Auditorium César Roux
07:30 Opening Ceremony
Prof. P. F. Leyvraz (Orthopedic Hospital, Lausanne) 07:40 Bioengineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Prof. S. Catsicas (Vice-President, EPF-Lausanne) 08:00 Keynote Lecture: State of the art and perspective in total joint replacement
Auditorium César Roux
Auditorium Auguste Tissot
1a: Implant clinical studies
2a: Cartilage biology
09:00 Assessment of the impact of underly-
Knee cartilage of spinal cord injured patients
ing joint disease on the pathogenesis of
displays progressive thinning in the absence of
osteolysis and aseptic loosening of joint
normal joint loading and movement
09:15 In vivo determination of knee kine-
Mechanical loading modulates the sulfation
matics for subjects implanted with a
pattern of chondroitin sulfate from articular
unicompartmental arthroplasty
cartilage explants
K. Sauerland, A. H. K. Plaas, R.X. Raiss, 09:30 Detection of hip stem loosening by
Early osteoarthritic changes of the femoral
vibration analysis: a per-operative
head cartilage subsequent to femoro-acetabu-
case study
lar impingement
09:45 Isoprostanes in monitoring the oxida-
Enhanced expression of the human chitinase
tive stressing patients following the
3-like 2 gene (chi3l2, ykl-39) in osteoarthritic
total joint replacement
10:00 Cup inclination and serum metal levels
Differential induction and regulation of
in THA with metal-on-metal bearing
matrix metalloproteinases in osteoarthritic
tissue and fluid synoviocytes
B. Dankbar, A. Skwara, M. Bloch,W. Winkelmann, S. Fuchs 10:15 Surface analysis of early retrieved
CD44H and the isoforms CD44v5 and
acetabular polyethylene liners: a com-
CD44v6 in the synovial fluid of the
parison of conventional and highly
osteoarthritic human knee joint
crosslinked polyethylenes
S. Fuchs, B. Rolauffs, S. Arndt, C. O. Tibesku, C. Bragdon, M. Jasty, A. Freiberg,D. Burke, W. Harris Coffee Break
Auditorium César Roux
Auditorium Auguste Tissot
1b: Implant biomechanics
2b: Bone biology
11:00 The protective role of metal-on-metal
Thermal stress and the heat shock response in
bearing against dislocation after total
osteoblasts and marrow stromal cells
hip replacement
M. Hafez, O. Emohare, A. Sandison, J. Batten, 11:15 The in-vitro failure behavior of a novel
Pulsed electromagnetic fields affect local fac-
metaphyseal cemented hip prosthesis
tor production and connexin 43 protein
expression in mlo-y4 osteocyte-like cells and
ros 17/2.8 osteoblast-like cells
C. H. Lohmann, Z. Schwartz, Y. Liu, Z. Li,
B. J. Simon, V. L. Sylvia, D. D. Dean,
L. Bonewald, H. J. Donahue, B. D. Boyan
11:30 Simulation of systemic alendronate
The effects of glutamate antagonists on bone
treatment following a THA
cell growth in vitro
11:45 Evolution of the biomechanical
Stimulatory effects of creatine on metabolic
strength of a skeletal reconstruction in
activity, differentiation and mineralization of
paediatric oncology using the finite ele-
primary rat osteoblast-like cells in monolayer
ment method: preliminary results
and micromass cell culture
I. Gerber, I. A. Gwynn, M. Alini, T. Wallimann 12:00 Successful finite-element-based pre-
Influence of extracorporeal shock wave appli-
clinical testing of cemented THA stems
cation on normal bone in an in-vivo animal
trial – scintigraphic, magnetic resonance
imaging and histopathological evaluations
T. Tischer, S. Milz, C. Schmitz, M. Maier
12:15 Thermal bone necrosis at the bone-
Analysis of growth, angiogenesis and micro-
cement interface after cemented THA:
circulation of primary and secondary bone
a finite element analysis
tumors: an experimental study in mice
F. Klenke, T. Merkle, M. M. Gebhard,V. Ewerbeck, A. Sckell Boni Award Lecture (Auditorium César Roux)
Keynote Lecture (Auditorium César Roux)
Biofunctional surfaces trends in chemical and topographic
patterning of surfaces to steer their biological response
Auditorium César Roux
Auditorium Auguste Tissot
3: Implant interface
4: Soft tissue biology
15:00 Micromechanics of the bone-implant-
Distinct Expression of APO-1 and Caspase-8
interface measured by scanning
in the human growth plate
acoustic microscopy
E. Cetin, W. Girsch, G. Brand, E. M. Cetin, 15:15 Response of human macrophages to
New in vivo animal model to create interverte-
challenge with polyethylene wear
bral disc degeneration and to investigate
debris harvested during revision
effects of therapeutic strategies to stimulate
disc regeneration
M. Kroeber, F. Unglaub, H. Wang, C. Schmid,W. Richter, V. Ewerbeck 15:30 Numerical model of the fibrous tissue
Activation of MMP-2 in intervertebral discs
formation around implants
during static loading
P. Büchler, D. Pioletti, L. Rakotomanana 15:45 Rinsing morselized allografts
pH and inflammatory mediators modulate
improves bone and tissue ingrowth
nucleus pulposus cytokine secretion
P. Moroney, R.W. Watson, J. Burke, J. O’Byrne, 16:00 In vitro stability of distal femoral plugs
Oral vitamin C reduces compartment syn-
during cementation
drome induced skeletal muscle injury
S. Kearns, C. Condron, D. Bouchier-Hayes, 16:15 How close does an uncemented hip
Freeze-substitution shows that knee ligaments
stem match the final rasp position?
are tubular structures
Y. Gijssen, J. van Marle, R. van Noorden, Poster session (Wine & Cheese)
Keynote Lecture (Auditorium César Roux)
Skeletal tissue engineering
Auditorium César Roux
Auditorium Auguste Tissot
5a: Tissue engineering 1
6a: Bone biomechanics
09:00 Tissue engineering strategies for inter-
Investigation of bovine bone by resonant
vertebral disc repair
ultrasound spectroscopy
09:15 Efficient and uniform cell seeding of 3-
Assessment of bone quality after experimental
D scaffolds with a perfusion bioreactor
limb allotransplantation
09:30 Characterization of fetal skeletal mus-
Biomechanical and orally administrated bis-
cle for tissue engineering
phosphonate effects on bone remodeling: a
theoretical approach
09:45 Prostaglandins modulate the rediffer-
Macromolecular movement through cortical
entiation of monolayer-expanded adult
bone measured by quantitative fluorescence
human articular chondrocytes
microscopy: bone as a chemical engineering
G. Johnson-Ogubneke, I. D. McCarthy,C. P. Winlove, S. P. F. Hughes, A. Sandison,M. I. Hafez, E. R. Draper, J. Batten 10:00 Self-assembling peptide scaffold for
Effects of low intensity pulsed ultrasound on
cartilage tissue engineering: effects of
fluid displacements in bone. First results using
cyclic compression and culture condi-
a novel ‘ex vivo’ model
10:15 Replacement of the knee meniscus by
The influence of vertebral endplate porosity
biodegradable porous polymer pros-
on the compressive creep behaviour of inter-
theses. A study in dogs
vertebral discs
R. Heijkants, J. H. de Groot,A. J. Schouten, R. Veth Coffee break
Auditorium César Roux
Auditorium Auguste Tissot
5b: Tissue engineering 2
6b: Soft tissue biomechanics
11:00 Cartilage-like gene expression in dif-
High intensity focussed ultrasound heating of
ferentiated human stem cell spheroids
the intervertebral disc
J. Persson, I. Mårtenson, I.D. McCarthy, 11:15 Can the type and method of produc-
Real-time imaging of solute transport in
tion of collagen scaffolds influence the
dynamically compressed cartilage
quality of bio-engineered cartilage?
A. Gigante, C. Bevilacqua, A. Ricevuto,M. Marinelli, F. Greco 11:30 Addition of transforming growth fac-
Effects of stress shielding on the biomechani-
tor beta1 to a ceramic bone substitue
cal properties of healing tissues in the patellar
and its effect on bone formation in a
tendon partially resected its central third
model of revision arthroplasty
K. Hayashi, T. Hiro, Y. Kitamura, H. Tohyama, 11:45 Osteogenic properties of porous grad-
Acute mechanical injury of cartilage: com-
ed hydroxyapatite loaded with TGF-β
parison with a fibril reinforced poroelastic
finite element model
EORS General Assembly (Auditorium César Roux)
Keynote Lecture (Auditorium César Roux)
Computer assisted orthopaedic surgery – basic concepts
Auditorium César Roux
Auditorium Auguste Tissot
7a: Biomaterials
8a: Fracture
15:00 A comparative study of the in vivo
Effect of interfragmentary shear vs. compres-
behaviour in rabbits of carbonate-sub-
sion on the early phase of fracture healing
stituted, silicate-substituted and phase
I. Tami, N. Bishop, E. Schneider, P. Regazzoni, pure hydroxyapatite ceramics
N. Patel, S. Best, I. Gibson, K. Hing,P. Revell, W. Bonfield 15:15 Fracture toughness of novel bone
Spatial distribution of bone blood flow in the
cement containing triphenyl bismuth
rabbit tibia after distraction osteogenesis
H. Eckardt, K. S. Christensen, M. Lind,E. S Hansen, I. Hvid 15:30 Degradation behaviour of hydroxyap-
Subcapital neck of femur fracture fixation. A
atite reinforced polylactides
biomechanical study using synthetic femora
N. Theilgaard, N. Svensen, Y. Gauthier,R. Martinetti 15:45 Viscosupplementation of osteoarthritic
A bio-mechanical study of dynamic compres-
joints with a novel synthetic lubricant
sion plate, limited contact dynamic compres-
sion plate and the fixclips
R. Vadivelu, A. Baker, T. Miles, J. Cunningham,
D. Chetwynd
16:00 Influence of counterface roughness on
Exchange of ilizarov external fixaton by
the wear behaviour of two types of
intramedullary nail, during callus consolida-
UHMWPE measured on two inde-
tion phase of limb lengthening. An experimen-
pendent screening pin-on-disc devices
tal sheep model
E. Sourgiadaki, A. Panagopoulos, M. Tyllianakis 16:15 Micro-raman study on ETO and
Extravasation risk factors in bone augmenta-
gamma sterilised UHMWPE acetabu-
lar cups worn on a hip joint simulator
M. Bohner, G. Bigolin, B. Gasser, G. Baroud, in the presence of third-body PMMA
S. Affatato, G. Bersaglia, P. Taddei,
A. Tinti, C. Fagnano, A. Toni
Coffee break
Auditorium César Roux
Auditorium Auguste Tissot
7b: Implant
8b: Joint biomechanics
17:00 Validation of the use of digital radiog-
Vertebral endplate marrow contact channel
raphy for radiostereometric analysis of
occlusions: a mechanism for intervertebral
THR wear and an evaluation of two
disc degeneration?
RSA software systems using a phan-
L. Benneker, S. Anderson, P. Heini, M. Alini, tom model
C. Bragdon, D. Estok, J. Veldhoven,X. Yuan, R. Bourne, H. Malchau,J. Kärrholm, W. Harris 17:15 Analysis of early retrieved acetabular
A finite element model of the L5-S1 functional
cups of hoghly crosslinked polyethyl-
spinal unit: development and comparison
with biomechanical tests in vitro
17:30 Per-operative evaluation of the place-
Bi- and unipedicular cement augmentation in
ment of the souter-strathclyde elbow
an osteoporotic functional spinal unit: finite
element analyses
17:45 Does combined anterior and posterior
Effect of ACL graft tension on anterior and
spinal fixation confer advantages over
rotatory stability
posterior alone?
A. Jones, D. Dillon, S. Evans, C. Holt,J. Howes, P. Davies 18:00 The importance of the endplate for
Prosthetic replacement of the medial menis-
intervertebral cages in the lumbar
cus in human cadaver knees; does the prosthe-
spine: finite element analyses
sis mimic the functional behavior of the native
A. Polikeit, S. J. Ferguson, L. P. Nolte, meniscus?
T. van Tienen, R. Heijkants, P. Buma,A. van Kampen, R. Veth, N. Verdonschot 18:15 Initial stability of ankle arthrodesis
Anatomy and biomechanics of the posterior
with internal fixation. Finite element
transosseous capsulotendinous repair in total
comparison of two methods of joint
hip arthroplasty: a cadaver study.
surface preparation.
EORS Banquet, Boni + Selvik + Poster Awards (Le Montagnard)
Keynote Lecture (Auditorium César Roux)
Skeletal imaging: of mice and men
Auditorium César Roux
Auditorium Auguste Tissot
9a: Imaging and trabecular architecture
10a: Clinical studies 1
09:00 Mechanism of age-related changes in
The UK national joint registry: where did it
three-dimensional microarchitecture
come from and where is it going?
of bone and cartilage tissues in guinea
pig spontaneous osteoarthrosis
M. Ding, I. Hvid
09:15 Mechanical consequences of different
Cemented versus cementless stem-to-bone fix-
scenarios for simulated bone atrophy
ation: a long term survival comparison with
and recovery in the distal radius
an identical prosthetic design and ceramic on
ceramic coupling
A. Toni, F. Traina, B. Bordini, S. Stea,S. Paderni, A. Giunti 09:30 Micro-computer tomography scan-
Multivariate analysis of factors predisposing
ning of cortical bone development
to dislocation after primary total hip arthro-
09:45 Trabecular level strain measurements
The effect of traction on compartment pres-
by means of a 3D image correlation
sures during intramedullary nailing of tibial
shaft fractures. A randomised prospective
S. Kutty, A. Laing, C.V. R. Prasad, J. P McCabe 10:00 Element based morphometric charac-
Colles’ fracture and subsequent hip-fracture
terization of trabecular bone
risk in men: a meta-analysis
P. Haentjens, P. Autier, J. Collins, B. Velkeniers,D. Vanderschueren, S. Boonen 10:15 The contribution of trabecular orien-
Circulating levels of interleukin-6 and its solu-
tation on the fixation of cancellous
ble receptor in patients with head injury and
bone screws
C. Beeton, D. Chatfield, R. Brooks, N. Rushton Coffee break
Auditorium César Roux
Auditorium Auguste Tissot
9b: Surgical techniques
10b: Clinical studies 2
11:00 Incorporation of a novel 3D fluoro-
Salvage of RSA compromised by insufficient
scope in surgical navigation
X. Yuan, J. Patel, R. McCalden, S. MacDonald, 11:15 Intraoperative assessment of the pri-
Joint and segment angles of lower limbs in hip
mary stability of cementless hip stems
osteoarthitis and total hip replaced patients
L. Cristofolini, I. Pelgreffi, A. Cappello, measured using physilog system
H. Dejnabadi, K. Aminian, B. Najafi,C. Trevisan, A. Telonio, C. Frigo, E. Pavah,E. C. Marinoni, Ph. Robert, P. F. Leyvraz 11:30 Force control for registration and
Single limb stance adduction moment in medi-
bone-machining in robot-assisted total
al compartment osteoarthritis of the knee
knee arthroplasty
W. Y. J. Kim, J. Richards, R. Chandru, A. Hegab K. Denis, J. Bellemans, G. Van Ham,J. Vander Sloten, G. Fabry,J. De Schutter, R. Van Auderkercke,G. Van der Perre 11:45 C-arm based 3D-navigation in pedicle
Variation in the orientation of the rotation
screw and si-screw placement: experi-
axis during elbow flexion
mental evaluation and first clinical
A. Ericson, A. Arndt, A. Stark, P. Wretenberg, E. Euler, S. M. Heining, C. Riquarts,W. Mutschler Closing ceremony (Auditorium César Roux)
Implant clinical studies
Implant interface
A novel stem design for anchorage of tumour
Osseointegration of tetrapodic macrostruc-
prostheses after massive resection – clinical
tured short prosthetic stems – experimental
results, 1 to 4 years after implantation –
results in a canine model
G. U. Exner, H. A. C. Jacob, R. Bedzinski, M. Oldenburg, C. Buschmann, R. T. Mueller Implant biomechanics
Bonewelding: thermal and mechanical char-
acterisation of the bone / polymer interface
In-vitro tests on cemented femoral compo-
S. Ferguson, T. Beutler, T. Lanci, L. Torriani nents should include resting periods to obtain
realistic migration characteristics

Evaluation of accuracy and precision of two
radiographic regimes for use with the martell

computer assisted method of measuring
Optomising the biomechanical environment
acetabular wear
of impaction bone graft in revision hip sur-
C. Bragdon, J. Martell, J. Veldhoven, D. Estok, gery, the role of femoral stem taper angle
J. Heal, S. Gheduzzi, I. Learmonth, A. Miles Biomaterials
A new bone model for mechanical testing of
Long-term in vivo degradation and bone reac-
flexible intramedullary nails
tion to resorbable implants from poly(l/dl)-
lactide 80/20% and 70/30%
P. Büchel, B. Rahn, R. Wieling, S. Gogolewski
In vitro study of the influence of stem inser-
tion rate and stem temperature on cement
The effect of sevoflurane on poly methyl meth
mantle porosity in cemented hip replacements
acrylate. Implications at the bone cement
inerface in joint arthroplasty. An in vitro

S. Kutty, A. Devitt, A. Fanning, D. Mulcahy, A comparison of deviatoric & volumetric
bone remodelling signal predictions applied to
the thrust plate prosthesis

M. Schmitz, S. Clift, W. Taylor, D. Hertig, Sterilization of ceramics
The TMT porous tatalum biomaterial:
Do zoledronate and titanium particles have a
ultrastructural characterization
synergetic effect on osteoblasts?
Cartilage biology
Suramin affects human osteosarcoma cells
An alternate non angiogenic function for

Effects of hyperthermia on osteosarcoma cells
Soft tissue biology
The influence of ion channel modulators on
the cd44 expression of human chondrocytes
Oral acorbate supplementation reduces skele-
tal muscle reperfusion injury
S. Kearns, A. Daly, C. Condron,
The significance of MIA/CD-RAP in the diag-
nosis and monitoring of cartilage degradation

N-acetyl cysteine protects skeletal muscle
from compartment syndrome induced injury
S. Kearns, C. Condron, D. Bouchier-Hayes,
Bone biology
Compartimental bone morphometry in the
Cytokines and growth factors in the protrud-
ed intervertebral disc of the lumbar spine
N. Specchia, A. Pagnotta, A. Toesca,
Effects of experimentally-induced periosteal
alterations on longitudinal bone growth

Expression of nerve growth factor and its
receptors in human mature cartilaginous tis-
A. Gigante, C. Bevilacqua, A. Pagnotta,
N. Specchia, F. Greco
Tissue engineering
The influence of ovariectomy, low protein diet,
Association between SF-36 scores and progno-
and treatment with essential amino acids on
sis for autologous chondrocyte implantation
the nanomechanical properties of rat verte-
of the knee
B. Le Gros, S. Hengsberger, P. Ammann,P. Zysset P28
Age-related changes in yield, proliferation,
and tissue forming capacity of human articu-
The cause of subchondral bone cysts in
lar chondrocytes
osteoarthritis: a finite element analysis
H. R. Dürr, H. Martin, C. Pellengahr, V. Jansson O. Démarteau, M. Koerner, P. Mainil-Varlet,I. Martin Imaging and trabecular architecture
Feasibility of novel clinical-CT and micro-
DNA fragmentation and KI-67 expression in
finite element techniques for mechanical eval-
matrix associated chondrocyte transplanta-
uation of human vertebrae
tion (MACT)
J. Gille, B. Martens, M. Russlies, P. Behrens Mechanically regulated bone-cell metabolism
Effects of a porous graded hydroxyapatyte
explains post-menopausal osteoporosis purely
loaded with TGF-b on growth and differentia-
as a response to increased osteoclast activation
tion of human osteoblast-like cells
N. Specchia, A. Pagnotta, M. Cappella, F. Greco R. Ruimerman, P. Hilbers, B. van Rietbergen,R. Huiskes P31
A gene therapy approach to accelerate frac-
ture healing – evaluation of gene expression
Investigation of microcracks in trabecular
and host immune response in a sheep model
bone using synchrotronradiation based
micro-computed tomography (srµCT)
P. Thurner, M. Stampanoni, J. A. Hubbell,R. Mueller Bone biomechanics
Soft tissue biomechanics
Multiaxial loading of a synthetic foam model
for trabecular bone
Relocation of the maximal stresses and strains
in the articular cartilage after meniscectomy
W. Wilson, C. van Donkelaar,
B. van Rietbergen, R. Huiskes
Development of a method for measurement of
Reinforcement of the proximal femur with
anisotropic and inhomogeneous solute diffu-
cortoss bone cement. An in vitro study
sion in compressed cartilage
P. Heini, J. Beckmann, A. Butscher, B. Gasser Surgical techniques
Mechanically induced electrical potentials in
Optimal positioning of total hip implants for
articular cartilage – what is the significance of
maximal range of motion in computer-assist-
polarisation potentials?
ed orthopaedic surgery
Joint biomechanics
Intra-operative force measurement of
Kinematics of the knee after anterior cruciate
impaction allografting
ligament reconstruction and the abolition of
K. Phipps, J. Saksena, S. Muirhead-Allwood, pivot shift
Clinical studies
Knee joint reactive force after tibial lengthen-
10 year follow up of the Furlong HA coated
ing and its relevance to the distracted muscle
total hip replacement
A possible role of fibrocartilage in rotator cuff
The three-dimensional anatomy of the hip in
congenital hip dysplasia. Radiographic and
CT-scan analysis of 312 cases
J. N. Argenson, X. Flecher, E. Ryembault,P. H. Valloton, J. M. Aubaniac P44
Mathematical description of the interrelation-
ship of the deltoid and supraspinatus muscles
Prolonged enoxaparin therapy to prevent
in shoulder abduction in the scapular plane
venous thromboembolism after primary hip
or knee replacement: a cost-effectiveness

An in vivo experimental comparison of stain-
less steel and titanium schanz screws in exter-
nal fixation
A. Ganser, R. Thompson, I. Tami, A. Steiner,
K. Ito
A new modality to reduce post acute ankle
edema in ankle sprains
K. Moholkar, R. Kumar, P. Borton, H. Smyth,
G. Fenelon
Effect of hyaluronic acid in the facet joint – a
controlled, masked-observer, unicentric study
of hyaluronic acid versus cortisone injections
S. Fuchs, T. Erbe, H. L. Fischer, C.O. Tibesku
Is there a role for androgen receptors in
Dupuytren contracture?
A. Pagnotta, N. Specchia, A. Medici
Interpretation of EMG signals in children
with cerebral palsy supported by fuzzy logic
B. Schmidt-Rohlfing, C. Disselhorst-Klug,
S. Ziegler, G. Rau, F.U. Niethard
On an aditional practical gait assessment after
total hip arthroplasty
L. Angelova, Y. Toshev, B. Vladimirov
Sagittal axis translation in normal and anteri-
or cruciate deficient knees
S. Scott, J. Moorehead, S. Montgomery
The trunk stabilizing reactions of walking
horse rider
M. Vilimek, A. Donat, B. Nohavova

Source: http://qfwfq.sente.ch/PPUR-Edition/Resources/TDM_521-7.pdf


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