1. Call to Order: President Kreklow - 6:30 pm - MES Board Room 2. Pledge of Allegiance 3. Roll Call 4. Verify Publication of Meeting 5. Consent Agenda: a. Approve Minutes from July 16, July 31, and August 14, 2012 BOE Meetings b. Treasurer's Report/Approve Expenditures & Receipts c. Donations: i. A. Sturm & Sons Foundation, Inc. $3000 to Fine Arts Programs ii. A. Sturm & Sons Foundation, Inc. $14,000 to Scholarships (2012 Graduates) d. School Insurance for Youth Wrestling Program e. Accept Grant of $500 for "Rise Up" Leadership Training to Manawa FFA 6. Public Comments (Register to Speak Prior to Start of Meeting/Guidelines on Reverse) 7. Correspondence: a. From Karyn Pamperin, Drama Advisor b. ESEA Title Approval from DPI c. IDEA Part B Requirements Approval from DPI a. ES Principal: Rtl Update Presentation; Staff Inservice Schedule, Update on Hiring Librarian, 4K- b. District Admin.: Census Report, Reconfigure Admin Positions, WASB Fall Regional, Main Dish a. K. Kreklow - Librarian Authorization to Hire i. MEA Negotiations Wage Increase for the MEA Calculated on the Base Using the CPI as Published by the Appropriate State Agency (3.16% for 2012-2013) i. Insurance Allocation for Staff 2012-2013 per Consultant (TriCor) c. Policy & Personnel Committee: (C. Zielke) a. Approve 2nd Reading of MES & Jr/Sr HS Student Handbooks for 2012-2013 b. Approve 2nd Reading of Athletic Handbook for 2012-2013 a. Approve Wage Increase for the MEA Calculated on the Base Using the CPI as Published by the Appropriate State Agency (3.16% for 2012-2013) b. Approve Insurance Allocation for Staff 2012-2013 per Consultant (TriCor) (E. Dombrowski c. Approve Contract for District Assessment Coordinator Mary Roenz @ $25 / hour for 2012-2013 d. Approve Open Enrollment Extension Request for 2012-2013 (E. Dombrowski) e. Approve Administrative Contract for Karl B. Morrin, HS Principal for 2012-2014, Pending Acceptance of Resignation from Current Employer (E. Dombrowski) Approve Contract for Judith Connelly, 50% FTE Curriculum Interventionist (E. Dombrowski) g. Approve a One Year Contract for Kevin Murphy, 5/8 FTE Physical Ed./Health Teacher for 2012- h. Approve a One Year Contract for Luke Hass, 25% FTE Jr HS Keyboard/Social Studies Teacher Approve the Milk Bid with Morning Glory for the 2012-2013 School Year (E. Dombrowski) 13. Adjourn and Reconvene in Closed Session Pursuant to the Provisions of Sections 19.85(1) (c), and (g) Wis. Stats., for the Purposes of Discussion of Administrator Benefits As Well As Confer With Legal Counsel That May Lead To Litigation. 14. After Reconvening in Open Session the Board of Education May Act on Items Discussed in Closed Session a. Approve Administrator Benefits as Discussed PLEASE NOTE: Any person with a qualifying disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act that requires the meeting or material to be in accessible format, please contact the District Administrator to request reasonable accommodation. The meeting room is wheelchair accessible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Board is pleased that the public is interested in educational issues, and the Board is interested in the public's comments and concerns about the District. There will be a time indicated on the agenda during which members of the public may address the Board. Individuals who live or work within the School District of Manawa may address the Board. Others may address the Board at the discretion of the Board. In order for the meeting to flow smoothly, anyone wishing to address the Board of Education should adhere to the following guidelines: - Individuals who reside or work within the District should raise their hand to be recognized, stand, and give their name and address (or place of employment) for the record. - Comments or suggestions shall be limited to five minutes or less. Comments and suggestions on the District are welcome. Personal criticism of Board members or District employees is out of order. The Board may discuss citizen input. If there is a need for any answer or a response to a concern or issue, the District Administrator or one of the other administrators will contact the individual within the next week. If an individual concern requires Board action, it may be placed on the next month's agenda. LEGAL REF.: 171.2, Agenda Preparation and Dissemination


29 march 2012

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