Marketing communication and marketing strategy specialist Address: 413/2 Bond Street 2000 Sydney NSW I am a driven professional who has a great passion for marketing, communication and business development. I live and breathe social media and digital communication and are always curious about what A lrikA is coming up next. I have worked with companies all over the world, the variety of assignements gives me a great span of knowledge. I am an easy going and a very focused customer oriented team player with high Analytical skillsCommunicationsSocial and positiveOrganizedBusiness DevelopmentMarketing Adobe Creative Suite - InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Project, Visio Bizwizard, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Alert, Wordpress LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, Youtube Master Degree in Management Of Growing Enterprises, 60 ECTS, from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 2012-2013 Bachelor Degree in Marketing & Economics, 180 ECTS, from Halmstad University, Sweden, 2006-2009 Milleteknik is a production company in the power and security industry with a turnover of 5M per year. With 20 years of experience Milleteknik is one of the top of mind companies in the power supply industry and has a great renomé among the customers regarding quality and price. In my role as marketing executive I was responsible for Milletekniks B2B brand awareness and marketing investments were I reported directly to the CEO. I developed a yearly marketing strategy and maintained all operative marketing and communication tasks. I was also responsible for the customer relations.
Key Responsibilities• Marketing budget were I set the marketing strategy for the company and analyse the brand and the ROI.
• Increase Milletekniks brand awareness on the Swedish market were I managed end to end ATL and BTL campaigns both online via the website, DM, eDM, newsletter, banner advertising, social media and offline via advertising in branch magazines, event management via display on fairs and costumer events. • Lead and perform all marketing investments such as developing new marketing, advertising or presentation material.
• Implement the day to day management of administration, the order process, billing and inside sales. • Develop and maintain a great relationship with our costumers, suppliers and stakeholders.
• Manage and keep the website, marketing material and social media up to date.
Key Achievements• Increased Milletekniks brand awareness with 4,3% on the Swedish market• Develop and set marketing strategies for Milleteknik by expanded their brand through fairs, advertising, customer events and social media• Increased the unique visitors to Milletekniks website with 61%• Produced a newsletter monthly were the sign-up for newsletters increased with 35 %• Streamlined the inside sales and administration from two full time services to one 60 % service• Great connections with customers, suppliers and stakeholders• Developed a new graphic profile and made new marketing material for all Milletekniks products• Made a marketing and competitive analysis on the European market for future market investments Nowa Kommunikation, Gothenburg, Sweden Nowa Kommunikation is a communication agency based in several cities in Sweden and Norway with a turnover of 19M per year. Their typical client is based in the public sector or recruiting business. They started in 2005 and their goal is to change the agency game rules.
I worked with management directly under the CEO as a marketing and management consultant. I researched and analysed how Nowa Kommunikations business could increase their growth through the business model franchise. Where a member of Nowa Kommunikations strategy team for business development and operational management of the company. Was a part of the media team in several projects were I did research and developed creative ideas.
Key Responsibilities• Research and analyze how Nowa Kommunikations business model could growth through the business model franchise.
• Analyze and develop management strategies - via the courses in the master education - how NowaKommunikation could increase in the areas of innovation, strategy, business development and global • Developed a management strategy of how Nowa Kommunikations business model could grow through franchise and their goal is to use my strategy and implement it in 2014-2015.
lrik • P.Se • Made an extensive research on Nowa Kommunikations performance management on all management levels which resulted in my master thesis. The conclusion is that for the company to grow they need to implement a structured performance management process which I developed as a model that is adapted for • Developed a financial and management analysis over Nowa Kommunikations operation.
• Were a part of the media team and supported with conducted research, recommendations and creative ideas and was also a part of an affinity project.
Sofie ilAe-m Consultant Aug 2009 - Dec 2009 Academic Work, Gothenburg, Sweden Academic Work is a recruitment business with a turnover of 210M per year. They are based in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany.
As a consultant for Academic Work I worked for different marketing and administrative clients for large and medium sized corporations. Main focus were customer relations with tasks as on-site marketing research, updating consumer information and other administration related tasks.
Key Responsibilities• Administrate the release of a new internal software system at the IT department at SKF that has a turnover of 10 870M per year• Administrate the update of customer information at the finance department at SKF that has a turnover of 10 870M per year• Manage an on-site marketing research for an electricity utility, Gothnet that has a turnover of 33M per year• Administrate the update of customer information at an IT business, Redpill Linpro that has a turnover of 38M per year• Administrate the booking of conference and hotel rooms for a local hotel re-opening of an international hotel chain, Scandic that has a turnover of 713M per year Key Achievements• High flexibility and well customer-oriented• Work independently and accomplish my assignments with high quality• Always successful y deliver on time PHD is a media and communications agency with 75 offices world wide that is built on a culture of leadership, creativity and innovation. In their hearts is a commitment to lead the industry with thought provoking opinion and pioneering thinking. They always try to find a better way for their clients.
SS : 0413 006 107 During my studies for my bachelor degree I did a trainee at a media agency in Kuala Lumpur for three months. My main task as media planner was to research and produce material to present proposals and solutions for different projects. I worked with different media to adapt marketing strategies to work on a broader audience in TV, Radio and print. Enhanced my theoretical knowledge in media and marketing by lrik.Se practicing in both small and large projects.
• Research and analyse different customer needs for small and large projects • Participate in different projects, brainstorm and develop ideas • Administrate small and large projects Sofie e-m • Developed a good connection to all different media • Learning fast and good application of software and tool• Positive thinker, highly enthusiastic, high team spirited and pro-active• Always successful y deliver on time • 2012-2013 - Member of the marketing committee at the education management of growing enterprises. Where I was a key part of producing a communication plan for the education over how, where and when the education would communicate their message• 2008 Project member of Eureka - the Economic Association of Halmstad University for the student dance• 2007 Engaged in the introduction week of the marketing program were I was the contact person for 40 students As a member of the alumni network - GREIT - I have the privilege to be a part of a great amount of people that has studied Management of growth; Matix, over the years. During our meetings we exchange experience, knowledge and we help each other with connections. Because we know that the education is valuable to the business industry.
As a member of MiG I got the opportunity to be updated in the industry and find new inspiration. I also created and maintained my valuable professional connections and developed my network that I put a great value in.
As a member of the marketing managers I got the opportunity to meet new people and get information of what's new in the industry, job opportunities and ongoing events in Gothenburg.


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