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By the Commodore
is still just time to join all or part of the Peterport, Carteret and St Helier during 11 - 17 July. For instance, attending the only seems like yesterday that 63 of us (a interested, please contact Richard Snell of absence, and I look forward to further A letter from John Singleton- an
addition to the Club Fleet
please enter into your diary the Annual
Dinner at the In and Out Club, London,
Hayling Island SC, followed by Itchenor. wind aplenty on both weekends - at times too much wind on the latter - but the sun shone on the motley gang of pirates that Simon Lister, Commodore of the RNSA. this together with the advantages of met at the Royal Yacht Clubs" Golf Day team participated for the first time, and who made their boats available to enable result. I gather that the club has recruited one of the leading chefs in the area, so if The boat is called Flying Swan on Fuller reports on these events and photos galore can be found in the Members" you are in the vicinity do pay a visit and across the stern is written Vol de Area of our impressive, revised website, Cygne, which stumped the surveyor! a portrait of our Admiral, Prince Michael initiative will enhance the prestige of the passwords and other technical support to John -the Club looks forward with
Club. Please do respond positively to the unabated joy to taking refreshment
on board "Flying Swan"!! Ed.
Marine Diesel Fuel and Bio Diesel
RNSA Gosport to Yarmouth Rally
RNSA Solent sailing events, they are great fun Alouette took part in this Annual Round the Island Race 25 June.
Our yachts and their corrected times are: •Talisman, Skipper Simon Harwood - •Amoret, Skipper Robert Searle - 8 hrs Transport has deemed "not at sea". •Volante, Skipper Tony Harwood - 9hrs •Moody Blue, Skipper Mike Price - 10 Alouette sailed this under a full jib Moody Blue enjoyed some adventures News from Eos of Mersey
A brief note from Mike Tomkinson Gillie and I flew out 10th May, arriving a relaxed hour or so in the morning. That there should be high sulphur
chasing. Got rid of the bicycles- fed up Paul Davies and Lutra
We were lucky to get a prime spot in the harbour opposite Gregory's Bar and they had to put up with the sight of us for a Lutra has been passed to his family One item of interest was the arrival of a very pretty black launch with racy lines- Singleton in Lutra conducted a brief Aglaia ( 66m long 82 m rig) which does (I took that as Permission Granted). The was fresh meat and veg. for at least five those girlie visits, new curtains, shopping possibilities included bread making as a what a super job for a year at that age. and things, I"ve wanted to do all these get it to rise). The strategy was a 20 day tipped off on the possible opportunity to We need at this stage to understand what "mates" bit. The guy you have recently the batteries had died, so found one at a met, and is very pleasant etc is allocated with you. A lea-cloth alone separates you starting at 28◦C. On about day 11 we hit capable organisation to be followed. All Spoke to skipper of local ferry who said it was calm in the channel to Patmos- so with advice of our crewmaster and "can you just include this & that?", my old kit bag wavered on the 22.5kg line. Should I running hot and cold shower in their own traditional fashion on the shoulder - and By day 4 a quote from the blog; "Still no morning early (Gillie's birthday) to catch wildlife to report and no fish caught. We a path up to a farmhouse and fish or goat The dockyard is where I found Susan wider world and have no wish to. That is Ayu, a Wauquiez 43 designed by Dubois. She was berthed stern-to in front of the - the isolation. This gives a good sense skipper owner and wife Peter & Susan This morning's assessment of the weather Steed a member and clearly in control of Airarm, Civil pilot and repeat crew. Fifth S1, P2, S2 names already. Finally, Cutty- fascinating looking at the various vessels Uppy things - Scissors, Uppy-Downey - halyard, ticcy-on-wristy - watch, clicky- which looks like a U boat shelter but did chose the slot after the skipper, and he just missed it! We were all amused and I did not see the winnings for long before this is the way to make passage in a well A Crew View of a Trans
Atlantic Passage from the
A note to all our members I am now
looking for articles, letters, opinions,
An extract from Peter Stonestreet's news, views, pictures etc to be
incorporated into the Autumn
Newsletter. Any format is acceptable.
"Well, say Yes" she said. "You"ve been Many thanks.Tom Cunningham Editor
going on about it. Now"s your chance". our kit was, but that had changed. There New Website for the Club
• Writing copy. You will noticed that all 100%. The percentage of event participants that register through the website (no more completely new, so this content had to be running for nearly three months. It has a new 18% The percentage of members that log in Flag Officers for their profile pages, and Why Have a New Website?
pages from the Training and Sailing pages members that log in to the website at least The old website was built with then current, but now dated, website development tools 90 The number of members that created their that meant updating it was cumbersome. A clean break would enable the website to be 60 The number of members that I created a developed from scratch, exploiting the very • Uploading PDF documents for members to latest website Content Management Systems (CMS), and delivering useful functionality to updated their personal profile to let other • Setting up a new website domain with the facility, it would be good to see more use of worked on the objectives and specification of 100% The percentage of e-bulletins now sent the website. Some objectives or terms of account (the photo sharing website) which hosts all our photos of past events, which reduces the Club"s online storage costs. • Setting up all the fields in the website"s What's Next
As you will have noticed there are a few pages that haven"t been migrated from the • Creating "friendly" URL"s, which means old website. These will be done over the use and helps the website appear higher in the search engine rankings, for example, BUT. do YOU have any suggestions for
those that don"t know, a favicon is the tiny the website? Is there a feature you would
like to see? Or perhaps some information
How it Was Built
about the Club? Have you seen something
impressive on another website - whether
ideas(!), I sought inspiration from other another sailing club or not - that you think
sailing clubs" websites, especially our peers the RNVR Yacht Club site should have?
with Royal status, as well as from other, • Setting up Google Analytics so it counts This is YOUR opportunity to have a voice.
commercial, websites. I am pleased to say the number of times people use the website Please make your suggestions by sending
that, in my opinion, we have drawn ideas an email or by
from the best prestigious sailing clubs! found us by clicking a link or searching in phoning me, Jonathan Otter, on 07747
865282. All suggestions will be most
Eventually a specification for phase one of welcome and will be considered.
What The Website Gives You
* You need your own, unique username
• Write-ups and photos of all the Club"s and password to access the Members Area
to an earlier tip-off from Martin I had been sailing and social events, within days of of the website, to see event write-ups and
evaluating amongst others a CMS tool called photos, register for events and access the
Member's Directory. If you have an email

Wild Apricot, which is the one we are using • On-line registration for Club events, with now. If you look carefully, you can see the address, then you have already have your
Wild Apricot name buried in the footer of the username and password (the latter you
• A noticeboard for skippers to post details either set yourself or one was emailed to
of sailing opportunities so interested crew Here are some of the things that I did when However, if you don't have an email
• An online directory of members including address but would still like to access the
their contact details and a place to add a Members Area, then simply contact
photo and to write a profile of themselves Jonathan Otter on 07747 865282. He will
issue a special username and password to
Designing a layout. One that is reasonably tasteful and fits in with our blue/red colour Who is Using the New Website - Some Key
Deciding on pages and navigation. Which pages to include and how they should link 45%. The percentage of the members * that


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