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The fol owing foods contain YEAST, or MOLD, and should be avoided during the yeast-free diet. • Baker’s yeast is added to most breads, biscuits, buns, rolls, pretzels, crackers, and pastries. Yeast-free products such as Ry-Krisp, Wasa lite rye, taco shells, rice cakes, Kavli Norwegian quick breads and muffins may be substituted. • Yeast is present in all fermented beverages: all alcoholic beverages, medications containing alcohol, root beer, ginger ale, and vanilla. Dry cereals, coffee substitutes, and milk drinks to which malt has been added, should also be avoided.
• Dried fruits, commercially produced fruit juice—canned and frozen—canned tomatoes and tomato juice, and all teas (except herbal) contain yeast or molds. • Cheese of al kinds, including cottage cheese, buttermilk, and sour cream contain yeast. Skim milk, plain yogurt and butter may be used for some, but we suggest you try to stay • Mushrooms and truffles are yeast-like foods. • All fermented condiments or condiments containing vinegar should be avoided. Soy sauce, tamari, miso, tempeh, sauerkraut, olives and pickles, as well as ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressings, barbeque sauce, prepared mustard, and horseradish fall into this category. Homemade, vinegar-free mayonnaise and salad dressing may be substituted. • Wash fruits and vegetables to eliminate the yeast on their surface; avoid over-ripe • Medications and supplements derived from mold or yeast should be avoided: Penicil in, mycin, chloromycetin, tetracyclines, vitamin B capsules or tablets made from yeast, multivitamins with B vitamins made from yeast, Zylax (and other Lilly products containing B-12), Laxo-Funk, Phoscaron-D and ViLitron drops, Mead Johnson’s vitamins that contain B-12, Squib vitamins with yeast sources noted on label, Parke Davis Vibrex, Merck, Sharpe and Dohme’s vitamins containing B-12, Lederle vitamins, Endo vitamins including Manibee • Yeast-free vitamins: Abbot vitamins, Mead Johnson and Merck, Sharpe and Dohme vitamins that do not contain B-12, Robin’s Albee with C, Upjohn and Hoffman-LaRoche vitamin products, Endo vitamins except for Manibee and S.C.T., and Parke Davis vitamins A diet that eliminates most sources of yeast consists of the following foods:
• Large amounts of fresh vegetables, raw and uncooked
Within these guidelines, some alternatives for breakfast include:
• Hot cereal (oatmeal, buckwheat, millet, or brown rice) • Essene bread, or Dimpflmeier’s Sour Rye (found in gluten-free section of store)
For lunch and/or dinner, salads and cooked vegetables are the focus:
• Baked squash, onions, parsnips, sweet potato, etc. • Sandwiches on yeast-free bread (i.e., tuna with yeast-free mayo) • Baked, broiled, or steamed fish, fowl, or lean meat • Salad dressings of oil, fresh lemon, dry mustard, minced garlic, herbs and salt
Snack foods might include:
• Plain yogurt, with chopped fresh fruit • Rice cakes, Wasa lite rye, Ry-Krisp, Kavli crispbread
Beverages suitable during this yeast-free period are:
• Salt-free seltzer water with freshly squeezed lemon, lime, or orange juice • Home-squeezed fruit or vegetable juices • Herb teas without the ingredient Matte • Homemade soda (½ fruit juice, ½ seltzer) For Yeast and Mold Avoidance (Simplified Version)
You may eat checkmarked items, unless you are avoiding them for other reasons. Keep a food and symptom diary. Always read labels carefully. Dairy Products
Meats & Poultry
Condiments & Spices
Vegetables (fresh & plain
Cereals & Grains
For Yeast and Mold Avoidance (Simplified Version)
You may eat checkmarked items, unless you are avoiding them for other reasons. Keep a food and symptom diary. Always read labels carefully. Vegetables
Cereals & Grains
Meats & Poultry
Condiments & Spices
Dairy Products


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