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Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Procedure
Procedure for athletes who need to take a prohibited substance for medical reasons
June 2010 version

Please note:

• The TUE request forms must be completed electronically if possible, or in BLOCK
• The TUE must be completed in English. If the medical information attached is in another language, please enclose translation in English. • Any TUE request that is incomplete or illegible will not be dealt with and will be
returned to the athlete, who will need to submit it again. This will, of course, delay the granting of the TUE and, therefore, the start of treatment. • In accordance with the WADA International Standard for TUEs, the IWWF TUE Committee's decision will be completed within 30 days of receipt of all relevant documentation. • The athlete can only submit one TUE request to one authorizing body at a time. He/she is not allowed to submit the same TUE request to several authorizing bodies. • If the national anti-doping organization has already granted the athlete a TUE, he/she must send IWWF the certificate, a copy of the original application form and the complete medical file in order for the IWWF TUE Committee to check that it fulfils the IWWF requirements. If this is the case, IWWF will recognize the TUE. IWWF may ask for further documentation. • This procedure should not in any case hinder or delay implementation of necessary or • Applications for a TUE for the use of beta-2 agonists other than salbutamol and
salmeterol must be accompanied by a full medical file, as stipulated in IWWF's asthma
minimum requirements.

• The non-systemic use of glucocorticosteroids, as well as the inhalation of salbutamol and • In order to avoid exceeding the urinary limit for salbutamol and salmeterol, it is of utmost importance that physicians carefully instruct all athlete taking these substances how to use them correctly. Athlete should be reminded to follow the prescription exactly for the administration route, dosage and frequency of use and explicitly warned of the possibility of an adverse analytical finding. • IWWF advises that athlete (through their physicians) submit a declaration of use to the Compliance with sports rules
If I need to take a medicine that is listed on the Prohibited List, I must follow the procedure explained below as soon as possible: Corticosteroids for nonsystemic
(except salbutamol, and
salmeterol) for treating asthma.
Salbutamol and salmeterol by
Any other substance on the
No TUE required
Where can I get the form?
The form can be downloaded from the IWWF website How do I fill in the form?
BLOCK CAPITALS correctly and legibly with your doctor,
who should fill in the appropriate boxes. Submit ALL documents required. Where do I have to submit the form?
Keep a copy of the TUE form and the fax confirmation sheet. When am I allowed to take the
prohibited substance?
Upon receipt of authorisation from IWWF. You can then use the substance in question during sport. This authorisation notice will specify the details of medical use, which will have to be duly respected.


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