Report of the cyprus air traffic controllers union on the meeting of atceuc, 08th – 9th october 2010

FOR THE MEETING OF ATCEUC, 8 - 9 October 2010
Increase in Air Traffic within NICOSIA FIR
Increase in Air Traffic movements, Larnaca and Paphos Airports
Procedures and Airspace structures
The Nicosia Area Control Center has established a few new routes in order to decongest the control center's west sector responsible for the arrivals and departures from the island's aerodromes (Larnaca and Paphos). Although a questionable move, the effects are yet to be calculated and quantified. A new ground control unit has been established at Larnaca airport, resulting in better traffic management and R/T decongestion. TECHNICAL ASPECTS
The new air traffic control system (LEFCO), due to be delivered by SELEX, is on its 4th year of delay. It is currently undergoing service testing with regards to endurance and subsystem operations but it does not look promising. The whole issue is expected to be resolved in a few months. A great number of delays have been recorded in the Nicosia FIR. A blend of understaffing (only three sectors in operation), refusal by Ankara to coordinate traffic or even communicate with Nicosia ACC since 1974, interference by Turkey on political grounds (e.g. illegal operation of ERCAN station in the northeast corner of the FIR), delays on the implementation of the new ACC system and STAFFING
The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) has been slow on dealing with personnel issues such as personnel planning, hiring and training. The DCA claims that extra man hours have to be extracted from existing personnel as opposed to hiring a greater number of new ATCOs. Additionally, the process of training new ATCOs appears inefficient since trainees have to be trained for 2 - 2½ years just to get their aerodrome / approach ratings and an additional 1 - 1½ year to become area radar controllers. This procedure results to a lead time of 3½ - 4 years for a trainee to be able to work at Nicosia ACC, where the entirety of delays is recorded. Although understaffed, Larnaca and Paphos Aerodromes / Approach Centers are Performance of existing personnel
The performance of Cypriot ATCOs is recorded in the latest Eurocontrol PRR of Flights per
Controlled hours
Controller's cost
per controllers
Training of existing personnel
An on-the job training instructors course has successfully been completed this year. Another 20 newly recruited ATCOs are undergoing training to be employed at the aerodrome control towers / approach centers. Other training programs, including a much needed refreshing course in emergency procedures, are yet to INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS ISSUES
There is constant friction between management and personnel. Tension has been escalating during the last couple of years because of differences in  Increased input of man hours from existing ATCOs  Implementation of new demands resulting of European ATC licensing. The Air Traffic Services in Cyprus are in need of extensive restructuring. Some steps have taken place but the nature and structure of the problems require a As a newly established union we are committed to dialogue in helping management resolve the problematic areas of our operations and in settling the


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