxicomanies Consensus d'actualisation SFAR - Médecine d'urgence 1999 P. Mols, N. Dedecker, G. Taton, M. Amuli Itegwa Service des urgences adultes, CHU Saint-Pierre, rue Haute 322, B -1000 Bruxelles, Belgique POINTS ESSENTIELS · Les amphétamines autorisées légalement sont soumises à prescription. Elles ont pour indication la narcolepsie, les troub


« Syndiqués ou pas, faisons entendre nos différences ! » Président : St-Denis, le 25 janvier 2011 en rapport avec l’AGE et l’AG - URPS Médecin - du vendredi 4 février 2011 Vice -Président : Dr Benoît Legris seuls les écrits restent… Secrétaire générale : Puisque selon les statuts proposés, la vocation des AG ne semble plus être un lieu de débat m

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Shingles – Infórmese Información General: Shingles es causada por el virus “varicella zoster”, el mismo virus que causa la varicela. Después que una persona se recupera de la varicela, el virus se queda latente en el cuerpo (en un estado inactivo). Por razones que no se conocen , el virus puede reactivarse años después, causando shingles. Casi 1 de cada 3 personas en los Estad


Newsday.com: A pit bull ban is not the answer News | Entertainment | Sports | Jobs | Cars | Real Estate | Apartments | ShopLocal | Place An Ad am New York ANIMAL HOUSE A pit bull ban is not the answer Denise Flaim Animal House January 8, 2007 Chase Free Checking Writing a column in defense of pit bulls is sort of like Get $75 When You Open A Checking Account with writing

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Publikationen 2011 1. Blohmer J, Paepke S, Sehouli J, Blohmer D, Kolben M, Würschmidt F, Petry KU, Kimmig R, Elling D, Thomssen C, von Minckwitz G, Möbus V, Hinke A, Kümmel S, Budach V, Lichtenegger W, Schmid P (2011) Randomized phase III trial of sequential adjuvant chemoradiotherapy with or without erythropoietin Alfa in patients with high-risk cervical cancer: results of the NOGGO-AGO i


Articles Medical therapy to facilitate urinary stone passage: a meta-analysis John M Hollingsworth, Mary A M Rogers, Samuel R Kaufman, Timothy J Bradford, Sanjay Saint, John T Wei, Brent K Hollenbeck Summary Background Medical therapies to ease urinary-stone passage have been reported, but are not generally used. If eff ective, Lancet 2006; 368: 1171–79 such therapies would incr


João António de Sampaio Rodrigues Queiroz Professor Catedrático Universidade da Beira Interior (Dezembro 2012) Patentes D.M.F. Prazeres, M.M. Diogo, J.A. Queiroz, “Process for production and purification of plasmid DNA”, Patent Number PT 102491 R; WO 02/04027 A1; United States Patent C. Cruz, E. Cairrao, S. Silvestre, L. Breitenfeld, P. Almeida, J.A. Queiroz, “Mé


5. Teppichboden Bei der Verlegung von Teppichböden unterscheidet man vier Varianten: 1. Loses Auslegen (ohne Randbefestigung oder mit doppelseitigem Klebeband), 2. Fixieren (mit Haftvlies oder Haftgitter), 4. Kleben (mit Lösemittel- oder Dispersionklebstoff). Das Spannen von Teppichböden ist vergleichsweise aufwendig, aber die umweltfreundlichste Methode. Beim ist grundsätzlich mit Em

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Antibiotic Formulary Prescribing Advice Adult V6.4 Printed copies are not controlled and are valid on date of printing only. This version was last printed: 16 Apr. 12 Lower Respiratory Tract Infections Inc. COPD, Pneumonia, TB 4.3.1 Bronchitis, Acute 4.3.2 Bronchitis, Chronic And COPD, Acute Exacerbations Of Doxycycline 200mg loading dose then 100mg od po Amoxicillin 500mg po

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Date of Birth: It is very important to complete ALL sections. This form will help you prepare for the initial assessment as trying to remember past episodes and treatments during the actual interview can be difficult. In turn, it helps me understand your illness as the medical chart is not enough. If necessary, your Counsellor is available to help you complete the form. 1) Your exp


Santiago de Compostela, 16 de febreiro de 2009 Relación dos gañadores do IX Concurso de Ideas Empresariais Innovadoras da USC (2008) 1.- GRÁFICAS REPRESENTATIVAS.3 2.- RELACIÓN DAS IDEAS GAÑADORAS.6 3.- DESCRIPCIÓN DAS IDEAS PREMIADAS.7 Relación dos gañadores do IX Concurso de Ideas Empresariais Innovadoras da USC (2008) DISTRIBUCIÓN POR SEXO Mulle

Deep venous thrombosis: update on treatment

Core Content In Urgent Care Medicine GI/GU Module Release Date: December 1, 2009 Review Date: January 31, 2011 Expiration Date: November 30, 2014 Urinary Tract Infections Faculty: William Gluckman, DO, MBA, FACEP 1. The most common organism causing urinary tract infections is: a. Staph Saprophyticus b. Enterococcus c. Proteus mirabilis d. Escherichia coli 2. Whic


Wednesday - October 2, 2013 POSTER TOURS 5:15 PM – 6:45 PM Exhibit Hall (220C) Presenters of featured posters will be present during poster tours to explain their work. Tours take place at the end of the day onTuesday and Wednesday. Tour sign-up required (see sheets in front of main entrance to Exhibit Hall at 220D). Meeting point at firstposter of tour at 5:15 PM. Poster Tour W1


Disclaimer: The information provided in this Technical Bulletin is strictly educational. It may not be used to promote USANA productsnor is it intended as medical advice. For diagnosis and treatment of medical disorders, consult your health care professional. When thereare references to third party websites, addresses and/or phone numbers, USANA, Inc. makes no claim, actual or implied, regarding t

New therapeutic silk underwear combats misery of recurrent thrush in 9 out of 10 women

A recent double blind clinical trial carried out at the University of Bologna in Italy has shown that a new range of specially treated silk underwear dramatically reduces the itching and redness that plagues the many women who suffer from persistent and Three out of four women will experience the irritating itch and burning soreness of vaginal thrush at some stage in their life, and 1 in

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29. SEPTEMBER 2003 VIDENSKAB OG PRAKSIS | Præsentation af anstrengelses-belønnings-modellen (»the effort reward model«) – den nye stressmodelaf arbejdsrelaterede stressorer – at kunne tage »en prøve for Anstrengelses-belønnings-modellen postulerer, at den største stress«. En anvendelig biomarkør skal have sammenhæng risiko for arbejdsbetinget stress findes, hvor den ydede

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INFORMAZIONI PERSONALI ISTRUZIONE E FORMAZIONE Università degli Studi di Torino, Facoltà di Psicologia, indirizzo di Psicologia Clinica e di Psicologia e Psicopatologia del ’età evolutiva Psicologia Clinica, Psicologia Cognitiva, Psicologia di Comunità, Psicologia Generale, Neuropsicologia Clinica, Psicologia Dinamica. • Eventuale qualifica/titolo conseguito Laurea in Psi


PUBLICATIONS DE L’UNITE D’EPIDEMIOLOGIE, NUTRITION ET DEVELOPPEMENT (10 dernières années) 1. Tonglet R, Katulanya I, Munkatu M, Dramaix M, Hennart Ph, Can improvements in water supply reduce childhood diarrhoea ?, Health Policy and Planning, 1992; 7 : 260-8. 2. Tonglet R, Maheshe Mudos, Masumbuko Badashondernan, Beghin I, Hennart Ph, The causal model approach to nutritionnal problems : an


Patient information from the BMJ Group Absence seizures in children You might be worried if you've been told your child has absence seizures. But medications work well. Most children grow out of absence seizures by the time they're 12 years old. We've brought together the best and most up-to-date research about absence seizures to see what treatments work. You can use our information t


PROYECTO CURRICULAR DE INGENIERÍA AMBIENTAL Consejo Curricular Ordinario Sala de Juntas Decanatura – Facultad del Medio Ambiente yRecursos Naturales ASISTENTES ASISTIÓ FUNCIÓN INVITADOS ASISTIÓ FUNCIÓN Ambiental – Grupo 543Docente Introducción a la IngenieríaAmbiental – Grupo 545Docente Introducción a la Ingeniería ORDEN DEL DIA 1. Llamado a lista y verif

Haloperidol prophylaxis for elderly hip-surgery patients at risk for delirium: a randomized placebo-controlled study

Haloperidol Prophylaxis for Elderly Hip-Surgery Patientsat Risk for Delirium: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled StudyKees J. Kalisvaart, MD,Ã Jos F. M. de Jonghe, PhD,Ã Marja J. Bogaards, PharmD,Ralph Vreeswijk, RN, MSc,Ã Toine C. G. Egberts, PhD,z Bart J. Burger, MD, PhD,ÃPiet Eikelenboom, MD, PhD,§z and Willem A. van Gool, MD, PhDkOBJECTIVES: To study the effectiveness of haloperidol14.4

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Tetracycline Appearance : yellow, crystalline powder. 2-[4-(2-Hydroxyethyl)piperazin-1-yl]ethane sulphonic Solubility : very slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol(96 per cent) and in methanol, sparingly soluble in acetone. Dissolve the above ingredients in about 950 ml of water R ,It dissolves in dilute acid and alkaline solutions. adjust to pH 7.4 with 1 M sodium hydroxi


clinical case CYSTINE CALCULI: MULTIDISCIPLINARY CHALLENGE Elaine Bronzatto, Daniel Silva Division of Urology - UNICAMP CLINICAL BACKGROUND Eighteen year-old male is under treatment for recurrent stone disease since 10 years of age. He underwent several surgical interventions including percutaneous nephrolithotomy on left side, open pielolithotomy on left side and repeated extraco


The work to be done in Haiti will be prioritized in cooperation with the Methodist Church of Haiti (EMH). In general, projects range from construction to medical missions, and can include community development and relationship-building activities (like Vacation Bible School, ESL Classes, Adult Education: Specific Skill training, Vocational Training). Additional projects are reviewed by an oversi

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This Guide to Pronunciation of foreign-origin English words contains many Urantia Book words which cannot be detected in dictionaries or other reference works. True to the conventions followed in dictionaries, International Phonetic Alphabet is employed in the notation of pronunciation, which is given in accordance with the British English usages. In cases where the American pronunciation is mark

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Urticaria pigmentosa (UP) is a skin rash that is seen in most kinds of mastocytosis. Mastocytosis of the skin has been classified into the following forms: Mastocytoma is one or a very few individual large lesions that become red and may blister and swell when stimulated; maculopapular cutaneous mastocytosis denotes flat to slightly raised pink/cream/tan/brown spots that itch, tu


Rev. David E. Grimm First Unitarian Society of Ithaca September 9, 2012 I begin with the words of the Rev. Forrest Church, from an address he delivered at the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly in 2003: “… In what I call the Cathedral of the World there are millions of windows, each telling its own story of who we are, where we came from, where we are going, each [attem

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Information March 2007 NEW DRUG TERMS ANTI-TAG-72 MONOCLONAL AB .82000503CA-9-PEPTIDE .101206252007 CD-ROM (1995-current) disc return procedures: It is monthly outdated (1995-current) Index Record disc to IDIS . After monthly (1995-current) Index Record disc, please destroy the Article disc is a permanent file, NEVER DISCARD! Place the disc at the end of your current article disc

universidad centroccidental

UNIVERSIDAD CENTROCCIDENTAL “LISANDRO ALVARADO” DECANATO DE MEDICINA DEPARTAMENTO DE CIENCIAS FUNCIONALES SECCION DE FARMACOLOGIA INTERACCIONES MEDICAMENTOSAS Dr. Manuel Ramírez S. GENERALIDADES : La administración previa o simultánea de un medicamento puede modificar, aumentando, disminuyendo o anulando los efectos farmacológicos de otro; el riesgo de intera

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Race Report: USA Ultra Triathlon Double IRON – Tampa, Florida, March 1 & 2, 2013 7.6 km Swim — 360 km Bike — 84 km Run Pre-race Yasmin and I arrived in Tampa on Monday evening. With the race on Friday morning we would have a few days to rent a car, poke around and get to know the area, and just get used to being away from our snowy and cold winter home back in Ottawa. On Thur

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Stephanie J. Muga Dept. of Biology & Geology, Chemistry & Physics EDUCATION HISTORY Dates EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Dates USCA, Dept. of Biology. & Geology, Chemistry -Instructor MUSC, Dept. of Pharmacology, Charleston, SC USC School of Medicine, Dept. of Path, Micro. USC School of Medicine, Dept. of Dev. Biol. Univ. of Texas-Austin, Dept. of Human Ecology HONORS AN

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Sziasztok! Immár a MizUJS máso- Január dik számát tartjátok kezetekben, WUJS congress amely egyben hanukai kiadásunk Az újév idén is Izraelben talált, nemzetközi anyaszervezetünk éves kongresszusát. A is. Ez alkalommal köszöntök min- non stop bulit ezúttal politikai játszmák tarkították. den UJS tagot és szimpatizánst. A Február MizUJS egy kísérlet


FIORENZO CONTI 1. PERSONAL HISTORY Department of Experimental & Clinical Medicine Section of Neuroscience & Cell Biology Università Politecnica delle Marche Via Tronto 10/A, Torrette di Ancona I-60020 Ancona (Italy) Phone 0039 071 220 6056 Faz f.conti@univpm.it www.fiorenzocontigroup.it Birth Date and Place August 13, 1955 Villerupt (France) Current position

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Upcoming Events COMMUNITY & SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT from 5 November, on Tuesdays 11:30am-3:30pm The Volunteer Desk will be open once again. This service offers Bocconi students, faculty and staff the opportunity to get to know and approach Milanese organizations committed to social issues, dedicating part of their time to concrete activities. The service is managed thanks to a collabor


La naviera Evergreen visita El tráfico el puerto de Bilbao crece un 24% "hub": Kaoshiung (Taiwan), Tanjung Bilbao, sede de Misión comercial a Lituania y Estonia "Cruise Europe" ción "Cruise Europe", entidad que Esergui apuesta por la distribución de combustible por ferrocarril tras propias estaciones de servicio. bien diseñada


MEDCO BY MAIL ORDER FORM Member Information Please verify or provide member information below. ❏ Please send me e-mail notices about the status of the Member ID: enclosed prescription(s) and online ordering at: Group: (Medco will keep this address on file for all orders fromthis membership until another shipping address isprovided by any person in this membership.) Daytime

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CV of Zhiren Zhang Curriculum Vitae Personal information Birthday Nationality Telephone Education 09/1993 – 06/1998 Tongji Medical University, Wuhan, P.R. China. Certificate: Bachelor Degree of Medicine 09/1998 – 06/2001 Tongji Medical School, Huazhong University of Science and Certificate: Master Degree of Medicine 09/2001 – 06/2004 Tongji M


Stopping Diabetes Before it Starts i n s i d e t h i s i s s u e … Diabetes Prevention Program Results Reported Early Pump Update: Minimed 2 Paradigm release post- Sugar: Have your fruit- 3 cake and eat it too Kids with Diabetes: 4 Care at school is critical Changing Rules: FAA 5 issues guidelines for fly- Prevention: USC physi- 6 cian seeks caus

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This page to be retained by client Elderly Vaccination Subsidy Scheme (EVSS) 2011/12 Information about Seasonal Influenza Vaccination and Pneumococcal Vaccination Benefits of Getting Seasonal Influenza Vaccination and Pneumococcal Vaccination Infection of the airway such as those caused by seasonal influenza virus and pneumococcus is common. Once elders are infected, they are

Schlüpferesch ii liddtexter cd

Stued Theater CD ST002 - Schlüpferesch II ‚Jempy Welter’ – D’Liddtexter Aus dem Krunn leeft de Béier méi séier Op Metz ze lafen Amplaz säin Holz ze ha’n Weis: Ich hab mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren `t ass gesond fir de Schlack an de Stullgang wien o ch k ënnt ` t ass e ga l, a ll déi ha mer den Nick d ee wichst se all a m E m balag e a weis t en har diman g de bre ede . R


Sicherheitsdatenblatt gemäß 1907/2006/EG, Artikel 31 1 Bezeichnung des Stoffs bzw. des Gemischs und des Unternehmens · Produktidentifikator · Handelsname: Ampicillin - Natriumsalz BioChemica · Artikelnummer: A0839 · CAS-Nummer: · EG-Nummer: · Relevante identifizierte Verwendungen des Stoffs oder Gemischs und Verwendungen, von denen abgeraten

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