Annual report - final mar 2007

Our mission is to foster, facilitate, and medical care for residents of Delta & February 19, 2007 The year 2006 will be remembered for the many "firsts" experienced by the Medical Access Coalition: the opening of offices in Escanaba and Menominee, establishing referral and coordination procedures with many local healthcare providers and agencies, and enrolling our first clients. What began as a small group of people meeting at a local church with the goal of helping their neighbors without health insurance has developed into an organized program offering access to desperately needed prescription drugs, and information and referral for other healthcare services. Over 200 people in Delta and Menominee counties received these services during 2006. The comments recorded on Page 11 express their appreciation for the efforts undertaken on their behalf. The services provided by the Medical Access Coalition benefit the entire com-munity as well as the people who are directly served. By connecting people to existing government programs, i.e. Medicaid, Adult Medical Program, and Pub-lic Health, better coordination of local health care resources, and increased ac-cess to prescription drugs; more community residents are able to maintain their health and prevent more costly emergency care. Healthier people con-tribute to a healthier community. The Medical Access Coalition of Delta & Menominee Counties is a member of the Upper Peninsula Health Access Coalition, a partnership of five local access coalitions serving all 15 counties in the Upper Peninsula. As partners, we share common goals, eligibility criteria and enrollment procedures. We benefit from this regional partnership through grant funding secured for the UP, a shared patient data system, and innovative ideas and technical assistance pro-vided by the coalitions. These accomplishments would not have been possible without the support of the community partners listed on Page 13. Many people contributed their time and professional talents to serving on the Board of Directors and/or providing input in the development of a pharmacy benefit and establishing efficient enrollment procedures. The investment in access to affordable healthcare for low income, uninsured residents is a tribute to the spirit of caring for each other which exists in our two counties. We are proud to be a part of this community effort and look forward in 2007 to increasing the number of people served and listening carefully to their input as we plan for the future. Sincerely, Barb Chenier Program Director Staff Barb Chenier, Program Director Delta County: Mary Williams, Assistant Program Coordinator Tami Dowd, A*VISTA, Office Systems & Enrollment Coordinator Menominee County: Becky Spaude, Assistant Program Coordinator January 2006 Menominee County joined with Medical Access Coalition of Delta County Three Menominee Representatives named to the MACDC Board-Mary Bradley, February 2006 Contracts signed with Ingham County Health Department and Pharmacare to March 2006 Delta County office opened for business Director & Board Representative participated in Upper Peninsula Health Access Coalition (UPHAC) Strategic Planning Session April 2006 MACDC hosted the UPHAC Mid-Year Conference at Bay College May 2006 Nancy Beck named MACDC representative to UPHAC Board Presentation given at the Aging Conference at Bay College Delta County enrolled 50th client August 2006 Menominee office space secured and coordinator hired Delta County enrolled 100th client September 2006 Candy Sheridan, new Twin Counties Free Clinic Director, named to MACDC October 2006 Menominee County office opened for business Menominee community members named to MACDC Board-Valerie Hallam and November 2006 MACDC enrolled 150th client Board members and staff attended UPHAC Annual Conference in Escanaba & December 2006 MACDC received notice of 501(c)(3) application approval Agreement with Public Health, Delta & Menominee Counties renewed Enrollments are completed by appointment only. All applicants are screened for eligibility prior to an enrollment appointment being scheduled. Total Active Enrollments as of December 31, 2006 Total patients enrolled 03/01/2006 to 12/31/2006 The following client demographic information is reported at the All clients are asked to respond to a survey and update their enrollment information. The results of 41 responses received are as follows; 1) How would you rate the ease of getting your medications with the N/A (I didn't use the Pharmacy Card.) - 4 2) How would you rate the ease of getting your medications from a N/A (I didn't get medications from a Pharmaceutical Company.) - 11 3) How would you rate being able to see your family doctor when N/A (I didn't require medical care.) - 5 4) How would you rate your overall experience in the Medical Access "There's some meds not covered by the card." "I think this program is wonderful. It's great for divorced women with no medical insurance. Thank you for helping me." "Thank you very much for all your help it is a wonderful program." "The card don't always cover for appointed Dr." "The program has helped us very much. We wouldn't have been able to do the thing it has on our own. Thanks to the MACDC and Mary Williams!" "Need dental, eye glasses and exam and need to take plavix for heart." "Heart doctors told me I need to fix my teeth! It would help my heart and health. Dentures not covered at dentist (payments)" "Eye glasses but we are very appreciative for everything else." "The ladies in the office try very hard to help you. God Bless them." "This prescription is $400.00 a month and I would have never been able "How can they (Pharmaceutical Companies) go with last year tax records By Pharmaceutical company Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs): The value of prescription drugs provided to clients in 2006: OSF St. Francis Hospital & Medical Clinics Marquette General Hospital & Medical Clinics Northern Menominee Health Centers Twin Counties Free Clinic Bay Area Medical Center Delta & Menominee Department of Human Services Public Health-Delta & Menominee Counties Salvation Army St. Vincent de Paul Pathways to Healthy Living Butch, Quinn, Law Offices Amy Johnson, CPA MDS Community Action Agency St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Northpointe Behavioral Healthcare Systems Menominee Medical Clinic Marinette Menominee Clinics Northreach Internal Medicine UP Cardiology Associates Participating Pharmacies: Elmer's County Market Pharmacy Gladstone Pharmacy, Inc. K-Mart Pharmacy Medicine Shoppe Shopko Pharmacy People's Drug Store Walgreen's Pharmacy Wal-Mart Pharmacy CVS Pharmacy


Wet etching of silicon nitride with heated phosphoric acid

Wet Etching of Silicon Nitride with Heated Phosphoric Acid The boiling point of phosphoric acid varies with the concentration of the acid. On the graph below, the x-axis shows the boiling point (140ºC – 200ºC) of phosphoric acid solutions for a range of acid concentration (79.5% – 94.5%). The etch rate of silicon nitride varies with the temperature and the concentration of the acid.

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