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Date of Birth :________________________ Today’s Date:________________________
Medical History
Do you have any of the following medical conditions? Please check all that apply

Please List any additional medical conditions:___________________________________
Are you taking any of the following medications? Please check all that apply
Please List any additional medications:_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Are you taking Estrogen/Progesterone/Birth Control Pills now?. Latex……….
Local Anesthetics?
Are you allergic to any other Medications?________________________________________
Do you require antibiotics before surgery or dental work?.
Please List any Surgeries you have had____________________________________________
Are you currently pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or planning a pregnancy? Do you smoke tobacoo?.
If Yes how long________________________ What kind of work do you do?___________________________________________________
Who Is your Primary Doctor____________________________________________________
Additional Notes
Patient Signature__________________________________ Date________________________
Southern Illinois Vein Center 3106 W. Outer Dr. Ste 100 Marion, Illinois Ofc… 618-998-8346 Fax…618-997-3942


The journal of dermatology vol.32 no.12

The Journal of DermatologyVol. 32: 972–975, 2005A Case of Lichenoid Drug Eruption Associated Emiliano Antiga, Lucilla Melani, Carla Cardinali, Barbara Giomi, Marzia Caproni, Stefano Francalanci And Paolo Fabbri Abstract A 53-year-old man developed lichenoid lesions on the upper chest, posterior surfaces ofthe trunk, and abdominal region about three months before his first visit. Physical


Sicherheitsdatenblatt gemäß 1907/2006/EG, Artikel 31 1 Bezeichnung des Stoffes/der Zubereitung und des Unternehmens · Angaben zum Produkt · Handelsname: Nordic Maskinrens · Verwendung des Stoffes / der Zubereitung Reinigungsmittel · Lieferant/Hersteller: NORDIC STALD KEMI APSRugtoften 476630 RøddingDenmark;Tel.: +45-(0)506-75852474Fax: +45-(0)506-75852475· E-Mai

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