E-bulletin 05.07.2013

OAC Students on TV Technology Show SWiPE, Sky TV,
Friday 5th July, 8.45pm

On Friday, 5th July students from Oasis Academy Coulsdon will feature in a special report on young people’s involvement with social media on Sky News’ flagship technology programme, SWiPE broadcast at 20.45. Students took part in Digital Resilience Workshops held at the Academy and run by Professor Richard Graham, Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Director of the Adolescent Directorate at The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. “Use of mobile devices and access to the internet has now become a large part of life for young people and within a very short period of time. The workshops give students the opportunity to discuss their own use of new technologies and how it enhances or impacts other aspects of their lives.” Said Richard Graham. Students learned about how to make the most of the opportunities social media offer, yet avoid some of the difficult situations that can arise and were made aware of how some people become so engrossed in ‘virtual’ interaction they find it hard to communicate in reality. Participants were from various age groups ranging from 11 to 18 and it was interesting to note how social media use becomes a more frequent and important part of young people’s lives, the older they become. “The first thing I did when I left the workshop was to check my phone for messages. It was automatic, I didn’t even think” said 18 year old Ryan Bridger. “The workshop was really interesting and has made me think about how often I use it to ‘talk’ to my mates. I think it’s a great way of keeping in touch with everyone - but it still doesn’t beat a good laugh and a game of football”. The Year 11 Prom at The Hallmark Hotel was a glittering occasion and enjoyed by all. More pictures will be published in Student of the Week @OasisCoulsdon
Self Control
Stella Dzingai she always shows self control in whatever she does, making the right choices, even under pressure. Stella is always willing to help out Luther King
Well done to Bailey Jarvis for being Luther Kings star of the week for Zest. He was fantastic at the open evening by helping out in Science where he explained experiments to parents and children. He always has zest in everything he does and is a committed member of the Academy. All Brunel students who helped at the Open Evening as Tour Guides. They showed an outstanding level of professionalism, and feedback from the parents visiting said they clearly have a love for the Academy. Abigail Vasili has been vigilant and shown grit in working on her History topics; asking other teachers for clarification to get the correct response. Aspiration
Thomas Okeyere – For setting himself high standards of achievement and for doing everything possible to achieve his goals and ambitions. Sixth Form
Self Control
Naftacia Darling for persevering all year and achieving distinctions in Business Studies and What’s Coming Up…
Year 10 Work Experience begins, Monday 8th until Friday 19th July.
Eco Week! We are celebrating at the Academy with a variety of fun activities:

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