Ian swallow

Tel: 95589005 Fax: 95589006
Email: harbourstreet@optusnet.com.au
Age Range: 57 - 67
Weight: 68kgs / 147lbs
Eyes: Blue/Grey
MEAA: 20011838
Height: 173cm / 5'8"
Hair: Brown/Grey

2010 Gabriella Maselli McGrail TVC Casting Workshop
2009 Anthony Brandon Young: Chubbuck Technique Workshop.
2006 AFTRS: Voice Over; Peter Andrikidis: Screen Acting - Masterclass; Peter Andrikidis: Screen Acting
Advanced Masterclass; Janette Nelson: Voice Masterclass; Natela Dzuliashvili: Stanislavsky Method.
2003 Actors Studio Australia: Emotional Techniques Workshop; Walter Grkovic: Acting Power;
John Higgins: US Accent.
2002 NIDA: Advanced Acting (Summer Program); The Actor's Network: TVC Auditions;
John Banas: Irish Accent.
1999 Sydney Voice Over School: Voice Over.
1967-9 Loughborough College, England: Drama, Children's Theatre, Physical Education.
2012 Left It Behind
2011 Training Video
2011 Same Day Service
2011 How's the Missus?
2011 A Family Affair
(Finalist Tropfest 2011)
2010 Training Video
2008 Piss
2008 Medical Training Video
"Difficult Conversations Near the End of Life" 2008 Medical Training Video
"Effectively Discussing Alternative & Complementary Medicine"
2007 Hotel
2007 The River Neva Breaks
2007 7:23
(Multi award winner)
2007 The Bridge (ABC)
2007 Medical Training Video
2006 The Addict
2006 A Little Buenos Aires
2006 The Egg Thief
2006 The Bad Luck
2006 Medical Training Video:
"Transition to Palliative Care: Breast Cancer" 2006 Medical Training Video:
2006 Medical Training Video: Barry White(Lead) Paul Heinrich Cancer Council NSW/CHeRP/
"Needs Based Palliative Care: Colon Cancer" 2006 Poet
2006 Dust
2006 'The Herd' Music Video Reporter & Doctor Brendan Doyle
2005 Nursery Rhyme The Policeman Michael Demosthenous MUFS
(Multi award winner)
Member of the Association of Drama Agents HSM
Harbour Street Management (HSM) Lic 9071023

2005 Medical Training Video:
Barry White (Lead) Elizabeth Hovey University of Sydney/
2005 Medical Training Video: Peter Colliver(Lead) Paul Heinrich NSW Health/Pam McLean
"Communicating in End of Life Decisions" Centre 2004 Confessional
2004 Blackjack
2003 The Edge of the World
2003 The Judged
2003 The Rip-Off
2003 The Success of a
Showbusiness Man
2003 Medical Training CR Rom:
"Managing Emotional Issues: Post-operative Depression" 2003 Medical Training Video:
2002 Young Lions (Ch 9)
2002 Life in Hyphen
2002 The Child In Me
2001 Changi (ABC) British Major
2001 The Pill Box
Jimena Puente Trevino JiJo Films/Thinking Fish (Multi award winner)
2001 Neon
2001 Believers: World Youth Day Narrator
2009 The Face of God
2009 Gerry
2006 The House of War Otto Juliette Ferrier
2005 Funeral Games McCorquodale Juliette Ferrier Close Call Productions
2003 Dialogue for Two Wheelie Bins Charles
2002 The Cripple of Inishmaan
2001 The Real Inspector Hound
2000 Amadeus
2000 Tom and Viv

2005 Flomax (USA + Canada)
2004 'Proximity' Promotional Video Morgan Williams (100%)
2004 2005 Flickerfest Trailer
2002 Mervyns (USA)
2001 Hyundai

ACCENTS: English (RP, Southern, Northern, Birmingham), US (West Coast), Irish (Southern), Scottish.
SPORT: Cycling (Road & Mountain Bike: Competition level), Sailing, Rowing, Climbing, Sports Coaching.
INTERESTS: Reading, Music, Travel, Films & Theatre, Public Speaking, Sport.
OTHER: Car (licensed manual/auto), Cooking, Carpentry.
7:23 - Best Actor, 2007 SFS Short Film Festival
Member of the Association of Drama Agents HSM
Harbour Street Management (HSM) Lic 9071023

Source: http://www.harbourstreet.com.au/pdf/swallow_ian.pdf


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