BOLD indicates i/c Team. Those Notes- (Ser No) indicates next task . All Marshals to remain in position until reached by BACK MARKER
with tasks new to them will be

BIKES John Breckon Marshal Bibs will be available on Wed Club Nights or from Help Desk on the Day
Ser Event
10k/Fun Run Car Park attendants MIKE ATKINS (13) i/c
Mike Abbot(23)
Neil Bant(28)
Carol Slieght(20)
Rob Snaith (7)
S Peacock
Be in position for 0930
Colin Slieght(20)
Pete Myers
R Tomlinson (21)
Luke Davison
Steve Dale (26)
Mark Dalton (71)
Judith Battersby(38)
Jeremy Beesley (37)
Charlie Culplan (18)
Pam Atkins (13)
Andy Arnold
James Pearson (71)
Ivor Roberts (27)
Steve Evins(16)
Eddie Moore(38)
Mark Oglesby(13)
Andy Granger(22a)
Dave Millson (34)
Paul Evans (25)
Tony Beck (14)
Frank Harrison (22)
Steve Hadley
Steve Brotherton (45a)
Stay till 10k starts#
#Silvia Boardley (47)
Wed Mkt Security - Before Race Start
Denise Robinson (66A)
Nicola Glover(66A)
H Storr(61)
08:30 - 09:00
09:00 - 0930
09:30 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:30
10.15am Start(Leisure Centre Sports Field) Not 10.30 as last Year
Rig Course Start / Finish Area
Neil Sergeant + Juniors
Water station (Knife/Scissors req'd)
Cath Grieve (66)
Christine Whitehouse (37a)
Simon Pick (24)
Alan Flint(66)
Jacqui Wright (14)
Victoria Evins (65)
Diane Coleman (29)
Timekeeping & Funnelling
As detailed separately
Sam Allen & Paul Allen(72)
Lead Bike
Anne Nequest - then runner recovery
Back Marker Bike
John Breckon(13a)
10k /FRun
Help Desk
Michelle Paterson M Richardson remain during 10k
Start 11.15 am(Eastgate adj Minster )
Block Eastgate behind runners
Mark Oglesby
Pam Atkins (56)
MIKE ATKINS(51) (block Keldgate)
Stop traffic at following
Minster Yard
Mariana Barbera (62)
John Brecon (BackMarker Bike) Hold runners in Yard til start
Andy Gray(64)& Jim McGivern(73) Mark Start Line/ Move runners back to line as reqd
Junct Eastgate/Lord Roberts Hold Traffic
Jackie Wright (65)
Trinity rd
A Tate(67)
Railway street
Steve Evins(48)
Charlie Culpan
Council Car park
Colin & Carol Slieght (60)
Stop traffic & Direct at the following
Cross street
Richard Tomlinson (48)
Well Lane
Frank Harrison
Car Park Mag Court
Andy Grainger(62)
Stop traffic at
Champney Road
Mike Abbott(53)
Admiral Walker road
Simon Pick
Direct runners down Lairgate
Paul Evans (54)
Block Landress Ave
Steve Dale (53)
Block Newbegin
Ivor Roberts(58)
Stop traffic lights & cars from Sat Mkt
Neil bant(53)
Rob Byass
Direct at Barclays/Hengate
Diane Coleman (57)
Stop traffic at following
Waltham Lane
Penny Booth (49)
Vicar Lane
Jacqui Dickinson (66b)
Tiger Lane
Helen Storr (61)
North Bar traffic Lights
Direct onto York Rd
Dave Millson (50)
Block Wylies Road
Managed by Council (lights on red)
Block North Bar Without
Kate Ladell
Block Pasture Terrace
Jeremy Beesley (49)
Block Seven Corners Lane
Chris Whitehouse (66a)
Direct runners onto Newbald Rd from York Rd
Judith Battersby(58)
Eddie Moore(66) Rachel Woolner(56)- Enforce Road Closure for 20mins after last runner
Cattle Grid
Paul Clark
Steve Willets
Water Stations (2 & 4 Mile on course)
Watkinson's,Andy Meese + 2 kids Newman's, Mary Carrick, Foster's, Anne Dalton
Newbald Crossroads
Graham Pittaway (IC)
Colin Taylor
Ross Flood
Debs Brant
Walkington Lights
Pete Rolinson (IC)
Pete McNally
Elaine Julian
Tom Morgan
Water Station
Megson Way (prevent traffic R Turn)
Steve Brotherton
Playing Fields Car Park- as above
Cement Works / Cattle grid
Silvia Boardley
Andy Wheeldon
Golf Club
Direct from Main Rd onto Westwood Road
Steve Evins
Richard Tomlinson
Through gates onto Westwood Rd
Jeremy Beesley
Penny Booth
Top of Newbegin
Block St Mary's Rd
Dave Millson
Block Albert Terrace
Mike Atkins
Direct onto Newbegin
Eddie Moore(66A)
Bottom of Newbegin
Stop traffic to allow runners to cross Lairgate
Mike Abbott
Neil Bant
Steve Dale
Tony Beck
Direct runners up Lairgate
Paul Evans
Clear up barriers and tape on return thro' to Wed Mkt
Road Closed Sign & Marshals
Clear up barriers and tape on return thro' to Wed Mkt
Direct from Lairgate into Old Waste
Clear up barriers and tape on return thro' to Wed Mkt
Direct out of Old Waste up to Toll Gavel
Pam Atkins
Rachel Woolner
Clear up barriers and tape on return thro' to Wed Mkt
Direct coned area towards Toll Gavel
Diane Coleman
Clear up barriers and tape on return thro' to Wed Mkt
Entrance Toll Gavel (opp Burtons)
Judith Battersby
Ivor Roberts
Clear up barriers and tape on return thro' to Wed Mkt
Toll Gavel/ButcherRow - Crossing points
(Andy Grainger i/c to brief)
Clear up barriers and tape on return thro' to Wed Mkt
Ajacent Angel
Colin & Carol Slieght
Clear up barriers and tape on return thro' to Wed Mkt
Outside Landress Lane
Aidy Messingham
Helen Storr
Clear up barriers and tape on return thro' to Wed Mkt
End of Cross St (wilkinsons) direct L
Mariana Barbera
Clear up barriers and tape on return thro' to Wed Mkt
10k Finish
Wed Mkt Staff
As detailed separately
Hand out T Shirts (provide pens) Jed i/c
Jo Dewar , Jackie Wright
Victoria Evins
Cat Williamson
Francesca G
Clean up Wed Mkt area & Assist as req'd
Denise Robinson
Nicola Glover
Christine Whitehouse
Water at Finish (Knife/Scissors req'd)
Cath Grieve ,
Christopher Dale
Eddy Moore
Alan Flint
Fruit Table
Jacqui Dickinson
On Lead Bike
Andy Tate (64)
(Turn back Seven Corners Ln)
1st lead car
Halls Van x2
Time Clock Vehicle
Brian Cressey - Dave Robinson to Start Clock - (Collect signs after race)
Back Marker Bikes
John Breckon
Runners to leisure centre with results
1st Sheets Steve Ostler
James Pearson
Mark Dalton
Aubrey Morrell
Commentary & Reader
Sam Allen
Paul Allen
Compile results list
Jim McGivern
Carrie Smith
Photographs (10k and Fun Run)
Alan Glover
Photos/ Video at finish
Andy Grainger
Erect Signs before Race
Roy Steele
Hold runners - L C exit(fp rail crossing) til 1100
John Fewing(64), & Jayne Dale - at 1100-1115
Looking after Bertie the Beaver
Sam Allen and Paul Allen
Bertie The Beaver
Paul Allen
Lead Van / Traffic Management
Bill Grieve
James Britton


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