Wellbeing Matters Part I Miscellaneous Health Issues preventing it. In Europe ordinary people besieged their supermarkets and
GMOs are now banned.

Artificial Sweeteners.
Artificial sweeteners have been around for some time. Today there are
many different types. The promise made by their manufacturers is that you
get the same sweetness without all the calories. They are high-intensity
sweeteners with many times (often 200 times) the sweetness of sucrose
(common table sugar). However they do react with other foods and sugars
so the taste and/or feel in the mouth is not the same as with sucrose.
I have noticed again and again, and I am sure you have to, that the most
overweight people are those drinking the "diet" soft drink. This frequent
observation prompted me to ask whether the artificial sweeteners in the
soft drinks were contributing to the weight problem. It turns out that they
are. A study at the University of Texas Health Science Center showed that
the use of artificial sweeteners is a marker for increasing weight gain and
obesity rather than promoting weight loss. What this means is that those
who consumed diet soft drinks, were more likely to gain weight compared
to those who drank regular soft drinks.
The cause is interesting. Animal studies have convincingly proven that
artificial sweeteners cause body weight gain. It seems the sweet taste
induces an insulin response, which causes a rise in the insulin level. As we
know an increase in insulin causes any blood sugar to be stored as
glycogen or as fat. With artificial sweeteners, the blood sugar does not
increase, as you are not consuming any food. This leads the body to
experience hypoglycemia causing a craving for carbohydrates especially
sugar. This leads to increased food intake, and of course, weight gain.
Usually it is the high concentration of blood sugar that triggers the insulin
response, but in this case it is the taste of the artificial sweetener alone.
Rats were tested by being given artificial sweeteners as part of their diet.
After some time the rats lost their natural response to high calories, which
is to eat less, and they continued to increase their weight.
If we accept this evidence, then eating any kind of sugar substitute, even
the natural ones from plants, will lead to the same result. Weight gain! So
read the labels and avoid any and all of the following (the most popular
Saccharin Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Sucralose (Splenda) Wellbeing Matters Part I Miscellaneous Health Issues So how do we deal with our addiction for sweet things? Certainly not by replacing them with substitutes, which most likely make the problem worse. I was very lucky as a child because I never had a sweet tooth. Today I really enjoy, sometimes crave, dark chocolate. The 70% cocoa solids kind. As I do not crave any other sweet foods, even finding carrot juice too sweet, I believe it is the chocolate I crave and not the sugar in it. If you have a craving for sweets then first make sure that you are not insulin resistant. If you are, then use the supplements listed in Chapter 2 to help alleviate the craving for sugar. In general I recommend pursuing a multi focus strategy as follows: 1. Replace the sugar craving with fats and protein (nuts, etc.) 2. Gradually cut down the amount of sugar you add to your food and avoid all pre-sweetened foods. Read the labels assiduously. Remove all sugar, and sugar containing foods, from your kitchen. 3. If you crave some food, try to discover whether it is the food, or the sugar in food, you crave. For example, if you crave chocolate, do you still crave a piece of unsweetened chocolate? 4. Follow the indications for elevated blood sugar in chapter 2. Joint Health. Many of us, especially as we age, get aches and pains in our joints. The key to healthy joints is the synovial fluid that lubricates our joints. It is not usually the cartilage that is the problem. The cartilage is like a sponge and if it is dry and brittle it is useless. The synovial fluid is the oil that lubricates and cushions your joints and provides the nutrients that keep the cartilage healthy. Without synovial fluid your joints freeze, just like your car engine when you run it without oil. Without enough fluid, the cartilage dries out, shrinks and dies. The only way nutrients get to the cartilage is through the synovial fluid, as cartilage has no direct blood supply. Supplements you take that were intended to help the joints don't do any good, as they don't get into the joint where they would help if they could. Wellbeing Matters Part I Miscellaneous Health Issues So without the synovial fluid the joint will become "toast" (dry, brittle toast at that.) in a short time. As soon as you increase the synovial fluid the cartilage bounces back very quickly, just like putting a hard dried sponge in water that swells and become soft almost instantly. Your joint will start to work again very quickly and without the customary pain. So how do we make sure that we have enough synovial fluid in our joints? Synovial fluid is made up of hyaluronic acid. HA for short. In very serious cases it can be injected directly into the joint, but this is not a practical solution. Normally we need to refill our supply of HA every few days. The solution is very, very simple. Remember the broth your grandma made by boiling chicken carcasses or beef bones for a long time? This bone broth is rich in HA and if you use it in soups, or as stock in other dishes, you will get plenty of HA. In Paleolithic times, man chewed animal bones and ate the tendons and the cartilage. You should do the same by leaving in the bone broth everything but the bones themselves. In fact you should cook it to a point where the carcass falls to bits and the bones come apart easily. This can take at least 2 hours or more, and probably 3 or 4. There is another rich source of HA and that is the inner lining of eggshells. Place the eggshells in the pot with the chicken or beef carcasses and add just a touch of vinegar to make it acid. Just as with the chicken carcasses, the eggshells need to simmer for an hour or two. Results from eating the lining of eggshells have been dramatic and you can expect to have a significant improvement in your joints in a matter of days. When you shell a hard boiled egg you will notice that the shell often comes off leaving the strong lining covering the egg behind. This lining is where the gold is as far as your joints are concerned. Today, most chicken and other meat are bought off the bone. This means that most butchers' shops have a surplus of chicken carcasses that can be bought very inexpensively. They still contain a significant amount of meat and you can cut off some of the excess fat if you wish. We buy a few organic chicken carcasses each week for us and for our dog, which he eats raw (it is part of the dog's staple diet of "barf" - bones and raw food - giving him a diet close to what dogs have in the wild). Eating the broth will also help your complexion as HA provides support for the collagen that keeps your skin firm and youthful. Also, the old adage that "when sick eat chicken soup" seems to work because, one of the jobs of HA is to prevent infection by creating a barrier in the skin against bacteria and viruses. It is also said to prevent cancer. Clever old Grandma. Wellbeing Matters Part I Miscellaneous Health Issues I was vegetarian for some 25 years and started to eat some meat again about 10 years ago. Prior to changing back to an omnivore I suffered joint problems, especially in my knees. The worst was when I tore my cartilage and required surgery to remove the torn part. As I mentioned above in the section on exercise, I was told that I should never ever walk on rough ground again. Today I take no supplements for my joints, I walk and hike for at least a half hour per day and do more physically demanding exercises or walks a couple of times a week. All without any pain in my knees or anywhere else. So if you are a vegetarian, you should boil eggshells in water with a little vinegar and use the resulting liquid somewhere in your diet. For example you can use it in the water in which you cook your rice. There is a new process of healing ruptured disks in your back using magnetic resonance therapy. Yes, I know it sounds bogus as there have been wild health claims for years about magnetic this and magnetic that. However, Dr. Dean Bonlie, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada can heal a ruptured disk within a week with a 100% guaranteed outcome. No failures. This has been investigated by doctors who are amazed at the 100% successful outcome. This means that you can become pain free within a week permanently. There are web sites that try to cast doubt on the success of this type of therapy (sponsored by the pain killer medication industry perhaps.). Doctors that I trust have determined that it really works. On the Internet, just search for Magnetic Molecular Energizer (MME) as this is the name of the machine he invented. Prescription and Recreational Drugs
Prescription Drugs. I am against most prescription drugs. However I do
accept that there are times when antibiotics and painkillers and some
specialized drugs are really useful and lifesaving. I would not be here today
without antibiotics that saved me from death when I contracted pneumonia
as a three year old in 1948.
Prescription drugs, after heart disease and cancer, are the third most
frequent cause of death. Does this not scare you? It does me. My
overriding principle is to always look for a natural solution before resorting
to drugs.
The power of the medical profession working hand in hand with the
pharmaceutical industry is frightening. I came across this egregious
example recently. There was a headline in the press that said something
like "Study shows statin drug, Crestor, reduces the incidence of
cardiovascular disease by 50%". Sounds good doesn't it. Sounds like

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