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Whose investigation provided support for 'Continental Drift Theory' ? The morphological nature of the organ, which helps in climbing in Cardiospermum is : Which of the following statements is correct ? (1) Replum is found in the ovary of Pisum What is the type of fruit that develops from the ovary of a monocarpellate gynoecium and breaks into several one seeded parts at maturity? Which one of the following floral characters, is shared by Ruscus and ray florets of Tridax ? One of the following has been observed for the first time by Treub : ( 1) Entry of the pollen tube into the ovule through the micropyle in Ottelia (2) Entry of the pollen tube into the ovule through chalaza in Casuarina (3) Entry of the pollen tube into the ovule through the integuments (4) Formation of many pollen tubes from a single pollen grain in Hibiscus Which one of the following is a suitable reference to Xenogamy ? (1) Ripening of androecium earlier to gynoecium (2) Pollen grains of one flower reaching the stigma of another flower present on the same plant (3) Pollen grains of one flower reaching the stigma of another flower, present on a different plant of the
(4) The inability of pollen to germinate on the stigma of the same f10wre 9. A plant is considered to possess all advanced morphological characters based on the evolutionary significance. Which one of the following sets of characters does the plant denote (1) Dioecious condition, gamopetalous corolla and multiple fruit (2) Actinomorphic flowers, free stamens and endospermic seeds (3) Perennial life span, diclamydeous flower and simple fruit (4) Simple leaves, monoecious condition and apocarpous pistil 10. Which series ends with the cohort umbellales in Bentham and Hooker's system of classification ? 11. Number of carpels in Sida cordifolia is always: 12. A botanist collected some fruits with hook-like spines and when the seeds of the same have been germinated they turned out to be Asteraceous tax 'a', bearing asepalous and wind pollinated followers. Tile fruits he collected were of : 13. A raceme inflorescence of Tamarindus bears 15 flowers. Each fertile anther lobe of its flower contains 215 pollen grains. What would be the total number of pollen grains does the inflorescence produce ? 15. In a double helix of DNA molecule of 10 coils, if there are 30 adenine nitrogen bases, what is the number 16. Which one of the following is correct match? 17. The meristem in which the cells divide in several planes is : 18. Non-articulated laticifers are· found in: 19. Compound sieve plates are found in : 20. The pollen are liberated in Cassytha by: 21. Number of androcytes required to form 32 male gametes in the plant with dicyclic dictyostele belonging
The terminal sterile poriton of an organ, considered to be an equivalent of angiospermous stamen in Cycas, is known as: 23. The chemical substances responsible for the slimy nature of mermaids tresses is : 24. The organism which causes pneumonia in human beings is 25. A pathogen accumulates its secretion in the xylem vesels of a plant, whose seed epiderminal hairs are of great economic importance. Identify the pathogen, 26. Which one of the following is useful in identifying the different strains of a causal microbe of an (3) Complementary DNA (4) Crystal violet 27. Choose the chemical used in artificial polyploidy : .How does the ephemeral Tribulus tide over the dry conditions? (4) By storing water in different parts of its body 30. The relationship among different types of soil water can be summed up by the following equation : 31. Which of the following reactions does not take place in the cell organelle, that is referred to as 32. Identify the specific group, which carries out the following biochemical reaction. Aspartic acid + ∞ - ketoglutaric acid → Oxaloacetic acid + Glutamic acid 33. When one molecule of glucose is completely oxidized during aerobic respiration, how many molecules of carbon dioxide are released due to tricarboxylic acid cycle ? 34. During photo respiration, the conversion of, phospho glycolate to glycolate takes place in this cell
35. A plant with low CO2 compensation point is : 36. A bacterium which is capable of utilizing the most abundantly available gas in the atmosphere for one of its metabolic path ways, but cannot utilize the second most abundantly available for its another metabolic pathway is : 37. A phytohormone which increases the production of starch hydrolyzing enzymes during the germination of maize seeds, is employed for the following: (1) Increasing the vase - life period of flowers (2) Induction of seedless fruits in grapes (3) Acceleration of ripening of banana fruits 38. During which phase of their replication, the bacteriophages release lysozyme ? 39. Swollen and spongy petioles are characteristic of : 40. The photoperiodic cycles of 6 hours of dark period and 18 hours of light period induce flower formation (25) 1 (26) 3 (27) 3 (28) 4 (29) 3 (30) 2


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