Special caution should be taken for handling each compo-
nent as they are precision electronic components.
Using a screwdriver, remove the screw and cover.
Do not pry out the cover forcibly.

HINT:Push the cover with a finger as shown in the illustration, so thatthere becomes clearance, then pry out the cover from thatclearance.
(b) Using a screwdriver, remove the 2 screws and cover.
Remove the battery (lithium battery).
Do not push the terminals with a finger.
If prying up the battery (lithium battery) forcibly to re-
move, the terminals are deformed.

Install a battery (lithium battery) as shown in the illustra- NOTICE:
Face the battery upward. Take care not to deform the termi-
Check that O-ring is not distorted or slipped off, andinstall the cover.
Using a screwdriver, tighten the 2 screws.
When the shrews are tightened loosely, it might cause
faulty contact of battery (lithium battery) and terminals.
Assemble the transmitter to the key plate and the cover.
Using a screwdriver, tighten the screw.

When replacing the door control receiver and transmitter,
registration of recognition code is necessary because they
are provided as a single components.
Select the operation mode to perform from the followingoperation modes.
The add mode is used to retain codes already registeredwhile you register new recognition codes. This mode isused when adding a transmitter. However, if the numberof registered codes exceeds 4 codes, previously regis-tered codes are correspondingly erased in order, startingfrom the first registered code.
The rewrite mode is used to erase all previously regis-tered codes and register only new recognition codes.
The prohibition mode is used to erase all registered codesand cancels the wireless door lock function. Use thismode when the transmitter is lost.
The confirmation mode is for confirming few many recog-nition codes ar already registered before you registeradditional recognition codes.
Follow the chart on the following page to register thetransmitter recognition code at the wireless door lock con-trol receiver.
When procedure is out of the specified, the operation re-turns to normal operation.
Maximum 4 recognition codes can be registered.
The vehicle should be in the following conditions.
D The key is not inserted in the ignition key cylinder.
D Driver's door is OPEN. (Other doors are CLOSED)D Driver's door is UNLOCKED. (Other doors are CLOSED) Insert the key into the ignition key cylinder, then pull it out.
Press the door lock control switch (for manual operation) 5 times toLOCK/UNLOCK at approx. 1 sec. interval.
Close the driver's door, then open it.
Again press the door lock control switch (for manual operation) 5 times toLOCK/UNLOCK at approx. 1 sec. interval.
Insert the key into the ignition key cylinder.
Turn the ignition switch from ON to LOCK at approx. 1 sec. interval 1 to 5 times to select the mode.
Pull out the key plate from the ignition key cylinder.
or twice at 1 sec, interval to inform the 2 sec. interval to inform the operator of HINT:When the number of the registered code Within Indicates that add mode has been selected.
When the operation is performed twice, it directs that 2 type of recognition codehave been registered.
Registration of recognition code (Confirmationmode and probation mode) is completed.
MPX body performs operates LOCK-UNLOCK operation 5 times at a 1 sec.
interval to inform the operator that prohibition mode has been selected.
Press the lock and unlock switches on the transmitter simultaneously within 1.5 sec.
Press again either of switches on the transmitter for more than 1 sec.
MPX body ECU automatically performs LOCK-UNLOCK operation once ortwice at a 1 sec. interval to inform the operator that it has received the signalfrom the transmitter.
Registration of recognition code is completed Registration of recognition code has not been completed.
D Recognition code received first time and second time did not match.
If they are not performed, the mode returns to the normal mode, then start with"Start registration of recognition code".
If even one of the following conditions is satisfied, registration of recognitioncodes in completed.
D 40 secs. elapses since the MPX body ECU response.
D The driver's door is closed.
D The key plate is inserted in the ignition key cylinder.
D 4 types recognition codes are registration at one time.
Registration of recognition codes (add mode or rewrite mode) is completed.


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BACKGROUNDER Basic Facts and Data on the Science and Politics of Ozone Protection 1. The Ozone Layer Ozone molecules (O3) consist of three oxygen atoms. This poisonous gas is extremely rare in the atmosphere, representing just three out of every 10 million molecules. Ninety per cent of ozone exists in the upper atmosphere, or stratosphere, between 10 and 50 km (6-30 miles) above

La información científica en homeopatía

RESUMED 2001;14(1):10-15 La información científica en homeopatía Lic. Iraida Rodríguez Luis1 y Lic. Dayamí Laza Loaces2 Se realizó una búsqueda en la base de datos PubMed (Medline), con los límites siguien-1. Homeopathy (Palabra clave)2. 1998/2000 (años)3. Resumen (sí)4. Base (Medline)5. HumanosComo resultado de las búsquedas bibliográficas se obtuvieron: 82 registros bibliog

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