1 What is Enteral Nutrition?
So why haven’t I heard about enteral nutrition? What will I learn?Understanding enteral nutritionA (very) brief history of enteral nutritionIs this the same thing as TPN?Why does enteral nutrition work?What have we learned? 2 Checking Out the Competition: Treatment Options

AminosalicylatesCorticosteroidsAntibioticsImmunomodulatorsBiologicsSurgeryHow does enteral nutrition compare?Why choose enteral nutrition?It’s not a lifetime commitment!What have we learned? 3 Happy Kids, Healthy Bodies: Enteral Nutrition

A time-tested treatmentComparing enteral nutrition and steroids How effective is enteral nutrition in children?Enteral nutrition restores normal growthEnteral nutrition can heal damaged tissuesGetting off steroids with enteral nutritionHow long will my child stay in remission?How can I keep my child in remission longer?Maintaining remission with supplemental enteral nutritionSupplemental enteral nutrition and growthCan supplemental enteral nutrition induce remission?Which children respond best to enteral nutrition?What do children think about enteral nutrition?What have we learned? 4 Good Stuff for Grown-Ups, Too! Enteral Nutrition

How effective is enteral nutrition in adults?How does enteral nutrition compare with steroids?The case against enteral nutritionEnteral nutrition can work when steroids do notEndoscopies and biopsies prove that enteral nutrition worksSupplemental enteral nutrition: the easiest way to better healthMaintaining remission with supplemental enteral nutritionGetting off steroids with supplemental enteral nutritionGetting into remission with supplemental enteral nutritionSupplementing: is more better than less?Who responds best to enteral nutrition?A safe treatment option during pregnancyIs enteral nutrition too diffi cult for adults?What have we learned? 5 Time for a Challenge: Enteral Nutrition in

Enteral nutrition in orofacial Crohn’sTreating fi stulas with enteral nutritionEnteral nutrition in perianal disease Strictures and enteral nutritionEnteral nutrition for esophageal Crohn’sEnteral nutrition after a resectionEnteral nutrition and extraintestinal symptomsEnteral nutrition in transplant patientsWhat have we learned? 6 But My Doctor Says It’s Not Crohn’s: Enteral Nutrition
in Ulcerative Colitis, Indeterminate Colitis, and IBS

What is ulcerative colitis?Enteral nutrition in ulcerative colitis Enteral nutrition in indeterminate colitisWhat is IBS?Can I use enteral nutrition to treat IBS?But do I really have IBS?A word about celiac diseaseWhat have we learned? 7 Decisions, Decisions! Choosing a Formula
What’s in my formula?What if I’d prefer a sugar-free formula?Comparing the formulasIf they all work the same, how do I choose?Is enteral nutrition safe for people with food allergies?Food intolerances and enteral nutritionChoosing an enteral nutrition formula when you have What formulas are available?Are there any vegan or vegetarian enteral nutrition formulas?Modular formulasBuilding a better formulaDo-it-yourself enteral nutrition?Where can I buy enteral nutrition?Obtaining insurance coverage for enteral nutritionWhat have we learned? 8 Go For It! Using Enteral Nutrition
Convincing the doctor: why use enteral nutrition?What if my doctor wants me to use TPN instead?Do I need to take steroids along with total enteral nutrition?Can I use immunomodulating medications at the same time Can I take metronidazole or aminosalicylates during In a cup or through a tube?How do I prepare the formula?How much formula do I need if I want to try total If I’m supplementing my regular diet with enteral nutrition, Do I need to take any dietary supplements along with my Can I have anything except the formula?Will the formula interact with any medications I am taking?Does enteral nutrition cause any side effects?Getting started: the fi rst dayWill I still have bowel movements since the diet is all-liquid?When will I know if enteral nutrition is going to work?How long should I stick with enteral nutrition?How soon will my child start growing after beginning What will happen if I cheat on the diet?Is it cruel to make a child stick with enteral nutrition? What is the best way to reintroduce solid food?I’m gaining too much weight since I fi nished using total If enteral nutrition works for me, how long will I stay in remission?It’s been less than a month since I fi nished a course of enteral nutrition, and I’ve already relapsed. What should I do? If I use enteral nutrition, will I be healthier in the long term?What have we learned? 9 Beyond Enteral Nutrition: The Real Truth About
Diet in Crohn’s

Fiber or not?Testing a low-carb dietShould I worry about yeast?Microparticles aren’t the answerAll the fi sh in the seaLooking toward the plant worldFood-exclusion diets: are they worth the effort?If you want to try food testing . . .
Another approach to food testingIs lactose a problem?What about probiotics?Prebiotics: a newer approachWhat about synbiotics?The Specifi c Carbohydrate Diet: does it really work?The benefi ts of a well-balanced diet (Mom was right!)What have we learned? Understanding Growth Charts: How Does
My Child Measure Up?
Appendix B
Sources for Enteral Nutrition Formulas


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