Finally -- FDA Admits That ALL Anti-
Inflammatories May Kill You
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It has been discovered that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDS, such as Cox-2 inhibitors Vioxx, Bextra and Celebrex, lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular problems. However, it turns out that these prescription drugs are not the only painkillers that should be avoided: The FDA has urged the public to limit the use of over-the-counter pain medications and to use them in strict accordance with the label directions. Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers to be Wary Of
Aleve (made by Bayer) is the first non-prescription NSAID to be added to the list of painkillers associated with heart attacks and strokes. In fact, Aleve is so detrimental to one's health that those who have been taking the drug for nearly three years have been advised to stop using it, while those who opt to continue taking it should take no more than two pills a day for no longer than 10 days (unless otherwise advised by a doctor). People taking the prescription version of Aleve, Naprosyn, are also being directed to take the drug with extreme caution. Further, a study administered to discover whether Aleve or Celebrex could prevents disease showed that those taking Aleve had an estimated 50 percent higher risk of heart attacks and strokes than those taking a placebo. December 23, 2004
Dr. Mercola's Comments:
Folks they are dropping like flies. The leading NSAID in the world, Vioxx,
led the cascade in late September;
Merck will lose $50 billion.) A few weeks later the
second COX-2 inhibitor,
inhibitor, Celebrex, got hit. Pfizer is the number one drug company in the
world and their stock dropped $25 billion over the weekend.

Now, it appears that all NSAIDs may be problematic, not just the COX-2
inhibitors. The NIH told us that the popular over-the-counter pain reliever,
Aleve, has been linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. The
director of the FDA's drugs division, said consumers should take Aleve
only as directed on its label: No more than two pills a day. Aleve is the first
OTC drug to enter the NSAID mess, but it is still available as prescription

So the warning is about the OTC drug that only has 200 mg of naproxen.
But guess what? The prescription product has more than twice the dose of
the OTC brand and has 500 mg. The recommended dose is up to 1500 mg.
This is nearly FOUR TIMES the dose the FDA now advises consumers not
to exceed.

Do you want to hear what deputy director of the FDA's Office of New Drugs
said about Aleve? Well, here you go:

"This is a very confusing situation.there is little data about the long-term
effects of naproxen or any other related pain reliever."

The FDA has finally admitted that the entire class of drugs known as
NSAIDs is expected to fall as a result of this new information. So that
means that if you are taking Advil or any other NSAID, you will want to
consider finding a healthier option ASAP, as the drug you are taking could
actually take your life.

So what can you do to treat pain in a way that not only addresses its cause
but also makes you healthier?

There are two steps that will help the vast majority of people with pain. That
is to start a high quality fish oil
t this time of year and to
avoid sugar. Omega-3 fats are precursors to mediators of inflammation
called prostaglandins. In fact, that is how Vioxx and other NSAIDs work --
they manipulate prostaglandins. However, when you do it in an unnatural
drug way, there is frequently another price to pay, like side effects, which
can lead to death. Further, when you use natural methods like omega-3 fats
and stopping sugar, the side effects are good health.

Sugar and grain avoidance for most people will lower insulin levels.
Elevated insulin levels are one of the most important reasons why
inflammatory prostaglandins are produced. That is why stopping sugar and
sweets are so essential to controlling arthritis pain and other types of
chronic degenerative illness.

Most people were using Vioxx for osteoarthritis and other types of pain.
But for those that were using it for the less common rheumatoid arthritis, it
is important to know that optimizi
Sun exposure is clearly the
best way to achieve this however at this time of year the only alternative to
a month's vacation in the Caribbean that most of us can't do is to consume
healthy vitamin D from cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is clearly the safest form
of vitamin D supplementation as contains vitamin A, which can balance
against absorbing too much vitamin D.

The recent events regarding the complications linked to usionly secures my opinion that we are entering the beginning of the end of

Folks, believe me when I say that these occurrences are merely the tip of
the iceberg. With BOTH prescription and over-the-counter medications
being named "dangerous," as well as the underlying deceit and greed
associated with the medical profession, the entire conventional system is
on a rapid decline.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a New York Times Best Selling Author and founder of Mercola.com the worlds #1 site for insight into health, wellness, alternative medicine. To register for Dr. Mercola's free online newsletter go to mercola.com

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