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Belorusskie Pesnyary ensemble conquers Kremlin audienceThis year, Pesnyary decided to remind the Russian public of its founder, Vladimir Mulyavin, giving a concert in his memory not just anywhere but at the illustrious Kremlin: a special honour! By Victoria Popova
Mr. Misevich: Nothing
Mr. Averin: Th
Mr. Misevich: Our con-
Belorusskie Pesnyary concert proves success at Moscow's Kremlin
show business in Moscow the concert as purely an event niversary of the death of Mr. is crazy; everything is done to remember Mr. Mulyavin. cuss which parts they'd sing in We seek to unite rather than 'Mowed Yas Clover'. Th ey're fectly by Ruslan Alekhno. Vlad, who had the idea nyary' and all with which it's loss of quality.
of such a magnifi cent pro-
What are the main ad-
years of our lives and, as it vantages of having played tries as more than an empty agreed on everything quite has promised to take several
Mr. Shchelokov, the turns out, the same is true the Kremlin concert?
quickly. On stage, they were 'Pesnyary' songs into her rep- former director of 'Pesnyary', for the wonderful artists who Mr. Averin: Of course,
Oleg, I know that you very shy, so we had to rehearse
who has always stood out agreed to duet our golden hits there are some. I'm always arranged some of the duets.
from the crowd and remains with us. Some top performers Was it easy for you to work
a jazz musician at heart, is were unable to join us due to morrow's achievements. with Buranovskiye Babush-
cessful, can it be repeated? have suggested that we repeat a big businessman. He came prior commitments. Mr. Misevich: I don't like
Are the songs of Vladimir the concert. God willing, we'll Mulyavin in demand today? certainly organise another. Guests to be welcomed at
Eurovision sings its songs
January Music Evenings
By Yelena Mikhailovskaya
35th International
leading singers are set to ple's Artist of Kyrgyzstan Belarusian Yegor
Classical Music Festival
attend, while those from Vladislav Piavko (tenor). Zheshko has come
to be held in Brest from
According to the Chair of ninth at the 10th Junior
8-12th January
maica are coming for the the Regional Public As- Eurovision Song Contest
The Brest Academic ciety, Lilia Batyreva, other charming Anastasia Petrik, cians and vocalists from Drama and Music Theatre 'firsts' include a major aged ten, whose surprisingly 25 countries across Eu- children's event, featuring mature, strong voice brought international talent from her 138 points. Belarus was AT rities as People's Artist of Moldova, Poland, Kaza- and Japan. It is the largest Russia Zakhar Bron (vio- khstan, Ukraine, Lithuania her the maximum 12 points Yegor Zheshko performs
lin), People's Artist of the and Belarus; children aged for her rendition of Sky in Immediately aft er the com- Georgian SSR and People's 7 are to perform in a joint Ukrainian and English. Sec- petition, Anastasia admitted reach the adult Eurovision 700 musicians and singers Artist of the USSR Liana programme on the festival ond place went to Georgia's expected. More than 60 Isakadze (violin), and Peo- Funkids band, with Armenia's Anastasia's victory is the her victory in Amsterdam.
Winged car for Hollywood action film
Emergency Situations
nal tail number revealed its who participated have been dren's contest in its seven sian delegation, Lyudmila Petrik's win is deserved. He Ministry of Belarus
with some wonderful years of participation. She Borodina, was delighted by admits, "She sung best of all." helicopter in Die Hard-5
memories. Besides 'acting' in sings with the Interior Min- the fi lm, the helicopter was istry choir and has already saying, "Yegor has done well. stages, with the jury's deci- taken part in the Children's As far as the voting results are selage to the next shooting New Wave Song Contest. Her concerned, they are always mediately aft er the fi rst round Until the premiere is location, about 70-80 km elder sister, Victoria, came unpredictable." screen in February 2013, away. According to Mr. No- vitsky, such operations have 2008. Th e Petrik family lives makers and journalists was with Anastasia proving the reveal anything about their been performed only once in the suburbs of Odessa, in Russia's Lerika singing her most popular over the two roles. However, the rescuers before.
the village of Nerubaiskoe. Sensation. She fi nished in

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