Why The Obama Victory is the Best Result For Resistance When given a choice between two poisons, the best choice is none of the above. However, if the choice is between a fast-acting poison or a slow-acting poison, and no third choice is allowed, then it is best to go with the quicker poison so that it will be over that much sooner. Obviously Obama is the fast-kill poison and for those of us who value Freedom, Liberty, Truth, and Justice, the fast-kill poison is the most beneficial for us. How? If Romney were to win, then the Sheeple who have been awakening under Obama's Tyrannical Regime would have gone back to sleep, comfortable in their slumber as they feel that the problem has been solved. It would not have solved anything, simply drawn out the collapse into something long, agonizing, and even more painful. An Obama victory means that the Crazy Train will run full-out from now until the end of his term. It means that the Police State will expand and try to infiltrate every aspect of our lives rather than just what we are aware of now. It also means that individuals who are waking up will remain awake as subtlety is unknown in President Obama's Lexicon.
Excuse me? Obama will actually Help the Freedom Movement? You bet. Nothing will awaken the Sheeple as they take step after step towards the slaughterhouse like the shrieking of the slaughterhouse. Even the dullest amongst the cattle are able to recognize Death when they see it. It is an aspect of Life to recognize the absence of Life, and Obama's tactics, policies, and directives all reek of Death. Obama has the taste of victory in his mouth, the heady feeling of unending power, and he can only accelerate the Great Culling now. The rush of power and the conviction that he is correct will only encourage him to push about the full weight of his so-called power. The TSA will spread like syphilis in a Roman Orgy, the Surveillance Infrastructure will expand like bunnies on viagra, and the Police State with its sheer brutality and lack of intelligence will grow and become even more heavy-handed and abusive.
People have started to wake up because of the actions of Obama. Now that Obama is back for another Four years and is no longer handcuffed to Popular Opinion let alone re-election.what could possibly keep him from tightening his grip on the American People? The man is a fascist in socialist clothing, an Authoritarian prancing about as a Progressive Ponce, he is a Man with a insatiable desire for Power. Men like him only understand the acquisition, growth, and execution of power. When the power-hungry attain great power they are unable to do anything but use that power against the weak. We have let a schoolyard Bully gain access to the Highest Institution of power, again, and we can expect him to do everything that he did in his first term, again, only this time without restraint.
Yes that IS a God reference. Everything happens for a greater reason, that is one of the rules of life. Everyone has a line that must never be crossed, and this president will be the one to cross it. He is operating under the impression that he now has a mandate. He believes that he is empowered by The People to carry "Forward" his agenda of a total Police State transformation of the nation. This IS a dangerous situation when your commander-in-chief not only desires to rape the constitution, but now believes he is empowered by "The People" to do so. Perhaps what the Sheeple of this nation require is to re-learn the desire for Freedom, Liberty, and Truth. One can never fully appreciate that which has never been fought for. Think about your parents or grandparents. You can never truly understand the value of another until they are gone. Once that loved one has passed on.suddenly even the smallest and most trivial thing seems so.important and forever out of reach, leaving only the memory, like a faded Polaroid. It is the remorse, the yearning within for Freedom, that must be re-ignited within the Sheeple. Another Four Years of Tyranny? Only the dullest of the herd could ignore the coming Full-On Assault against the Bill of Rights, the coming confiscation of Firearms, and the inevitable Nightmare of Martial Law. Those who awaken in time will come to understand the illusion of Freedom that this Government offers its citizens. Those who continue to sleep will plod steadily onward towards the Great Culling, a genocide of the willing and unwitting. The Obama victory ensures that the Freedom Movement will continue with even greater results. The downside is that the Police State will continue to grow and expand and become even more dangerous, but it is that very act which will awaken the Sheeple that can be awakened. A frog dumped into boiling water jumps out. A frog dumped into a pot of cool water that is slowly heated.dead. A frog dumped into a pot of cool water that is slowly heated until the Chef gets impatient and cranks up the heat.he jumps! Albeit, the frog jumps at the last possible minute, but at least Kermit hopped away to fight again some other day.
Relax, Burn One Down, Dig In, Stand Up, Speak Out, and Talk Hard!


Annual report - final mar 2007

Our mission is to foster, facilitate, and medical care for residents of Delta & February 19, 2007 The year 2006 will be remembered for the many “firsts” experienced by the Medical Access Coalition: the opening of offices in Escanaba and Menominee, establishing referral and coordination procedures with many local healthcare providers and agencies, and enrolling our first clients. Wh


Preventive medications In addition to a healthy lifestyle, preventive medications can help people avoid many illnesses and conditions. A consumer-directed health (CDH) plan that includespreventive medications can help support the goal ofongoing good health. This list provides examples of your plan’s preventivemedications by drug category. This is not an all-inclusive list. Coverage prior t

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