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…………… (Child's name) has been prescribed Omeprazole today with the aim of reducing the pain they suffer as a result of gastric reflux. They are to per day. This may be increased per day when they are.kgs / after …./…./…. if symptoms persist or reappear. (Delete those not applicable). More information on this medication and how best to give it is below. Omeprazole (Generic Name)
Losec, Omezol (Trade Name), Prilosec (Trade Name in other countries)
Proton pump inhibitor
Omeprazole turns off most of the pumps that are responsible for stomach acid production. This allows for
inflammation in the oesophagus (throat) to heal. If your child has just commenced Omeprazole, it may take a
week or more to see any improvement. This is because although the acid production is reduced almost
immediately it can take longer for any damage (inflammation) in the oesophagus to heal. The dosage may
need increasing as the child gains weight. Omeprazole will not decrease the amount of spilling/vomiting.
Administration: Omeprazole is most effective if given half an hour before a meal (1), but this may not be
possible in an infant.
It is only available in capsule form in New Zealand. To achieve a smaller dose than available in a capsule it is
opened and the granules divided into child sized doses. This does not need to be done exactly. i.e. if giving 5
mg per dose, guess half of a 10 mg capsule and keep the remainder for the next dose (unless you enjoy
counting granules). The granules should then be mixed with something acidic before administration as mixing
with other substances e.g. milk will reduce its effectiveness. A few ml of fruit juice or ½ to 1 teaspoon of
pureed fruit or fruit yoghurt is ideal. The granules must not be crushed and older children may need to be
reminded to swallow but not chew. The Omeprazole should be taken within 30 minutes of preparation.
In younger infants, we recommend that it be given in @ ½ a teaspoon of baby pears. Don't consider that this
is the introduction of solids, but instead purely medicinal, much the same as the syrup flavouring added to
medicines such as Paracetamol or antibiotics. A tin of baby pears can be frozen in ½ teaspoon ice cubes and
taken out and defrosted as needed. With capsules that are split to obtain a smaller dosage, the remaining
unused dry granules can be kept inside the capsule case, in a separate marked container for the next dose.
Omeprazole should be kept in its original container or discarded after three months.
Side effects: Side effects are rare.
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(3) Medsafe data sheets
GRASP (former New Zealand support group)
Vicki Martin, Nutrition and Herbal Technical Consultant, Healtheries of New Zealand Limited
Rochelle Wilson (GRASP National Coordinator 1995 - 2001).
Dr Rodney Ford, Paediatrician (
Written by Roslyn Ballantyne (RN), Regional Coordinator for Crying Over Spilt Milk - Gastric Reflux Support Network NZ for Parents of
Infants & Children Charitable Trust 13/07/2004. Reprint August 2013.
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