After sponges have been removedFrom this point on you need to keep to the following These terms are used to describe the rods or routine. You do not need a new toothbrush each time, but wires that connect your fixator to the bone.
make sure it is new from the start and is kept clean.
The external device that holds your fracture in 1 Do the following every morning and every the right position until it has healed.
The hole in the skin that the bone pin passes 3 Make sure that the container and toothbrush are 4 Use water that has been boiled and left to cool.
Your surgeon has treated your fracture with an external fixator. This means that you have a number of pin sites in 7 Using the toothbrush and warm water gently your limb where the bone screws pass through your skin brush around each pin to remove any discharge and attach the fixator to your bone. It is these "holes" in or crusting. When you've finished the pins should the skin that you need to take care of. This sheet is not be shiny and clean and the skin free of debris.
intended to replace your surgeon's advice; it is an aide- 8 Wash the toothbrush and container, store the memoire and guide to help you to help yourself.
toothbrush in the container in an antiseptic Pin site infectionPin site infection is common and can be treated with anti- biotics, but good pin site care will minimise the risk of It is common to be prescribed medication for pain. However, getting an infection. At the early stages of treatment your you must be careful not to take any anti-inflammatory pin sites will look red and inflamed, which is a natural tables such as Brufen or Voltarol. This group of tablets, reaction to the operation, your surgeon and their medical known as NSAID's (Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) staff will help you to avoid this natural reaction develop are known to slow down fracture healing. It is common to get infections around the pin sites but Before you leave hospital you should receive advice from these usually settle quickly with the right treatment. A the nursing staff on pin site care. You should follow their clear discharge often comes from the pins nearest your guidance as this will help to avoid pin site infection. Taking ankle: this is just normal tissue fluid. Infection causes care of your pin sites will help to make sure that your pins redness in the skin around the pin, a discharge of pus do not loosen and that your fracture heals properly.
(which looks milky or creamy) and pain. If you get any of these symptoms you should ring the number below during working hours. The doctor will see you and take a swab of the pin site to find out which bacteria is causing the infection. He will probably give you some antibiotic tablets. These only need be taken until the infection symptoms have cleared up. The clinic nurse may decide to dress the pin sites with gauze soaked in Betadine, an Immediately after the operation your pin sites will be protected with sponges. These will be removed at your first clinic visit. Do not disturb your sponge dressings until Smokingthey are removed in clinic.
We know that smoking causes all sorts of health prob- lems and, unfortunately for smokers, it also slows down or even stops bone from healing. Tibial fractures take up Contact details:
to 5 weeks longer to heal in smokers, and non-unions (when the fracture fails to heal at all) are almost always Hospital:
in smokers. If you stop smoking now, your fracture will heal quicker and you will reduce the risk of it not healing.
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