13. Qiagen's therascreen KRAS test
provides guidance on the use of:
1. The first wave of molecular diag-
7. SNPs are found in:
15. Abbott's Vysis ALK FISH test
nostic tests was for treating:
CDx is for patients with:
14. In 2011, in its first-ever joint
approval of a paired drug and diag-
nostic, the FDA approved a PCR-
based IVD test for:
2. Reimbursement and coverage
D. more than 1% of the population.
decisions for these new genomic-
based cancer tests are subject to:
8. CYP2D6 is one of the
most important enzymes
regulating the bioavailability and
metabolism of drugs because:
3. A major shift on the horizon
is that personalized cancer care
will begin in the primary care
physician’s office, not with
cancer specialists.
4. Laboratories can add value to the
physician’s practice through edu-
cation to physicians, nurse practi-
tioners and physician assistants to:
9. What are the different types of
drug metabolizers?
B. Explain the clinical utility of new To earn continuing education credit (1) complete the form below, 10. A pro-drug is:
(2) answer the questions and (3) mail a copy of this form and 5. Labs will need to stay up to date
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
with the latest advances in these
technologies and their applica-
tions. What technology has been
has been adopted by major aca-
Make checks or money orders payable to ASCLS or send credit card number and expiration date along with this form.
demic medical centers, but reim-
❑ Please send ASCLS membership information bursement reality is still limiting its
11. Tests to determine what
❑ Please send information on other sources of ASCLS continuing education acceptance in community health-
type of metabolizer a patient
care systems?
is are best used:
A certificate and credit will be awarded to participants who achieve a passing grade of 70 percent or better. P.A.C.E. credits are accepted for continuing education require- ments for maintaining certification. Tests may be submitted to the ASCLS up to 2 years after publication in ADVANCE. The Learning Scope is copyrighted and is intended to be used only in conjunction with the ASCLS P.A.C.E. program. It may not be repro- 6. Pharmacogenetic testing
12. Companion diagnostic
duced in part or in whole without permission of Merion Matters and the ASCLS.
focuses mostly on variations in:
tests are:



Kehitysvammaisten henkilöidenaggressiivisuus ja itsensä vahingoittaminenreminen, lyöminen, potkiminen), esineisiin kohdistuva tu-hoava käyttäytyminen (tavaroiden heittely) ja itsensä vahin-goittaminen (itsensä hakkaaminen, pureminen, raapimi-K Kehitysvammaisten henkilöiden aggressiivisuus ja itsensänen, ihon nyppiminen, tahallinen kaatuilu) (1,2). Tässä kat-vahingoittaminen on merki

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) P A T I E N T E D U C A T I O N S E R I E S What is GERD? How is GERD treated? Gastroesophageal reflux, or acid reflux, occurs when Mild GERD is treated with lifestyle changes and stomach contents reflux (back up) into the esopha-non-prescription medicines, including antacids or gus or mouth. It occurs commonly and briefly in a group of

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