Market Wire: Your A-Choo May Be Telling Others a Lot About You FindArticles > Market Wire > May, 2003 > Article > Print friendly Your A-Choo May Be Telling Others a Lot About You This spring allergy season, a sneeze may be worth a thousand words. From the dainty, hold-it-in "irp" to the subtle, turn away "choo" or the amplified, get-it-done "Aaaa-CHOO," everyone has their own way of sneezing that may reveal a little bit about their personality. To help people identify their "sneeze style," behavior expert Patricia Wood, M.A., CSP, has developed the Benadryl(R) "Find Your A-Choo I.Q." quiz, which people can use to examine the connections between their sneeze type and attitude toward "Sneezing is a natural function of the body; therefore, it's difficult for people to hide their true sneeze style," said Wood. "Much like other elements of body language, such as the manner in which a person walks or talks, sneezing can give people a window to their Through her research, Wood found that sneeze styles can be grouped into categories, such as "one a-choo" or a "big sneeze," that are frequently associated with specific behaviors or attitudes. For example, people who hold in their sneeze are likely to take command, solve problems quickly and gain energy from being in charge or meeting challenges, while people who have big, loud or multiple sneezes are often optimistic and spontaneous. By logging onto and answering a few simple questions, consumers can find out their "A-Choo I.Q." and determine which of these Sneeze Style categories they fit into: - The "Sensitive" sneezer -- more likely to be warm and friendly and - The "Be Right" sneezer -- more likely to be careful and accurate - The "Get It Done" sneezer -- more likely to be fast, decisive and - The "Enthusiastic" sneezer -- more likely to be a charismatic While sneezing may tell us something about the sneezer's personality, it also can tell us that there is an allergic condition that needs "Many experts are predicting a fast-and-furious allergy season as a result of this year's harsh winter, so sneezes will likely be abundant for the nearly 50 million allergy sufferers nationwide," said Steven Lamm, M.D., clinical assistant professor of medicine at New York University. "Despite this fact, people with allergies should not have to suffer or accept partial symptom relief when there are clinically proven* over-the-counter treatments like Benadryl(R) Allergy that can help relieve your worst allergy Allergy sufferers ready to cut back on those pesky sneezes do have options for relieving this and other symptoms through available treatments, such as Benadryl Allergy. Medications like Benadryl may be the salvation that your nose has been seeking. Clinical studies show that Benadryl is more effective than the most prescribed upper respiratory allergy medicine over the last five years* at relieving sneezing and other embarrassing allergy symptoms, like a runny nose and watery eyes.(1) After all, who knows what those allergy symptoms are telling others about you? Pfizer, makers of Benadryl Allergy, commissioned the development of the Benadryl "Find Your A-Choo I.Q." questionnaire. The;col1 Market Wire: Your A-Choo May Be Telling Others a Lot About You quiz was created by non-verbal communication and behavior expert Patti Wood, M.A., CSP, and is based on the DISC Model of Benadryl has been on the market for over fifty years; Benadryl regular and decongestant capsules and liquid became available OTC in 1985. The franchise consists of a broad product portfolio that includes products such as Benadryl Severe Allergy/Sinus Headache and Benadryl Allergy/Sinus, as well as a number of pediatric products. Benadryl is manufactured and marketed by the Consumer Healthcare division of Pfizer Inc. Pfizer Inc discovers, develops, manufactures and markets innovative medicines for humans and animals, and many of the world's best-known consumer products. *Based on Claritin(R) U.S. prescription antihistamine data, 1998-2002. Based on Benadryl(R) Allergy at 50mg dose three times;col1


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