Separation and Quantitation of R and SEnantiomers using Normal PhaseChromatography on an API 3000™LC/MS/MS System Normal phase chromatography can
strates that it is possible to safely and be used for the analysis of chiral
compounds using the API 3000™
LC/MS/MS System.
Key Features
Figure 1. Verapamil calibration curves for enantiomer R and S.
Figure 2. Methylphenidate calibration curves for enantiomer R and S.
Experimental Conditions
APCI (Nitrogen gas used for all connections) animals dosed with racemic mixtures.
the coronary vasodilator, verapamil.
Figure 3. Fluoxetine calibration curves for enantiomer R and S.
Figure 4. Verapamil, 0.1 ng/mL racemate concentration, extracted from
Figure 5. Methylphenidate, 0.1 ng/mL racemate concentration,
rat plasma.
extracted from rat plasma.
Results and Discussion
centration range of 0–1,000 ng/mL.
separation, approximately 65 minutes.
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Figure 6. Fluoxetine, 100 ng/mL racemate concentration, extracted from rat
plasma and fluoxetine, 10 ng/mL racemate concentration, extracted from rat
plasma plus integrating a switching valve to overcome mobile phase incom-

patibility. Note that the intensity is comparable despite the ten-fold
decrease in analyte concentration.
Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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