Oana -female dancer
Place of birth: Romania
Date of birth: 29.07.1984
Weight: 49 kg; 108,02 pounds
Hight: 1,65 m
1997 - 2003 - the national colegium "Queen Mary" Constanta, modern and classic

Professional dance activities:

Tours in Germany,Italy,Switzland,Austria,Netherland with Constanta theatre
2010-dancer on Grand mistral Cruise ship
2003 - 2010 - Performing at National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Constanta
2009 - participating at the international championship of contemporan

''Swan Lake'' - coreg. M.Petipa/Oleg Danovski , ''Sleeping Beauty'' - coreg.M.Petipa/Calin Hantiu , ''Peer Gynt'' - coreg.Gregory Kovtun , ''Snow Queen'' - coreg.Oleg Danovski., ''Orpheu'' - coreg.Attila Silvester, ''The Nutcracker'' - coreg.Gregory Kovtun, ''The Three Musketeers'' - coreg.Germain Casado, ''Max and Moritz' - coreg.Godrun Schwartz., ''Arlechinada'' - coreg. Gregory Kovtun, ''Mowgli'' - coreg Gregory Kovtun, ''Cinderella'' - coreg.C.Hantiu, ''Giselle'' - M.Petipa, ''Rhythm Hunter'' - coreg Ingrid Lupescu, "Missa Prophana" - cereg. Sergiu Anghel, "Requiem" - cereg. Gigi Caciuleanu, ' My Marlyn Monroe'' - coreg Pierre Wyss, as a ballet dancer in opera and operetta shows in: ''Traviata''- soloist in spanish dance, ''The Merry Widow'' - can-can dance, , ''Nabucco'', ''Aida''-March of Triumph dance
Soloist ballet roles in:

Cinderella" - the sisters
"Mowgli" - gazelle
"Swan Lake" - pas de trios, little swans, mazurka dance, neapolitan dance
"Peer Gynt" - the friends, pas de trios
"Spleeping Beauty" - the cat dance, pas de deux (The blue bird)
"Snow Queen" - mazurka dance
"The Nutcracher" - arab dance, Spanish dance
"Arlechinada" - Katrina
"Giselle" - pas de deux (the friends), Mona and Zulma

Languages: romanian - first language
english - intermediate level
italiana - intermediate level
Hobby: I like almost everything that implicates dancing and also I`m an amteur of many
Place of birth: Galati,Romania
Date of birth: 23.12.1988
Nationality: Romanian
Weight: 67 kg , 147.70 pounds
Hight: 1.76 m
2006-2008 The national colegium "Queen Mary" Constanta,modern and clasic
dance class participating at the national championship of contemporan modern dance in Cluj
winning first place in 2007 and also in 2008. I have been invited to participate in 2007 at an
international gala at the great ophera in Bucarest
1997-2006 The latin american dancing school "Acanta" Galati ,participating at
the national championship winning second prize in 2000 and first prize in 2005 and also
participating at two international dance contests where i`ve managed to reach with my partener
top thirty best dancers.
2011- Tours in Germany,Italy,Switzland,Austria,Netherland with Constanta theatre company
2010-dancer on Grand mistral Cruise ship
2009-2010: - Ballet Gala in Bucarest
- Ballet gala in Cluj
- Ballet gala in Constanta
-Tours in Germany,Italy,Switzland,Austria,Netherland with Constanta theatre 2008-2010: Asamble ballet dancer in: ''Swan Lake'' -coreg. M.Petipa/Oleg Danovski ,
''Sleeping Beauty''-coreg.M.Petipa/Calin Hantiu , ''Peer Gynt''-coreg.Gregory Kovtun , ''Snow
Queen''-coreg.Oleg Danovski., ''Orpheu''-coreg.Attila Silvester, ''The Nutcracker''-
coreg.Gregory Kovtun, ''The Three Musketeers''-coreg.Germain Casado, ''Max and Moritz' -coreg.Godrun Schwartz., ''Arlechinada''-coreg. Gregory Kovtun, ''Mowgli'' -coreg Gregory Kovtun, ''Cinderella''-coreg.C.Hantiu, ''Giselle''-M.Petipa, ''Rhythm Hunter'' -coreg Ingrid Lupescu, ''My Marlyn Monroe'' -coreg Pierre Wyss, as a ballet dancer in opera and operetta shows in: ''Traviata''-spanish dance, ''The Merry Widow''-can-can dance, ''Masked Ball'', ''Nabucco'' , ''Lysistrata'', ''Aida''-March of Triumph dance Languages: Romanian-first language

Source: http://talentpro.ro/poze/71/cv.pdf


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