Acclaimed Sex Researcher Dr. Pepper Schwartz Speaks at
Framingham State University Monday March 5, 2012
―From Hooking Up to Viagra: The Sexual Life Cycle‖ Contact: Dan Magazu, External Relations Coordinator Dr. Virginia Rutter, Sociology Professor
FRAMINGHAM - Framingham State University will host acclaimed sex researcher Dr.
Pepper Schwartz on campus Monday, March 5, for a day of roundtables, lectures and
presentations. The feature event will be a public talk at 7 p.m. entitled "From Hooking
Up to Viagra: The Sexual Life Cycle,"
in the Dwight Hall Performing Arts Center. (The
talk will be followed by a book signing at 8:30 p.m.) Along with all members of the FSU
community, the talk is open to the general public.
Background. Dr. Schwartz, a sociologist at the University of Washington and author of
books ranging fromtotois well known
for her insightful and entertaining research-based examinations of sex, romance, and
couplehood. She is coauthor, with Framingham State University professor Virginia
Rutter, of the 2012 booDr.
Schwartz's Web site is
―Pepper Schwartz helps audiences of every age to be fearless about sex-as a topic for
study and as a meaningful component of people's lives at every age,‖ explains Dr.
Rutter, who invited Dr. Schwartz to campus as part of FSU's innovative Linked Learning
Communities that develop interdisciplinary and extracurricular approaches to academic
topics. FSU history professor Bridgette Sheridan and Dr. Rutter are working intensively
with students and the FSU community on ―The Making of Sexualities,‖ and Dr. Schwartz
will be meeting with FSU students enrolled in their courses.
Dr. Schwartz has been advice columnist for Glamour Magazine, and
is currently AARP's sex and relationship expert. As recently as January, Dr. Schwartz
was featured in The Today Show anddiscussing results from a national
of American's sex lives over age 50. She has won multiple awards for her
scholarship, books, and public service.
Dr. Schwartz's talk, "From Hooking Up to Viagra: The Sexual Life Cycle," explores
straight and gay sex lives at three different points: when we are unencumbered and not
generally ready to make a commitment; when we are in the long-term mating,
marriage/commitment dance; and when we hit middle age (and beyond!). Dr. Schwartz
will also look at social and technological changes of this century that have affected what
each of these moments in our life look like--or are likely to look like in the future.
Book signing. Dr. Schwartz's books, includingand will be available at the lecture, and she will sign books at the
Members of the media who would like to speak one-on-one with Dr. Schwarz
between 2:30 and 4 p.m. on March 5, can arrange an interview by contacting Dr. Rutter
Sponsors. This event is convened by the FSU Gender Interest Group and sponsored
by Academic Affairs, the Departments of English, Consumer Science, History,
Sociology, Communication Arts, FSU Wellness Center, Multicultural Affairs, Committee
on Diversity and Inclusion, and the FSU History Club.



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