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ABCs of Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
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5. What are the the treatments and medications for Osteonecrosis of the jaw? Reviews & Pricing o f to pdentists. Fast, easy, and Dental Implant
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e teonecrosis of the Jaw or ONJ is known by various names – Jaw death, aseptic or avascular necrosis of the mandible/ maxilla, Dead Jaw disease, Bisphossy Jaw etc. ONJ is a condition wherein your jaw gets disfigured and disabled; in this No Dental
the jaw bones get infected as well as rot thereby causing literal bone death Insurance?
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The development of ONJ takes place whenever the jaw does not heal after having undergone a minor trauma such as tooth extraction wherein the bone gets exposed. This bone exposure leads to infection and fracture and needs long- term antibiotic therapy or surgery for removing the dying bone tissue Ads by Go o gle
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The beginning of ONJ is normally not visible for a number of weeks/ months. Many symptoms of ONJ develop only after atrauma of the mouth. This disease is very difficult to treat and hence you must go for suitable dental and medical treatment Low Income Dental
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What are t he re aso ns f o r Ost e o ne cro sis o f t he jaw?
The reasons for the onset of ONJ are – exposure to drugs such as nitrogenous diphosphonates or bisphosphonates that are used in treating cancer and drugs for treating osteoporosis Drugs that cause ONJ are orally administered Bisphosphonates such as Actonel, Boniva, Fosamax, Fosamax Plus D, Dental Implant
Skelid and Didronel and Intravenously Administered Bisphosphonates such as Aredia, Bonefos and Zometa.
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What are t he sym pt o m s f o r Ost e o ne cro sis o f t he jaw?
Befo re Getting DentalImplants. Read Expert Osteonecrosis of the Jaw or ONJ is non- apparent for a number of weeks/ months. It is quite possible that symptoms occur on its own; however normally such symptoms occur only after tooth extraction.
The following symptoms are common in ONJ: Dentist List
6. Pain, swelling, or infection of the gums or jaw See Local Dentist
Ho w t o diagno se Ost e o ne cro sis o f t he jaw?
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If your doctor suspects the onset of ONJ he might perform tomography wherein images are taken to rule out the causes such as cysts or impacted teeth. He might also use intra- oral films to demonstrate subtle bone changes. He also might use microbial cultures for a differential diagnosis for coexisting oral infections.
If your doctor suspects meta- static disease he might call for a tissue biopsy; performing biopsy on the trauma causesmore complications that are difficult to treat Ho w t o pre ve nt Ost e o ne cro sis o f t he jaw?
ONJ results in unbearable chronic pain, jaw dysfunction and difficult to treat disfigurement and hence it is necessary thatyour focus must be to prevent the onset of ONJ.
The preventive actions that you could take are as follows: 1. Frequent consultation with your dentist/ doctor2. Good oral hygiene maintenance that will eliminate the dental and periodontal infections.
3. Frequent checking of your removable dentures and adjustment for any occurrence of soft tissue injury.
4. Frequent Dental cleaning but at the same time avoid soft tissue injury.
5. Non- surgical management of dental infections by performing root canal treatment What are t he t he t re at m e nt s and m e dicat io ns f o r Ost e o ne cro sis o f t he jaw?
There is no definite method for treating ONJ. However the following recommendations will be of help: 1. Consult and communicate with an oral surgeon/ dental oncologist regularly. This is all the more important in case you 2. Good oral hygiene maintenance that will eliminate the dental and periodontal infections.
3. Cover the exposed jaw bone with a removable appliance thereby protecting your jaw4. Provide a protective stint to ONJ patients having exposed bone that is responsible for causing trauma to adjacent tissues; also for patients whose osteonecrotic site gets traumatiz ed often during normal oral function.
5. In order to prevent secondary soft- tissue infection, pain, and osteomyelitis you must undergo antibiotic – intermittent The effectiveness of using hyperbaric oxygen for treating ONJ is not known and hence should not be used. Patientshaving treatment with bisphosphonates should not be given osseointegrated dental implants because this could furtherdamage the bone thereby in patients being treated with bisphosphonates is also not recommended because their use may result in further damage to bone, thereby increasing the severity of Osteonecrosis.
What is t he surgical pro ce dure f o r Ost e o ne cro sis o f t he jaw?
There are cases wherein large sections of the necrotic bone might have to be removed by surgery and this has to bedone by a qualified maxilla facial surgeon/ dentist. A patient undergoing this procedure will find it impossible to chew solidfood. This requires close monitoring because improper treatment could cause septicemia and death.
The patients undergoing this surgery have to be given antibiotics for a minimum period of 10 days after operation.
Penicillin is normally given for these patients; patients having refractory infections have to be treated with a combination ofpenicillin and metronidaz ole. For patients having allergy to Penicillin the doctor will prescribe az ithromycin or one of thequinolone antibiotics.
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