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Report on new products and trends at the International Toy Fair 2010 Trends at the 61st Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg 2010
The International Toy Fair assembles the new products on the toy market for the sixty-first
time in Nürnberg. With visitors from 115 countries at the last event, the appeal of the
International Toy Fair reaches the whole world. Manufacturers are therefore happy to start
their campaigns for launching new products and improved concepts on the market in
Nürnberg. A selection of the trends reflected at the International Toy Fair 2010 is given
1. Toys go online
More and more toy manufacturers are using the opportunities offered by the Internet.
Whether as a platform for communities with access via real toys or as an information
medium, for example, to explain the rules of board games.
2. Green is in …
is also an issue for the toy industry. On the one hand, many games and toys
promote the environmental awareness of children. On the other, manufacturers use
renewable raw materials, exotic natural materials like natural rubber or bamboo, and
completely new bioplastics for the manufacture of toys. The trend to "eco-correct toys" is
gathering steam.
3. A lot of play value for little money
In view of the current mood of consumers in 2010, many manufacturers are concentrating on
the low price segment and present toys that offer a lot of play value for little money.
4. Homing on the up
The trend to withdrawal into privacy and social pastimes with friends and family as
observed by sociologists for some time continues. This suits all suppliers who make products
for creative and play activities for the time spent together at home.
4. A teaspoonful of high-tech
Moores Law, which says that the performance of integrated circuits doubles every two years,
could certainly also be applied to the toy industry, although with some exceptions. The new
"electronic intelligence" produces increasingly powerful toys - whether it is a matter of
brushless high-power electric motors, servos or batteries.
Product group 1: Model construction, hobbies

Is the new trend in the high-end flight segment called "buy and fly"? Whereas ready-to-run
(RTR) has been a domain for beginners and those in a hurry until now, this philosophy is
now apparently also penetrating into the professional segment of flying models. It is known
that Graupner has backed authentic, high-priced premium model ships for the last few years
- this year it's the Bismarck; that the flying models are now going the same way is
equivalent to a paradigm shift. It seems as if the last bit of "model making" is now finally
changing to "model flying", as Graupner presents Jodel Robin, a powered flying model with
a wingspan of 2.5 metres in ready-to-run design, once the dream of many flying model
makers. The model is equipped with a 55 ccm petrol engine. Robbe gives no quarter either.
The company from Hesse presents the L-Spatz 55 as ready-to-run model in conventional
wood design with a wingspan of 3.75 metres and length of 1.54 metres - a model for
discriminating flyers. The fact that the electronics calls the tune in model construction is a
platitude, for example, 2.4 gigahertz technology, LiPo batteries and servos, or brushless
. So Robbe announces a revolution at the same time for the cabling in model planes
with the new S-BUS system, because it makes everything easier. Another trend also seems
to be emerging: the extreme miniaturization of models. For example, Robbe's lightweight
model, the Nano Arrow RTF Single-Rotor Helicopter, weighs just 30 grams. Kyosho also
Report on new products and trends at the International Toy Fair 2010 cavorts in this flyweight class with the Profile Extra 330SC from the Minium Series. The
"flyer" weighs 33 grams with a wingspan of 440 mm, but is equipped with 2.4-GHz
technology. Incidentally, this weight includes servos for elevators, rudders, ailerons, and
drive engine with gearbox. Multiplex also takes an extreme view and shows its FunJet Ultra
in Nürnberg, which takes off like a rocket and reaches 200 kph. For adrenaline junkies, says
Multiplex. This contrasts with the more relaxed approach of Jamara and Carson. Jamara
doesn't understand why a Piper always has to be yellow, which is why the company
launches the classic in fashionable white-red. But the actual highlight should be "kick it", in
which real football is played with a remotely controlled football boot. Carson profits from the
brand variety of the Simba-Dickie Group. High-end technology has been implanted in a
Dickie Toys model, so that the model trucker now has the possibility of loading his truck like
the original. The Sand Scorcher in 1:1 scale should also be a highlight on the Tamiya stand.
Original vehicles usually serve as model, but here it is the other way round. Tamiya presents
the Sand Scorcher as a new edition for the 30th anniversary of the original model.
Stadlbauer had already announced at the Toy Preview 2009 that it intended to enter the RC
market under the Carrera brand. The secret is now revealed at the International Toy Fair.
Carrera RC is the name of the Austrians' new baby, which is to bring the slot car racing
feeling to the asphalt. Carrera RC naturally comes onto the market immediately with 2.4-GHz
technology. Just what technology can achieve today can be seen particularly well from the
coaxial helis, whose golden times are certainly over. The single-rotor models are
meanwhile penetrating the market everywhere. Revell sends models like the "Snake" into
the air thanks to technology. Stabilizers keep the helis on course. Silverlit also relies on
such an innovative rotor system. Z-Bruce has a piezo gyro system for self-stabilization.
Plastic model construction: military always sells. This segment has always been bread and
butter business for Tamiya, which is also why the Japanese cherish the range. This year
their current models on the market are the Jagdtiger and Mader tanks. But the real
attraction should be the Aston Martin and the Mercedes SLR in 1:24 scale. Revell, the
clear market leader in this segment, launches various new products, but certainly sees a
future market in civil shipping. They do things in a big way in Bünde; first there is the new
design of the Henkel He 111 P with an impressive length of 73 cm (1:32) and comprising
260 parts. The veteran is one of the highlights, likewise the fully equipped U.S.S. Wasp
Aircraft Carrier (1:350) with its several hundred parts. On the other hand, the
company is adopting a new approach with the six wooden construction kits named
Leonardo da Vinci
(including airscrew and flying machine). The Bünde company also has
something in its range for car freaks and die cast fans: the Mercedes SLS AMG - the new
superstar in 1:24. Airfix and Humbrol promise to provide the market with interesting new
products. According to Glow2B, Airfix alone introduces 20 new models, including the
ME 109 in 1:48 and the Victorious Aircraft Carrier in 1:350, which means Airfix is entering
the most important scale for model ship construction.
Product group 2: Model railways and accessories

Rolling stock: The year is geared to the 175th anniversary "Railways in Germany". Tillig
presents the Class 23.0 Steam Locomotive and the V 200.0 in TT gauge as new products
to mark this occasion. Brawa launches altogether 11 new models in 2010, including DRG's
Class 54.8-10 Freight Steam Locomotive. Is the brand, which stands for special
authenticity and perfection, now discovering the railway players with its DR Class 110 Diesel
Locomotive "Bobo Kowalski"
? A reprint of the classic German children's book "Bobo
Kowalski will nicht mehr" is supplied with the locomotive. Europe is growing together. The
high-speed trains between France and Germany have long been part of everyday life. So
what could be more obvious than for the globally operating brand Märklin to present a 4-
piece basic set of the TGV high-speed train of the French State Railway SNFC in the Paris -
South Germany version? The HO TGV can be upgraded to a 10-piece unit with
supplementary car sets. The new attractions also include the "Glass Train", which is 75
Report on new products and trends at the International Toy Fair 2010 years old. Exactly right for anyone looking for a better head of steam is the Class 03.10
Streamlined Locomotive - a completely new development. New from Liliput is the H0
Class 562. Bachmann Europe Plc. says this locomotive is not yet available from any other
manufacturer. Roco launches the TEE classic as a completely revised model with a new 4-
axle drive. For model railway fans with a soft spot for football, the Class VT 12.5 DB Epoch
III Diesel Multiple Unit
, also a new design, is ideal. The "Egghead", a classic in German
railway history, has never been supplied as a model by Roco until now. The model is also
available from Fleischmann in N gauge. But the attraction there are the digital-controlled
sliding doors of the combined unit. Arnold celebrates 50 years with three special models.
Rivarossi travels to Nürnberg with the DB Class 627.0 Diesel Railcar. Completely geared
to the Bernina Railway anniversary in 2010 is a new model from Bemo: the ABe 8/12 3501
Dual System Railcar currently undergoing trials will change the operation of the
Bernina Railway with effect from the summer timetable. Piko also celebrates the railway
anniversary with "Talent 2" and the 185.2 Electric Locomotive in the hobby series, and
with two new G-gauge models, the Class 199 Narrow-Gauge Diesel Locomotive "Harz
Narrow-Gauge Railway"
and the Class 204 Diesel Locomotive.
Accessories: Are the accessory manufacturers facing a revolution? The first laser-cut models
were on show in Nürnberg three years ago. Initially criticized by the experts, the "super inno-
vation" (Noch, 2007) has become widely established. The market leader Faller, until now an
advocate of classic model design, now shows the first six laser cut models, including
Klingenberg Station. The advantages are obvious: no expensive tool-making, economic
production of small quantities and recyclable cardboard. According to Noch, these models
are now established, which is why the company is presenting a series of 11 village buildings.
The edges of the walls are initially cut to a 45° mitre. Noch makes another contribution to
movement in the model railway layout with its "Falling Tree". Vollmer takes a totally
different approach, which could start a revolution. The Stuttgart company backs bioplastics
and presents a real world innovation with its organic construction kits "Naturgut Organic
and "Huber's Carpenter Shop". These are naturally just as compostible as
the laser cardboard. Although Epoch III still calls the tune in the model railways segment, a
"modernization process" has been emerging for a few years. Modern construction kits
constantly appear, some from Busch, some from Faller or now from Vollmer with the trendy
McDonalds Drive-in. Another matter for accessories is finding the right topic. This year it is
mining, which as many as four firms have adopted, namely Busch ("Mine & Colliery
Railway"), Faller (Coking Plant, Kiosk), Roco ("Coal - the Energy for Railways", buildings in
laser technique, modelled on: Zollern II/IV coal mine in Dortmund Bövinghausen) and
Viessman with the eMotion series (Three Moving Miners). This fits ideally with Essen and
the Ruhr Region as Capital of Culture 2010. Viessmann and Kibri (also has a mine in its
range) also now make a joint appearance under the name of Viessmann Modellspielwaren
GmbH. The aim is to restore Kibri to its old glory. Viessmann presents a fully automatic
railway barrier in HO with fine hangings and dummy signal bell. Auhagen, the specialist for
hospital models, shows a lovely modular model factory with central entrance gate that can be
individually designed like a modular system and also fits in with the topic of mines. Prehm-
Miniaturen shows moving figures in G scale of special alloy, which are also made completely
by hand. The company advertises the figures as particularly environment-friendly.
Product group 3: Technical toys, educational toys, action toys

Technical toys, toys with educational objectives and action toys characterize this product
group. The industry's big players are all at the fair and this group brings big sales. The most
successful product worlds in the toy trade include the themes that are firmly anchored in the
minds of consumers. One of these is the eternal conflict of "good against evil", likewise the
ancient myths of human history. Atlantis is one of these myths, which LEGO has now
developed for the toy trade in an impressive way. With the new LEGO Atlantis, young
treasure hunters from seven years plus can now reveal the secret of the legendary city and
Report on new products and trends at the International Toy Fair 2010 enter the world of this exciting underwater topic. Playmobil's unlimited play world now also
includes exciting Agent adventures. The series of ten action sets offers many technical
highlights, from espionage camera to working metal detector. The new products in the
second half of 2010 focus on "holidays". Mobile home, holiday home, strand buggy and a
complete open-air swimming pool are available as current equipment for children's role-
plays. The FIFA World Cup in South Africa also enters the Playmobil world. The Playmobil
Football Stadium, which the players from eleven competing nations can enter, measures a
metre in size. The Fisher-Price brand celebrates its 80th "birthday" in the coming year. The
company belonging to Mattel marks this occasion by bringing classics from the 1960s onto
the market again. 50 years after the introduction of the TV radio from Fisher-Price, there is
now also an MP3 player with integrated microphone and memory for four hours of music.
Battle Force 5 is the name of a new action series, which is already running successfully on
many TV stations worldwide. The series comes to Germany in August 2010. Mattel has the
Hot Wheels vehicles for it, which are used by the moving figures as machines to fight evil. In
"Mindflex" (Mattel), the players control a soft ball in the airstream solely with the power of
their minds. The brain activity is measured by sensors on the forehead and earlobes. The
ball moves up or down in the airstream depending on the concentration. With its realistic and
futuristically designed metropolis "TOMICA", TOMY now brings the material for building a
mega-city to Europe. Battery-operated vehicles travel through the rows of buildings on roads
and rails. The urban play experience is also provided by a new line from Smoby Toys,
whose name "No Limit" says it all. A successful combination of construction, role-play and
action. Hasbro enters the key segment of vehicles in the autumn, when the company
presents a whole product series for various ages. The highlight is the Tonka Ricochet, a
radio-controlled off-road vehicle with very special handling properties: the vehicle turns on its
horizontal axis at the press of a button. The PAPER JAMZ Instant Rock Star Guitars from
WowWee enable really cool boys and girls to make really big appearance. The innovative
Active Graphics Technology offers a creative mix of technical features and play fun. The
process integrates the musical elements into the surface of the sensor foil. This surface
controls a sound that creates a professional impression although the player simply strokes
the printed strings using various modes like "rhythm" or "freestyle". fischertechnik extends
its COMPUTING series with a building set that illustrates the topic of "Inventions". LUMIMAG
from ecki b. is an innovative combination of permanent magnet and light signals that enables
a new form of learning games. Claessens'Kid presents an original hour glass for children.
"Kwid" illustrates the flow of time and helps parents to limit the time spent on activities (e.g.
video and computer games). Enchanting play worlds emerge from the Magic Krysalix
Cocoons from Zapf Creation. Caterpillars with individual looks and different magic powers
experience their own world and develop into butterflies.

Product group 4: Dolls, soft toys, baby articles

Plush hamsters with electronic insides are taking the toy world by storm. The "Zhu Zhu
from US company Cepia (sales in Germany: Giochi Preziosi) caused hysterical
reactions among consumers especially in the USA. Mothers spent the night outside shopping
centres and the products were offered on the Internet at many times the price of some
8 USD. The four small, battery-powered hamsters react interactively to their environment.
Like real hamsters, they are silly, unpredictable and lovable. Several play sets complete the
play world of the "Zhu Zhu Pets". Giochi Preziosi also sells "Shaun the Sheep", one of the
currently most successful license themes in the industry. Expressly not intended for children
is a new product from Heunec. The German comedian Atze Schröder is now also available
as a plush figure with all his striking features like hairstyle, glasses, jeans and cowboy boots.
Mattel's fashion icon Barbie discovers a magic glitter wardrobe in the attic of a fashion shop
in the new film "Barbie - Fashion Magic in Paris". Girls of 3 years plus can bring glitter to
their play world at the press of a button and make doll outfits and accessories sparkle. Barbie
now also offers her own camera - hidden in her necklace. Barbie fans can shoot their own
videos and see the world through Barbie's eyes. Up to 27 minutes of film material can be
Report on new products and trends at the International Toy Fair 2010 saved. The cows from Folkmanis explain climate change in their own humorous way. The
hand doll designers have paid a lot of attention to giving the plush cows a particularly original
"facial expression". Something different in plush: ecki b presents a complete alphabet of
plush letters. Every letter can stick by magnet or Velcro to school boards or to other letters to
form words. Margarete Steiff GmbH manufactures its many new products under the
conditions of its self-imposed "Steiff Purity Law" with extremely stringent requirements for
product safety and health compatibility. Zapf Creation AG shows Chiqui BABY born, with 18
cute baby figures for collecting and playing. They indicate their family associations through
visual, electronically produced signals. The Tapsi Bears from Zapf Creation are interactive
plush bears that are ill and must be nursed back to health like small babies. Depending on
contact, they show various illness symptoms, which are healed with the help of the "honey-
comb". The Bear League (Bear League ApS) is another good example of the increasingly
used combination of Internet and real game. The players designed as teddy bears have the
attributes of well-known footballers. A product code allows access to the online community.
Soft melodies, fascinating light effects and magic starry sky make Chicco's nightlights
sleeping companions for babies and infants. The "Starry Sky Projector" and "Musical
are each available in a version for boys and girls. ministeps, the Ravensburger
brand for babies and infants, presents a fabric picturebook with animal figures, a bear play
chain and a convertible butterfly doll that tells stories on its wings - all for the age group 0 to
6 months. Jumbo's Printies now makes it possible to design soft animals to your own
design - even without handicraft skills! The desired design is created on the computer in the
protected online portal The template can be coloured, given facial
features, clothing and patterns. A photo can also be incorporated. The self-designed figure is
printed on special fabric sheets with an inkjet printer. Each Printies product set also contains
filler material for stuffing the animal, foot stands, adhesive and lots more. Children can create
their own individual soft figure.

Product group 5: Games, learning & experimenting, multimedia, books

It is actually no wonder that the big game on the financial markets with the known results has
now also inspired a game designer. "Hamster wheel - The finance crisis game" from
Walter Berger can be seen on the stand of "Taschengeld Management" in the New
Exhibitor Center in hall 11.1. Abstract games without a game history are still in fashion.
HUCH! & friends launches the new "Neuron" in this category, and KOSMOS has extended
the successful Just 4 Fun with a "Colours" variant. The party games are the second big
trend among the games. "Buzz it" from Asmodee uses a real buzzer like those in the quiz
programmes. Ravensburger introduces the new "Beat Raab" in this category. Also from
Ravensburger is the newly developed audio-digital learning system "tiptoi", which brings
knowledge to life for children of four years plus. Three anniversaries are due this year.
"Monopoly" will be 75. Hasbro presents "Monopoly Revolution" in the anniversary year. An
electronic games unit with musical interludes and sounds gives the game atmosphere.
"Monopoly U Build" manages completely without a classic board. The players build their
own real property empire. "Rubik's Cube" is 30 years old. Jumbo's "Rummicub" has been
on the market just as long, now an anniversary edition brings new life into the game. Amigo
is also 30 and presents games like "11 nimmt" in the anniversary year. LEGO continues the
successful start of its games line with four new family games: "Magma Monster", "Pirate
, "Shave A Sheep" and "UFO Attack". Schmidt Spiele has a number of new
Gameplay videos on its home page that make it considerably easier to start the games. 2010
is the International Year of Biodiversity. This is also a reason for KOSMOS to present its
"Triops" experimental kits. VTech extends its range of electronic educational toys for
preschool children with the "Kididog" for children of four years plus. The small dog is a play
companion, alarm clock and educational toy all in one. The most recent example of cross-
marketing between games and books is provided by Random House. The Munich company
is setting up cbj Avanti for marketing Bella Sara, an internationally successful series of
Report on new products and trends at the International Toy Fair 2010 books on horses. As the newest imprint in the cbj Verlag, cbj Avanti will be launched in
March 2010 and concentrate exclusively on series, characters and theme worlds. The
publisher starts with eight Bella Sara titles, which are implemented in numerous play
themes. Also involved in the Bella Sara theme are Amigo-Spiele (collecting cards),
Kaufmann Neuheiten (writing sets, bedlinen, cushions, etc.), Schmidt Spiele (games,
puzzles), Ravensburger (Puzzle Ball) and Giochi Preziosi (horse figures/ accessories, play
The big winners among children's and juvenile books in the past years included the non-
fiction and the "extra-curricular afternoon market". In addition, a market with lavish pop-up
books; simple but nice picturebooks and traditional fairytales; lots of fantasy and romantasy,
the term for the diffuse combination of fiction and literary narrative style for every age. The
FIFA World Cup definitely leaves its mark in the spring previews. Carlsen-Verlag alone has
assembled a football action package for the trade that lists 34 titles. A real tip is the second
book from Simon Mason "The Quigleys at Large". The author received the Children's
Literature Award for his debut book Castle Stories. Gerstenberg Verlag puts it in a nutshell.
"Football" is the simple name of the book written by Tom Bartels, ARD sports reporter, and
Tina Schlosser. The actual star is "Fiete Anders", which is now available as woolly sheep,
breakfast board, case and family planner and is ideal for toy traders looking for nice gifts and
take-away articles. Jumbo Neue Medien is also on the ball. In the series "Die Leselöwen"
"Penalty Stories", spoken by presenter Gerhard Delling, the company publishes the NDR
radio play "Björn's Wonder" and "Goal!", football songs from Matthias Meyer Göllner.
Coppenrath Verlag provides the football horns for this. Loewe announces the thriller
"Erebos" by Ursula Poznanski as top book. The publisher is right, because the book really
fascinates boys. Lola books were among the publisher's successful titles in the past years.
First Loewe supplied the literary basis for the Lola film, which arrives in the cinemas in
March, now they are making the book into a film complete with friendship book. More added
value really isn't possible! To mark the start of the film "Here comes Lola", JUMBO
presents "The Big Lola Fan Box" with six talking books. There are also various football
books from Kosmos-Verlag. The Stuttgart company promises the ultimate football book with
"My Football Book" by Jonas Kozinowski. Even the "The Three ??? Kids" have got the
football bug, for this time the detectives are looking for the Football Phantom. Tessloff now
publishes volume 17 "The Sea" in its non-fiction series "What's What". Knowledge is also
the theme of "My First Creepy Crawly Book" from Moses Verlag, which encourages
children's first nature research with magnifying cup and insect hotel. And because it's World
Cup time, "Lilli the Witch Catches the Football Bug", written by Knister and published by
Arena. On the occasion of the 75th birthday of Ali Mitgutsch, the father of the picture puzzle
books, Ravensburger publishes two anniversary editions. Ravensburger also continues the
success of the first sound pop-up books with "Enchanting Sounds of the Dinosaurs".
Erika Klopp Verlag contributes a collector's volume for the top issue of the year with "We
are the Super Footballers" by Marliese Arold. Friedrich Oetinger presents the top juvenile
book "Asphalt Jumpers" by Rusalka Reh - from the world of traceurs. This leaves the
Olchis by Erhard Dietl. They are 20 years old so they must be found on every shop counter.
The new volume is called: "The Olchis and the Green Mummy."
Product group 6: Festive and trend articles, carnival

People celebrate the whole year round. The manufacturers of carnival and party articles
have therefore long ceased to be limited to the carnival season. Especially the scary
Halloween day gives the industry encouraging growth rates. Riethmüller and Fries have
some nice current examples of this. The "King of Pop" Michael Jackson still creates mixed
feelings after his death. Rubie's has parts of his typical outfit in its carnival assortment.
These include the military jacket with gold accessories, the Thriller jacket and glasses, with
sequined gloves and naturally hats. Product display systems for specific target groups and
sensibly concentrating and presenting the whole carnival and party assortment are becoming
Report on new products and trends at the International Toy Fair 2010 more important in the trade. The carnival specialist Fries offers such systems successfully.
Licenses also determine a large part of the partying business. For children's theme parties,
Folat offers products such as the full range for "Wickie": from invitations, printed serviettes,
beakers, drinking straws and cutlery to matching tablecloth. Decoration material is also
available to match: paper lanterns, streamers and paper chains. Soap bubbles are still a
popular gag at any party. Pustefix presents "Bubbles + Book", which offers a series of
Pustefix classics together with an instruction book that also provides background information
about the world of soap bubbles. Pirates continue to dominate carnival celebrations and
theme parties in response to "Pirates of the Caribbean". All carnival suppliers serve this
demand. And the classics like cowboys and Indians, knights and princesses naturally
remain permanent hits. Adults sometimes like a sexy outfit - especially when the jesters
think back to the 70s of the past century. The Hilka Cesar Group announces the
implementation of the following license highlights: Barbie and the 3 Musketeers, the new
Christmas theme from Mattel, Spiderman, the old favourite among costumes for boys, and
Bakugan, this year's shooting star. Fantasy costumes like Freaky Girl, Water Fairy and
Vampire Lady also enhance the carnival themes. Printed T-shirts for pirates, cowboys and
Indians are available for role-plays the whole year through. Accessories like hats, wigs, etc.
are growing very strongly in this market and are also expanded by Hilka Cesar. In the gift
and trend article sector, sales in the pocket-money segment are concentrating more and
more on collecting themes like Gormitis from Giochi Preziosi, Go Go and Match Attack from
Universal Cards, and the Fillys from Simba-Dickie.
Product group 7: Wooden toys, craftworks, gifts

Where and how should they be assigned? They are made of cardboard, can be built and
dismantled in no time at all, certainly the furniture is compostible, and they somehow look
cool and trendy for hip parents: the products from Green Lullaby. Low-budget furniture you
can easily fit in the car boot when you go away, such as the cradle, and toys like the new
"My Green Farmhouse". Haba, the inventors for children, are setting a focus on wooden
baby and infant toys in 2010 (grips, memo games, etc.). The new bricks of "Discover
bring even more movement into building. The modules can be transformed
into vehicles with special plastic clamps and couplings. The new "Fire Brigade Walker
shows what is possible for the price, but the fire brigade should still find buyers. New
trend colour from the Rodach company is orange. GoKi also wants to give its bricks a flying
start. "Move" is the name of the company's innovative bricks which children can use to build
not only towns, castles and stations, but also trains and cars. And whereas many
manufacturers are launching established games in XXL format (e.g. Beleduc), GoKi is
shrinking a classic. Viking chess is now available for the desk and living room table. Sport
and fresh air is not everyone's idea of fun. A new construction system called "Build up" is
presented by mishi design. The Milan design studio specializes in toys. "Build up" is based
on a few wooden elements together with plastic plugs and pins and is intended for the target
group of 7 plus. The system allows a wide range of models to be built, from simple micro-
vehicle to complex vehicle. Animals can also be made with the new system. Baufix backs
material crossover, a strategy which although long since state-of-the-art for wooden toys is
rather unusual for construction toys. The classic combines the strengths of the system with
the flexibility of felt. This allows totally new shapes and creations: now form follows fantasy
instead of form follows function. Ecology and sustainability have long been aspects of toys;
Bioplastics can be seen in Nürnberg this year (Vollmer, Best Lock, Buggi Toys). HaPe
has backed renewable raw materials such as bamboo for a few years. This year, the
company from Ningbo, China, again presents a small collection of this grass. Purists, for
whom Bauhaus is not just the name of a German do-it-yourself store, but the 20th century's
most influential design school, should derive sensory and play fun from Totter Tower. The
Report on new products and trends at the International Toy Fair 2010 Organeco blocks are right for children, who are known to love colours and motifs. The
hollow bamboo blocks combine a classic play theme with the playfulness of a graphic
based on Friedensreich Hundertwasser. cuboro wants us to forget the force of gravity with
its marble track. The Swiss company brings the extra box "cugolino hit" to Nürnberg, which
hits the marbles upwards. How this "drive hammer" works can be seen in hall 3. Eichhorn is
also backing the symbiosis of two play themes: marble track and railway track. This creates a
new play world in which the children can determine the paths of the train and marbles
separately. The line is called "Eichhorn The Collection" and this also shows a tendency to
orange colours. A crane equipped with many functions offers Büngern technology this year.
A "new dimension" is announced by Brio for its railway. The rail system is extended by a
road system of wood. Because it is hard to imagine today's toys without microelectronics,
Brio presents a Talking Central Station with animated LCD display board for speech
recording. Plan Toys makes it particularly exciting this year. The "green company" from
Thailand, which is one of the leading suppliers of educational toys of wood, announces the
world premiere of PlanEducation for Nürnberg. This is a "child's learning media system"
for children from three to eight years. More has not been revealed yet. The play idea is not
really new, but still exciting: to put a ball, in this case a wooden disc, in the opponent's net.
New for Marble Shooter from AssessorFun are the haptically and visually attractive
shooters, which fire the balls using magnetic acceleration. "Eco-correct" toys are popular,
preferably also compostible. Trends2com intends to score here with its Flexibility Line,
which takes up various play worlds. Eitech also supports sustainability. The company, better
known for its metal construction kits, discovered the material wood two years ago and this
year the Container Port as a new play theme.
Product group 8: Arts & crafts, creative design

Off-the-peg clothes are boring, but your own tailor is too expensive. So what do the boys and
girls of this world do to show their individuality with a slogan on their T-shirts? They design
their own clothes. Girls who make their own clothes with textile dyes, templates and other
materials are called crafistas by the industry (made-up word from "craft" and "fashionista").
Textile dyes for this are available under the "Javana" brand from C.Kreul
The Franconian company revives "Window Colors" and is now
aiming for all cups with its new glass and china paint "Glass Design New Art". Anyone who
finds white boring can now liven up his complete coffee service with individual colours. Glass
Design New Art combines the simple use of Window Colors and the permanently fixed glass
and china paints. Another module of the "home design" mega-trend. The "Photo Pearls"
shown by hobbygross Erler are currently triggering a real hype. These bring the pixels from
the monitor into 3D reality, as it were. The right composition of the coloured pearls provides
photorealistic illustrations and artistic graphics. The supporting software is available on the
Internet. A luxury car on the company's stand also shows some surprising decoration effects.
Many creative fans are rediscovering the contemplative art of calligraphy - i.e. the art of
"beautiful handwriting". The pens with calligraphy nibs from edding international give
everyone's handwriting an artistic touch. Love letters, wine labels or invitation cards take on
a very personal, artistic note. KOSMOS in cooperation with the Frech-Verlag brings six
handicraft sets onto the market in March this year. The new KOSMOS sets for children of
eight plus also provide the handicraft materials as well as creative ideas and instructions.
With the "Cool Car - Old packages cleverly pimped out", for example, recyclable
packaging material can be made into unique model cars. Simply paint old egg boxes, yoghurt
cartons or cans, stick them together and fix the plastic wheels and axles. Headlamps,
number plates and rear spoiler for cutting out provide the necessary fine tuning. Staedtler
has made its classic Fimo more colourful and presents the "Noris Club", wax crayons with
real beeswax. The compact, waterproof chalk is extremely soft and the large wax component
makes it suitable for many different techniques. Schipper Arts & Crafts (a company in the
Simba-Dickie Group) launches a new painting-by-numbers motif, probably the most famous
painting in the world: Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa".
Report on new products and trends at the International Toy Fair 2010
Product group 9: School articles, stationery, Way to School

New materials often provide the basis for design and/or functional product innovations - as in
the case of the WOPEX pencil from Staedtler. The pencil consists of a natural fibre
composite material with 70% wood. WOPEX allows particularly ecologically efficient use of
wood, for which it received awards as "Organic Material of the Year 2009" and the WPC
Innovation Awards (Wood-Plastic Composites). Pelikan is celebrating an anniversary, as the
Pelikano is fifty. To mark the occasion, the Pelikano appears in the trend colours red, blue
and green. The front of the new Pelikano fountain pen is transparent and gives a clear view
of the ink level. Contigo Drinkware shows a trendy series of drinking bottles in Nürnberg
that not only look exceptionally attractive, but also make it impossible for schoolchildren to
flood their rucksacks. Autoseal is the name of the range comprising four models. The
drinking bottles are patented, easy to use, are said to be better to clean than conventional
drinking bottles, and are guaranteed free of BPA, phthalates and PVC. Innumerable
suppliers contest the market for satchels. Tatonka, the manufacturer of outdoor equipment,
is also active in this segment. The company offers its "School Buddy" satchel for
schoolchildren from the 5th year upwards. It is not actually a new product, but this is not so
important for the company. An intelligent adjustment system enables the length of the
shoulder straps to be continuously adjusted so that the "School Buddy" grows with the child
for about four years and ideally fits the body. On the other hand, Depesche Vertrieb takes a
more fashionable approach with its "Wendy" school rucksacks. The new "Wendy" is
equipped with a flashing buckle that offers children even more safety on the way to school.
The buckle flashes in the closed position, but it can be switched on and off manually. Online
brings a touch of Monterey, the legendary musical cradle of flower power music, to the
Way to School hall. "Hippie", the new paper series from Online, is for starting school in
2010. The motifs: flower girl for "Hippie Flower", easy rider for "Easy Living" and the VW
hippie bus for "Hippie Love". Flik Flak, a subsidiary of the Swatch Group, also backs hip. Flik
Flak has designed a special Hello Kitty Collection. The Japanese cult figure adorns three
watches and an alarm clock - will these timers also become must-have products? Faber-
believes in learning to write correctly, i.e. systematically. The company shows four
learn & play sets. The world of paper and stationery can no longer manage without theme
worlds either. The current theme world is called Funtastics, consists of fibre colour pens and
comes from edding. The latest themes include: pixie woods, dragons, horses and pirates.

Product group 10: Sports, leisure, outdoor

Somehow it seems to be familiar and makes you think of "Flying Fish", but now this
wonderful idea is available in an XXL version for the beach. The principle is simple. A ball
must be moved from A to B by pulling tight a cloth held by two rods. The big attraction is that
you can vary the setting as you like, for example, one player stands with his back to his
partner and cannot catch the ball with his cloth until the partner gives the command. The ball
can fly up to 30 metres. COXI BOLA is the name of the game, which comes from France and
is guaranteed to provide a whole lot of fun. You must also be able to take a joke if you get hit
by the Scooter Venom's water jet. The scooter has a hidden water tank and the jet reaches
up to five metres. The manufacturer is Hy-Pro International. Not so wet, but perhaps a more
befitting way for kids to move is the BIG Baby Porsche, a runabout designed by Porsche
Design Studio. For those who prefer it more down to earth, rolly toys offers the Claas Arion
, a reliable, trustworthy tractor as alternative for every young farmer. Who invented it?
Micro Mobility Systems of Switzerland, says Micro. We're talking about the scooter. The
Swiss now take on the skateboard with their Micro xtreme. The sturdy design allows top
acrobatic performance in the halfpipe. Jumping with the particularly robust scooter has
developed from a hot tip into a trend according to Micro. Scooters, even though they
Report on new products and trends at the International Toy Fair 2010 constantly go through ups and downs, actually seem to have been a permanent part of the
toy range for a long time now. L.A. Sports brings a completely revised range of aluminium
scooters to Nürnberg. Hudora also rounds off its range with a new roller size, but its new
inliner generation in skate shoe look á la converse should attract more attention. Does it
sound like a threat or unlimited freedom? Crossboccia, promises MTS Sportartikel
, can be played anywhere: in the underground, in the apartment, any "location"
becomes an arena. Crossboccia is based on boccia and petanque sport, but now has only a
little in common with the ancient hobby. The Crossboccia balls are made of robust material
and filled with granules. Slackline, a trend topic at the International Toy Fair, remains on the
agenda for 2010. Thanks to Slackline and the "Power of Balance" collection, chic, cool and
fashionable outfits for boys and girls, T-shirts, tops, hooded jackets and trousers ensure the
right performance on the "line" (also available in new fashionable designs). Kettler
announces another world premiere for Nürnberg - for the new Kettquad. The off-road
runabout is a totally new vehicle. Where the idea comes from is not difficult to guess: by
courtesy of Q 7! The Kettquad has pneumatic tyres with lug tread, an integrated reverse gear
and disc brakes. Swinxs is a new multifunctional, screenless console from Holland, which
combines classic games with high-tech. The players wear an armband with an integrated
RFID microchip, which communicates with the console; this in turn requests the players to do
this or that. Swinxs is suitable for indoors and outdoors. YOYO or Yo-Be? Will this be the
decisive question in 2010? There are many indications that the YOYO could experience a
widespread comeback in 2010. Active People shows its new generation of YOYOs with the
patented switch technology under the name YO² TRIPLE MOON, a slim variant of YOYO.
This new YOYO also combines all three classic YOYO types in one. With YO² MIRAGE, the
Swiss company even offers its fans a small "laboratory", which invites users to tinker and
experiment. Giochi Preziosi and Simba have also discovered this theme. Simba's model
also uses switch technology. The Yo-Be from Universal Cards is a cross between a YOYO
and frisbee that looks like a steering wheel - literally for pulling strings. The attractiveness of
this flying object or playing is that it encourages players to try out unusual demonstrations.
And then there's Speedminton. MTS presents a Junior Set designed specially for the needs
of children.



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