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APRIL 2010
Meetings are the 2nd Saturday of each Month
EAA Chapter 55 Hangar - Mason Jewett Airport - 643 Aviation Drive, Mason, MI 48854
Pres: Ken Vandenbelt 589-5051 Vice Pres: Bill Purosky 214-2729 Treas: Al Spalding 676-3370
Secr: Vickie Vandenbelt 589-5051 Editor: Warren Miller 214-2656 (all Area Code 517)
Climb and Maintain Flight Level 55
Sign up sheets for both the Dawn Patrol 6/13/10 and Mason Aviation Day 8/21/10 have been started and should be available The Garmin Seminar held at the MDOT Aeronautics building in at each meeting for you. We are still looking for an Auto March was a great success. Beacon Aviation had EAA55 handle the food purchase and set up and it turned out very well. Many thanks to Bill Purosky, Vickie Vandenbelt, Greg Hover, Pete Summers coming, calendar of events are expanding, it's been Chestnut, and Bob and Margie Clark for putting it all together. warmer outside the hanger than in. Time to drag out the picnic Board of Directors Meeting
April 7, 2010, 7:00 pm.
Breakfast Teams
Chapter Membership Meeting
April 10, 2010
Breakfast 8-9 Meeting 9:00 am
This month we have MDOT providing seminars "Top 10 Things Every VFR Pilot Should Know" and "Checklists-Are You Using Them the Right Way". Invitations have been sent to Michigan pilots. We have informed them that we will be cooking breakfast from 8am-9am, so we are expecting a crowd. We will cross our fingers for good weather so they can fly in, as well as drive. If you can be available to help direct and park planes, please let me know and be sure to grab a safety vest and paddles !! Vickie is also looking for additional cafeteria help and people to pass out EAA Chapter 55
Board of Directors Meeting, March 10, 2010
Because of the MDOT seminar this month and the "First
4Meeting was called to order at 7:01pm. 4Directors present: Responders" seminar in May, we will be starting the EAA55
Ken Vandenbelt, Bill Purosky, Al Spalding, Vickie meeting at 9am. We will try to keep it short so that we can
Vandenbelt, Joe Madziar, Dave James, Doug Koons. Absent: get into the seminars as soon as possible.
Jim Spry, Warren Miller. Guest: Tom Botsford, Ed Search. 4Secretary's Report dated 2/28/10: Bill Purosky made a For those that may not have heard, the Yankee Air Museum will motion to approve per email; Doug Koons second; all be bringing the B-25 Mitchell "Yankee Warrior" to our Dawn approved. 4Treasurers Report dated 2/28/10: Income dues; Patrol on June 13th. Because of this, we will extend our day to breakfast; rent Expenses: liability insurance; computer and about 2:30. After the breakfast, we are planning to switch over to printer; scholarship. 15 members non-renewed. Doug Koons made a motion to approve, Dave James second; all approved. 4Young Eagles: Doug Koons reported the headquarters requests Worker Sign Up sheets for DP and MAD are ready. 4Meeting that we recycle all the old forms and use the new. EAA55 for April and May will start at 9am each month to allow us to received $790 in credits for use on YE materials until 12/31/10. move right into our MDOT and First Responders Seminars. 4Membership: Vickie Vandenbelt has secured a list of EAA 4Vickie Vandenbelt has a survey sheet for member interest in members within 50 mile radius from headquarters and made a securing hats, shirts, license plates, decals etc. 4Ed Search has motion to send EAA55 info to solicit members at cost of $44 for been appointed to the BOD to fill space vacated when Al postage; Bill Purosky second; all approved. 4Ken Vandenbelt Spalding appointed as Treasurer. 4Beacon/Garmin seminar is advised our program for Jax Model Rocketry Club had to cancel; ready to go. 4Bill Purosky has rooms available in OshKosh Dave James volunteered to do program on helicopters. 4Vickie for Airventure. 4Al St. George has test cards for builders and Vandenbelt requested budget for DP and MAD advertising and also has some table tops available. 4Bill Purosky thanked promotions. Joe Madziar made a motion to increase each by 5% Doug Koons and Vickie Vandenbelt for all their set up work on over 2009 spending; Bill Purosky second; all approved. Discussed our booth at GLIAC. Rod Maccado donated a couple of signed the B-25 coming to Dawn Patrol and maybe doing an easy lunch books for our library which Bill will bring in after he has read. from Noon-2:30pm. Discussed maybe arranging some type of 4Our YE of the Year was published recently and copy has veterans salute at MAD. Bill Purosky is checking on cost of Food Permit but feels it will be beneficial and maybe less costly to 4Meeting adjourned at 9:58pm and followed with Dave James' purchase an annual permit. 4Bill Purosky reported all in readiness for the 3/18 Garmin seminar. 4Vickie Vandenbelt reported that postcards should be out for our MDOT seminar in TIDBITS ~
April. Suggestion that we start our EAA55 meeting at 9am in By Vickie Vandenbelt
April and May to move into our seminars. 4Bill Purosky and Tom Botsford reported status of First Responders seminar for GILBERT McKESSY: has undergone surgery and is May. Tom has talked to Mason fire department; Bill Purosky recovering in UofM Hospital; Unit #2 Room 154. advised CRAA staff would like to be involved and has program information. Tom advised that Jeff Haueter of Mason AandW has DAWN PATROL JUNE 13TH: In case you haven't heard, the graciously offered to donate dogs/buns/burgers for a lunch. We Yankee Air Museum will be bringing their beautiful B-25 will aim to host 40-50 firefighters. Tom is lining up aircraft and Mitchell to our Dawn Patrol. If you have any contacts who pilots for display and talk. 4Vickie Vandenbelt reported that the would be interested in an advertising opportunity, please mementoes from Mary Schwaderer have been found; but our DVD contact me. We are also taking reservations for flights, let One Six Right and One Six Left are still missing. 4Ken people know and have them contact me to reserve their seat !! Vandenbelt reported we received a bid on the peddle plane. He will adjust pedals and call bidder. 4Budget: consider insulating furnace, painting exterior, finish inside hanger, expand meeting EVENTS PLANNING MEETING: Next meeting will be room walls; no consensus. 4Vickie Vandenbelt make a motion to Wednesday, April 14th, at 7pm. Maybe it will be warm approve purchase of chapter printer to go with new computer for enough to have it at the EAA meeting room! $100; Bill Purosky second; all approved. 4Vickie Vandenbelt presented information on the American Legion Flag program DAWN PATROL & MASON AVIATION DAY: Sign up where they put a flag out at business on holidays for $40 year. sheets are now ready. Our Dawn Patrol will go a little longer BOD is interested in doing at the airport entrance sign and Vickie will pursue approval with CRAA. 4Bill Purosky made a motion to appoint Ed Search to the BOD to fill the space vacated by Al POSITIVE NOTE FROM: Jim Coyne, president of the Spalding assuming the treasurers position; Joe Madziar second; all National Air Transportation Association, said the aviation approved. 4Vickie Vandenbelt is going to pursue member industry is beginning to recover from the recession. For the first interest in the purchase of EAA55 hats, shirts, decals, patches quarter of the year, metrics such as fuel sales, used aircraft and/or license plates. 4CRAA has reported that the Ninety-Nines prices and flight hours increased. However, Coyne predicts it should be doing the Compass Rose this spring/early summer. "definitely will be a while" for new aircraft sales to recover. 4Bill Purosky made a motion to adjourn; Doug Koons second; all WE RECYCLE: Styrofoam coffee cups & clean egg cartons EAA Chapter 55
can be collected in the box next to the coffee pot stand (please - Gen'l Membership Meeting, March 13, 2010
no paper, stir sticks, etc). Pop cans & water bottles can be deposited in the special trash container. 4Meeting was called to order at 9:30am; 48 members and 4 guests present. 4Following the National Anthem, President Young Eagles
KVandenbelt thanked the breakfast team of Ted Lakin, Ray Fink By Doug Koons
and Mark Stanton for the great job. 4Secretary's Report dated Feb 13th; motion to approve as published in the newsletter; second; all approved. 4Treasurer's Report dated 2/28/10; Al Spalding reported income and expenses; motion to approve, second; all approved. 4Dawn Patrol; Yankee Air Museum B-25 Mitchell is coming and we are taking reservations for flights. Notes from Cape Juby
leave Montego Bay, Jamaica for a short flight to Santa Clara, Cuba and from there it would head to Halifax, Nova Scotia. A By Terry L. Lutz, Chapter 55 Flight Advisor
man carrying a.38 caliber pistol breached security and reaching the departure lounge, forced his way past the gate In 1973, Ernest Gann wrote a book about an airline Captain who agent and down the jet bridge toward Flight 919, which was was imprisoned by the Chinese after his airplane crashed on loaded with passengers and ready for departure. He confronted approach to Taipei. He had flown an ADF approach and the lead flight attendant and demanded that the flight depart something had gone inexplicably wrong. The airplane crashed on immediately. Captain James Murphy exited the cockpit to the side of a hill, several miles from where it should have been. investigate and was soon looking down the barrel of the pistol. The Captain maintained that the approach had been flown Watching from the cockpit, F/O Glen Johnson quickly closed precisely as published. So what really happened? A small group of airline Captains from around the world, each Captain Murphy explained that the airplane had not been fueled with their own airline background, from the Netherlands, and the preflight checks had not been accomplished, at which Germany, and the US, came to the aid of their friend. In China, point the hijacker ordered Captain Murphy off the airplane to they found a three-engine Junkers Ju-52 and with the help of the arrange for the fuel. As Captain Murphy walked up the jet local Chinese, managed to get it back into flying condition. They bridge, the hijacker fired a shot, narrowly missing him. The flew numerous ADF approaches into Taipei until they discovered hijacker then demanded that the F/O order fuel, to which F/O what had caused their friend to fly so far from the published Johnson responded that hearing the shot fired, the ground crew approach. Written in 1973, "Band of Brothers" is the title of the had all left the area. This began 6 hours of negotiations, during book, which preceded the WWII epic of the same title. which the flight attendants convinced the hijacker that if we would allow the passengers to leave, they would place what In March 2009, the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations (IFALPA) met at their annual conference in Auckland, New Zealand. Several thousand miles to the north, With the passengers off the airplane, F/O Johnson proposed a Japan Air Lines Captain Hiroaki Tateno was preparing for work, plan to ground security forces to capture and subdue the armed when he heard news reports that an accident had occurred at man. By then in was nearing 6am, and as the security team Tokyo's Narita Airport. A Federal Express MD-11, landing in entered the flight deck from outside the cockpit, F/O convinced unpredictable wind conditions, had crashed at touchdown and the hijacker to go to the rear galley for some coffee. Once he rolled over, killing the two pilots on board. Realizing that the was there, and with the flight attendants well clear, the security IFALPA pilots who would respond to this accident were at the team moved through the cabin and subdued the hijacker. Conference in New Zealand, Captain Tateno called New Zealand, Sometimes mental skills are as vital as flying skills to save and came to the aid of his colleagues in the days following by acting as a liaison with the Japanese aviation authorities. With his assistance, they had access to all the weather information, details On July 25, 2008, a B747-400 operated by Qantas Airlines was of the flight plan, and actions of the emergency response teams to enroute from Hong Kong to Melbourne, Australia. Cruising at FL290 about an hour after departure, Captain John Bartels and F/O Bernd Weminghaus heard a loud bang and a jolt in the In March 2010, the IFALPA Conference was held in Marrakech, airframe, followed immediately by a rapid decompression in Morocco. More than 500 pilots and their families from around the the cabin. An oxygen cylinder in the area of the right wing root world were in attendance. There were many discussions, ranging fairing had exploded, creating a huge hole in the side of the from the world airline outlook for the next year, to contract negotiations, and aviation safety. In addition to greeting pilots from the far reaches of the world, who I haven't see in several Within 25 seconds, the crew began an emergency descent years, I had the opportunity to speak with pilots from India, toward 10,000 feet. Numerous systems were lost because more Pakistan, China, and from the host country, Morocco. than 100 electrical cables were severed or damaged. The control cables to the right side aileron controls were severed. The pilot from Pakistan told me that any sort of airline flying in The crew lost the Flight Management Computer, all three ILS the north of his country is extremely hazardous. You don't know systems, one VOR system, and the anti-skid system. With from one flight to the next what the military situation is going to Manila a little more than 200nm ahead, the crew began be. He recalled one flight where he was on approach to an airport dumping fuel to maximum landing weight, and were radar along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, when a different voice vectored for a visual approach and landing in Manila, without came on the VHF radio, requesting that he turn to a heading away from the airport. The pilot asked "Who are you?" The reply was "I am Taliban, on a ridgeline to the west with a shoulder fired The crew demonstrated exceptional awareness of their missile in my hands. But I have you in sight, and you are OK". situation, and precisely executed procedures necessary to save the passengers and the airplane. Commenting on the award, There are many events in airline flying that occur outside the US, F/O Weminghaus left one important thought for all of us: and we hear nothing about them. Here are two incidents where "When sitting on the flight deck minding your own business, airline pilots at foreign airlines acted with the same courage and remember - it can happen to you." As a chilling reminder, skill as Sully Sullenberger and Jeff Skiles. Late in the evening of during the Conference we were informed that an Embraer 120 April 19, 2009 CanJet Flight 919, a B737-800 was preparing to Brasilia, on a training flight in Darwin, Australia with two Captains on board, had crashed on takeoff. Both pilots were lost, A smart choice would be to use non-sedating medications such and once again IFALPA pilots immediately responded to a tragic as Allegra, Clarinex or Claritin. Nasal spray steroids are effective also and allowed by the FAA. Nasal decongestants like Afrin are effective but should be only used in certain On the bright and entertaining side, the pilots of Royal Air Maroc airlines had organized an outstanding Conference. One of the highlights was an aerobatic demonstration by the "Green March" Confused? Call or write through and we team of the Moroccan Air Force (for some interesting history, you will be happy to guide you through the array of available can google "green march"). We were taken by bus to a location outside of Marrakech and served green tea with mint leaves while we waited for the team's arrival. They would be flying the CAP 232, a 300hp aerobatic airplane developed in France. CLASSIFIED
The interesting about the Green March is that first three airplanes EAA Chapter 55 Hats; $13 each. Vickie 517-589- in the formation are linked wingtip to wingtip with rope. They takeoff in formation with the ropes attached, and are joined by 5 other airplanes to form a flight of 8. After several maneuvers in the 8 ship formation, including loops and barrel rolls, they do a TKM MX-12 navcoms (2) with trays, one glideslope downward bomb-burst maneuver, intentionally severing the ropes. receiver, & wiring harness; $1,200 (firm); like new But the ropes remain on the wingtips, so the pilots have to be careful not to touch them with their propellers while in close formation. In the photo, you can see one of the ropes trailing from Navy blue sheepskins (2) for Cessna 182; look new; $175 for the pair. Cliff Hale 517-230-2357 Rans 2007 S6S Coyote II; 88 hrs; Rotax 912; many extras;
price reduced to $49,000. Ernie Lutz 517-676-4601
DTV antenna; analog or digital TV; $20.00 George Moore 517-
Telex ProCom 200 noise canceling headphones. Bart Smith
Generac Generator; $350.00 Greg Hover 517-676-5126 As the weather improves and the flying season gets going, I think Burning barrels; $5.00 Dave Groh 517-676-4416 it is important for everyone to be thinking about flying safety. Already this year, there have been several tragic accidents. Yesteryear Aviation; new surplus hardware 517-676-4416 Someone once said that "Safety is no accident", but they would also have to say "To insure no accidents, there can be no flying". Military-style Dog Tags; $5.00 Vickie 517-589-5051 There is a link between flying proficiency and accidents, and one way to improve proficiency is to carefully plan a certain Avon Products & Natural Beauty Soaps. Deanna McAlister percentage of your flying just to practice maneuvers and improve proficiency. Always remember: it can happen to you. And always remember to lend a hand to fellow pilot when it's needed. EAA Storage Hanger; $70 per month or Builders Hanger; $115 per month plus gas (includes electric) Ken Vandenbelt 517- From the Flight Surgeon
By Gregory Pinnell, MD
T-Hangers: Deanna McAlister 517-851-7047 or Lloyd Brown Senior AME/ Senior Flight Surgeon USAFR
Although you wouldn't think so from the weather, the springtime allergy season is around the corner and most of us suffer at least Zenith 701 jigs & fixtures. Chuck Hacker 517-740-9222 occasional problems. If you use antihistamines remember that CFR (FAR) 91.17 does not allow "any drug that affects the Contact Warren or Vickie to place your ad here!
persons faculties in any way contrary to safety." Warren E. Miller 4066 BonnyView Drive Lansing, MI 48911



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