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Barium Enema is a Radiology exam that utilizes Fluoroscopy and a series of X-ray images to examine the intestines. These images can identify and locate cancer, polyps, diverticula, obstructions, tumors and inflammations. It is essential that the large intestine is empty. Your health care provider will give you complete instructions. What you need for your exam:  Two (2) Dulcolax tablets,  a 255 gram bottle of MiraLax (or Glycolax)  a 64oz bottle of Gatorade, Powerade or clear liquid.  Breakfast & Lunch: Clear liquid diet. NO MILK OR MILK PRODUCTS.  3:00 pm the afternoon before your exam take the 2 Dulcolax tables with a large  7:00 pm mix the bottle of MiraLax with 64oz Gatorade (or 64 oz of clear liquid listed above). Shake the solution until MiraLax is dissolved. Drink an 8oz glass every 10-15 minutes until half, 32oz, of the solution is gone.  Continue to drink clear liquid until bedtime. NO MILK OR MILK PRODUCTS.  4 hours prior to your arrival the morning of the procedure drink the remaining half of MiraLax and Gatorade as you did the night before over the next hour or until the solution is gone.  Nothing to eat or drink except for blood pressure and heart medications with a sip OR if you receive a LOSO prep kit follow the instruction provided in this kit. Wear comfortable clothing for the exam. (Example: warm up or jogging suit) Pleases leave your valuables at home. The procedure will take at least one hour. The technologist will keep you informed during your exam with a more accurate time.  You will be on an adjustable table that houses an x-ray tube to visualize your  A small tube will be inserted into your rectum.  You may feel as though you are having a bowel movement. It is very important that  Barium is a contrast medium required to highlight the lower colon. You will be directed into different positions to see the entire colon.  The technologist will instruct you when to empty your bowel. Then the Radiologist will instruct the technologist if other X-Rays will be necessary. Get rest if you feel tired. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Your health-care provider may require a light laxative or enema to prevent constipation. You may resume your normal diet and medications. Stools may be light colored. Tell your health care provider if stools have not returned to normal in 2-3 days. The technologist at St. Vincent’s East Imaging The American Registry of Radiologic Technologist A Radiologist from the Birmingham Radiological Group (BRG) will review the images and send a report to your physician. Our goal is to complete interpretation within 24 hours of the completion of your exam and in most cases it is completed the same day of your exam. Your physician will evaluate the results of your exam and determine the best course of care. Unfortunately, our associates are not able to discuss the images that they perform with you personally. Your healthcare provider will communicate these results to you and help answer any questions that you may have. If you have not received your results within a few days of your exam please contact your health care provider directly.


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