Patientenversorgung absichern
Kunststoffe 2/2011, S. 90–94
1 A. K. Schlarb: Determining Resistance to En- 8 V. Altstädt, S. Keiter, M. Renner und A. K.
16 R. P. Kambour: A Review of Crazing and Frac- vironmental Stress Cracking in Luer Fittings, Schlarb: Environmental Stress Cracking of ture in Thermoplastics, Journal of Polymer Medical Device Technology, 2002, S. 30–34 Polymer Monitored by Fatigue Crack Growth 2 E. J. Moskala und M. Jones: Evaluating En- vironmental Stress Cracking of Medical Plas- 17 D. Wright: Environmental Stress Cracking of tics, Medical Plastics and Biomaterials Ma- 9 J. A. Jansen und S. Technimet: Environ- Plastics, RAPRA Technology Ltd., Shawbury mental Stress Cracking – Examples from the 3 B. Borisova und J. Kressler: Environmental 18 C. M. Hansen und L. Just: Prediction of Envi- 10 Nadir de B. Sanches, Marcos L. Dias und ronmental Stress Cracking in Plastics with Elen B.A.V. Pacheco: Environmental Stress Hansen Solubility Parameters, Industrial & Cracking Behavior of Bottle and Fiber Grade Engineering Chemistry Research, 2001, 40, 4 B. H. Choi, J. Weinhold, D. Reuschle und M.
Poly(ethylene terephthalate) in Contact With Kapur: Modeling of the Fracture Mechanism Aqueous Amine Solutions, Polymer Enginee- 19 R. P. Kambour und A. F. Yee: Influence of Vis- of HDPE Subjected to Environmental Stress cosity and Capillary Force on the Relations- Crack Resistance Testing, Polymer Enginee- 11 J. A. Jansen: Environmental Stress Cracking – The Plastic Killer, Advanced Materials & Velocity for an Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styre- 5 A. S. Maxwell und G. Pilkington: Prediction ne Plastic in Environmental Stress Cracking of Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance 12 F. Ramsteiner: Zur Spannungsrißbildung in Liquids, Polymer Engineering and Science, in Linear Low Density Polyethylenes, Poly- Thermoplasten durch flüssige Um-gebungs- mer Engineering and Science, 2008, S. 360– medien, Kunststoffe 80 1990, 6, S. 695–700 20 T. Kawaguchi, H. Nishimura, K. Kasahara, T.
13 E. H. Andrews und L. Bevan: Mechanics and 6 A. Sharif, N. Mohammadi und S. R. Ghaffari- Mechanisms of Enviromental Cracking in Po- Stress Cracking (ESC) of Plastics Polymer lymeric Glass, Polymer 13, 1972, S. 337–346 micrystalline Polyethylene: Effects of Melt 14 P. I. Vincent und S. Raha: Influence of hydro- 21 N. N.: Monographie, Phenytoin, In: Parfitt, K.
(Hrsg.), Martindale – The complete drug re- 7 D. Müller und O. Israelsohn-Azulay: Chemi- ference, 32nd Edition, Pharmaceutical Press, cal Contamination of Soft Drinks in Sealed 15 E. Schmachtenberg und N. Schöche: Das Spannungsrißverhalten von Kunststoffen ein 22 J. G. Williams, Fracturemechanics of Poly- Cracking, Journal of Forensic Science, 2009, mer, Ellis Horwood Limited. Chichester, UK Kunststoffe 2/2011
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