Sale notice adn attari _2_

United Bank of India
SCO-32,33,34, Sector-17-C, Chandigarh
ACT, 2002

As described below the under mentioned Borrowers have taken loan from United Bank Of India and have failed to
repay the said loan. The Authorised Officer of the Bank has issued Demand Notice to the Borrowers under
Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act 2002 (No. 54 of
2002) and thereafter has taken symbolic possession of the mortgaged properties/assets and has decided to sell the
properties/assets described herein below on "AS IS WHERE IS AND AS IS WHATEVER IS BASIS" under Rule
8 & 9 of Security Interest (Enforcement) Rules 2002.
Amount Due
Description of Properties
Reserve Price
Equitable Mortgage of the house property comprising Bahi No. 1, Jild No. 625, Page BO:Panipat
17.03.2009, situated at Subhash Nagar Colony, Tehsil Camp, District Panipat-132103, Haryana, standing in the name of Smt. Noorjahan w/o Mohd. Rahis Khan. BO:Panipat
Khasra No.101), Bahi No.1, Zild No. 628, Page No. 46, Vasika No. 1940/1 dated 24.06.2009 at Patti Makhdum Jadgan, outside M.C. Limit, Panipat-132103, Haryana standing in the name of Sh. Deepak Kumar s/o Ram Kumar. The Auction sale will be through "online E-auctioning" through website
Auction Date: 20.01.2014, Time: For Property at 1 between 11.00am to 12.00 noon, For property at Sl. No. 2
between 1.00 pm to 2 pm (with extensions of 10 minutes duration, if required)
Last date for submission of Bid: 15.01.2014 by 5.00pm.
Property can be inspected on any working day.

Terms & Conditions :
1. The property will be sold by E-Auction through the Website, of Bank's approved service
provider, M/s Nextenders (India) Pvt Ltd. under the supervision of the Authorized Officer of the Bank. Help Desk
Numbers of the Service Provider are 020-25315555, and 9167246751. Email:
2. E-Auction Tender Document containing online e-Auction bid form, Declaration, general terms and conditions of
online auction sale are available in website
3. Intending bidders shall hold a valid e-mail address.
5.The EMD shall be remitted through DD/PO drawn in favour of United Bank of India payable at Chandigarh at
United Bank of India, SCO 32,33,34 Sector 17-C, Chandigarh. On receipt of EMD the prospective bidders shall
receive user id/password on their valid email id (mandatory for e-auction) from service provider, M/s Nextenders
(India) Pvt Ltd.
6. Bid form without EMD shall be rejected summarily.
7. Online auction will start automatically on and at the time mentioned above.
8. Auction will be only online through the portal provided by M/s Nextenders (India) Pvt. Ltd.
9.The property will not be sold below the reserve price. The property shall be sold to the highest bidder. The
successful bidder shall deposit 25% of sale price (less EMD) immediately through DD/PO drawn in favour of
United Bank of India payable at Chandigarh and the balance amount of sale price to be paid within 15 days from the
date of auction without giving any notice or such extended period as may be allowed and communicated in writing
by Authorized Officer.
10. In case of default in payment of sale price or any part thereof within the period(s) mentioned hereinabove, the
EMD and/or initial deposit(s) as the case may be, shall be forfeited and the property shall be sold again through
auction. The highest bidder / successful purchaser will have no right on the said property.
11. The sale certificate will be issued in favour of the purchaser (as per Bid form) only, after payment of entire sale
price amount.
12. The property is being sold as "AS IS WHERE IS AND AS IS WHATEVER IS BASIS". The purchaser
should make their own inquiries regarding any statutory liabilities, arrears of property tax, claims etc. by themselves
before making the bid.
13. The Authorized Officer is not bound to accept the highest bid or any or all bids and reserves the right to accept
or reject any or all the bids or cancel, postpone the e-auction without assigning any reason thereof.
14. The successful purchaser would bear all the charges/fees/expenses payable for conveyance such as stamp duty,
additional stamp duty, registration fee etc. as applicable as per laws of Government of India, State of Punjab, State
of Himachal Pradesh and other Authorities.
15. All statutory/non statutory dues, taxes, rates, assessments, charges, fees etc. owing to anybody will be the
responsibility of the buyer only.
16. All persons participating in the e-auction should submit his/their sufficient and acceptable proof of his/their
identity, residence and authority and also copy of PAN/TAN cards. etc. The bidders shall upload scanned copies of
PAN card and proof of residential address, while submitting the e-tender. The bidders other than individuals shall
also upload proper mandate for e-bidding.
17. This publication is also 30 days' notice required under Rule 8(6) of Security Interest (Enforcement) Rules,
2002 to the above borrower/guarantors.
18. Neither UBI nor Service provider will be responsible for any lapses/failure on the part of the bidder, in such
cases. To ward off such contingent situations, bidders are requested to make all necessary arrangements/alternatives
such as back-up power supply whatever required.
For further details regarding inspection of the property/e-auction, the intending bidders may contact the United Bank
of India, SCO 32,33,34, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh.
Place : Chandigarh Authorized Officer,
Date : 14.12.2013 United Bank of India
Name of the service provider, its portal & website :
M/s Nextenders (India) Pvt, Webportal is:
Contact Details: Email: , Phone Nos.: 020-25315555 Mob.No. 9167246751



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