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Allegra Design Print Mail of Tampa A Successful Move to Digital “The digital press allows us to Allegra Design Print Mail of Tampa is a locally-owned company that specializes in graphic design, printing, digital, and mailing services. Having been part of the Allegra network for almost a decade, Allegra Tampa is proud of its numerous printing awards and environ-mentally friendly business pr


CAMSTRAND Conference 2nd July 2013 (pre-conference events on 1st July) University of Westminster New Cavendish Street London, W1W 6UW. ‘Improving the patient experience’ Programme Conference website: CAMSTRAND 2013 Programme Monday 1st July Venue: University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street, London, W1W 6UW 12.

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Reiserschnittgarten Baden-Württemberg GmbH & Co. KG Reiserschnittgarten Baden-Württemberg GmbH & Co. KG Betrieb: EG-Pflanzenpass: DE-BW-1-133016 Bestellung von Edelreisern aus dem Edelreiserschnittgarten der RSG Ba-Wü GmbH & Co. KG Winterveredelungen 2013- 2014 Rückgabetermin der Liste bis spätestens 30. November 2013 (an unsere oben angegebene Be


Safety Data Sheet Sulfamethoxazole according to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 1. Identification of the substance/preparation and of the company/undertaking - pharmaceutical active substance: bacteriostatic, especially incombination with trimethoprim (e.g. BACTRIM,trimethoprim:sulfamethoxazole 1:5)F. Hoffmann-La Roche AGPostfachCH-4070 BaselSwitzerland 2. Hazards identification - Very

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Expeditionsbericht unserer „Pik Lenin“ Reise 2008 Sa., 16.8.: Abflug um 14:50 Uhr mit 30 Min. Verspätung von Berlin-Schönefeld nach Moskau (ca. 2 Std. Flug – 2 Std. Zeitverschiebung); 26kg Gepäck eingecheckt Æ kein Übergepäck bezahlt (sehr kulant – eigentlich 11 EUR / kg – 20 kg Freigepäck). 4 Std. Aufenthalt in Moskau. Keine Einkaufsmöglichkeit mit $ oder €, nur Rubel ode


What Is Cholesterol-Lowering Medicine? If your doctor has decided that you need to take medicine to reduce high cholesterol, it’s because you’re at high risk for heart disease or stroke. Usual y the treatment combines diet and medicine. Most heart disease and many strokes are caused by a buildup of fat, cholesterol and other substances cal ed plaque in the inner wal s of your arteries. The

!framtidens l−kemedel

© Författaren och Reforminstitutet 2002Sättning: Ateljé Typsnittet L&R AB, StockholmTryck: Larserics Digital Print AB, Bromma, 2002info@reforminstitutet.nu www.reforminstitutet.nu Försäkring med valfri självrisknivå Introducera valmöjligheten att lägga livsstilsläkemedel till försäkringen Något ökade kostnader för en mer flexibel försäkring Läkemedelsförmånen bö

Abm clinical protocol #15: analgesia and anesthesia for the breastfeeding mother, revised 2012

Volume 7, Number 6, 2012ª Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. DOI: 10.1089/bfm.2012.9977ABM Clinical Protocol #15: Analgesia and Anesthesiafor the Breastfeeding Mother, Revised 2012Anne Montgomery, Thomas W. Hale, and The Academy of Breastfeeding MedicineA central goal of The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine is the development of clinical protocols for managing commonmedical problems that may impact brea


Capping The GST Risks With Robust Internal Controls Framework On 5 April 2011, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) announced a new GST initiative known as Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme (ACAP). It sets out what is expected of a company’s framework for good GST risk management and governance. What are the salient points and how will this in


Clínica y Cirugía en Félidos Salvajes De los años de práctica realizada en el ámbito nacional y en países limítrofes surgen una serie de metodologías aplicables a la clínica de los animales salvajes, exóticos o autóctonos grandes o pequeños. Estos félidos suelen estar en domicilios particulares, pocos ya en circos, reservas privadas, campos, en mini-zoos o zoos, convivie


_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________SCHERING CORPORATION, SCHERING-PLOUGH CORPORATION, VICTORIA L. McGILLS, R.N. ________________________________________________________________________On appeal from the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois,County Department, Law Division, No. 04 L 902

Nga pae o te maramatanga internship programme: report part a

Understandings and social practices of medications for Zimbabwean households in New Zealand Stanley Kamutingondo, Shiloh Groot, Darrin Hodgetts and Linda Waimarie Nikora Abstract: Medications are a central part of health care. How medications are understood and used by people in everyday life remains unclear. This study looks at understanding and social practices of medications in

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Rox-San Pharmacy LIDOCREAM-10 (Lidocaine Cream 10%) Active Ingredients: Lidocaine 10% Product(s): Lidocaine is a local anesthetic that has neuron membrane stabilizing effect. Topical lidocaine is mostly used in combination with other agents (NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, NMDA-receptor antagonist, and etc…). Lidocaine produces pain relief by blocking the signals at the nerve endi


1901 Chestnut Avenue Glenview, Illinois 60025-1604 1-800-851-2201 www.gbophb.org 2012 Medco Pharmacy Fixed Co-Payment Plan 2 — FX 2 Administered by Medco: 1-800-841-2806 Plan Feature Retail Pharmacy Benefit Medco by Mail (Mail-Order) Benefit Annual Deductible1 Individual Annual Out-of-Pocket (OOP) Maximum2, 3 Generic Drugs (Tier 1)4

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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® and the BioHealth Laboratory’s BH101 Metabolic Assessment Profile The Utility of Urine Testing for Indican, Lipid Peroxides and Urinary Bile Acid Sulfates in Functional Assessments of Patients with Common Health Complaints Related to the Chronic Stress Response Reed Davis, Clinical Advisor BH Laboratory Introduction In functional


Die Katse-Talsperre, mit 185 Metern die höchste Afrikas, versorgt Südafrika mit Wasser. Für den Bau mussten mehrere Dörfer umgesiedelt werden Tatsächlich verfügt Afrika zum Beispiel über bedeutende Öl-, Erdgas-, Eisen-erz-, Kupfer-, Bauxit- und Uranreserven. Gleichzeitig profitieren von diesen Reichtümern nur wenige, was sich am Beispiel Energie gut zeigen lässt. Afrika produziert et

2_general suspension 09_en

Each school site shal fol ow its school discipline plan and consider suspension from school only when other means have not been successful or where the student's presence would constitute a danger to persons or property or seriously disrupt the educational process. This comprises sufficient prior warning to students and parents of the consequences of misconduct. Suspension: the temporary removal o

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What drives the hacker of the new millennium? Over the last 20 years, we have seen a huge, almost exponential, rise in the number of pieces of MalWare (viruses, trojan horses, worms etc) that are being released on It has gotten to the stage that in the last half of 2004, many of the anti-virus companies were recording up to 1,000 new viruses per month. This was in addition to hundreds o


Intended use The ßhCG test is indicated for use as an aid in the early detection of pregnancy. The test is not indicated as a surrogate marker in the diagnosis or monitoring of cancer patients. SummaryHuman chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a glycoprotein hormone. It is secreted during pregnancy by the trophoblastic cells of the placenta, shortly after the implantation of the fertilized ovum in


ESTRO/EAU/EORTC RECOMMENDATIONS ON PERMANENT SEED IMPLANTATION FOR LOCALISED PROSTATE CANCER D. Ash*1, A. Flynn*1, J. Battermann+1 T. De Reijkeo2, P. Lavagnini#3, L. Blank~3 *Department of Clinical Oncology and Medical Physics, Cookridge Hospital, Leeds. +Department of Radiotherapy, Academisch Ziekenhuis, Utrecht. oDepartment of Urology, Academisch Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam. ~Departme


SUGGESTED THERAPY OF CHRONIC SYSTEMIC CHLAMYDIAL AND CHLAMYDIAL/MYCOPLASMAL CO-INFECTIONS The Institute for Molecular Medicine (Website www.immed.org) 16371 Gothard Street Bld. H, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 There are a number of considerations when undergoing therapy for infections found in chronic illnesses, including whether to use traditional as well as integrative nutraceutical


Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal-AHEAD OF PRINT Oral findings in Rett syndrome Journal section: Odontostomatology for the disabled or special patientsPublication Types: Review Oral findings in Rett syndrome: A systematic review of the dental literature María-Cristina Fuertes-González 1, Francisco-Javier Silvestre 2, José-Manuel Almerich-Silla 3 1 Staff dentist of the Red Cross Dental Clini

Dinc e

A Signal Processing Tool Based on the Continuous Wavelet for the Simultaneous Determination of Estradiol Valerate and Cyproterone Acetate in their Mixtures ERDAL DINÇ1*, FATIH KAS 1, DUMITRU BALEANU2,3,4 1Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Analytical Chemistry, 06100 Tandogan, Ankara, Turkey 2 Çankaya University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathema

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General Candidacy Considerations Our surgeons are available for questions regarding specific patients. Contraindicated Medications: • Herpes Simplex – May consider if no outbreak in 3 Patients must be off of these meds for 1 month before the previous years and no corneal scarring, but will need to pre-operative exam, and continue to stay off of them for 1 start course of antivir

The my child matters awards: new funding, new countries, new hope

Special Report: International The My Child Matters Awards: new funding, new countries, new hope Published Online On Jan 28, 2009, the International in low-middle income countries by Selected candidates will get hands-Union Against Cancer (UICC) and building treatment capacity. Childhood cancer is a problem Hospital (Karachi) for 3 months.” the recipients of the third My Child worldwi

Diagnosis and management of sinusitis

Short Clinical Guidelines: Diagnosis and Management of Hypertension History and Physical: Lab tests and other diagnostic procedures o CBC o Chem panel which includes potassium, creatinine and calcium levels o UA o Lipid panel o Urinary albumin/creatinine ratio o Electrocardiogram Identification of risk factors (see below) Identificati

Timing of antiepileptic drug withdrawal and long-term seizure outcome after paediatric epilepsy surgery (timetostop): a retrospective observational study

Articles Timing of antiepileptic drug withdrawal and long-term seizure outcome after paediatric epilepsy surgery (TimeToStop): a retrospective observational study Kim Boshuisen, Alexis Arzimanoglou, J Helen Cross, Cuno S P M Uiterwaal, Tilman Polster, Onno van Nieuwenhuizen, Kees P J Braun, for the TimeToStop study group* Lancet Neurol 2012; 11: 784–91 Background Postoperative


Written by Ian Maber Educational Consultant for PolyVision EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) June 2009 • Introducing the IWB (again!) In a world of technological advancements the adoption of IWB’s into the classroom is becoming an integral part of the everyday work of an educationalist/teacher. Advisors and consultants who fully understand the education market will always agre

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HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION ------------------------------ADVERSE REACTIONS------------------------------- These highlights do not include all the information needed to use Most common adverse reactions are headache and dizziness. (6) RECTIV ® (nitroglycerin) Ointment 0.4% safely and effectively. See full prescribing information for RECTIV. To report SUSPECTED ADVE

12-a46144_rx for success_diabetes m_v1001.pdf

CREATED EXCLUSIVELY FOR FINANCIAL PROFESSIONALS Rx FOR SUCCESS Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is characterized by abnormal sugar metabolism causing hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Chronic hyperglycemia adversely affects the body. In the vascular system, there can be events such as strokes and heart attacks caused by atherosclerosis. There can also be renal disease, peripheral neu

The use of the internet as learning and teaching tool

The use of the Internet within police education in the Netherlands The use of the Internet within police education in the Netherlands Reinder Vrielink, MSc School of Advanced Policing, Police Academy of the Netherlands Abstract The Internet is going through a major change with the introduction of social networks. This change could have profound implications for the way we use the

Curriculum vitae – raymond ragland, jr

CURRICULUM VITAE – RAYMOND RAGLAND, Jr., Ph.D. Contact Information: 5102 Overbrook Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 (215) 879-1983 – Direct (610) 520-2266 – Office (610) 581-7025 – Fax Current Status: Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Consultant Education : B.S. in Pharmacy, Temple University – 1962 Ph.D. in Pharmacology, Howard University – 1969 Pharmacy Licensur


W I S S E N S C H A F T L I C H E S T E L L U N G N A H M E Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde Zahnsanierung vor und nach Organtransplantation Im Jahr 1997 wurden in Deutschland 3.873 Organtransplantationen durchgeführt. Es ist mit einer weiter steigenden Anzahl von Nieren-, Herz-, Leber-, Lungen- und kombinierten Transplantationen zu rechnen. Mehr als 1

Indications succintes des explorations isotopiques

INDICATIONS SUCCINCTES DES EXPLORATIONS ISOTOPIQUES. Docteur Roland AMIR – Centre Médical Bonsecours 21, rue de Bonsecours, 5500 DINANT I – ENDOCRINOLOGIE. A – THYROÏDE. 1- Scintigraphie thyroïdienne au Tc-99m : Suspicion biologique de dysthyroïdie. Suspicion clinique de thyroïdite. Mise au point nodule thyroïdien détecté par exploration échographique ou

Microsoft word - linda report - apr-2-2011.doc

Linda Report, Apr.2, 2011 Thank you to all those who have expressed their encouragement, visited Linda and sent positive thoughts and prayers these last few weeks. As you may have seen from a quick-report I did on Mar. 4, Linda and I took a trip to the Ottawa General hospital on Mar. 1 in order to have her ventricular shunt tested with radioactive dye – and apparently it shows that her shunt


 Indication: Hypoglycemia (Adults <80mg/dL, Peds <40,  Dose: If temperature >101ºF and pt has not taken in last full term newborns <30, low birth weight infants <20) hour, give Acetaminophen 1000mg PO or Ibuprofen and AMS or other signs such as tremors/weakness/nausea/intense hunger. Oral glucose  Peds: See dosing chart (pg 27 of Protocols). Give Acetaminoph


Relative bioavailability of topiramate administered rectallyJeannine M. Conway , Angela K. Birnbaum , Robert L Kriel , James C. Cloyd a Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, Epilepsy Research and Education Program, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota, 7-170 WDH 308 Harvard St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA b Departments of Pediatrics and Neurology, Hennepin County Medical Ce

Roslyn ross steeler

ROSLYN ROSS STEELER Licensed Clinical Social Worker 425 S. Cherry Street, Suite 645 Denver, Colorado 80246 Telephone: 303-322-1291 EDUCATION: Master of Social Work, June 1981, Michigan State University. Major emphasis in casework with individuals, couples, and families. B.G.S., June 1978, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Emphasis in clinical psychology. POST-GRADUATE E


Blood pressure and heart rate in the ovine fetus:ontogenic changes and effects of fetal adrenalectomyNOBUYA UNNO,1,2 CHI H. WONG,1,3 SUSAN L. JENKINS,1 RICHARD A. WENTWORTH,1XIU-YING DING,1 CUN LI,1 STEVEN S. ROBERTSON,4 WILLIAM P. SMOTHERMAN,3AND PETER W. NATHANIELSZ11 Laboratory for Pregnancy and Newborn Research, Department of Physiology, College of VeterinaryMedicine, and 4 Department of H

Paxcdl data sheet/manual pdf

Bulletin No. PAXCDL-DDrawing No. LP0401Released 3/08Tel +1 (717) 767-6511Fax +1 (717) 764-0839www.redlion.net MODEL PAXCDL -ANALOG OUTPUT PLUG-IN OPTION CARD DESCRIPTION This bulletin serves as a guide for the installation, configuration andThe PAX® meter can be fitted with up to three optional plug-in cards. Theoperation of the PAX® Analog Output card. The analog output can beslot

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EXIT PLUS WORLD 104 - 4 MAART 2010 - WORLD MUSIC CHARTS EUROPE MAART - CRIOLINA DJ'S Vorige donderdag is Exit Plus World door het voetbal uit de ether geduwd, maar je kunt dat onuitgezonden programma wel beluisteren op onze site radio1.be/world. En dat zou ik maar doen, want de liveopnamen van Grupo Fantasma lonen zeer de moeite. Voor vanavond hebben we de grondig vertimmerde World Musi

The primacy of councils in theological cases

PRIMACY OF ECCLESIASTICAL COUNCILS IN THEOLOGICAL CASES (Updated motivation for Overture 3 of 2006 General Assembly, referred to the Manual Committee of General Assembly)The adoption of ecclesiastical courts by the UPCSA for referred disciplinary cases of any type, in which ecclesiastical court decisions in theological cases in particular are not reviewable by any ecclesiastical council of t


Duro-nox is applied in the same way as other concrete hardeners, though it is best to read the Duro-nox Technical Data Sheet and/or User Guide prior to application. Surfaces must be clean and free of standing water and contaminants prior to application. Apply Duro-nox to the clean concrete surface to the point of saturation using the Reid PRIMER hand sprayer and an 8004LP spray tip. Allow D

Effect of body-oriented psychological therapy on negative symptoms in schizophrenia: a randomized controlled trial

Psychological Medicine, 2006, 36, 669–678. Effect of body-oriented psychological therapy onnegative symptoms in schizophrenia : a randomizedF R A N K R O¨ H R I C H T 1* A N D S T E F A N P R I E B E 21 Consultant Psychiatrist, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Unit for Social & Community Psychiatry,Newham Centre for Mental Health ; 2 Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry,Barts and th


Effects of polysulfated glycosaminoglycan and hyaluronan on prostaglandin E2 production by cultured equine synoviocytes Stephen P. Frean, BVSc, PhD, and Peter Lees, PhDly through inhibition of PGE2 production,9,11 although Objective —To investigate effects of the anti-arthritic glucocorticoids possess other actions, such as inhibi-agents hyaluronan and polysulfated glycosaminogly-tion


MEDICEAN (GB) (Chesnut 1997) CONCILIATORY (GB) (Grey mare 2007) CONDOLEEZZA (USA) (Grey 2000) 5Sx5S Natalma, 5Sx4D Chambord, 4Sx5D Northern Dancer, 5Sx5D Red God CONCILIATORY (GB), won 3 races (7f. - 8f.) at 3 and 4 years, 2011 and £25,696 and placed once; also placed once in Germany at 4 years, 1st Dam CONDOLEEZZA (USA), won 1 race at 3 years and £7,983 and placed 5 times


Autumn UPDATE 2006 BdMax’s Finishing Spray On ready-to-pick gold kiwifruit, after two benefits of using ZeroIn. ZeroIn is used in the last few area. The TZI showed a 30% difference. Trials to date on kiwifruit have shown that after two applications, there is an increase in dry matter after rain, and an evening out the

Mirror.fall 13.short.pmd

The Richmond Museum Association Newsletter TO SAIL OR LOIS BOYLE RETIRES Lois Boyle has retired from many things: her career at the NOT TO SAIL City of El Cerrito; running a daycare center; owning a party shop,and lots of other things. But through it all, her passion has“The Board of the Richmond Museum Association reallyalways been the Richmond Museum Association, the Richmondp


Winner of the 2013 de Souza Cancer Care Story Contest Privilege, an Honour and a Pleasure: Providing palliative care to cancer patients and their families I am an RPN and I have worked on a Palliative Care unit After several weeks with us, with the help of a PCA in a General Hospital for over 12 years. I wish to share my pain pump and medications such as ativan, haldol and story with you

Microsoft word - constellation response toquestions posed by the retail market review committee - final assubmitted.docx

Response of Constellation Energy Commodities Group to Questions posed by the Retail Market Review Committee June 5, 2012 Executive Summary On March 22, 2012, the Minister of Energy issued a Ministerial Order pursuant to which the Government of Alberta established a committee, referred to as the Retail Market Review Committee (“RMRC”), to review the retail electricity market in

Microsoft word - nutri news chronic fatigue template.doc

NUTRI NEWS NO. 13 FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY Unravelling the Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fatigue is an incredibly common symptom of ill health; up to 30% of patients complain to their doctors of symptoms of fatigue, with a wide variety of possible causes. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), formerly known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a much rarer condition and des

Microsoft word - contos mitos e lendas.doc

MITOS E LENDAS DA BEIRA José Carlos Duarte Moura ASSOCIAÇÃO DE DEFESA DO AMBIENTE E PATRIMÓNIO Compilação, organização e análise de textos: Agradecemos a todos aqueles que ajudaram a que este trabalho fosse possível, nomeadamente àqueles que trouxeram até nós as recolhas feitas nas suas localidades de origem, contribuindo assim, decisivamente, para preservar a nossa identi


Building commissioning is an important qualitycated design and systems, commissioning may beassurance service in the building industry. More andessential to assure integration and operability. more engineering firms are considering commis-sioning services as a core business component. Existing-building commissioning, also known asCommissioning is being integrated into the con-re t ro-c

Conference second draft 20030312

CONFERENCE DRAFT 20030313 DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGING OF RARE MATERIALS A Statement of Objectives and Principles This statement grows out of deliberations of the Bibliographic Standards Committee of the Rare Books and Manuscripts Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries and the work of a special conference on DCRM hosted by the Beinecke Library at Yale University,


RENEWAL MINISTRIES REPORT ON HAITI 2009 Renewal Ministries was invited by Haiti Missions to add a “spiritual dimension” to their humanitarian work in Haiti—a kind of melting together of proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel. We flew from Texas to Miami and met the team who were mainly from Louisiana. We were here with a pharmacist, Deacon Lloyd Duplantis and his wife Faie who are


The GROUNDSHEET The Official Publication of The Royal Westminster Regiment Association ‘Dedicated to the ideals and comradship we knew in wars and peace in our services both home and abroad.’ Volume 2006/Issue 2 ‘Pro Rege et Patria’ P.O. Box 854, New Westminster, BC. V3L 4Z8 Melfa Weekend is not in May! The Melfa Weekend Dinner and AGM will be J


Hospital Universitário Polydoro Ernani São Thiago Especialidades: Cirurgia do Aparelho Digestivo, Cirurgia Plástica e Cirurgia Vascular Dia: 2 de novembro de 2008 • Horário: das 8 às 11 h Duração: 3 (três) horas, incluído o tempo para o preenchimento do cartão-resposta. Confira o número que você obteve no ato da inscrição com o que está indicado no cartão-resposta. I

Diario clarin -07/07/02 - a cuarenta años del debut de los rol

Diario Clarín 07/06/02 -Espectaculos La edad de piedra del rock El 12 de julio de 1962 Jagger, Richards y Brian Jones tocaron por primera vez como los "Rollin' Stones". Aquí, la increíbleprehistoria de aquellos primeros gateos de la banda de rock más importante del mundo. PABLO SCHANTONCantos rodados no son: son bolitas. ¿Cantos rodados? Los dos chicos que juegan todavía no se

Microsoft word - 2012 flexscripts formulary.docx

2012 FlexScripts Administrators Preferred Formulary List The following is a list of the most commonly prescribed FORMULARY drugs only. It represents an abbreviated version of the drug list (formulary) that is at the core of your pharmacy benefit program. The list is not all-inclusive, does not guarantee coverage and is subject to change. In addition to using this list, you are encoura

The r n v r yacht club

By the Commodore is still just time to join all or part of the Peterport, Carteret and St Helier during 11 – 17 July. For instance, attending the only seems like yesterday that 63 of us (a interested, please contact Richard Snell of absence, and I look forward to further A letter from John Singleton- an addition to the Club Fleet please enter into your diary the Annual


Jugendherbergen Tel Aviv / Jaffa: Mishkenot Ruth Daniel: shlomi@iyha.org.il Am See Genezareth Jerusalem Im Süden Israels Sonstige tel-hai@iyha.org.il (nordost - Kiryat Shmona) „Bnei Dan“ in Tel Aviv in der Nähe des Yarkon Parks. Adresse : Bnei Dan 36, Tel Aviv 62260 Lage: Bnei Dan Str. 36, Tel Aviv. Tel.: 03-5441748, Fax: 03-5441030Email: telaviv@iyha.org.ilFür landesw


261 Cahaba Valley Parkway - Pelham, AL 35124-1146 Woman-Owned Business Enterprise - Founded 1971 Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 1. CHEMICAL PRODUCT INFORMATION Product Name: ����������������� Multi-Bug Killer Product No.: ��������������������� 4336 EPA Reg. No.: ������������������


La Jeunesse face à nos sociétés modernes : Entre menace de mort et illusion d’éternité La violence des jeunes en question La violence juvénile au regard de nos sociétés : provoquer ou subir ? « La manière de percevoir et de penser l'enfant influe sur ses conditions de vie, sur son statut et sur les comportements des adultes à son égard Or, coexistent diverses m


PROFESIONI{TII grupurile de lucru NATO, exerci]ii multina]ionale de mare cititul unei hârtii. E un loc de munc` unde nu ai timp s` Din fericire, a[a cum spuneam [i mai înainte, avem anvergur`, activit`]i de instruire în comun [i de realizare sprijinul [i în]elegerea [efilor [i colegilor no[tri care ne a programelor majore. Înseamn` contacte, din ce în ce Diminea]a, primul lucru p

Microsoft word - cahier_technique-angio_chum final _2_.doc

Table des matières Angiographie des vaisseaux cervicaux-encéphaliques. 2 Angiographie aorte et membres inférieurs. 4 Stent-Graft aortique : prothèse aorto-bi-iliaque - Cook . 15 Stent-Graft aortique : prothèse aorto-bi-iliaque - Medtronics . 17 Thrombolyse vasculaire périphérique. 20 Sclérothérapie de malformations vasculaires des tissus mous . 22 Gastrostomie et gastro-jéjuno


The following is a list of the most commonly prescribed drugs. It represents an abbreviatedversion of the drug list (formulary) that is at the core of your prescription-drug benefit plan. The list is not all-inclusive and does not guarantee coverage. In addition to using this list,you are encouraged to ask your doctor to prescribe generic drugs whenever appropriate. PLEASE NOTE: The symbol * nex

Converted from data on stdin

PREFEITURA MUNICIPAL DE RIO POMBA Pag. 0001GES2550 73 48 37LPRODADQ.656-666 19-3 Produtos Adquiridos P/Periodo - 2011 07:43:50===========================================================================================================================================================RELACAO DE CONTRATACOES REALIZADAS NO PERIODO : 01/10/2011 A 31/10/2011=============================================

(microsoft word - basic requirements for blood donation - for liaison office\205)

16 to 60 years (16 & 17 year-olds can donate with parental / guardian consent) At least 45 kg (100 lbs) for both males and females Feeling well that day. Not having colds, coughs or flu in the last one week. No fever (Temperature > 37.5°C) in the last 3 weeks Al least 12 weeks (3 months) between each blood donation. Major Illness/Surgery Persons with the following conditions are not


No. Research Name of Trial Date Agreed Trial Status number of to recruit Committee patients Reference to recruit number of patients agreed time A Randomized, Double-blind, Multiple Dose Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy of AMG 181 in Subjects with Moderate to An open, non-randomised, study to provide data on the art


CURRICULUM VITAE FARHAD HANDJANI, M.D. ADDRESS: P.O.Box 71345-1558 Shiraz, Iran Tel.: +98-711-2254360(Home) +98-711-2319049 (Work) Fax: +98-711-2307594 (Work) +98-711-2319049 (Work) Mobile: +98-917-111-2150 E.mail: PERSONAL DATA: Date of Birth: August 15,1963 Place of Birth: Shiraz, Iran Marital Status: Married Number of Children: One Health Condition: Good EDUCATION:


LES PRINCIPALES PATHOLOGIES RENCONTREES DANS NOTRE SERVICE. Les lithiases biliaires : C'est la présence de calculs dans les voies intra ou extra biliaires. - la lithiase vésiculaire : signes de la douleur biliaire (ou colique hépatique ) : douleursituée dans épigastre avec irradiation hypochondre et épaule droite, qui persistependant 5 heures puis diminue ; s'accompagne de nau


www.researchportal.be - 10 Mar 2014 04:14:33 Research projects (1180 - 1200 of 10149) Search filter: Classifications: BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES (B) A fundamental study on exchange processes in river ecosystems. University of Antwerp Abstract: Input of sediments, organic matter and nutrients in coastal seas by rivers and their impact on the marine ecosystem has been the subject of

Microsoft word - 20140120extract from miuclinical protocols.doc

Extract from Minor Injury Unit Handbook of Clinical Protocols Cumberland Centre, Plymouth Tel: 01752 434390 Please note that this document is continually being updated, so the information contained within is subject to change according to recognised best practice and national guidelines. BACK PAIN Exclusions: • Patients who are under 20 or over 50 years • Patients who are p

La construcción de identidades, sujetos e instituciones en el mundo de las artes

LA CUESTIÓN DEL EXTRANJERO EN “LOS RÍOS PROFUNDOS” DE JOSÉ MARÍA ARGUEDAS Leticia Alle Este artículo analiza Los Ríos Profundos de José María Arguedas a partir de la figura del extranjero. Se propone una hipótesis de lectura basada en la idea según la cual Ernesto, el protagonista de la novela, se encuentra atravesado por una doble condición de extranjería. De un l


Kutsurogeru ‒ The Licence for Ugliness Urban Living in Tokyo Arriving in Tokyo with the new year after a month spent back home in Europe, the differences in the urban tissues and patterns of living are striking me with fresh intensity. People in Europe - or people in Vienna I should say, as this is the place I am most familiar with - dwell. That is, they spend a considerable amount of time, m


JOURNAL OF CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY, 15 (4), 325–333Copyright © 2005, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. University of Texas at San Antonio Consumers’ reactions to a difference in price can depend on how it is framed. If buyers interpretpaying $60 rather than $65 as getting a $5 discount, then they are likely to consider paying $60to be a gain and paying $65 to be a nongain. Alternatively, if t


Rehabilitation suchtkranker Schwerverletzter: Diagnose und Behandlung von Suchterkrankungen Ute Lübbe, ReIntra GmbH Ein Unfall hat sich ereignet. Wie geht das Leben des Verletzten weiter? Im günstigsten Fall erholt sich der Patient vollständig und kann sein Leben ohne Einschränkungen weiterführen. Nach schweren Unfällen ist ihm dies meist nicht mehr möglich. Nicht selten verläuft de


Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Act II Study Guide Directions: Answer each question on separate paper, using complete sentences and proof from the story. In some of your answers, you may need to explain your answer, be sure to do so thoroughly. When you hand in your work, staple this page to the top. Grading: all questions answered, but some incorrect = 10pts, passed back an


Clinical Neuroscience Assignment- Option 1 Introduction: For the purpose of this report, the interviewee has been given a pseudonym of Michael. The condition to be discussed is traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI). The report will include diagnosis; clinical manifestations; diagnostic procedures; treatment/management; future strategies and the pathophysiology of the condition. Carlson &

Mk-801 improves retention in aged rats: implications for altered neural plasticity in age-related memory deficits

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 71, 194 –206 (1999) Article ID nlme.1998.3864, available online at http://www.idealibrary.com on Implications for Altered Neural Plasticity Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, University of Kentucky, Alterations in N -methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR)-dependent synaptic plas-ticity, characteristic of aged rodents, may contribute to im

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RCPIOP SECOND YEAR 1. PHARMACEUTICS II Theory (75 hours) 1. Dispensing Pharmacy : (i) Prescriptions –Reading and understanding of prescription; Latin terms commonly used (Detailed study is not necessary), Modern methods of prescribing, adoption of metric system. Calculations involved in dispensing. (ii) Incompatibilities in Prescriptions –Study of various types of in


VOORWOORD Welkom bij deze 10e Ruggespraak. De reacties, die ik krijg van lezers en patiënten zijn altijd bijzonder mooi en leuk om te horen. Het vormt een inspiratiebron om door te gaan en nieuwe onderwerpen aan te boren, maar onderwerpen zijn er genoeg. Je raakt nooit uitgepraat over gezondheid en je lijf en leden. Als het goed is, ga je gedurende je leven, je lichaam en geest steeds bete


2014 1L LCLD Scholars Program In connection with the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) Pipeline Committee’s 1L Scholar Program, we are pleased to announce the McGuireWoods/Exelon Energy Internship. This partnership between McGuireWoods and Exelon will provide a unique opportunity for the selected 1L law student to work side by side with McGuireWoods and Exelon Legal Departm

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Getting the Bad with the Good – Successor Liability By Robert A. Galanter, Esq. and Chad D. Tomosovich, Esq. The general axiom in the process of buying and selling a business is that “sellers sell stock, and buyers buy assets.” A buyer of a business generally prefers an asset purchase (as opposed to a stock purchase) because in such a transaction the purchaser is generally not held

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j^qbof^i== p^cbqv== a^q^=pebbq== oÉîáëÉÇ=NRíÜ=lÅíçÄÉêI=OMMS= tllatloj=hfiibo= pb`qflk=NW=fabkqfcf`^qflk=lc=pr_pq^k`bLmobm^o^qflk=C=`ljm^kv = mêçÇìÅíLj~íÉêá~äW tllatloj=hfiibo= mêçÇìÅí=qóéÉW= =pçäîÉåí=_~ëÉÇ=epb=^ééêçîÉÇ== pìééäáÉêW ^ÇÇêÉëëW qÉäÉéÜçåÉW pb`qflk=OW=== `ljmlpfqflkLf


2008 SUMMER HEALTH HISTORY FOR ROCKY RIVER RANCHWe use this information to: (a) Brief kitchen staff about diet needs; (b) Educate counseling staff about camper needs; and (c) Provide healthcare staff with background about your child. Receiving adequate information by May 1, 2007 is crucial to our ability to provide a supportive environment. Health History: To be completed and signed by pa


Card Test INTENDED USE coated membrane and a pad containing the antibody-dyeThe One Step Cocaine/Benzoyl Ecgonine assay is a rapid,conjugate in a protein matrix containing a 0.1 % sodium azide. qualitative, competitive binding immunoassay for thedetermination of benzoyl ecgonine in human urine. The test MATERIALS REQUIRED, BUT NOT PROVIDED provides only preliminary data which sho

Drug information sheet: ciprofloxacin

DOXYCYCLINE DRUG INFORMATION – READ CAREFULLY Adult Dose: Take one (1) Doxycycline 100 mg tablet by Allergic Reactions: Do not take this drug if you have ever had a severe allergic reaction to Doxycycline drugs Child Dose (age 17 and under): Children weighing (Monodox®, Vibramycin®, Doryx®, Periostat®), or any 90 pounds and up should take the Adult Dose. For tetracyclin

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Schoolboy Year 8/9 C Coxed Quad Scull Prince Alfred College Francis Kette, Isaac Partington, Stefan Athanasov, David McCappin, Cameron Burnett (cox) Prince Alfred College Ashley Fitch, Henry Worrell, Max Vasileff, Callum Powell, Thomas Burton (cox) Time : _____ : _____ . _____ Margins : ____________ ____________ ____________ Schoolboy Year 8/9 B Coxed Quad Scull Christian Brothers


LA FONDAZIONE NEL RICORDO DEL PRIMO PRESIDENTENei primi giorni di maggio del 1974 l'amico fraterno prof. Giovanni Paparoni, in uno dei continui incontri, ebbe a dichiararmi che il Rotary Club di Siracusa aveva deliberato di cedere parte della sua giurisdizione ad altro Club, e la conseguente possibilità di costituire un nuovo Rotary con sede a Noto. Era raggiante di gioia per tale decisione, da

The origin of eukaryotic cells

Malaria Control—A Glimmer of Hope The quotation that follows is from The Lake Regions of Central Africa by Sir Richard Burton (1821-1890). Sir Burton was an adventurer whose visits to the Far East and Africa brought him into contact with the greatest killer of humanity, Plasmodium falciparum . The approach of malignant fever is very insidious. An attack begins mostly with an ordinar

Buddhism in a nutshell

Buddhism in a Nutshell Ven. Narada, Thera BUDDHANET'S BOOK LIBRARY E-mail: bdea@buddhanet.net Web site: www.buddhanet.net Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc. Buddhism in a Nutshell Narada Mahathera Copyright © 1982 Buddhist Publication Society For free distribution only. You may print copies of this work for your personal use. You may re-format and redistribute

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Endometriose ► Was ist Endometriose ? Unter Endometriose versteht man eine gutartige, oft chronisch verlaufende Erkrankung . Dabei kommt es zum Auftreten von Gewebe, das normalerweise die Innenseite der Gebärmutterhöhle auskleidet (Endometrium), an anderen Stellen des Körpers. Das Endometrium kann dabei z.B. im Bereich der Eierstöcke, der Scheide, des Darmes, in oder au

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Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) Patient Information What is an IUD? An IUD is a form of birth control; it is a device placed inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy. In some cases, your doctor may recommend an IUD for other uses such as to control heavy periods. Two types of IUD are available: Mirena and Nova T . The Mirena IUD is a T-shaped piece of soft plastic which contains a small


SAFETY DATA SHEET according to EC Directive 2001/58/EC COOPEX WP 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING Product information Bayer Environmental ScienceDurkan House214-224 High StreetWaltham CrossHertfordshire EN8 7DPUnited Kingdom 2. COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Chemical nature Wettable powder (WP), contains:Permethrin 25% w/w Hazar

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RUTH CONSOLIDATED INDUSTRIES PTY LTD A.B.N. 18 001 840 080 Unit 5, 7-9 Kent Road Mascot NSW 2020 Australia Postal Address: P.O. Box 6316, Alexandria NSW 2015 Australia. Phone: 61 2 9667 0700 Fax: 61 2 9669 0430 Emergency Telephone: 1800 257 193 E-mail: info@rci.com.au Internet: www.rci.com.au SECTION 1 - IDENTIFICATION OF THE MATERIAL AND THE SUPPLIER Product Name:


CONCEPTOS Y ESTRUCTURA La Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, en su artículo 36 establece que “.son obligaciones del ciudadano de la República.” entre otras, “. inscribirse en el Registro Nacional de Ciudadanos, en los términos que determinen las Leyes .” Al respecto la Ley General de Población en su artículo 85 establece “. que la Secretaría de Gobe


Renal Imaging PREPARED BY: APPROVED BY: _____________________________ _______ ___________________________ _________ With renal scintigraphy, the relative amount of the radionuclide extracted from the blood by a kidney is proportional to that kidney’s function. The radiopharmaceutical (Tc-99m MAG3) passes through the vascular system, renal tubular cells, tubular lumens and


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rédaction médicale et scientifique News des revues biomédicales 1 octobre 2013 Chers Collègues, En septembre, 25 billets mis en ligne sur le blog de la rédaction médicale ! Le peer review congress est le 'must' des congrès de rédacteurs. Le peer review aveugle n'est pas éthique Très bon congrès début septembre à Chicago,

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Subtleties in Crystal Structure Solution from PowderDiffraction Data Using Simulated Annealing:Ranitidine HydrochlorideDepartment of Physics and Astronomy, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, New York 11794-3800Received 3 June 2002; revised 24 July 2002; accepted 9 August 2002ABSTRACT: Recent advances in crystallographic computing and availability of high-resolution diffra

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Chapter 25 Bioprospection Studies at El Edén: From Plants to Fungi INTRODUCTION In 1997, a project was started to search for bioactive compounds from some of the plant communities at the El Edén Ecological Reserve, which is located in Quintana Roo, Mexico. As part of this project, fungi were isolated and identified from different insects at two plant communities within the res


G U I D E – A F F E C T I O N D E L O N G U E D U R É E Septembre 2006 Ce guide médecin est téléchargeable sur2 avenue du Stade de France – F 93218 Saint-Denis La Plaine CEDEXTél. :+33 (0)1 55 93 70 00 – Fax :+33 (0)1 55 93 74 00Ce document a été validé par le Collège de la Haute Autorité de Santé en septembre 2006. Sommaire I - Guide _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ec 2012 synopsis malaise dt2

Prévalence des malaises chez les diabétiques de type II en soins primaires Faculté de Médecine de ROUEN – Mars 2012 Département Universitaire de Médecine Générale Introduction Le diabète de type 2 est une pathologie de plus en plus rencontrée en soins primaires. Sa prévalence est estimée à 3,8% de la population générale en France (1). Elle fait partie des facteurs

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Az OTKÁ-hoz 2003.-ban „A prekondicionálás korai és késői antiarrhythmiás hatásában szerepet játszó mechanizmusok farmakológiai és molekuláris vizsgálata” címmel benyújtott pályázatban vázolt kutatási tervezet végrehajtása során a következő eredményeket értük el A prekondicionálás kardioprotektív hatásában szerepet játszó mechanizmusok vizsgálatasorán

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