2010 c.w. post chamber music festival information book

C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival - 2010 29th Summer Season
July 12 to July 30, 2010
chamber ensembles ♦ chamber orchestras
festival artists & participants concert series ♦ conducting program
concerto competition ♦ master classes
C.W. Post Campus • Long Island University
720 Northern Blvd., Brookville, New York 11548-1300
www.liu.edu/cwpost/svpa/music/festival• Phone: (516) 299-2103 • Fax: (516) 299-2884
TABLE OF CONTENTS History of the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival Credit Programs – Undergraduate, Graduate & High School Enrichment Artistry Program for young professionals & preformed chamber ensembles Performance Program for college & conservatory musicians Music Educators Program for Advancement of Chamber Music Advanced Program for students ages 15 to 18 Seminar Program for students ages 9 to 14 Conducting Program Musicianship Classes, Individual Master Classes, Chamber Music Performance Classes, Master Classes with Special Guest Artists and Educational Residencies Facilities, Housing, Transportation, Food Service, Student and Faculty ID, Distribution of Orchestral and Chamber Music, Orientation and the Festival Office Credit Tuition-Undergraduate, Graduate, High School Enrichment In-Service Credit Tuition Non-Credit Tuition List of Non-Credit Tuition for Full & Part Time Schedules Instrumental, Vocal or Preformed ensembles Festival Artists and Special Guest Artists Members of The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Directions to the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University 2010 Audition Dates, Application and Work-Study Application History of the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival The C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival was founded in 1982 by Susan Deaver, flutist, and Maureen Hynes, cellist, who are both performing members of the Pierrot Consort, the faculty ensemble-in-residence at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University. This intensive three-week festival, unique on Long Island, focuses on the study and performance of the standard chamber music repertoire. Participants are coached by members of The Pierrot Consort, Festival Artists and Guest Artists. The Festival includes a weekly schedule of chamber ensembles, chamber orchestras, master classes, chamber music performance classes, educational residencies, musicianship classes, concerto and ensemble competitions and a conducting program. During the Festival, a series of concerts are presented by the Pierrot Consort with Guest Artists. During the final week of the Festival, a series of chamber and orchestral concerts are presented by Festival Participants. Concerts traditionally are held in Hillwood Recital Hall and Tilles Center for the Performing Arts. Over 100 participants are selected through auditions each spring for openings in piano, voice and all orchestral instruments. In addition, a limited number of conductors are chosen for the Festival’s Conducting Program. From the very beginning, the Festival has attracted young musicians from some of the country’s finest conservatories, such as Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, Mannes, Curtis, Eastman School of Music, Peabody, the New England Conservatory, and music schools and conservatories from abroad. In addition to students from Long Island and New York State colleges and universities, the Festival has in recent years accepted talented younger students, some of whom have already won competitions. Music educators from Long Island also attend the Festival to enhance both their teaching and performance abilities. The Festival offers schedules in which undergraduate and graduate credits can be earned. High school students may earn college credit through the High School Enrichment Program. The Festival is also offered as a non-credit tuition based program. Full time and part time schedules are available. Scholarships, Fellowships and Academic Assistantships are available. For additional information about the auditions, scholarships or the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival, contact the Festival Office at (516) 299-2103, or e-mail chamberfestival@cwpost.liu.edu. The
Festival’s Web site is www.liu.edu/cwpost/svpa/music/festival.
Festival Administration 2010
Susan Deaver, Festival Director
Dale Stuckenbruck, Assistant Director

Administrative Assistant to the Directors
Alexander Arellano

Administrative Assistants
Kathryn Feibusch
Chelsea Winter

Descriptions of Festival Programs
As part of the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival, all participants are carefully placed in ensembles that
study and perform standard chamber music repertoire. All groups are coached by The Pierrot Consort,
Festival Artists and Special Guest Artists. With the exception of students in the Seminar Program, all
chamber music ensembles meet for coaching from 2 to 5 p.m. each afternoon (Monday through Friday).
Ensembles perform at the Friday Chamber Music Performance Classes and the chamber orchestras and
selected ensembles perform on the concerts during the final week of the Festival.
Participation in the Festival is offered either on a credit or non-credit basis

Credit Programs-Undergraduate, Graduate and High School Enrichment Program
Graduate students and music educators can earn one, two or three credits with a specially designed
program that includes chamber ensembles, chamber orchestra and master classes in their area of interest.
Undergraduate and High School Enrichment Program students can earn 3 credits with a specially
designed program of study.

Artistry Program for young professionals and preformed chamber ensembles
The Festival’s emphasis on young professionals and preformed chamber ensembles is to present an
opportunity to showcase existing talent and to further their careers. There are opportunities during the
Festival for performance at pre-concert recitals and/or on the Festival’s Mini-Performances. Artistry
Program participants will also have the opportunity to interact with The Pierrot Consort, Festival Artists
and special guest artists. Past guest artists have included Lawrence Dutton, violist of the Emerson String
Quartet, Timothy Eddy, cellist of the Orion String Quartet and members of the Imani Winds. There also
will be opportunities to participate in educational residencies with members of The Chamber Music
Society of Lincoln Center and members of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. Fellowships are available.

Performance Program for college & conservatory musicians
The Festival’s focus on college and conservatory-level students is to further develop their chamber
music experience. Advanced chamber music repertoire in past seasons has included such challenging
works such as Brahms and Schumann piano quartets; Shostakovich, Ravel and Bartok string quartets;
Nielsen and Barber woodwind quintets, the Stravinsky Octet and the Poulenc Sextet for piano and
winds. Chamber ensembles meet daily for coachings with individual Festival Artists and members of
The Pierrot Consort. Each participant’s schedule also includes morning chamber orchestra rehearsals
and master classes. Fellowships and scholarships are available.
Music Educators Program for the Advancement of Chamber Music
The Festival’s commitment to chamber music is the focus of this new program on the “Advancement of
Chamber Music.” This program will assist music educators who are interested in developing chamber
music programs at their schools, or who are interested in further developing existing programs for their
students. Music educators will find this program to be infomative and inspiring. Music educators
accepted into the Festival may earn up to three credits, or if offered, two in-service credits. Schedules
are tailored to each music educator’s interest and educational needs, and often schedules incorporate a
mixture of chamber music and master classes of interest. Course work can be scheduled to cover one to
threeweeks of the Festival.
Advanced Program for students ages 15 to 18
The musically advanced high school student’s schedule includes morning chamber orchestra rehearsals
and master classes. Each afternoon the schedule from 2 to 5 p.m. focuses on chamber music. With a full-
time schedule, a student will be scheduled in four different chamber ensembles that meet for daily
coachings with faculty members.
Seminar Program for students ages 9 to 14
This program is designed for younger students (usually ages 9 to 14) who are interested in gaining
experience in chamber ensemble and chamber orchestra playing. Seminar students participate in the
Seminar Chamber Orchestra and various chamber ensembles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
mornings (10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.). On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Seminar students attend Master
Classes (10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) that focus on their specific instrument. Friday afternoons (2 to 5 p.m.)
students attend Chamber Music Performance Classes and are involved as active listeners and
performers. Seminar students’ morning schedule may include one or more of the following – the
Seminar Chamber Orchestra, the Hilltop Chamber Ensemble, the Woodwind Ensemble, various
chamber ensembles and musicianship classes.
Conducting Program
Coordinated by Susan Deaver, the Festival’s Conducting Program is an overview of conducting, and
includes: conducting and rehearsal techniques, score study, musical style, full orchestral and chamber
orchestral repertoire, and aspects of conducting. Conducting participants attend master classes, receive
training with the Conductors’ Ensemble and actively observe rehearsals of the Festival Chamber
Orchestra. Selected advanced conducting students will work with the Conductors’ Ensemble in coached
rehearsals and may conduct performances. Exceptional conductors may be offered the opportunity to
conduct the Festival Chamber Orchestra in rehearsal. Auditions for the conducting program will be held
in late May or early June. For conducting audition repertoire refer to the Audition Information section
of the Information Booklet.

Classes Offered at the Festival

Musicianship Classes
Two levels of Musicianship Classes are held during the Festival. Musicianship Classes are held during
the Seminar Program’s morning hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A more advanced level is
offered Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 2 to 3:20 p.m. Each class covers the basics of music
with elementary music theory and music history and incorporates the chamber music that students are
currently rehearsing and preparing for performance at the Festival.

Individual Master Classes
Offered Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. during the first two weeks of the Festival.
Open to all ages, these master classes are offered in flute, woodwinds, brass, violin, viola, cello, piano
and guitar. Taught by members of the Pierrot Consort, Festival Artists and Guest Artists, these
individual classes offer an opportunity to perform solo repertoire and to focus on technical and
interpretative problems related to the individual instruments.

Chamber Music Performance Classes
Attended by all Festival participants, these three-hour classes give ensembles the opportunity to perform
informally for each other and to prepare for the concerts of the final week by concentrating on stage
presence and decorum. Classes are on Friday afternoons during the first two weeks of the Festival from
2 to 5 p.m.

Master Classes with Special Guest Artists
Each summer guest artists present special master classes that focus on topics of interest to chamber
musicians. This year’s guest artists will include Elissa Lee Koljonen, violin and Lawrence Dutton,
violist with the Emerson String Quartet. Additional guest artists for the Festival will be announced.
Past guest artists have included; members of the Imani Winds; Daniel Phillips, violinist and Timothy
Eddy, cellist with the Orion String Quartet; Erik Ralske, hornist with the New York Philharmonic;
Richard King, Principal Horn of the Cleveland Symphony; Charles Barker, Principal Conductor of
the American Ballet Theatre and David Alan Miller, Music Director & Conductor of the Albany
Symphony. From 1996 to 2006 the Festival’s Conducting Program and Festival Chamber Orchestra
were led by Miriam Burns, who is currently the Music Director of the Tallahassee Symphony and the
Kenosha Symphony and is a cover conductor for the New York Philharmonic.

Educational Residencies at the Festival
This summer there will be educational residencies with members of The Chamber Music Society of
Lincoln Center and with members of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra.

Chamber Orchestras & Larger Ensembles

Festival Chamber Orchestra
Rehearsals are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The final
concert is scheduled for the evening of Friday, July 30 at 8 p.m. at Tilles Center. Winners of the
concerto competition are presented on this concert with the Festival Chamber Orchestra.

Seminar Chamber Orchestra
Rehearsals are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 10 to 11:20 a.m. Students
selected for the Seminar Chamber Orchestra present a concert on Thursday, July 29 at noon in Hillwood
Recital Hall.
Baroque Chamber Orchestra
Rehearsals are held on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. The repertoire in past years has focused on
the music of J.S. Bach, Handel and Telemann. Additional possibilities include music from other eras, as
well as works that include vocal or instrumental soloists.
Hilltop Chamber Ensemble
Rehearsals are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and a performance is given as part of
the Seminar Concert on Thursday, July 29 at noon in Hillwood Recital Hall. This ensemble was created
for younger participants as part of the Seminar Program. Repertoire is selected to give the students an
experience in expanded chamber music.
Woodwind Ensemble
Rehearsals are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and a performance is given as part of
the Seminar Concert on Thursday, July 29 at noon in Hillwood Recital Hall. This ensemble includes
woodwinds and, when possible, brass instruments are added to expand the repertoire possibilities.
Cello Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Brass
Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble
These ensembles are offered at the Festival in addition to the variety of mixed chamber ensembles.
Conductors’ Ensemble
Rehearsals are Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Selected conductors from the Conducting Program
will conduct this ensemble and be coached by Susan Deaver. Past repertoire has included works by J.S.
Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Bartok and Copland, as well as other composers, and has on occasion included
concerto movements and arias. The Conductors’ Ensemble will perform on Wednesday, July 28.
Concerto Competition
Open to participants who are attending the Festival on a half-time to full-time basis. A minimum of one movement from a standard concerto for soloist and chamber orchestra is required. An accompanist is mandatory for the auditions. Concerto choice needs approval of the Directors and the conductor of the Festival Chamber Orchestra. A recommended list of concertos with chamber orchestra is available from the Festival Office. The first prize winner will perform with the Festival Chamber Orchestra in concert on July 30 at Tilles Center. The Concerto Competition will be held on Sunday, July 11th.
Festival Concerts

Friday, July 16 and Friday, July 23
Hillwood Recital Hall at 8 p.m.
Guest Artists to be announced
Tuesday, July 27 at 8 p.m.
Atrium - Tilles Center or Hillwood Recital Hall
Pre-Concert at 7:15 presented by Festival Participants
Wednesday, July 28 and Thursday, July 29
Hillwood Recital Hall at 8 p.m. and Student Art Gallery at 8 p.m.
(Length of these two concerts will be held to approximately two hours.)

Thursday, July 29 at Noon
Hillwood Recital Hall
Friday, July 30 at 8 p.m.
Tilles Center. Selected works for chamber orchestra and Festival Concerto Winners.
All participants will be included in the final concert.
The Pierrot Consort:
“A cohesive ensemble with real affinity for the music…
consistently interesting…”
- Newsday
General Information


Tilles Center for the Performing Arts

Hillwood Recital Hall
Fine Arts Center: Classrooms, 20 practice rooms with pianos and a chamber music library.
Music Rehearsal Building
Pioneer Room
Interfaith Center

Hillwood Commons:
Located in the center of C.W. Post’s scenic campus, Hillwood Commons has a
cafeteria which is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. This facility includes Hillwood Art
Museum, Hillwood Recital Hall, the Cinema, The Pioneer Room and the Information Desk.
Housing on campus is available for students 18 years and older at an additional cost. Further
information may be obtained from the Festival Office.
Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Festival on a daily basis. The
Festival Office will, if possible, offer assistance in helping participants and their families set up car
pools. Once on campus, the majority of the scheduled chamber ensembles and chamber orchestras are
scheduled in either the Fine Arts Center or the Music Rehearsal Building which are within walking
distance of each other.
Food Service
Students are encouraged to bring their own lunches in a cool pack. Time permitting, participants can
purchase food in Hillwood Commons’ cafeteria. Snacks, soft drinks and water are available in vending
machines at the Fine Arts Center.
Student and Faculty ID
Each Festival Participant and Faculty member will be issued a Festival ID card at orientation. Each
individual is required to carry this ID with them at all times during the Festival. In addition to their
name, the ID also lists the name and phone number of the individual to contact in case of an emergency.
If a participant or faculty member has a special medical condition, the Directors need to be informed
before the Festival begins.
Distribution of Orchestral and Chamber Music
Every effort is made to have each participant’s chamber music and orchestral music available the week
prior to the Festival. Participants and preformed ensembles may request specific chamber repertoire.
Orientation for all Festival participants and Faculty will be held on Monday, July 13 beginning at 9:15
a.m. in Tilles Center. Parents of younger students are strongly encouraged to attend this informative
The Festival Office is located in the Fine Arts Center and can be reached by calling (516) 299-2103. If
a member of our staff is not working in the office at the time of your call, our voice mail will take your
message and someone will return your call as soon as possible. In an emergency, you may also call the
Department of Music at (516) 299-2474.

Credit Tuition
Application for credit may be obtained at the time of your audition. Fees for credit are:
$2,577 (including university fee) (MUS 99) $2,805 (including university fee) (MUS 657) Please note that Graduate credit may be taken for 1, 2 or 3 credits if approved by the Director and Graduate Advisor.
Application may be obtained at the time of your audition. Student must have approval of his or her guidance counselor and
the Festival’s Directors.
$2,577 (including university fee) (MUS99)
If available, one or two In-Service credits may be earned for participation and study of chamber music during the C.W. Post
Chamber Music Festival.
For one In-Service credit a minimum of 10 hours is required. For two In-Service credits a minimum of 20 hours is required.
Non-Credit Tuition
(See 2010 Non-Credit Tuition for Full & Part-Time Schedules on following page)
A non-refundable deposit of $75 is due upon acceptance to the Festival. Balance of tuition is due by June 16. Tuition not
by June 24 is subject to late fees. Partial tuition refunds are granted in extreme circumstances and are subject to the discretion
of the Festival Directors. All refunds must be requested in writing.
Scholarships and Awards
Numerous scholarships are offered to participants attending the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival. Among these are: Academic Assistantships offered by Long Island University to Graduate Students.
Fellowships awarded to a select number of college students.
The Binkowski Scholarship Fund for outstanding woodwinds.
The Rex Chao Memorial Prize, established in 1996, awarded to a Festival Participant for outstanding
Erick Friedman Memorial Award for an exceptional violinist.
Lillian Fuchs Memorial Award for an outstanding violist.
Tilles Scholar Awards which are given to outstanding students between the ages of 10 and 17
The Theresa and Arthur Weiser Scholarship Award for outstanding woodwinds.
The Frank B. Hynes Award given to an outstanding cellist for his/her contributions to the Festival.
Conductor’s Award given to an outstanding conducting participant.
Outstanding Ensemble Awards are given to recognize exceptional ensembles at the conclusion of the Festival.
Nassau Music Educators Scholarship Fund - awards given to students who attend the Festival.
C.W. Post Orchestra Scholarships - awarded to members of the C.W. Post Orchestra to attend the Festival.
Hugh G. Willliams Scholarship - awarded to a dedicated flutist.
Contributions and grants to the Festival may create additional Scholarship and Awards
Work-Study Program
Work-study is available to a limited number of participants attending the Festival. Work-study students are assigned a specific number of hours to work for the Festival which in turn reduces their tuition fees. Work-study jobs include working for the Festival Office before and during the Festival, ushering at concerts, stage crews at rehearsals and concerts, selling advertising for the Festival’s concert booklet, assisting in librarian work with the chamber music and the orchestral libraries. Assigned work-study hours that are not completed will result in loss of tuition assistance. Work-study students are expected to complete their assignments in a professional manner and document their hours with the Festival Office. Written contracts for work-study assignments must be completed and signed before the Festival begins. Application for work-study can be found in the back of the Information Booklet. Assignments will be coordinated by the Festival Directors and/or Administrative Assistants. Participants will be billed for work-study hours not completed Additional work-study jobs may be available at the discretion of the Directors. Non-Credit Tuition For Full & Part-time Schedules
1. Festival Chamber Orchestra only

2. Mornings only
CONCERT – Festival Chamber Orchestra – July 30 at 8 p.m.
3. Seminar for Chamber Music
(includes Master Classes and chamber ensembles) Final Seminar Session Friday, July 30 – 11 a.m.-2 p.m. & concert Friday, July 30 at 8 p.m.

4. M-W-F all day
CONCERTS – Chamber music ensembles I & II – July 28 & Festival Chamber Orchestra – July 30
5. T-Th-F
CONCERTS – Chamber music ensembles III & IV July 29
6. Afternoons-only Chamber Music
Four Chamber Groups (I, II, III & IV)
7. M/W/F Afternoons-only Chamber Music
CONCERTS – Chamber music ensembles I & II – July 28
8. T/Th/F Afternoons-only Chamber Music
CONCERTS – Chamber music ensembles III & IV – July 29
9. One Chamber Ensemble
Either 2 to 3:20 or 3:40 to 5 on M/W or T/Th
10. Master Classes - Series of Five Classes

11. Conducting Master Classes - Series of Five Classes

12. Full Schedule
CONCERTS – Chamber music ensembles (I, II, III & IV) – July 28 & July 29 Orchestra & All Participants – July 30
Audition Information

For specific auditions dates please refer to the 2010 Festival Audition Dates, which is in the back
of the Information Booklet along with an application.

Instrumentalist, Vocalist or Preformed Ensemble Auditions
Auditions for the Festival are held each year beginning in mid-April and ending in early June at the
C.W. Post Campus and in New York City. For the audition, each instrumentalist, vocalist or preformed
ensemble should bring two contrasting pieces. It is possible to audition on more than one instrument, in
which case chamber music assignments may be divided between the participant’s two instruments.
Sight-reading will be included. An application with the nonrefundable $35 application fee must be
completed and received by the Festival Office before the audition. If an applicant lives more than 100
miles from the C.W. Post Campus a 10-minute DVD with contrasting excerpts from a solo or concerto
may be sent if approved by the Directors.
Conducting Program Auditions
Auditions for the Conducting Program are held in late May or early June. In addition to the live
audition, which is with piano, the prospective conducting student may submit a 10-minute DVD
showing either a rehearsal and/or concert performance.
Audition Repertoire
(Candidates must select either Beethoven or Haydn)
Beethoven: Symphony No. 1
Haydn: Symphony No. 104 “London”
1st Movement – Opening to letter “A” (bar 32) 2nd Movement – Opening to bar 64 (double bar) 2nd Movement – Opening to bar 38 (take first repeat) Please note: Festival Auditions are videotaped soley for internal review by Festival Directors to assist in appropriate placement within the Festival’s chamber ensembles and chamber orchestras. All photos, audio and video recordings, taken of students at the Festival with the approval of the Festival Directors, and used for the exclusive purpose of furthering the Festival's promotional and educational functions, shall be deemed property of the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival with the rights for use as described. No photos, audio or video recordings shall be used for additional commerical purposes. Wednesday
Festival 2010
9:15 Orientation
All Participants &
Tilles Center
Festival Photos
Festival Group Photo at
1:45 p.m.
Location TBA
2:00 p.m.
Master Classes
The Pierrot Consort
& Guest Artist
Lawrence Dutton,
violist of the Emerson
String Quartet
8 p.m. CONCERT
The Pierrot Consort,
Lawrence Dutton and
Festival Artists
FAC Fine Arts Center MRB Music Rehearsal Building HRH Hillwood Recital Hall TC Tilles Center
Festival Schedule is subject to revision 3/12/10
29th Summer Season – C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival at Long Island University

Festival Office (516) 299-2103
Festival 2010
Master Classes
The Pierrot Consort
& Guest Artists
8 p.m. CONCERT
The Pierrot Consort
& Festival Artists
FAC Fine Arts Center
MRB Music Rehearsal Building HRH Hillwood Recital Hall TC Tilles Center
Festival Schedule is subject to revision 3/12/10
29th Summer Season – C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival at Long Island University

Festival Office (516) 299-2103
Festival 2010
Residency with
Master Class
10 to 11:45
11 to 2 p.m.
members of
with members of
Seminar-Final Session
Orpheus Chamber the Lincoln Center Chamber Orchestra
Dress Rehearsal
Chamber Music
10 to 1 p.m.
Festival Chamber
10 to 1 p.m.
Dress Rehearsal
Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Tilles Center
Dress Rehearsal
Dress Rehearsal
for July 30
for July 31
Festival Picnic
1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
& Student Art
& Student Art
Pre-Concert at
8 p.m. CONCERT 8 p.m. CONCERT
7 p.m. Sound Check
7:15 p.m.
All Participants
presented by
Evening of
Evening of
Selected Chamber
Selected Chamber
8 p.m. CONCERT
Festival Chamber
& Student Art
& Student Art
8 p.m. CONCERT
& All Festival
Guest Artists TBA
Reception following
FAC Fine Arts Center
MRB Music Rehearsal Building HRH Hillwood Recital Hall TC Tilles Center
Festival Schedule is subject to revision 3/12/10
29th Summer Season – C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival at Long Island University

Festival Office (516) 299-2103

Festival Artists
29th Summer Season

C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival


The Faculty Ensemble-in-Residence at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University

Formed in 1981, The Pierrot Consort was originally modeled after the instrumentation of Schoenberg's
Pierrot Lunaire and has always been dedicated to performing new music as well as the standard
repertoire. The Pierrot Consort is currently celebrating its 27th season as the faculty ensemble-in-
residence at Long Island University. The C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival was founded by Pierrot
Consort members flutist Susan Deaver and cellist Maureen Hynes. In addition to its regular concert
series at Long Island University, The Pierrot Consort has performed at Merkin Concert Hall, Weill
Recital Hall, the Kennedy Center, the Bartok Society at Saranac Lake, the Bruce Museum in Greenwich,
Connecticut, the Stockbridge Chamber Concerts in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, the St. Paul Chapel
Series at Columbia University and for the Islip Arts Council. In November 2000 the ensemble was
sponsored by Tilles Center to perform the original ballet version of Aaron Copland's “Appalachian
Spring” on a series of concerts focusing on the music of Copland. In June 2002, the Pierrot Consort
presented a concert titled “Making Connections: Influences of the Sea in Song, Chamber and Orchestral
Music” for Long Island music and art administrators and educators at a BOCES conference. In addition,
The Pierrot Consort has collaborated with Tilles Center’s Institute for Arts & Culture performing for the
Summer Seminar for teachers. The artist members of the ensemble are actively involved in the musical
life of New York City and have a commitment to the educational life of Long Island. The members of
The Pierrot Consort are Susan Deaver, flute; Dale Stuckenbruck, violin; Veronica Salas, viola; Maureen
Hynes, cello and Heawon Kim, piano. The Pierrot Consort is a member of Chamber Music America.
The 29th Summer Season of the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival will be held from July 12 through
July 30, 2010. Updated information can be found at the Festival’s Web site at

Susan Deaver – flute & conductor
Susan Deaver, co-founder and director of the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival, is flutist of The
Pierrot Consort and conductor of the Festival Chamber Orchestra. As a flutist, she has performed in the
United States, Europe and Korea and was principal flutist of Washington Chamber Symphony at the
Kennedy Center from 1981 to 2002. She has performed with Long Island Philharmonic, Brooklyn
Philharmonic, Queens Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonia Virtuosi and on Broadway in “Phantom of
the Opera.” She received fellowships from the Bach Aria and Tanglewood Festivals and performed at
the Music Festival of the Hamptons in 2006. She has recorded for New World records, CRI, Arabesque
Recordings and most recently for North/South Consonance. Ms. Deaver is the music director and
conductor of the North Shore Symphony Orchestra, the University Orchestra at Stony Brook University
and Principal Guest Conductor of the Long Island Youth Orchestra, which she conducted at Carnegie
Hall. She has guest conducted in Scotland, England, Spain, Korea and Germany and was a conductor for
Manhattan School of Music’s Contemporary Ensemble. Newsday featured her in an article about her
work as Conducting Instructor for actor Freddie Highmore in Warner Brothers’ movie “August Rush.”
As conductor of the C.W. Post Orchestra from 1981 to 2006, she developed the orchestra from an
ensemble of 11 to a full sized symphonic orchestra of over 70 undergraduate and graduates students.
She creatively expanded the orchestral program to include a series of concerts at Tilles Center, an
annual concerto competition, performance courses for music educators and orchestral educational
residency programs with the New York Philharmonic and Tilles Center. Ms. Deaver is on the music
faculty at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University, Stony Brook University and Manhattan
School of Music’s Precollege Division. Her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are from Manhattan
School of Music where she received her Doctorate in Musical Arts.

Dale Stuckenbruck – violin

Dale Stuckenbruck enjoys a diverse musical life in New York as a soloist, concertmaster, chamber musician, and teacher. His main studies were with his mentor over three decades, the violinist Erick Friedman, with whom he has appeared as soloist, in recording and chamber music. He has performed as soloist/concertmaster with the Brooklyn Philharmonic, Philharmonia Virtuosi, New York Virtuosi, New York String Ensemble, Tchaikovsky Chamber Orchestra, Taipei City Symphony Orchestra, Dance Theater of Harlem, Queens Symphony, Masterworks, Music at St. Ignatius, and Long Island Philharmonic. He has recorded the violin concerto by Lou Pelosi on CRI, with Erick Friedman on Kultur Video, and for countless commercial labels, films and artists. As one of the leading players of the saw in the world he has premiered many new works as recitalist and soloist with orchestra. His has received international acclaim for his saw album with Steve Margoshes, “Sawing to New Heights”, and for his performance of the “Divination by Mirrors” by Michael Levine with the New Century Chamber Orchestra and the New York Virtuosi. His performance for of "Ancient Voices of Children" by George Crumb with the Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society led to the recording of this work for Bridge Records, which was nominated for a Grammy. As mandolinist he has appeared at the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, ABT, with Paula Robison at the Metropolitan Museum and in recording with the Charleston Symphony. He has been featured in Strings Magazine, Korean Monthly Music Magazine and Newsday, and was a featured guest on “Emeril Live.” He recently founded Long Island’s most interesting conductorless-string ensemble, Kammermusik, for young talent. He has been a guest lecturer for the Juilliard School of Music and the Long Island Guitar Festival. He earned his D.M.A. from Manhattan School of Music. Starting as Erick Friedman’s assistant he continues this legacy with his students who have appeared as soloist and orchestral musicians around the globe. Since 1975 he has performed with Heawon Kim, his wife, in recitals in Asia, Europe and South America.
Veronica Salas – viola
Violist Veronica Salas, a native of Chile, earned her B.M.A., M.M.A. and D.M.A. from the Juilliard
School as a student of Lillian Fuchs. She has performed as soloist with the Aspen Festival Orchestra,
Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of New York, University of Southern California Symphony, Colonial
Symphony and in 2005 with the C.W. Post Orchestra. In 2002 she performed the Vivaldi Concerto for
Viola and Guitar and a Vivaldi Concerto for viola d’amore at Merkin Concert Hall. An active chamber
musician, Ms. Salas is a member of The Lyrica Chamber Players, The Elysium Ensemble, the Pierrot
Consort, The Modern Works String Quartet, The Bronx Art Ensemble and The Queens Chamber Band
in which she also plays concertos on viola d’amore. Ms. Salas has collaborated in chamber music with
Lawrence Dutton, Erick Friedman, Joseph Fuchs, YoYo Ma, Stanley Drucker, Lukas Foss, Charles
Castleman and Paul Neubauer. She has recorded premieres of modern works with the New Music
Consort and American Composers Orchestra on the Musical Heritage and Vanguard labels; in addition,
she can be heard on two Elysium Recordings: “Mozart: The Elysium String Quartet and Friends” and
“Foss Plays Bach.” She is also a featured artist on an all Virgil Thompson CD on the CRI label released
in 2002. Ms. Salas is an avid teacher and coach and has given master classes at the Juilliard MAP
Program, Mount Holyoke College, Pepperdine University, The University of the Philippines, Taiwan
University and Long Island University. Ms. Salas is the principal violist of Opera Orchestra of New
York, Manhattan Philharmonic, Colonial Symphony and Westfield Symphony and is on the faculties of
Brooklyn College, Long Island University, the Bennington Chamber Music Conference and New York
University, where she coaches chamber music.

Maureen Hynes – cello
Maureen Hynes, co-founder of the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival, enjoys an active career as
soloist, chamber musician, orchestral player and teacher in the New York musical world. She performs
regularly with the American Ballet Theater, the American Symphony Orchestra, the Opera Orchestra of
New York, American Composers Orchestra, New York Virtuosi, the Westchester Philharmonic and the
Queens Symphony. She has also appeared with the Royal Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet, at the Spoleto
and Aspen Festivals, at the Lake George Opera Festival and at the Bard Music Festival. Her work in
New York has also included substitute work in many Broadway shows and the Radio City Music Hall
Christmas Show. Ms. Hynes was a winner of the Concert Artist Guild Award with the Janus Ensemble
and she is currently a member of the Pierrot Consort and the Solstice Ensemble. She has performed in
Europe, Canada, Korea and Hong Kong both as cellist and gambist. Ms. Hynes is Director of Orchestral
and String Studies at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University, where she is professor of cello
and conductor of the C.W. Post Orchestra, the C.W. Post String Ensemble and the Merriweather
Consort. She was also the creator and director of the C.W. Post Pre-College Music Program. She has
guest conducted at both the Nassau All-County Festival at Tilles Center, the SCMEA Festival and the Long Island String Festivals in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. She is a graduate of Manhattan School of Music, where she received her B.M. and M.M. degrees. Ms. Hynes has given Master Classes in Seoul, Korea and on Long Island and has coached at the Mannes Pre-College Division. She has recorded for the Albany label.
Heawon Kim – piano
Heawon Kim’s auspicious studies began in her native Korea where she appeared at the age of 7 with the
Korean Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra and the Seoul Philharmonic. Subsequently she won
numerous competitions, appearing with these orchestras frequently on television and radio. After
coming in 1972 to the North Carolina School of the Performing Arts, she was under the guidance of
Clifton Matthews. While studying with him, she won the Vittorio Giannini Award, the Southeastern
Music Teachers Competition, and appeared with the Orchestra of the North Carolina School of the
Performing Arts under the baton of Nicholas Harsanyi. Following rave reviews, she was brought to New
York by Claude Frank, with whom she studied at the Mannes School of Music. She subsequently earned
her Master of Music under Robert Goldsand at the Manhattan School of Music. She has performed for
the classes of Erick Friedman, Josef Gingold, Janos Starker, Franco Gulli, and Andre Watts. Ms. Kim
has been a soloist with regional orchestras in the United States and has appeared as chamber musician
with such groups as the Bronx Arts Ensemble, The Pierrot Consort, Rosewood Chamber Ensemble,
Garrett Lakes Festival, Leonia Chamber Players, and the Colonial Symphony. She has appeared with
the KBS at the opening of the Sejong Arts Center in Korea. Much in demand as a partner in recitals, she
has played with such artists as Erick Friedman for over 30 years, Sanford Allen, Barry Finclair, and her
husband, Dale Stuckenbruck. She is on the faculty of the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University
as an instrumental accompanist and she is very active in the Korean musical community. She has
worked with her husband, Dale Stuckenbruck to create the new chamber organization for young talent
called Kammermusik.
Bios for the Pierrot Consort last updated in January 2009.

FESTIVAL ARTISTS 2010 (Bios for Festival Artists as of January 2009)

Harris Becker – guitar & lute
Harris Becker, guitarist and lutenist, is an active soloist, chamber musician, educator and adjudicator.
Performances have taken him throughout the United States, Europe, South America, Mexico and
Canada. New York performances include Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center and Weill Recital Hall at
Carnegie Hall. Mr. Becker has premiered many new works for solo guitar and guitar in ensembles.
Composers who have dedicated works to him include Carlo Domeniconi (Guitar x2), Hayley Savage,
Raoul Pleskow, Howard Rovics and the microtonal composer, Johnny Reinhard. The Lakeville Journal
in Connecticut said of Becker’s performance, “Mr. Becker played these pieces (Bach Lute Suite) with
fine musicianship and style…” Director of Guitar Studies at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island
University, Mr. Becker is Founder and Director of the Long Island Guitar Festival, which is in its 16th
season. This festival included a celebration concert featuring four world premieres including two guitar
concertos. Mr. Becker has been on the music faculty of the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens
College and Director of Music for Mixed Ensembles at the International Institute for Chamber Music at
the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich. In the summer of 2006 Mr. Becker co-founded a music
festival in rural Quebec “Songe d’été en Musique.” In April of 2007 Mr. Becker presented a lute and
voice recital with Soprano Jennifer Cable commemorating historic Jamestown in Virginia. Other
performances in 2007 included the Ridgefield Symphony. Mr. Becker participates in the Summer
Chamber Music Festival at Long Island University, giving master classes and concerts with the Pierrot
Consort and has performed at the III International Guitar Festival Pro-musica/SESC in Caxias do Sul,
Brazil. He has given master classes in the United States and Canada including Mannes College of Music
in New York. His transcriptions and editions are published by T.D. Ellis Music Publishing.
Frank Cassara – percussion
A proponent of new and classic, western and world percussion music, Frank Cassara has premiered
many works with as many diverse groups. As percussionist for the Philip Glass Ensemble, he has
performed around the globe, as well as recording Glass' music and film scores, most recently the
new Glass work "Orion." He has also toured extensively around the world with Steve Reich and
Musicians, the New Music Consort/PULSE Percussion Ensemble and the Newband/Harry Partch
Ensemble, performing and recording on Partch's microtonally tuned instruments and Dean Drummond's Zoomoozophone. He has also performed and toured with groups as Music From China, Manhattan Marimba Quartet, Talujon Percussion Quartet, North/South Consonance and Parnassus. Principal percussion of the Connecticut Grand Opera and member of the Riverside Symphony and Hudson Valley Philharmonic, he has also performed with many area orchestras such as the Brooklyn Philharmonic, American Composers Orchestra, and the Long Island Philharmonic. Mr. Cassara has played for many Broadway shows, recorded for numerous CDs and film scores, and heads the percussion departments at Long Island University,Vassar College and Brooklyn College. More information about Mr. Cassara can be found on his website, www.frankcassara.com.
Ivy Chatanow – cello
Ivy Chatanow, cellist, began her cello studies at the age of six under the guidance of Dr. H. T. Ma and
later continued her studies with his son, Yo Yo Ma. She went on to study as a scholarship student in the
Preparatory and College divisions of the Manhattan School of Music, with Marion Feldman and Ardyth
Alton. In addition, she has performed in master classes with David Finckel, Stephen Kates, Joel
Krosnik, Fred Sherry and Irene Sharp. As an avid chamber musician, her collaborations have earned
multiple honors such as being a two-time winner of the Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society
competition and participating in the 1995 Lincoln Center Arts Project Award. Her collaboration of the
works of Hovhaness received the 1995 NAIRD "Indie" award as best classical album as well as a
Grammy pre-nomination. Over her professional career, Ms. Chatanow has been a performing member
of several orchestras including the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra, the Staten Island Symphony and the
Staten Island Philharmonic. She has participated in Spoletto Festival USA and has toured throughout
the world with numerous ensembles. As an educator, she has had the opportunity to coach both cello
and chamber music at many music programs including the Manhattan School of Music Preparatory
Division, the New York State Music Camp and Institute at Hartwick College, Queensborough
Community College and the Allen Stevenson School. Currently, she is an adjunct faculty member of
C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University Continuing Education Music Program and directs the
lower string department at the Music Institute of Long Island. Ms. Chatanow can be heard in ensemble
on the Koch International and Newport Classic Labels.
Christine Doré, piano – Master Classes & Festival competitions
Pianist Christine Doré has received international acclaim as a chamber musician with wide interpretative
capabilities. She enjoys an active and varied career as a chamber musician, accompanist, soloist and
teacher. Ms. Doré is a Professor of Instrumental Coaching and Accompanying in the Department of
Music at C.W. Post. She has toured extensively in Eastern Europe and throughout the United States and
is a founding member of the ensemble Chamberosity. Ms. Doré has appeared as a soloist with a number
of orchestras in the New York area, and subs regularly with the Long Island Philharmonic. She ran the
Music At Greenlawn concert series for the decade of its highly successful existence. Ms. Doré was a
faculty member of the Stony Brook Summer Music Festival from 1998-2005. In addition, she was a
member of the pre-college faculty at Stony Brook University for several years. She believes in the
highest standards of musical education and is devoted to her many students, both past and present.

Barbara Fusco – mezzo-soprano
Mezzo-Soprano Barbara Fusco is a native of Long Island. She is a graduate of the C.W. Post Campus of
Long Island University, where she is currently a member of the Voice Faculty. She enjoys an active
freelance career as a soloist throughout the tri-state area, and has also performed throughout the United
States, South America, Europe and Africa. She recently returned from a concert tour of Zimbabwe. Ms.
Fusco has sung roles with Center for Contemporary Opera, Opera on the Sound, and the West End
Opera Company. Her orchestral appearances include the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, the
Adirondack Festival Orchestra at Saranac Lake, the Brooklyn Philharmonic, and at Alice Tully Hall
under the direction of Robert Craft. She is a regular soloist of the acclaimed Musica Viva of New York
and is a featured soloist on the Sunday Morning Broadcast of the All Souls Unitarian service on WQXR.
Ms. Fusco appears on several recordings produced by Gregg Smith, including “Southern Harmony.”
She has also recorded Stravinsky’s “Les Noces,” “Persephone”, and “The Rake’s Progress” under the
baton of Robert Craft. She is a featured soloist on several recordings produced by Musica Viva under
the direction of Walter Klauss. In addition to Long Island University, Ms. Fusco has also taught private
voice instruction and theater arts at the Allen-Stevenson School, the New York Entertainment Group,
the Adirondak Festival at Saranac Lake, and maintains her own private studio as well.

Karen Hansen Gellert – bass

Karen Hansen Gellert has been involved in many facets of music performance and education on Long
Island. She received a Bachelor Music and of Master of Music in Double Bass Performance from the
Manhattan School of Music. The majority of her studies were with David Walter, who even today is a
constant source of inspiration to her. Ms. Gellert performed at the Aspen Music Festival as well as the
International School of Double Bass at the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, as assistant
director. The musical inspiration behind the bass school in Cincinnati was Barry Green, author of the
“The Inner Game of Music,” as well as Paul Ellison and Francois Rabbath, three names in the bass
world who are now redefining solo performance practices. Ms. Gellert has been a member of the
Westchester Symphony, Queens Orchestral Society and the Nassau Symphony of Long Island. As a
freelance performer, she plays with the Long Island Choral Society, Northport Chorale, Stony Brook
Graduate and Adelphi University Orchestras, among others. Teaching music has been the focus of her
career thus far. Ms. Gellert has been an active member of the Long Island public music community. She
is presently the Orchestra Director at Elwood-John Glenn High School and Lead Teacher for Music in
the Elwood Public Schools in East Northport. She coaches the bass section for Long Island Youth
Orchestra as well as hosts their concerts. Ms. Gellert is an ardent advocate for music education and
quality instruction and is actively involved in organizations that propel those programs. She is past
president of the Long Island String Festival Association and is still on the executive board. She is also
past State Chair for the NYSSMA All-State Orchestras and is a frequent NYSSMA adjudicator and
guest conductor for SCMEA and LISFA. Ms. Gellert is currently the Adjunct Professor of Double Bass
at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University and the Double Bass Instructor at the Usdan Center
for the Creative and Performing Arts.
Nam-Sook Choei Lee – violin
Nam-Sook Choei Lee, violinist, won a number of competitions in her native Korea early in her career,
including the Grand Prize in the Dong-A National Competition. Her distinction garnered her
appearances as a soloist with both the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and the Korean Symphony
Orchestra. Following her graduation from Seoul National University, she enrolled at the Mannes
College of Music with a full scholarship, under her mentor Young-Uk Kim. While studying at Mannes,
her passion for chamber music lead her to become the first violinist of the Mannes Scholarship Quartet
and receive guidance from the American String Quartet and Felix Galimiar. She also studied at the
Meadowmount School of Music with Ivan Galamian and Joseph Gingold. She participated in many
festivals such as the Tanglewood Festival, the Round Top Festival, and the Garett Lake Festival, all with
a fellowship. Ms. Lee appeared as a concertmistress for several orchestras, such as the AMS Orchestra
in Graz, Austria, Bach Festival Orchestra in Marlboro, Vermont, and the New York Sinfonia. She also
performed as a leader of the Piri Chamber Ensemble and was a member of the Stamford Symphony
Orchestra, Greenwich Philharmonia, Philharmonia Virtuosi, Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra, and on
Broadway in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and “Jekyll and Hyde.” As a soloist,
she has appeared with the Seoul Sinfonietta and continues her musical endeavors in the New York
community with the New York Virtuosi Chamber Symphony. She also taught at the Brooklyn
Conservatory of Music and at Queensborough Community College, as well as in her own private studio.
She is currently a faculty member in the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival. She has been performing
extensively in recitals and chamber concerts in both New York and in her native Korea.
Rodger Lee – trumpet and brass ensembles
Rodger Lee has performed with several modern orchestras including The New York Virtuosi, Merrick
Symphony, West End Symphony, The New York Ragtime Orchestra, Westchester Broadway Theater
and The American Chamber Orchestra. His Broadway credits include “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,”
“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” “Wonderful Town,” “Assassins,” “The Frogs,” “The Scarlet Pimpernel,”
“Kiss Me Kate,” “Putting it Together,” “Bells Are Ringing,” “Peter Pan” (Broadway show and national
tour), “Flower Drum Song,” and “Les Miserables.” Mr. Lee has performed on natural trumpet with
several period instrument groups: Strings of Lafayette (Washington D. C.), Philadelphia Classical
Symphony, Centenary Festival Orchestra (The Big Gig, Richmond, Virginia), Ars Antiqua Ensemble,
the Harmonium Chamber Singers (New Jersey), Consort Royal (New York), American Classical
Orchestra (New York), Connecticut Early Music Society, Clarino Consort, Portland Baroque Orchestra
(Oregon) and Trinity Consort (Oregon), Schola Cantorum on Hudson (Jersey City) and Miami Bach
Society (Miami, Florida). His trumpet ensemble, Royal Brass, Inc., has performed over 6,000 affairs in
the tri-state area in the past 20 years. As a recording artist he has produced his own albums such as
“New American Trumpet Sonatas,” “Ceremonial Wedding Music” and is on the Broadway recording of
“Scarlet Pimpernel” as well as several period instrument recordings around the country. Currently, he
performs in the 12-piece funk/soul band Soul Be It, which has just finished recording its third DVD. He
has a bachelor's degree in trumpet performance from SUNY Purchase, a master's degree from CUNY Brooklyn College, and has finished the course work towards his doctorate at CUNY Graduate School and University Center. At CUNY Brooklyn College Mr. Lee taught music courses and was assistant conductor of the Wind Ensemble. He now teaches at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University as an adjunct professor of trumpet.
Yoon Jae Lee – conductor of the Seminar Chamber Orchestra
Yoon Jae Lee enjoys a multi-faceted career as conductor, arranger, and pianist. He is the Founder &
Artistic Director of Ensemble 212, a NewYork-based orchestra. Under his baton, Ensemble 212 has
performed works ranging from Beethoven's Seventh Symphony to Schwantner's “Sparrows.” He is also
Music Director of the Old York Road Symphony in suburban Philadelphia and is on faculty at City
College of New York (CUNY). Mr. Lee has made highly acclaimed chamber versions of Debussy's
Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune and Mahler's Fourth Symphony. He is on the faculty at City College of
New York (CUNY). Following the September 11 tragedy, his orchestration of the theme "New York,
New York" was performed at Salzburg's Cathedral (Dom) during a special benefit concert for St. Paul's
Chapel in lower Manhattan. A native of New York City, Mr. Lee began studying the violin at age 5 and
piano at age 6. At age 17, he started conducting and two years later, participated in a master class by
Kurt Masur at Alice Tully Hall. He received degrees in piano and conducting from the Mannes College
of Music studying conducting with Samuel Wong, David Hayes and Michael Charry and received the
N.T. Milani Memorial Conducting Fellowship and the Peter M. Gross Fund. Mr. Lee also studied at the
Universität Mozarteum Salzburg in Austria under the tutelage of Dennis Russell Davies. During that
time, he appeared as guest conductor with the Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg, Bruckner Orchester Linz,
and was Assistant Conductor to the Salzburger Kammerphilharmonie. Among the music festivals he
has attended include the Aspen Music Festival, where he studied with David Zinman, Murry Sidlin, and
conducted a staged performance of Benjamin Britten's "The Turn of the Screw" and the Tafelmusik
Baroque Summer Institute, where he studied Baroque performance practice.
Miriam Lockhart – clarinet
Miriam Lockhart is an active orchestral, chamber and theater musician. She is a member of the Long
Island Philharmonic and Queens Symphony. She has also performed with the New York Philharmonic,
New York City Opera, the New Jersey Symphony, Brooklyn Philharmonic, Bard Music Festival,
American Symphony Orchestra, New York Virtuosi, New York Grand Opera, and Riverside Symphony
as well as in many Broadway shows, including "Phantom of the Opera" and "Beauty and the Beast." Ms.
Lockhart has appeared on many radio and television broadcasts, including "Live from Lincoln Center"
with the New York Philharmonic, "The Listening Room" with Bob Sherman, "Contemporary Music
Today" on WBAI, and chamber music broadcasts on WNYC. She has recorded for the Angel, Koch
Classics, Delos, CRI and Warner Bros. labels. She has been on the faculty of the Juilliard School Music
Advancement Program, the Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division, William Paterson
University, the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University and Rutgers University. Ms. Lockhart
received a B. Mus. Ed. degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and a M.M. in
clarinet performance from the Manhattan School of Music.

Hosun Moon – harpsichord & piano
Hosun Moon, a prize winner of the 1998 Bach International Competition at Berkeley, studied
harpsichord with Arthur Haas at Stony Brook University, where she received her M.M. and D.M.A. She
also holds a Master’s degree in accompanying from Manhattan School of Music and Bachelor’s in organ
from Yon-Sei University (Seoul, Korea). She has performed in the master classes of Colin Tilney, Mitzi
Meyerson, Skip Sempé, Hank Knox and Kenneth Gilbert. Ms. Moon’s chamber music performances
with numerous ensembles have been heard in Carnegie Hall, 92nd St. Y, Merkin Concert Hall, The
Riverside Church, St. John the Divine, LeFrak Concert Hall in The Aron Copland School of Music,
Columbia University, Hofstra Cultural Center, Union Square Park, Bryant Park, Stony Brook
University, and various churches in New York area. Dr. Moon has performed the Brandenburg Concerto
No. 5 as a soloist with Transfiguration Ensemble, S.E.M. Ensemble, Mannes Baroque Chamber Players,
The New York Bach Ensemble, and South Shore Philharmonic. She currently performs with the Neue
Bach Band and La Brillante, and teaches at Five Towns College in Dix Hills, N.Y.

Anton Polezhayev – violin
Violinist Anton Polezhayev won “Grand Prix” at the International Violin Competition of Pierre Lantier
in Paris, France, 1997, as well as numerous other competitions, awards and scholarships. Mr.
Polezhayev was a member of the New York Philharmonic from 2002 to 2004, and prior to the
Philharmonic, a member of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra from 2000 to 2002. In addition to his
recital and teaching schedule, Anton Polezhayev currently holds the position of Associate
Concertmaster with Orchestra Sinfonica do Estado de Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a soloist and recitalist Mr.
Polezhayev was featured on the cover of Part 2 of Newsday on October 21, 1992, and the New York
Times on January 18, 2004, and has performed on radio and television. His credits also include
performances at the International Concert Series at Hofstra University, Tilles Center, Alice Tully Hall in
New York City, and numerous concert halls in Europe and Russia. Mr. Polezhayev was educated at the
Manhattan School of Music where he studied with Dr. Albert Markov (1993-1999) and Principal
Associate Concertmaster of New York Philharmonic Ms. Sheryl Staples (1999-2001). Mr. Polezhayev
was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1976, and at age 5 began his violin studies at the Central Music
School of Moscow State Conservatory. This past year Mr. Polexhayev was the Artist-in-Residence with
the North Shore Symphony Orchestra which involved him as a featured soloist as well as concertmaster.
He also gave master classes as part of NSSO's Educational Outreach Program.
Hisaichi Shimura – violin
Hisaichi Shimura, violinist, was born in Japan and began violin studies at the age of 6. In 1992 after
participating in a master class with Lewis Kaplan in Japan, he was inspired to move to the United States
to study with Mr. Kaplan. He received his B.M. and M.M. degrees from the Mannes College of Music
and appeared as soloist with the Mannes Orchestra as a winner of the concerto competition 1995. His
festival credits include Tanglewood, PMF, Salzburg, Bowdoin and the C.W. Post Chamber Music
Festival, where he studied with Dr. Dale Stuckenbruck. His New York recital debut was at Carnegie
Hall’s Weill Recital Hall in 1996 as an Artists International Competition winner. Currently he is
presenting solo recitals and performing chamber music in the United States, South America and Japan.
He is a member of orchestras such as the Cayuga Chamber Orchestra, as a principal 2nd violin, New
York Virtuosi Chamber Symphony and Solistas Mexico Japon, founded by Yuriko Kuronuma in
Mexico. He is a member of the faculty at Newark School of the Arts and a Summer Music Festival in
Kanazawa in Japan, and was a teaching assistant to Lewis Kaplan at the Juilliard School of Music’s Pre-
college Division.

Matt Sullivan – oboe
Matt Sullivan has performed extensively on four continents and is recognized internationally as both a
virtuoso performer and teacher, as well as an important advocate for the modern oboe. The New York
Times has praised his “gorgeously lyrical playing” and The New Yorker has called his inventive
performances “the cutting edge.” As composer, his innovative works created for oboe, English horn and
digital horn, along with his solo and chamber music performances and compact discs, have been
featured on National Public Radio and on Voice of America. In addition to his active teaching and solo
recital schedule, he is a member of Musicians’ Accord, the Richardson Chamber Players (Princeton
University), The Quintet of the Americas, the Westchester Chamber Orchestra, First Avenue, The
Weekend of Chamber Music Festival in Sullivan County, New York and the Bennington Festival in
Bennington, Vermont. He serves on the faculties of the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University,
the European Mozart Academy (Warsaw), the Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division, Rutgers
University, New York University, The Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute, and the Manchester Music
Festival (Vermont). He also teaches oboe at Princeton University where he has served as a Visiting
Associate Professor. Matt Sullivan is a Performing Artist for Boosey and Hawkes Musical Instruments
and plays exclusively on Buffet Oboes.
Bernard Zeller – violin
Bernard Zeller received the German equivalent of an M.A. from the Hochschule fur Musik in Berlin,
followed by special studies at L’Accademia Chigiana in Siena, Italy, at the Manhattan School of Music,
and with Oscar Shumsky of the Juilliard School of Music. Mr. Zeller has won several awards
performing chamber music including a gold medal at the Broadcast Competition in Bordeaux France
and first prize at the Jeuness Musical Weikersheim, Germany. He won a DAAD grant from the German
government and made New York his home after joining Leopold Stokowski’s American Symphony
Orchestra as principal violinist. He has made solo recordings with Helmut Rilling, Gachinger Kantorei,
and live broadcast performances at the Sender Freies Berlin, Germany, on WQXR New York and at the
Moscow Radio Station. He has had solo engagements with the American Symphony Orchestra at
Carnegie Hall, the Mozart Festival Orchestra and the NewYork Concerto Orchestra at Lincoln Center.
He has performed with many orchestras including the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera
Orchestra, American Ballet Theater Orchestra, Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie, St. Luke’s, Martha
Graham, Musica Sacra, Opera Orchestra of New York, Brooklyn Philharmonic and the Gala of Stars on
PBS. Mr. Zeller is the President Emeritus of the New York Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra and a conductor
and coach with the Inter School Orchestra of New York. He teaches at The C.W. Post Campus of Long
Island University, the Crestwood Music Education Center and the Green Meadow Rudolph Steiner
School in Spring Valley and gives weekly master classes at the Rockland Conservatory of Music. He
founded “Chamber Music is Alive” at the Rockland Conservatory, and works as a coach for the ACMP
Foundation, Inc. sponsoring advanced amateur ensembles and professional string quartets. He has been
a faculty member and a coach for the C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival for over 20 years.

Lawrence Dutton, viola – Emerson String Quartet

Lawrence Dutton, violist of the Emerson String Quartet, winner of eight Grammy Awards, has collaborated with many of the world's great performing artists, including Isaac Stern, Mstislav Rostropovich, Oscar Shumsky, Leon Fleisher, Walter Trampler, Menahem Pressler, Lynn Harrell, Yefim Bronfman, Joseph Kalichstein, Misha Dichter, Jan DeGaetani and Edgar Meyer among others. He has also performed as guest artist with numerous chamber music ensembles such as the Juilliard and Guarneri Quartets, the Beaux Arts Trio and the Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio. He has also been featured on two albums with the Grammy winning jazz bassist John Patitucci. In March of 2007 he toured in chamber music performances with cellist Ralph Kirshbaum and violinist Robert McDuffie. With the Beaux Arts Trio he recorded the Shostakovich Piano Quintet, Op. 57, and the Fauré G minor Piano Quartet, Op. 45, on the Philips label. His Aspen Music Festival recording with Jan DeGaetani for Bridge records was nominated for a 1992 Grammy Award. For BRAVO television he recorded works by Stravinsky and Hindemith. Mr. Dutton has appeared as soloist with many American and European orchestras including those of Germany, Belgium, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, and Virginia, among others. He has also appeared as guest artist at the music festivals of Aspen, Santa Fe, Ravinia, La Jolla and Chamber Music Northwest, and has collaborated with the late Isaac Stern in the International Chamber Music Encounters both at Carnegie Hall and in Jerusalem. He is currently Professor of Viola and Chamber Music at the Manhattan School of Music and Stony Brook University. Lawrence Dutton began violin and viola studies with Margaret Pardee and continued with Francis Tursi at the Eastman School, when he began playing viola exclusively. He earned his bachelors
and masters degrees at the Juilliard School, where he studied with Lillian Fuchs. While at Juilliard, Mr.
Dutton was awarded the Walter M. Naumberg Scholarship. He has received an Honorary Doctorate
from Middlebury College in Vermont and, as a member of the Emerson String Quartet, was a winner of
the 2004 Avery Fisher Prize. Mr. Dutton performs on violas of P.G. Mantegazza (Milan, 1796) and
Samuel Zygmuntowicz (New York, 2003) Mr. Dutton lives in Bronxville, N.Y. with his wife and three
Additional Guest Artists to be announced


Orpheus Chamber Orchestra – Educational Residency on Monday, July 26 at Tilles Center with the
Festival Chamber Orchestra presented by members of Orpheus Chamber Orchestra .
The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center – Educational Residency on Tuesday, July 27
Location and artists from The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center to be announced.

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your thoroughfare to all that Long Island and New York City have to offer.
C.W. Post is located in Nassau County on Northern Boulevard (Route 25A) in the suburban Long Island community of
Brookville. We are only 40 minutes from Manhattan.
From New York City — Take Queens-Midtown Tunnel to Long Island Expressway (I-495) and Exit 39N (Glen Cove Road north). Go
north for 2 miles; turn right (east) on Northern Boulevard (Route 25A). C.W. Post is two miles on the right.

From Bronx, Westchester and Points North — Take Throgs Neck Bridge to Clearview Expressway (I-295) south. Exit to eastbound
Long Island Expressway (I-495); proceed to Exit 39N and continue as indicated above.

From Southern New Jersey and Points South — Take the New Jersey Turnpike to Exit 13. Cross the Goethels Bridge to I-278 east
(Staten Island Expressway). Cross the Verrazano Narrows Bridge to the Belt Parkway east. Follow the Belt Parkway to the Southern State
Parkway east. Take the Meadowbrook Parkway north and follow directions given from south shore of Long Island.

From Northern New Jersey — Take the George Washington Bridge east to the Cross Bronx Expressway. Cross the Throgs Neck Bridge
then follow directions given from Bronx, Westchester and Points North.

From Eastern Long Island — Take Long Island Expressway (I-495) to Exit 41N (Route 107). Turn right (north) onto 107 north to
Northern Boulevard (Route 25A). Turn left (west) at Northern Boulevard. C.W. Post is on the left.

From South Shore of Long Island — In Nassau County, take Wantagh State Parkway or Meadowbrook Parkway north to Northern State
Parkway Exit 31 (Glen Cove Road North; NOT Exit 31A). At light, turn left (north) on Glen Cove Road. Proceed for 3 miles to Northern
Boulevard (Route 25A), turn right (east). C.W. Post is 2 miles on the right. In Suffolk County, take most convenient north-south road to
the Long Island Expressway (I-495) and follow directions from Eastern Long Island.

Train — From Pennsylvania Station: Take either the Long Island Rail Road’s Port Jefferson train line to the Hicksville station or the Port
Washington-Manhasset line to the Great Neck station or the Manhasset station or the Oyster Bay train to the Greenvale station. The Great
Neck station and the Hicksville station both have bus service to the C.W. Post Campus. Taxi service to the campus is available from both
the Greenvale and the Manhasset stations. To reach the Long Island Rail Road call (516) 822-5477.

Amtrak — The C.W. Post Campus is accessible through Amtrak which goes directly into Pennsylvania Station in New York City. From
Pennsylvania Station see directions above. Call Amtrak at 800-USA-RAIL.

Bus — C.W. Post is serviced by the Metropolitan Transit Authority, Long Island Bus N20. For schedule times call the MTA at (516) 766-
C.W. POST CAMPUS INFORMATION: Main switchboard: (516) 299-2000
Admissions: (516) 299-2413 • www.liu.edu/cwpost
Application Form - C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival 2010

July 12 to July 30, 2010 at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University

Deadline for Application: May 16, 2010

Return Application with a nonrefundable $35 Application Fee
Please make check payable to: C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival C.W. Post Chamber Music Festival
Department of Music
C.W. Post Campus/Long Island University
720 Northern Blvd.
Brookville, New York 11548-1300

Please note: Festival Auditions are video taped soley for internal review by Festival Directors to assist in appropriate

placement within the Festival’s chamber ensembles and chamber orchestras.


Date of application
Date of Birth

Instrument(s) that you wish to play as a chamber musician at the Festival
Please list your primary instrument first. Vocalists should list their voice type. Conductors should also
list their primary instrument.

Please check one of the following:

Young Professional Musician/Member of Preformed Ensemble College/Conservatory Student - year of graduation Teacher or Music Educator – currently teaching at Amateur Musician High School Student - year of graduation Middle School Student – current grade Category of Festival Participant: (Check one)

Undergraduate Credit - Mus 99 (3 credits and university fees) $2,577 Graduate Credit - Mus 659 (3 credits and university fees) Please note that Graduate credit may be taken for 1, 2 or 3 credits if approved by Directors and Graduate Advisor. *High School Enrichment Program (3 credits and university fees) $2,577
Master Classes (Special fee for series of 4 Classes)
High School Enrichment Program earns undergraduate credit for high school students-Applicants must have completed
their sophomore year, be recommended by Guidance Officer and have approval from the Festival Directors.

(Application continues on back)



Current Teacher’s phone number (_____)__________________________
List Schools you have attended & degrees you have received

School ______________________________________Dates __________ Degree ___________
School ______________________________________Dates __________ Degree ___________
Chamber Music and Orchestra Experience (Please list any chamber music pieces that you have
performed and any orchestras that you have participated in within the last two years)

Solo Repertoire Studied or Played This Year

Are you professionally involved in music? _____ Do you plan a career in music? ________
List awards, scholarships and special recognition received.

Are there any chamber music pieces or composers which you would be particularly interested in

studying and performing this summer?

Please check any of the following that you intend to be considered for at your audition:
Fellowship Program (18 years & older) (*Available to students between the ages of 10 and 17 years old – not available to graduating high school seniors)

Signature of Parent or Guardian
_____ ________________

The Festival offers students and their parents an opportunity to work off tuition by being part of our
work-study program. The student is usually assigned 10 or 20 hours of work at the rate of $8 per hour. A
variety of jobs are included.
Please fill out the form below and indicate your areas of interest and your availability. Although we can
not guarantee assignments, we will try to match you to your requests whenever possible.
Parents may also work in place of the student. Return completed applications to the Festival Office.
A brief description of work study jobs and hours can be found on the back of this application.
Name _________________________________________________ Age (students) _______________
Student’s Phone ________________________________ E-mail ______________________________
Parent’s name _______________________________________ Phone ________________________

Ticket Sales at Festival concerts (parent) Selling Advertising for the Festival Program Booklet Supervising lunch hour from 1 to 2 p.m. (parent) PLEASE CHECK ALL THE DATES YOU ARE AVAILABLE
Festival concerts at 8 p.m. July 16
July 27 at Concert (location TBA)
July 30 (Festival Chamber Orchestra at Tilles Center)
Festival concerts at Noon
July 29 (Seminar Concert at Noon)
I am available to work beginning in mid-May I am available to work beginning in June I am available to work during the week before the Festival begins - July 5 to 11 I am available to work after the Festival ends - July 31 to August 4
Do you have computer skills? ___________________
Do you have designing skills? ___________________
Do you have a special skill you could contribute or offer to the Festival? ____________________

Please note that work-study hours at concerts is approximately 7 to 10 p.m.
(with the exception of the stage crew)

USHERS – Three hours per concert – arrive at 7 p.m. (dress in black)
Distribute programs and collect tickets at Festival concerts

STAGE CREW – Four hours per concert – arrive 7 p.m. (dress in black)
Set up chairs and stands and move them and/or the piano between pieces
Help with breakdown after the concert. Hours approximately 7 to 11 p.m.

Assisting the Festival Office prior to the beginning of the Festival with promotion of the Festival’s
Concert Series. Could include sending out tickets pre-Festival and working on group sales for audience

TICKET SALES at Festival concerts – Four hours per concert – arrive at 7 p.m. (dress in black)
Collect money for tickets and categorize sales (as regular, student, senior)
ADVERTISING SALES – Hours arranged
Selling advertising for the Festival Program Booklet prior to beginning of Festival
FESTIVAL T-SHIRT SALES – Four hours per concert – arrive at 7 p.m. (dress in black)
Sell Festival T-shirts. Extra hours could include sales during the week

FESTIVAL PHOTO SALES – Four hours per concert – arrive at 7 p.m. (dress in black)
Collect order forms and money. Extra hours could include preparing total photo order

CD SALES – Four hours per concert – arrive at 7 p.m. (dress in black)
Sell Festival CD’s – collect completed order forms and money

MUSIC LIBRARIAN (Chamber Music) – Ten to 20 hours depending on assignment
Assisting with the organization of chamber music. Preparing chamber music envelopes for distribution
before the Festival, distributing chamber music envelopes to participants at Orientation, collecting
chamber music backstage during concerts, sorting out all chamber music, locating missing parts, and
reshelving all chamber music at the conclusion of the Festival
MUSIC LIBRARIAN (Orchestral Music) – Ten to 20 hours depending on assignment
Assisting with the organization of orchestral music for the Fesitval Chamber Orchestra and Seminar
Chamber Orchestra. Organizing orchestral music for orchestra folders for distribution before the
Festival, distributing any additional orchestral parts, being responsible for music at orchestra rehearsals
so that music is available at the beginning of each rehearsal and securing the crate at the end of all
rehearsals, collecting and sorting all orchestral music and orchestra folders at end of Festival
Assisting Directors & Administrative Assistants with various jobs such as answering phones, scheduling
auditions, paperwork and other jobs as needed

SUPERVISING LUNCH HOUR – Monday through Friday 1 to 2 p.m. (days arranged)
Fine Arts Center – Parents assist in overseeing organized lunch area to insure that students are orderly
and stay in designated lunch area to prevent accidents and problems. Parents must be able to address the
needs of students and be available if there is a problem. Parents assisting make sure lunch areas are
cleaned up by students before lunch period ends, and communicate with Directors any special needs for

Assignments will be coordinated by the Festival Directors and/or Administrative Assistants
Please note: Participants will be billed for work-study hours not completed
Additional work-study jobs may be available at the discretion of the Directors

29th Summer Season
Ensemble-in-Residence at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University
JULY 12-JULY 30, 2010
Susan Deaver & Maureen Hynes, Festival Founders

Susan Deaver, Festival Director
Dale Stuckenbruck, Assistant Director

Additional audition dates may be added
Fine Arts Center at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University

Sunday, March 21 – 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Sunday, April 18 – 10 to 1 p.m.
Sunday, May 2 – 10 to 1 p.m.
Sunday, May 16 – 10 to 1 p.m.
Monday, May 17 - 4 to 8 p.m.
Sunday, May 31 – 10 to 1 p.m.
Sunday, June 6 - 10 to 1 p.m.
Wednesday, June 9 - 4 to 8 p.m. (*includes auditions for the Conducting Program)
Monday, June 14 – 4 to 8 p.m. (*includes auditions for the Conducting Program)

Application/Audition Fee $35 (non-refundable)
Reduced Application/Audition Fees for preformed ensembles

Auditions are 10 minutes in length. Please prepare two contrasting pieces OR two contrasting
sections from a solo or concerto of your choice. Students living more than 100 miles from the
New York City/Long Island area may send a 10 minute DVD with required audition repertoire
and with the approval of the Festival Directors.

Please note: Festival Auditions are video taped soley for internal review by Festival Directors to assist
in appropriate placement within the Festival’s chamber ensembles and chamber orchestras.

To schedule an audition, please contact the Festival Office at (516) 299-2103

Source: http://www2.liu.edu/svpa/music/festival/Festival2010InfoBook.pdf

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