Pagina 2

Small pieces of (green) Jalopeno-chile make these dishes slightly spicy. It is possible to serve your dishes extra
spicy! Just order some extra green peppers, or use the red bottle of sauce on the table.

No meat or fish for a change should be no problem. Fresh vegetables, herbs and lettuce, beans, rice, cheese,

nuts and more: endless possibilities in the Mexican kitchen.

We are trying to prevent unfriendly environmental fishing methods by serving fish that is bred in captivity.

For foreign guests we have translated several menu’s and cards in English. We kindly ask everybody to inform
us about any possible spelling mistakes!
All dairy products used in our kitchen are pasteurized.
All our dishes are free of gluten, unless the word wheat or flour is mentioned in the text. Therefore
we advise guests with a gluten free diet to avoid ordering main courses which are prepared with (wheat)flour

Do you feel like having a good cocktail, a strong tequila or a refreshing Mexican beer? Check out the cocktails &
drinks menu and make your choice.
Enjoying a comfortable long evening with several tasty bites of your choice. Whether as a side dish, as
alternative for a starter or as a main course. Everything is possible with PssstAmigoTapas!
Please note our special offers:
Margarita Night, Bubbles Night, Early Bird, Live Music and more. You can even collect PsstAmigoStamps!

LIGHT MENU - 3 COURSEs - € 16,95
(Order before 20.30h)
S t a r t e r s
Sopa de Tomate - Small tomato soup with cheese and baked tortilla strips.
Ensalada Santa Fe - Mixed salad with raspberry dressing, cheese, nuts, guacamole and fried bacon.
Molitos - Small pieces of cornbread, covered with garlic, beanspread and spicy cheese. Baked in the oven and
served with picco de gallo and sour cream.
Ma i n c o u r s e s
Chimichanga - Folded flour tortilla filled with cheese, nuts, raisins and 100 % minced beef.
Tostaditas - Stack of crispy baked corn tortilla’s, with in between layers of cheese, beans and a filling of your choice:
chicken, 100% minced beef or vegetables.

Arroz Con Pollo - Small pieces of spicy chicken, baked with fresh fruit and cashew nuts, wrapped in soft flour tortilla’s.
Served with salad and Amigo rice.

D e s s e r t s
Coppa Aventura – ice-cream flavor of the month served with vanilla chips, nuts and whipped cream.
Churritos - Small portion of fried tortilla strips, served with honey, cinnamon ice-cream, and whipped cream.
EASY MENU - 3 COURSEs - € 24,50
(order before 20.30h)
S t a r t e r s
Choose 1 Starter (page 6&7)
Ma i n C o u r s e s
Choose 1 Tortilla Main Dish (page 9&10)
D e s s e r t s
Choose 1 Dessert or Coffee (page 11)
At least 2 persons, order before 20.30
A l l d i s h e s b e l o w a r e m a d e f o r 2 o r m o r e p e r s o n s
Combinacion dÉntradas - (tasting of starters) choice of :

Con Carne : With different kinds of meat
Con Pesce : With different kinds of fish
Ma i n C o u r s e s
Fiesta Mexicana - Culinary trip trough Mexico. Combination of fish-, meat- and vegetable dishes.
Tortilla Platter - Combination platter with the best fillings to fill up warm flour tortilla’s yourself. You can have as many
tortilla’s you think you will need.

Horco del Bandido (+€ 2,00 p.p.) - Prime turkey, tenderloin and beef served on a steel medieval-looking fighting club,
singed at your table with Tequila Sauza Gold. Served with beans, rice, salad and three kinds of sauce.

D e s s e r t s
Paso Doble - Dessert for two; crispy tortilla strips, with several flavors of ice cream, fresh fruit and whipped cream.

An avocado is in between a fruit and a vegetable, is about the size of a pear and contains underneath
it’s leathery skin a beautiful, fatty green pulp and one large pit. The old Dutch word for avocado is
butterfruit. Mashed avocado’s are great for making a creamy dip; guacamole. The word guacamole is
a mix of two Mexican words: aguacate (avocado) and mole (mixture). The authentic recipe of our
guacamole is a well-kept secret, but if you look and taste carefully, you should be able to recognize
most ingredients and make it yourself at home.
Tip: Don’t forget fresh coriander!!

E N T R A D A S (Starters)
Small pieces of cornbread, covered with garlic, bean spread and spicy cheese.
Baked in the oven and served with picco d gallo and sour cream.

Creamy, green avocado dip, served with our own tortilla chips.

Tortilla chips with cheese and Jalapeno-chile. Served with fresh lettuce, guacamole and sour cream.

Tortilla chips with cheese and Jalapeno-chile. Served with sour cream and chorizo sausages.

Small oven dish with a mixture of salmon, crab and shrimps in a delicious cream sauce,
topped with melted cheese.
Lechon Ahumado
Slices of lightly grilled smoked pork, served with lettuce, peaches marinated in tequila
and Thousand Island dressing

Some large mussels and shrimps in a slightly spicy cheddar-coconut sauce
Santa Monica Wrap
Flour tortilla wrap, filled with Serrano ham and honey-mustard creme. Served with apple-egg salad.

C o m b i n a c i o n d ’ e n t r a d a s
Let our chef surprise you with a selection of starters, for 2 or 3 persons.
Con Carne – with different kinds of meat
€ 7.50 pp
Con Pesce – with different kinds of fish
€ 7.50 pp
S O P A S (Soup)
Tomato soup with little cubes of cheese and crispy bits of tortilla

Monthy changed special soup, ask for it !

E N S A L A D A S P E Q U E N A S (Small Salads)
Roman lettuce with Cesar dressing, Parmesan cheese, croutons and strips of grilled chicken.
(Can be served without chicken)

Roman lettuce served with croutons, Parmesan cheese and grilled salmon
Ensalada Santa Fe
Mixture of lettuce with raspberry dressing, cheese, nuts, guacamole and bacon
(Can be served without bacon)

Lettuce, pomodori, feta cheese, olives and red onions in a citrus dressing
Tortillas are known for being a kind of pancakes, which the Mexicans use for a great variety of dishes.
Here at Pssst Amigo, we use two different sorts of tortilla;
1) Corn tortillas are yellow-colored, aromatic and crispy, used for our chips and taco’s
2) Flour tortilla’s are white and soft, but after frying deliciously crispy, used for our
churritos, burritos and chimichangas
The different names of the tortilla dishes are based on the kind of flour (wheat or corn) used for
making the tortilla, the shape and the way of preparation.
All tortilla dishes at Pssst Amigo are prepared in a piping hot oven and are served with salad, black
bean mash, Mexican rice and guacamole. Extra sour cream : 1 euro

O u r C O R N T O R T I L L A S (Main Courses)
€ 12.50
Hot iron pan filled with cheese covered tortilla chips, chicken and 100 % minced beef
€ 12,95
Stack of crispy baked corn tortilla’s, with in between layers of cheese, beans and a filling of your choice:
chicken, 100% minced beef or vegetables.

Taco's Grandes
€ 13.50
Two handmade tacoshells with filling of your choice : chicken, 100% minced beef
or vegetables.
Oven baked with cheese and served with spicy salsa and feta cubes
€ 13.50
2 soft corntortilla’s rolled around your choice of filling : chicken, 100 % minced beef,
mixed fish
, cheese or vegetables.
Baked with cheese/chilesauce in a VERY hot ovendish
( m a i n c o u r s e s )
€ 11.95
Brittle basket of flour tortilla stuffed with spinach, oven baked with 3 types of
cheese (feta, mozzarella and matured). With boiled egg, nuts, croutons and
an oven potato served separately. (instead of rice and beans)
€ 13,95
A squarefolded flour tortilla filled with matured cheese, raisins and assorted nuts,
together with your choice of

Chicken (with cheddar/cheese sauce)
Beef minced meat 100 % (with mole poblano sauce)
Vegetables (with a mild chile sauce)

Large roll of flour tortilla with a combination of fillings :
You can choose from:

Burrito Azteca: with matured cheese, vegetables and tomato-feta salsa
€ 13.95
Burrito Moctezuma : with cheese, vegetables, chicken and 100% beef minced meat
€ 14.50
Burrito Veracruz : with matured cheese, vegetables, salmon, crab and shrimps
€ 14,95
Once upon a time in Mexico they used warm flour tortilla’s to handrollwraps with strips of meat or
veggies, sitting around the campfire. Often in combination with sour cream, guacamole, cheese and a
bit of salad. Today you make your fajitas from a red hot iron pan, with warm tortilla’s and
the other ingredients served seperately
€ 15.95
With stir-fried vegetables, nuts and feta cheese
Fajitas Con Pollo
€ 16.95
With marinated chicken filet, tomato and red onion
Fajitas Con Carne
€ 17.95
With grilled beef tenderloin and red onion
€ 17,95
With stir-fried shrimps and tomato
€ 16.95
With stir-fried filets of salmon and tomato
All our large/grande salads include several kinds of lettuce, pomodori, cucumber, corn, olives and red
onion, they are served with a big roasted potato and a dressing to match

€ 12,95
With stir-fried vegetables, nuts and feta cheese.
Ensalada Grande con Pollo
€ 13,95
With marinated chicken filet, and bacon.
Ensalada Grande con Salmon
€ 14,95
With stir-fried filet of salmon, capers, egg and slices of apple.
Ensalada Grande con Camarones
€ 15,95
With stir-fried shrimps, capers, egg and slices of apple.

€ 14,50
Pan of Mexican cheesefondue, prepared with white wine and a splash of tequila.
Served with warm bread and stir-fried vegetables.
Cajun Wings
€ 13.95
Enjoy our succulent chicken-wings with a cajunmarinade, served with salad, fries or a roasted potato.
Arroz Con Pollo Acapulco
€ 14.95
Sliced filet of chicken prepared with fresh fruit and cashewnuts, wrapped in a soft tortilla.
Served with salad and Amigo-rice.

filets of JohnDory fish, with a soft white winesauce, served with salad, beans and rice.
€ 14.95
The traditional dish with rice, chicken, salmon, shrimps, and mussels. Served with lime and salad.
Mojo Chicken
€ 15.95
Two skewers of chicken filet Cuban style , served with salad, fries or a roasted potato and mole poblano
sauce or mango-pepper sauce.

Pagina 10
€ 14,95
Honey-marinated pork ribs, grilled in the oven. With fries or a roasted potato and our garlic sauce.
€ 14,95
In pepperoil fried gamba’s (without shell) served with warm bread, salad, lime and mayonnaise
Filete De Lomo
€ 16.95
Marinated tenderloin steak from the grill. Served with salad, Cajun butter or corianderpesto and
fries or a roasted potato.

Feel free to order a different kind of sauce. Ask one of our employees.
The following combination dishes are designed to give you a culinary overview of
our Mexican kitchen.
Every plate is served with Amigo-rice, fresh salad and refried beans.
€ 15.50
A taco with 100 % minced beef and a skewer of grilled pork with mango-pepper sauce.
Combinacion Acapulco
€ 16.50
A taco with vegetables, a quesadilla and a flour tortilla with sliced chicken filet, fresh fruit and cashewnuts.
€ 16.50
An enchilada with fish, a salmon filet with cream-sauce and 3 grilled prawns.
Combinacion de la Casa
€ 16.50
A taco with chicken, a small burrito with minced beef and a piece of pork rib with honey marinade.

Tortilla Platter - € 17,95 per person
Roll your own wraps with warm flour tortillas and a choice of 6 delicious fillings out of the oven in traditional
Mexican pottery. Served with salad, beans and rice.
Fiesta Mexicana - € 19,95 per person
A culinary rountrip through the most beautiful country of Central America!
Horco del Bandido - € 21,95 per person
Top quality turkey breast, pork tenderloin and filet of beef from the grill, served on a silver cannonball with
spikes. We flame it with Tequila Gold right in front of you. Served with beans, rice, salad and 3 cold sauces.

Hot chocolate is a drink that was discovered a long time ago by Indian-tribes in old
Mexico. They didn’t only use cacaobeans in meals and sauces, but they also made a
festive drink of it, that we copied a long time after the discovery.
Mixed ice cream with sweet tequila & chips, whipped cream
Hot chocolate with dark rum, coconut liqueur and whipped cream
Waffle with vanilla icecream, chocolate sauce, banana,
apple and whipped cream.
Hot chocolate with amaretto, grand marnier and whipped cream
Mexican dessert of fried tortillastrips with honey and
cinnamonsugar, served with cinnamon icecream and
Coffee with kahlua, old tequila and whipped cream
whipped cream
Coffee with kahlua, amaretto, whipped cream and egg-liqueur
Try a different taste! Ask the staff which adventurous
flavour of icecream we have this month.
Coffee with damiana (love drinkl of the Maya’s) and whipped cream ( Damiana is a
sweet liqueur with hints of honey and anise)
Pieces of fresh fruit in a soft vanilla/lemon-cream, with
blueberry ice cream and whipped cream
Coffee with kahlua, amaretto, whipped cream and a dash of crème de menthe
Lovely Mexican creme with orange, pistachio nuts,
a crispy layer of flamed sugar and whipped cream
Coffee with kahlua and whipped cream
Royal coupe of cassis- and red orange-sorbet ice cream,
Coffee with cinnamon liqueur, some cloves and whipped cream
vanilla ice cream, blueberry sauce and whipped cream
Coffee with sou
thern comfort and whipped cream
Chocolate-mousse with cassis-sorbet ice cream, coulis
of red fruit, whipped cream and vanilla crisps.
CAFE HABANA (+ € 0,75)
Coffee of your choice with a glass of darm rum and a cigar
PRESIDENTE (+ € 0,75)
2 brownies (chocolate-nut cake) with vanilla ice cream
Coffee of your choice with a glass of Mexican cognac
and sweet red fruit jam.
CAFE KAHLUA (+ € 0,75)
€ 14,00
Coffee of your choice with a glass of warm kahlua with whipped cream
Dessert for two: Brittle tortilla strips with several flavours
of ice cream, bitscof fresh fruit and whipped cream.
All our coffees are also available without caffeine



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LES PRINCIPALES PATHOLOGIES RENCONTREES DANS NOTRE SERVICE. Les lithiases biliaires : C'est la présence de calculs dans les voies intra ou extra biliaires. - la lithiase vésiculaire : signes de la douleur biliaire (ou colique hépatique ) : douleursituée dans épigastre avec irradiation hypochondre et épaule droite, qui persistependant 5 heures puis diminue ; s'accompagne de nau

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