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XIVth International Workshop Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plasminogen Activation
Tuesday, June 4th, 2013
Notre Dame Conference Center (McKenna Hall)
5:00 pm - Registration
6:00 pm - Opening Reception (Harpist - Devon Haupt)
7:30 pm - Opening Comments (Francis J. Castellino)
7:30 pm - Keynote Address - Désire Collen - Serendipity in the Development of Tissue-
type Plasminogen Activator

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013
McKenna Hall
8:00 am - Registration

8:45 am - Welcoming Address (Robert Bernhard, V. P. Research)

9:00 am - Oral Session 1 – Protease Systems in Inflammation (Chairs: Toni Antalis and
9:00 am - 01  Apo(a) inhibits plasminogen-dependent MMP-9 activation in inflammation
Menggui Huang, Yanqing Gong, Jessica Grondolsky, Nan Zhao, Francis J. Castellino,
Victoria A. Ploplis, Jane Hoover-Plow 9:15 am - 02  Molecular mechanisms of antiphagocytic activity mediated by plasminogen-
binding group A streptococcal M-like protein Garima Agrahari, Zhong Liang, Victoria A. Ploplis, Francis J. Castellino 9:30 am - 03  A role of plasminogen in macrophage foam cell formation
9:45 am - 04  A mannose receptor-mediated collagen degradation pathway by M2
macrophages identified by imaging collagen turnover in vivo Daniel Madsen, Daniel Leonard, Andrius Masedunskas, Amanda Moyer, Henrik Jürgensen, Diane Peters, Panomwat Amornphimoltham, Arul Selvaraj, Susan Yamada, Lars Engelholm, Niels Behrendt, Kenn Holmbeck, Roberto Weigert, Thomas Bugge 10:00 am - 05  Plasminogen regulates macrophage phagocytosis
10:15 am - 06  Prostasin is required for matriptase activation during the formation and
maintenance of the intestinal epithelial barrier Marguerite Buzza, Erik Martin, Kathyrn Driesbaugh, Antoine Desilets, Richard Leduc, Toni Antalis
10:30 am - Break
10:45 am - Oral Session 2 – Clinical and Pharmacological Advances in Plasminogen
Activation and Fibrinolysis (Chairs: Tetsumei Urano and Claire Booyjzsen)
10:45 am - 07  TM5441, a novel PAI-1 antagonist, prevents hypertension and arteriosclerosis in
an experimental model for vascular aging Amanda E Boe, Mesut Eren, Sheila B. Murphy, Christine E. Kamide, Toshio Miyata, 11:00 am - 08  Site-specific PEGlation of human plasminogen activator inhibitor type 2: Fine
tuning the pharmacokinetic and biodistribution properties for improved diagnostic and therapeutic potential Maria Ranson, Vineesh Indira Chandran, Nathaniel Harris, Sergei Lobov, Kara Vine 11:15 am - 09  Role of PAI-1 in side effects of radiation therapy: an update
11:30 am - 10  Is the phenotype manifested by complete PAI-1 deficiency in human compatible
Kotomi Nagahashi, Takayuki Iwaki, Katsuhiro Takano, Yukio Ozaki, Naohiro Kanayama, Kazuo Umemura, Tetsumei Urano 11:45 pm - 11  Incidence of fibrinolysis measured by thromboelastography in patients with early
coagulopathy of Traumatic Brain Injury (CTBI): Implication for therapeutic effectiveness of tranexamic acid (TXA) Chitta Hanuma, Joseph Capannari, Mark Walsh, Braxton Fritz, Scott Thomas, Michael Chapman, Victoria Ploplis, Deborah Donahue, Megan Maloney, Patrick Davis, Francis Castellino 12:00 pm - 12  Engineering allosteric activators of pro-hepatocyte growth factor for met signaling
with zymogen activator peptides (ZAPtides) by phage display Kyle E. Landgraf, Micah Steffek, Clifford Quan, Jeffrey Tom, Christine Yu, Lydia Santell, Henry Maun, Charles Eigenbrot, Robert A. Lazarus
12:15 pm - Lunch and Free time (Business meeting after lunch in auditorium)
2:00 pm - Campus tour (Eck Alumni Hall)

4:00 pm - State-of-the-art talk - Lindsey Miles - Plasminogen Biology: Retrospectives and

4:30 pm - Break

4:45 pm - Oral Session 3 – Structure/Function of the Plasminogen System and Related
Proteins (Chairs: Nuala Booth and Hongmin Sun)
4:45 pm - 13  Structure and function studies on human plasminogen glycoforms
Ruby Law, Tom Caradoc-Davies, Nathan Cowieson, Bernadine Lu, Adam Quek, Anita
Horvath, Paul Coughlin, James Whisstock 5:00 pm - 14  Latency transition of zebrafish PAI-1: A protein conformational change sterically
Rene Bager, Jesper S. Johansen, Jan K. Jensen, Allan Stensballe, Agnieszka Jendroszek, Hans Peter Sorensen, Peter A. Andreasen 5:15 pm - 15  Human tissue kallikreins 3 and 5 can act as plasminogen activator releasing
Lucas R. de Souza, Pollyana M. Melo, Thaysa Paschoalin, Adriana K. Carmona, Marcia Kondo, Izaura Y. Hirata, Michael Blaber, Ivarne Tersariol, Joyce Takatsuka, Maria A. Juliano, Luiz Juliano, Roseli A. Gomes, Luciano Puzer 5:30 pm - 16  Key residues within core-domain of group A streptococcal plasminogen-binding
M-like protein downplays the role of dimerization in plasminogen binding Sarbani Bhattacharya, Zhong Liang, Victoria A. Ploplis, Francis J. Castellino 5:45 pm - 17  Identification of a novel, nanobody-induced, mechanism of TAFI inactivation and
Maarten Hendrickx, Monika Zatloukalova, Gholamreza Hassanzadeh-Ghassabeh, Serge Muyldermans, Ann Gils, Paul Declerck 6:00 pm - 18  Rezymogenation of active urokinase-type plasminogen activator, induced by an
Longguang Jiang, Kenneth A. Botkjaer, Lisbeth M. Andersen, Cai Yuan, Mingdong Huang, Peter Andreasen 7:00 pm - Dinner (Club Naimoli at the Purcell Pavillion) (Steve Gibons – violinist)

Thursday, June 6th, 2013
McKenna Hall
8:30 am - State-of-the-art talk - Martina Sanderson-Smith - Understanding the Nexus
Between Microbes and Plasminogen in Invasive Pathogens
9:00 am - Oral Session 4 – Regulation of Infection by Components of the Plasminogen
System (Chairs: Mark Walker and Shaun Lee)
9:00 am - 19  Plasminogen activation, coagulation, and fibrinolysis in primary pneumonic
Adam Caulfield, Lindsay Gielda, Jay Schroeder, Lauren Bellows, Jay Degen, Wyndham Lathem 9:15 am - 20  Plasmin acquisition by group A streptococcus protects against C3b-mediated
Diane Ly, Jude Taylor, James Tsatsaronis, Mercedes Monteleone, Amanda Skora, Cortny Donald, Tracy Maddocks, Victor Nizet, Nicholas West, Marie Ranson, Mark Walker, Jason McArthur, Martina L. Sanderson-Smith 9:30 am - 21  Characterization of streptokinases SK1 and SK2b from group A streptococci
Yueling Zhang, Zhong Liang, Jeffery Mayfield, Kristofor Glinton, Victoria A. Ploplis, 9:45 am - 22  Contribution of human plasmin(ogen) to invasive disease propensity of group A
10:00 am - 23  Pharmacological targeting of plasmin prevents inflammatory diseases like septic
shock and acute graft-versus-host disease Aki Sato, Heissig Beate, Koichi Hattori
10:15 am - Break and Group Picture

11:00 am - Oral Session 5 - Proteolytic Processes in Vascular Cell Biology (Chairs: Dudley
11:00 am - 24  uPAR’s domain 2 regulates single chain urokinase-mediated angiogenesis
Alvin Schmaier, Gretchen LaRusch, Alona Merkulova, Fakhri Mahdi, Douglas Cines 11:15 am - 25  An urokinase receptor-derived peptide inhibiting VEGF-dependent directional
Katia Bifulco, Eleonora Liguori, Luigi Mele, Gioconda Di Carluccio, Claudio Arra, Domenica Rea, Maria Teresa Masucci, Maria Patrizia Stopelli, Maria VIncenza Carriero 11:30 am - 26  In vivo effects of mutation of tyrosine 573 in the cytoplasmic tail of membrane-
type 1 matrix metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP) 11:45 am - 27  Real time imaging analysis of secreted-tPA dependent fibrinolytic activity on
vascular endothelial cell surface and its enhancement by newly synthesized PAI-1 inhibitor Hideki Yasui, Yuko Suzuki, Tomasz Brzoska, Hideto Sano, Takafumi Suda, Takashi Dan, Toshio Miyata, Tetsumei Urano 12:00 pm –28  Converging pathways of uPAR up-regulation in cancer and endothelial cells
Anna Laurenzana, Francesca Margheri, Simona Serrati, Nicola Schiavone, Laura Papucci, Lucia Magnelli, Anastasia Chillà, Francesca Bianchini, Lido Calorini, Mario Del Rosso, Gabriella Fibbi 12:15 pm Official Welcome to the 22nd International Congress of Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis 12:30 pm - Lunch and Free time

4:00 pm - Manned Poster Session
6:30 pm - Bus pick-up (at hotels and McKenna Hall)
7:00 pm - Workshop Banquet - Studebaker Museum (Music: Cecile Savage Jazz Quartet)
10:00 pm - Return to Hotels
Friday, June 7th, 2013
McKenna Hall
8:30 am - Oral Session 6 – Effects of the Plasminogen System in Cell Signaling (Maria
8:30 am - 29  Ligand-specific co-receptor recruitment determines the signaling activity of LRP1
in response to tissue-type plasminogen activator and myelin-associated glycoprotein Elisabetta Mantuano, Travis L. Stiles, Dustin Hicks, Steven L. Gonias 8:45 am - 30  Novel role of the urokinase receptor in regulating the tumor suppressor PTEN

Matthias Unseld, Anastasia Chilla, Clemens Pausz, Johannes Breuss, Marina Poettler, Gernot Schabbauer, Gerald Prager 9:00 am - 31  Urokinase receptor mediates osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem
cells via the complement C5a receptor and NFκB Parnian Kalbasianaraki, Margret Patecki, Sergey Tkachuk, Hermann Haller, Inna Dumler 9:15 am - 32  Regulation of hepatic stellate cells through LRP1: a signaling role for t-PA in liver

Liang-I Kang, Kumicko Isse, Anne Orr, William C. Bowen, Anthony J. Demetris, Selen C. Muratoglu, Dudley K. Strickland, George K. Michalopoulos, Wendy M. Mars 9:30 am - 33  Requirement of specific sphingolipids to uPAR and EGFR signaling

Maria Patrizia Stoppelli, Paola Franco, Anna De Vincenzo, Maria Nappo, Stefania Belli 9:45 am - 34  uPAR bridges the mesenchymal and amoeboid style of cell migration
Francesca Margheri, Anna Laurenzana, Simona Serrati, Alessio Biagioni, Nicola
Schiavone, Laura Papucci, Lucia Magnelli, Cristina Luciani, Anastasia Chillà, Paola Chiarugi, Maria Letizia Taddei, Gabriella Fibbi, Mario Del Rosso
10:00 am – Break

10:30 am - Oral Session 7 – Tissue plasminogen activator in neurobiology (Chairs: Robert
10:30 am - 35  Neuroserpin/tPA regulate vascular integrity and seizure severity in the murine
Linda Fredriksson, Tamara S. Stevenson, Enming Joseph Su, Margaret Ragsdale, Kris Mann, Daniel Lawrence 10:45 am - 36  Is tPA involved in the entorhinal cortice-dependent spatial learning processes?

Marie Hebert, Denis Vivien, Veronique Agin 11:00 am - 37  The benefit of compartmentalizing tissue plasminogen activator during stroke

EJ Su, Linda Fredriksson, David Bushart, Margaret Ragsdale, Daniel A. Lawrence 11:15 am - 38  Synergistic inhibitors halt brain and systemic hemorrhage after tissue
plasminogen activator treatment for ischemic stroke Yi Zhang, Aiilyan Houng, Guy Reed 11:30 am -39  Single-chain tPA versus two-chain tPA in the control of NMDA receptors signaling

Thomas Bertrand, Jérôme Parcq, Flavie Lesept, Axel Montagne, Jean-Marie Billard, Yannick Hommet, Jialing Wu, Manuel Yepes, Roger Lijnen, Patrick Dutar, Denis Vivien 11:45 am - 40  The contribution of alpha 2-antiplasmin to tissue plasminogen activator therapy
for stroke: Effects on neuronal cell death, brain swelling, breakdown of the blood brain barrier and mortality Dong Wang, Aiilyan Houng, Guy Reed 12:00 pm - Lunch and Free time
2:00 pm - Campus tour (Eck Alumni Hall)

Jordan Science Hall
4:30 pm - State-of-the-art talk - Denis Vivien - The “Ying-Yang” of Tissue-type
Plasminogen Activator in the Central Nervous System

5:00pm - Break

5:15 pm - Oral Session 8 – The Plasminogen System in Regulating Cell Function (Chairs:
5:30 pm - 41  Tissue-type plasminogen activator is an extracellular mediator of Purkinje cell
Elisa Cops, Maithili Sashindranath, Maria Daglas, Kieran Short, Candida da Fonseca Pereira, Terence Pang, Ian Smyth, Anthony Hannan, Andre Samson, Robert Medcalf 5:45 pm - 42  Tissue-type plasminogen activator mediates the detection and adaptation to
metabolic stress in the central nervous system Manuel Yepes, Fang Wu, Andrew D. Nicholson, Woldeab B. Haile, Enrique Torre 6:00 pm - 43  TAFI is a growth-regulating factor of proliferating hepatocytes through the
localization of plasmin on the matured hepatocytes Taiichiro Seki, Nobuaki Okumura, Kasumi Ishii, Atsushi Miura, Takashi Hosono 6:15 pm - 44  Characterization of a uPAR-LDLR-like protein interaction site and its impact on
Clemens Pausz, Rula Mawas, Anastasia Chillá, Matthias Unseld, René Novotny, Gerald Prager 6:30 pm - 45  PAI-2 inhibits bacterial proteases
Jessica Neilands, Gunnel Svensäter, Bertil Kinnby 6:45 pm - 46  Involvement of both tPA and LRP-1 in regulating circadian clock phase

7:00 pm - Outdoor Grill, Digital Visualization Theater, Tour of Jordan Hall

Saturday, June 8th, 2013
McKenna Hall

8:30 am - Oral Session 9 – In vivo Models of the Plasminogen System and Related
Proteins in Regulating Biological and Pathobiological Responses (Chairs:
Katherine Hajjar and Riku Das)
8:30 am - 47  LRP1 protects the vasculature by regulating protein levels of connective tissue
Selen C. Muratoglu, Shani Belgrave, Brian Hampton, Mary Migliorini, Ling Chen, Irina Mikhailenko, Dudley K. Strickland 8:45 am - 48  The urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (uPAR) regulates intestinal
macrophage phagocytosis and polarization in experimental colitis Marco Genua, Silvia D-Alessio, Javier Cibella, Alessandro Gandelli, Emanuela Sala, Carmen Correale, Vincenzo Arena, Alberto Malesci, Stefania Vetrano, Silvio Danese 9:00 am - 49  Understanding the mechanism of activated protein C inhibition by PAI-1 in the
presence of vitronectin using an in vivo model system Kamlesh Gupta, Deborah Donahue, Francis Castellino, Victoria Ploplis 9:15 am - 50  PAI-1 is a critical determinant of senescence and survival in klotho mice, a
Mesut Eren, Amanda Boe, Sheila B. Murphy, Aaron T. Place, Varun Nagpal, Luisa Morales-Nebreda, Daniela Urich, G. R. S. Budinger, Gökhan M. Mutlu, Toshio Miyata, Douglas E. Vaughan 9:30 am - 51  Real time imaging of plasminogen accumulation in platelet-rich micro-thrombus
and its effective lysis by tPA infusion in vivo Aki Tanaka, Yuko Suzuki, Tomasz Brzoska, Hideto Sano, Tetsumei Urano 9:45 am - 52  The annexin A2 system, a novel player in innate immune responses.

Katherine A. Hajjar, Elle Flood, Brian Scharf, Laura Santambrogio 10:00 am - Break

10:15 am - Oral Session 10 – Protease Systems and Receptors in Cancer (Chairs: M.
10:15 am - 53  Glycolipid anchored and soluble uPAR forms are independent prognostic
Martin Illemann, Tine Thurison, Ida Lund, Hans Jergen Nielsen, Ole Didrik Laerum, Ib Jarle Christensen, Gunilla HØyer-Hansen 10:30 am - 54  A novel uPAR targeted monoclonal antibody, ATN-658, binds to a previously
unidentified epitope on uPAR and inhibits tumor growth and metastasis in vivo Andrew P. Mazar, Irawati Kandela, Andrey Ugolkov, Giulio Francia, Shafaat Rabbani, Robert S. Kerbel, Xiang Xu, Cai Yuan, Mingdong Huang 10:45 am - 55  11:00 am - 55  Activation of uPAR signaling in treated glioblastoma multiforme

Jingjing Hu, Jill Wykosky, Webster K. Cavenee, Scott R. VandenBerg, Frank Furnari, Steven L. Gonias
11:00 am - 56  Chemical probing of the urokinase receptor in cancer metastasis
11:15 am - 57  Matriptase promotes squamous cell carcinogenesis through a PAR-2-NFκB
Katiuchia Sales, Stine Friis, Sine Godiksen, Joanne Konkel, Karina Hansen, Roman Szabo, Lotte Vogel, Wanjun Chen, Silvio J. Gutkind, Thomas Bugge
11:30 am - Closing Remarks – Francis J. Castellino
11:45 am - Box Lunch and Departure


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