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Starter Unit .
Tapescripts .
Starter Unit - Let's start
A: What's your new e-friend's name?B: Laila Jem.
A: Where's she from? Unit 1b - The world over
a) Aeroflot - Russia
Lufthansa - GermanyIberia Airlines - Spain Olympic Airways is a Greek airline.
Easyjet is a British airline.
Volare Airlines is an Italian airline.
Unit 1a - Friends on the Net
Lufthansa is a German airline.
Iberia Airlines is a Spanish airline.
b) (Ss' own answers)
(Suggested Answer Key)
Unit 1c - Pleased to meet you!
A: What's your new e-friend's name?B: Consuelo Ramirez.
A: Where's she from? b) (Suggested Answer Key)
A: Goodbye, Daddy.
B: Bye, Sue. See you later.
A: What's your new e-friend's name?B: Anna Pappa.
B: Richard Green.
A: Where's he from?B: The UK.
(Suggested Answer Key)
Trivia Time!
A: Rose Philips.
B: Can you spell it, please?A: R-O-S-E P-H-I-L-I-P-S.
B: How old are you? Unit 1 - Grammar in Use
A: I'm 23 years old.
B: Where are you from? B: What nationality are you?A: I'm American.
B: What is your favourite colour?A: Blue.
Unit 1d - Writing
a) (Suggested Answer Key)
It's for people who want to make friends with b) Key words to be underlined: name, Where, from,
old, do, languages, speak, Who's your favourite, Alain:
Brigitte, who is that over there? Do youknow her? Brigitte: That's my friend, Anita. She's from
My name's Renate Weiner and I'm from Frankfurt, Alain:
How old is she?
Germany. I'm 19 years old and I'm a student. I Brigitte: She's seventeen. Anita!
speak German, French and English. My favourite Anita:
Hi, Brigitte. How are you?
singer's Dido. I think she's great! I love films, too.
Brigitte: Fine, thanks. Anita, this is my friend,
My favourite actor's Ewan McGregor.
Alain. He is from, France, too.
I'd like to make friends with people from all around Anita:
the world. Please write to me Bye for now.
Alain and Brigitte are French, but Anita is
I love football and my favourite team is Real Madrid.
My favourite singer is Shakira and my favourite Eva:
Hello, my name is Eva. What's your
My friend is from Mexico and she is 18 years old.
I like films and my favourite actor is Will Smith.
Where are you from, Rosanna?
(Suggested Answer Key)
I'm from Warsaw, Poland.
Hi!My name's Consuelo Ramirez and I'm from Mexico Eva is Polish, but Rosanna is Spanish.
City, Mexico. I'm 20 years old and I'm a student. Ispeak Spanish, Italian and English. My favouritesinger is Ricky Martin. I think he's great! I love films, too. My favourite actress is Cameron Diaz.
I'd like to make friends with people from all around (Suggested Answer Key)
b) (Ss' own answers)
., Adèle Bodart. 20 years old. She is French andher favourite food is pizza. Her favourite singer isBritney Spears. Unit 2b - Families of the world
Unit 1 - Reader's Corner
a) ñ short
a) (Ss' own answers)
b) (Ss' own answers)
b) (Ss' own answers)
b) (Ss' own answers)
(Suggested Answer Key)
HEIGHT -., tall
EYES - blue, brown
HAIR - short, wavy, fair, straight, brown, curly
Interviewer: Jennifer, where are you from? APPEARANCE - pretty, handsome, good-looking,
Interviewer: What's your nickname?Jennifer: Interviewer: How many brothers and sisters have you Unit 2c - Family fun!
I've got two sisters, Leslie and Lynda.
Unit 1 - Progress Check
Unit 2d - Writing
Supreme Sports Centre. It is on East Street, next Unit 2a - Family ties
There is a gym, 2 swimming pools, 2 indoorbasketball courts, an aerobics studio, 4 outdoor You can work out in the gym, go swimming, play basketball, do aerobics, play tennis and have fabulous - fantastic
huge - big
wonderful - excellent
trendy - fashionable
(Suggested Answer Key)
Unit 2 - Reader's Corner
a) (Ss' own answers)
b) Country: India
Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bring the whole family for a healthier day out! Located right in the city centre, next to the park.
Trivia Time!
Unit 2 - Progress Check
Unit 2 - Grammar in Use
Oh, hello. I need a disk for my computer.
Unit 3a - Day by day
a) Have -., breakfast
Do - the washing-up, homework, the shopping
Go - to school, to the gym, jogging, to the cinema
b) (Ss' own answers)
(Suggested Answer Key)
Unit 3b - School days
A: Whose is the wetsuit?B: It's Jill's.
cooks, dinner, reads and watches TV. He goesto bed early.
In his free time, he goes to the cinema or Unit 3c - Careers day
She drives the children to school, takes the dog He eats supper, does the washing-up and then They arrive at the sports hall, train for an hour (Suggested Answer Key)
(Suggested Answer Key)
A: He works at the Royston Hotel.
B: How many hours does he work? Daisy Smith is a doctor. She works in a big Daisy's day begins very early - at six o'clock. She gets up, has a good breakfast and then takes her dog for a walk in the park. Then, she takes the train to work. She works in the Accident and Emergencydepartment of the hospital, so she is always busy.
She spends the morning examining sick people. At 1 Trivia Time!
o'clock, she has a break for lunch and she sometimes In the afternoons, she goes to her office and reads reports on her patients or articles about new Unit 3d - Writing
In the evenings, Daisy is very tired so she usually stays in and watches the news or a film on TV. She has dinner and then she goes to bed.
a) Gets up: at six o'clock
Unit 3 - Grammar in Use
In the morning: has a quick breakfast; drives
around the local farms; checks on the animals,
At 11 o'clock: goes to his surgery; looks at
people's pets
Lunch: a sandwich
They visit their parents at the weekends.
In the afternoon: goes to schools; talks to
John has an English lesson every Monday.
On Sundays, she has breakfast at 11:00.
In the evening: gets home late; cooks dinner;
In his free time: goes to the cinema; takes long
b) (Suggested Answer Key)
Michael Peterson gets up at six o'clock every day. In the morning, he has a quick breakfast and then drives around the local farms. Hechecks on the animals - mostly cows, sheep a) (Suggested Answer Key)
and horses. At 11 o'clock he goes to his surgery and looks at people's pets. He usually has a b) (Ss' own answers)
Unit 4a - Fit for a Queen!
a) bedroom -., bedside table, curtains, pillow
bathroom - towels
kitchen -., fridge, cupboards, cooker
b) (Suggested Answer Key)
living room -., fireplace, cushions, sofa,
A: Does Sylvia have breakfast every day?B: Yes, she does.
b) (Ss' own answers)
A: Does Sylvia take the bus to school?B: No, she doesn't. She walks to school.
A: Does Sylvia start school at 9:30?B: No, she doesn't. She starts school at 9:00.
Unit 4b - Home exchange
Unit 3 - Reader's Corner
b) (Ss' own answers)
(Suggested Answer Key)
I would love to have a fully-fitted kitchen.
The student lives in a studio apartment in the They can work as babysitters, paper boys/girls, The city of Bath is a popular tourist centre.
restaurants or you can deliver pizza.
To earn a little extra pocket money.
It teaches them about money and the real world.
attractive, quiet
Unit 3 - Progress Check
Unit 4c - A new neighbourhood
A: Excuse me, where can I change money around B: There's a bank in Arden Street.
A: How can I get there from here?
b) (Ss' own answers)
B: Walk along Canal Street and turn right into
Arden Street. The bank's on your right, next to the butcher's.
There aren't any plates in the sink.
Unit 4d - Writing
The house is in Hall Lane/at 22, Hall Lane.
There are three glasses on the table.
There is a garage at the back and a garden at Unit 4 - Reader's Corner
Sentences to be taken out:
There are lots of shops in the town, where you can
do your shopping. The flat is quite small, but therent is very cheap for the area.
Most people like to sit in their living rooms in the evening.
You can see mountains and a lot of trees.
(Suggested Answer Key)
Unit 4 - Progress Check
This modern studio apartment is in a pleasant street and is just two minutes from the seafront. It has got a large living room/kitchen area with a separate bedroom. It is newly decorated and is bright and airy.
It is fully-furnished and the kitchen has a new fridge, cooker, dishwasher and microwave oven. The studioalso has a balcony with a fantastic view of the sea.
Yes, there's one on Primrose Street.
There is a private car park and a swimming pool.
Go along Morrison Avenue and turn right.
Trivia Time!
It's in Wood Road, next to the baker's.
Unit 5a - A matter of taste
Unit 4 - Grammar in Use
Unit 5d - Writing
Unit 5b - What's on the list?
Write a review of a restaurant in my town.
Location: Chestnut Street
Dishes: tortillas, chicken enchiladas, vegetarian
empanadas, seafood pasta
Desserts: cheesecake burritos, mango ice cream
Cost: í40 for two
Service: friendly, fast
Opening hours: 12 noon-12 midnight
Recommendation: good place to go for great food,
Service: friendly, fast
Atmosphere: warm
Yes, I'd like the vegetable soup to start with.
b) (Suggested Answer Key)
I'd like the chicken curry and rice, please.
Try some of this spicy chicken curry.
All the waiters here are very friendly.
This is my favourite restaurant. There's sucha warm atmosphere.
Trivia Time!
Why don't you order the pasta? It's homemade.
(Suggested Answer Key)
Unit 5c - What's cooking?
restaurant in Prince Street. A Chinese family run therestaurant, so it is authentic Chinese food at its best. The food is fresh and delicious and everything is homemade - even the noodles are homemade! Trythe chicken chow mein or the special fried rice. For those who like spicy food, there's the prawn curry with steamed rice. For dessert, the banana fritterswith ice cream are wonderful. (Suggested Answer Key)
The service is friendly and fast and a meal for two people costs í30. The Great Wall of China is A: OK. What should Meg have for a starter? open from 1 pm to 1 am. It is a fantastic place to go B: She could have tomato soup. That isn't very for amazing food and a warm atmosphere, but it is very popular, so make sure you book a table.
A: That's a good idea. What about their main courses?B: I think that Colin should have the vegetarian burger with green salad because he is a vegetarian.
A: No, I think he should have the cheese omelette.
And I think that Meg should have roast chickenand potatoes and vegetables. Unit 5 - Grammar in Use
B: No way! Potatoes are very fattening. Don't forget A: OK, then. She can have the prawn curry with rice.
A: Well, I don't think that Meg should have any dessert.
B: Yes, you're right. But Colin can have some. He A: Have you got any oranges?
B: Yes. How many do you need?
A: I need a lot. Can I have three kilos, please?
Are there any lemons?
B: Yes, how many would you like?
b) (Suggested Answer Key)
A: Oh, not many. Just two.
A: Would you like a tomato?B: Yes, please./No, thanks.
(Suggested Answer Key)
Unit 5 - Reader's Corner
(Suggested Answer Key)
curry, tappas, enchiladas, spaghetti, Irish stew, frogs' legs, shepherd's pie, souvlaki, etc.
(Suggested Answer Key)
B: No, there isn't much left.
A: Is there much coffee left? A: Is there much orange juice left?B: Yes, there's a lot of orange juice.
b) (Ss' own answers)
A: Are there many apples left?B: No, there aren't many left.
A: Is there much jam left? Unit 5 - Progress Check
B: No, there isn't much left.
A: Is there much bread left?B: Yes, there's a lot of bread.
A: Is there much sugar left?B: No, there isn't much left.
., I'd like the roast chicken with vegetables.
A: I'd like some eggs, please.
B: How many would you like?
A: Five, please. Have you got any milk?
B: Yes. How much do you need?
Unit 6a - Weather blues
A: One carton, please.
B: That's ú2.20.
A: Here you are.
B: Thank you very much.
Winter: January, February
Unit 6d - Writing
Autumn: September, November
Spring: March, April
Summer: July, August
(Suggested Answer Key)
The people are on a high mountain and they are skiing. The weather is cold and snowy.
action, fun, exercise, dangerous, extreme sport, cold b) (Suggested Answer Key)
When it's raining, I feel sad and upset.
When it's windy, I feel scared and stressed.
She's waiting to have her first skiing lesson.
When it's snowing, I feel relaxed.
She can see a little girl putting on her skis.
Unit 6b - In action!
b) (Suggested Answer Key)
Opening remarks: I'm writing from the Swiss
Alps! Wish you were here - it's great!
Closing remarks: Well, that's all for now. Time
to go!
Unit 6c - Just my style!
(Suggested Answer Key)
How are you? We're having a great time in the south of France! The weather is amazing and we I'm waiting to have my first water-skiing lesson.
I'm very excited. Patsy is still in bed. She's really You should wear a coat, a scarf and gloves.
There are lots of people on the beach today.
You should wear a tracksuit and trainers.
There's a family sitting near me. They are so tanned! They must spend all their time in the sun!The water-skiing instructor is waving at me - I think it's time for my lesson now … wish me luck! b) (Suggested Answer Key)
Trivia Time!
A: Hello. Can I help you?B: Well, I'm looking for a dress, but not too A: This is nice and it's on sale - 40% off.
B: Great! Could I try it on? Unit 6 - Grammar in Use
A: Sure, the fitting room is over there.
B: Thanks.
A: What do you think? B: Mmm, I'm not sure. I think it's too big.
A: Let me see if I have a smaller size.
B: This is a better fit. How much is it?A: í30. How would you like to pay? No, he isn't. He is writing from Majorca.
No, she isn't. She is water-skiing.
(Suggested Answer Key)
Unit 6 - Progress Check
A: What is she doing?B: She's running.
Are you doing your homework at the moment?, It's really trendy. Do you have one in dark brown? Is Dad reading a newspaper now?,No, he isn't. He's watering the flowers.
Is Helen washing her hair at the moment?, Unit 7a - Charmed lives
No, she isn't. She's tidying her room.
Are Kim and Sue cooking now?,Yes, they are.
more comfortable
a) (Suggested Answer Key)
B: She was born on the twenty-fifth of September, B: He was born on the ninth of July, 1956.
Yes, it's more expensive than mine.
B: He was born on the nineteenth of August, 1946.
Yes, they're more modern than mine.
B: She was born on the sixteenth of August, 1958.
Yes, they're more comfortable than mine.
b) (Ss' own answers)
Trivia Time!
Unit 6 - Reader's Corner
Unit 7b - The way it was!
a) (Ss' own answers)
weapons: spears, bows, arrows
(Suggested Answer Key)
(Suggested Answer Key)
Native Americans hunted caribou and buffalo.
Paragraph 1 - Folkestone/popular resort Paragraph 2 - People went for sea air/walked along The hunter used his bow and arrow to kill the deer.
When we go camping, we stay in a tent.
gone/people go to use ChannelTunnel to travel to France Paragraph 4 - beautiful place/pretty fishing town/ Unit 7c - It's all in the past!
(Suggested Answer Key)
A hundred years ago, the village of Kinsale in south Cork, Ireland was a small fishing village.
There were very few houses and they were small and dark. The fishermen were poor and their boatswere small and dangerous.
Nowadays, Kinsale is much different. There aren't so many fishing boats any more, but there are (Suggested Answer Key)
lots of yachts and a big marina. Sailing boats come from all over the world to anchor in Kinsale marina and many tourists eat at the many gourmet restaurants in the town. There are several hotels B: His first big part was in 'Splash'.
and guest houses in the town and the local people are richer than people used to be one hundred Kinsale was a small, unknown place a hundred B: He directed his first film in 1996.
years ago. It is much prettier and livelier now, with lots more for both locals and tourists to enjoy.
B: Its name was 'That thing you do'.
A: Where did he travel to in 1997?B: He travelled to Europe in 1997.
Unit 7 - Grammar in Use
A: Why did he travel to Europe?B: He travelled to Europe to film 'Saving Private Ryan'.
A: What is the address of his fan club? (Suggested Answer Key)
A: Where was Rick at 7 o'clock yesterday? A: Where were Cathy and Brad at 7 o'clock A: Where were the Parkers at 7 o'clock yesterday? A: Where was Karen at 7 o'clock yesterday?B: She was at home.
Unit 7d - Writing
A: Where were Pam and Nick at 7 o'clock A: Where was Peter at 7 o'clock yesterday? music hall stars used to entertain in the pavilion A: Where were Garry and Ann at 7 o'clock take in the sea air and walk along the sea front There were windows in the houses, but no doors.
They ate them and used their feathers to maketheir blankets and clothes warmer. ñ on Mother's day ñ on Wednesday ñ at 5 o'clock
The women made beautiful pots and baskets.
ñ in summer ñ on 28th June ñ in 2002 ñ in the
The children helped grind the corn and looked morning ñ in September ñ on New Year's Day
ñ at the moment ñ at the weekend ñ on 14th
They disappeared very suddenly, but nobody March ñ in 1985 ñ at 12 o'clock ñ on Valentine's
Day ñ on Monday ñ in the evening ñ in winter
You can see them in the Mesa Verde National Park.
ñ in 1996 ñ in spring ñ on 7th November
Words in bold:
a piece of equipment used for climbing up sth
roof: the covering on top of a building
bottom: the lowest part of sth
toes the five movable parts at the end of each foot
fingers: the four long, thin parts at the end of each hand
pots: deep round containers used for cooking soups, etc
baskets: containers used for carrying or storing things
grind: to crush sth between two hard surfaces until it
They moved to a new house last week.
ruins: the parts of a building that remain after the rest
He turned off the radio an hour ago.
(Suggested Answer Key)
Homes: 'mesa' rock in shape of high, flat table
Food: ate corn and beans and raised turkeys
Jobs: farmers, made pots and baskets, helped
grind corn and looked after the younger children No, he didn't. He lived in New York.
Reasons why they disappeared: no one knows
No, she didn't. She stayed in a hotel.
exactly but perhaps left to look for water and food or No, she didn't. She worked as a lifeguard.
were killed by other Native Americans.
(Suggested Answer Key)
Unit 7 - Progress Check
ñ Jim used to have a cheap car, but now he has ñ Jim used to buy cheap clothes, but now he buys ñ Jim used to eat at home, but now he eats in ñ Jim used to go to work by train, but now he goes ñ Jim used to spend his holidays at a campsite, but now he stays at luxurious hotels.
I didn't use to go to the gym every day.
Did you do anything special over the weekend? Unit 8a - Once upon the Earth.
Unit 7 - Reader's Corner
They built their homes in the side of a 'mesa', a rock in the shape of a high, flat table.
(Suggested Answer Key)
The Tasmanian Wolf was a mammal. It had short ears and legs, a long tail, stripes on its back and apouch to carry its young. It could hunt at night.
The story took place last week at the park.
The Giant Moa was a bird. It had a small head, big eyes, a long neck and long legs and wings. It could She gave the dog some of her sandwich.
Trivia Time!
Her favourite singer opened the door.
He gave Debra a free ticket for his concert.
She went to Willie Robbins' concert.
Unit 8b - Animal hall of fame
a) (Suggested Answer Key)
Paragraph 1 - last week/town centre/alone/feeling Paragraph 2 - walking along/found wallet/full of Paragraph 3 - went to police station/handed in Paragraph 4 - owner of wallet called/owner of big My brother gets good marks; he's very smart.
b) (Suggested Answer Key)
The best moment of my life!
Last week, I went for a walk in the town centre. I was feeling sad because I didn't have anything towear to my friend's party. I wanted to buy the lovely Unit 8c - Storyline
red dress hanging in the window of Burton'sDepartment Store, but I didn't have enough money. Suddenly, I saw a wallet on the ground. I picked it up and discovered that there were lotsof credit cards and important things inside. I couldn't find an address, so I took it to the policestation nearby. The policeman asked me for my Later that evening, my phone rang. It was the owner of the wallet, calling to thank me for handing it in. It was Mr Burton, the owner of Burton's Department Store! He invited me to his store to choose any item of clothing I wanted. The next day, I went and chose the red dress.
I went to my friend's party and looked great. I felt Unit 8d - Writing
fantastic. It was the best moment of my life! It's about a girl who finds the lost dog of a Unit 8 - Grammar in Use
famous singer and gets to go to his concertas a reward.
(Suggested Answer Key)
The girl finds a lost dog in the park and A: Did you have a teddy bear when you were six famous singer and gives the girl a ticket to A: Did you have a camera when you were six b) (Ss' own answers)
A: Did you have a bike when you were six years S6: Yes, I did. Did you visit your grandfather S7: No, I didn't. Did you buy a pair of trainers A: Did you have a guitar when you were six S8: Yes, I did. Did you study for a test yesterday? A: Did you have a watch when you were six (Suggested Answer Key)
A: Did you have a pet when you were six years (Suggested Answer Key)
I went to Cancun, Mexico, last summer.
I played basketball with my friends last Sunday.
Mrs Edwards could dance all night when shewas young, but she can't now.
Mrs Edwards could ski when she was young,but she can't now.
Mrs Edwards could lift heavy things when she Mrs Edwards could go for long walks when shewas young, but she can't now.
Unit 8 - Reader's Corner
(Suggested Answer Key)
ñ Charles Dickens wrote lots of books.
(Suggested Answer Key)
ñ Michael ate all the cake. There's none left!
9th March, 1934:
ñ The pupils brought presents for the teacher.
12th April, 1961:
ñ My grandmother told me a great bedtime story last
27th March, 1968:
ñ Lots of people came to my birthday party.
ñ Our class went on a trip to the zoo last week.
Name of spaceship: Vostok 1
Name of cosmonaut: Yuri Gagarin
Number of sections: two
Supplies: water and oxygen
Length of flight: 108 minutes
Method of landing: parachute
Name of astronauts: Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins
Number of sections: two
Supplies: scientific experiments, food, oxygen
What did you watch on TV yesterday evening? Length of flight: 8 days 3 hours and 18 minutes
Method of landing: module splashed down into the
Unit 8 - Progress Check
(Suggested Answer Key)
S3: … meet your friends yesterday?S4: Yes, I did. Did you play computer games S5: No, I didn't. Did you eat cornflakes for breakfast Something really funny happened to me yesterday! Unit 9c - Making plans
Unit 9a - Tomorrow's world
(Suggested Answer Key)
A live-in robot is a man's best friend! Keep in the pink all day - wear our 'Clothes We will take you on a virtual tour that will The most intelligent kitchens you've ever seen! b) (Suggested Answer Key)
A: Are you doing anything at the weekend? Let's We will wear clothes to suit our mood.
We will take virtual tours using our computers.
Unit 9d - Writing
(Suggested Answer Key)
A: I'm sure that a lot of cities will be under water.
B: Oh, I don't agree.
Matthew is writing the letter to Angela.
A: In my opinion, our planet will get colder and They can go to the 'Tiger's Eye' concert.
Go to a football match and have a barbecue.
A: I think there will be robots in all workplaces.
B: I don't think so.
A: I'm sure our working day will only be four (Suggested Answer Key)
A: I'm sure a pill will stop people getting fat.
How are you? I'm writing to find out about your plans for next weekend. Do you fancy coming to oursummer house for the weekend? It will be a goodopportunity to catch up on all the news.
Unit 9b - Action-packed!
On Friday evening, there will be a barbecue on the beach near the house with live music by a localband. It will be great fun. Then, on Saturday morning, we are going to go on a boat trip to a fabulous beach about an hour away, so don't forget your swimsuit. My brother, Jake, will be coming too.
On Sunday, we could go for a hike up the mountainsbehind the house. It is always lovely and cool up there, but we need to set off early in the morning. I think it will be a great weekend, so I hope you can make it. Write and let me know if I can countyou in.
Unit 9 - Grammar in Use
proteins: a substance found in food and drink
(meat, milk, etc) which keeps the body healthy
vitamins: substances in food (fruit, vegetables)
minerals: a substance such as salt, necessary for
(Suggested Answer Key)
. by plane. He's going to go on a tour of London.
He's going to take photos. He isn't going to go to the cinema. He's going to go to the theatre. He isn'tgoing to meet his sister. He's going to meet Dave.
Unit 9 - Progress Check
(Suggested Answer Key)
B: They are going to go by Eurostar train.
B: They are going to stay in a hotel.
A: How long are they going to stay?B: They are going to stay for ten days.
B: They are going to go sightseeing.
Is she visiting her parents on Friday,No, she isn't. She's visiting her parents on Tuesday Unit 10a - On your travels
Is she going swimming on Tuesday,No, she isn't. She's going swimming on Wednesday Is she studying for her exams on Thursday, No, she isn't. She's studying for her exams on Friday Trivia Time!
Unit 9 - Reader's Corner
(Suggested Answer Key)
fresh food: food picked or produced recently
frozen food: food that has been preserved by
being kept at a very low temperature
canned food: food that is preserved by being put
through a special process where it is sealed in a can
Unit 10b - Well-travelled!
There are dozens of highspots, for traditionalIrish songs and dances. They should visit theSiamsa.
b) (Suggested Answer Key)
Galway - City of the Tribes
Galway, or as some call it, City of the Tribes, is
on the wild Atlantic coast in the west of Ireland.
It is a centre of Irish language and culture andalso a vibrant, modern city.
Mauna Loa, the world's biggest volcano.
Finding a place to stay will be no problem. There are many top class hotels to choose from or youcan stay in traditional guest houses such as theGreat Southern Hotel Galway. There you will be Unit 10c - Time for a change!
able to enjoy home cooking and hospitality. Places to Visit
Walk along Eyre Square and admire its lovely park or the old merchant's houses. The SpanishArch is also worth a visit - this is where the oldSpanish boats used to dock and unload their goods. Take a walk along Salthill promenadeand enjoy the air of the Atlantic. Why not take a day trip to the Aran Islands, the home of the Eating Out
b) (Ss' own answers)
Galway has a huge range of restaurants tochoose from. Whether you want traditional Irish Trivia Time!
food or a quick snack, Galway has it all! There isalso no shortage of international cuisine, including Italian, Chinese, French or Spanish. Shopping
Unit 10d - Writing
Don't forget to pick up a souvenir of your trip toGalway. The Claddagh ring, the traditional Irishengagement ring, originated in Galway and is now used as a friendship ring. Visit Eyre Squareshopping centre; it has just about everything under Nightlife
Galway comes alive at night, with dozens ofnightspots to choose from. If this is not your scene, take in an evening of traditional Irishsong and dance at the Siamsa theatre. It will be a) (Suggested Answer Key)
At top hotels, such as the Great Southern With its friendly and welcoming people, a visit to Hotel Galway, or a traditional guest house.
Galway is an experience you'll never forget.
Eyre Square (lovely park and old merchant'shouses), the Spanish Arch, Salthillpromenade and the Aran Islands.
Unit 10 - Grammar in Use
At huge range of restaurants. They cansample traditional Irish cuisine, as well asinternational cuisine.
a) (Suggested Answer Key)
ñ You must check out of the hotel before 12 including the Claddagh ring, the traditional ñ You must respect the other guests and not ñ You must pay your bill before you leave.
ñ You must give some kind of identification to Yes, it's the fastest car I've ever seen.
Yes, it's the funniest joke I've ever heard.
Yes, it's the most delicious pie I've ever tasted.
Yes, he's the most handsome man I've ever met.
(Suggested Answer Key)
ñ She hasn't been to the Artis Zoo yet.
ñ She has already visited the Van Gogh Museum.
Unit 10 - Reader's Corner
ñ She hasn't visited the Anne Frank House yet.
ñ She has already taken lots of photos.
ñ She has already bought some souvenirs.
Unit 10 - Progress Check
(Suggested Answer Key)
A: Have you redecorated your bedroom?B: Yes, I redecorated my bedroom last week.
A: Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?B: No, I have never eaten frogs' legs.
A: Have you visited a museum?B: Yes, I visited a museum last Friday.
What kind of holiday job does Nicole want? Boy: Nicole, there's a job here for a pizza delivery
Tapescript for Exercise 3 (p. 7)
Girl: I don't want to spend my summer delivering
Aniela: Excuse me … do you mind if I sit here?
Dario: Not at all! Let me help you with that! Mmm … fish
Boy: Well, what do you want to do?
Girl: Marcie can get me a summer job as a lifeguard.
Aniela: Thank you. My name's Aniela … Aniela Sikorski.
Boy: Who's Marcie?
Girl: The woman I babysit for.
Dario: Aniela … that's a nice name. I'm Dario Panetto.
How old are you Aniela?
Aniela: Eighteen …
Dario: Eighteen … really? You look older! I'm twenty three.
Tapescript for Exercise 3 (p. 30)
Aniela: Are you from Spain?
Dario: No - I'm from Naples in Italy. Where are you from?
Man: Good morning, this is Grange Hall Guest House.
Aniela: I'm Polish … I'm from Warsaw, Poland. It's my
Woman: Oh, hello … sorry I can't hear very well … this is
Dario: Well, I'm sure you'll love it here in England.
Aniela: I'm sure I will. Can you pass me the ketchup …
Man: Yes, madam - this is Grange Hall. Can you hear me
Woman: Oh, yes, that's better! Ermm … how many
rooms are there in your guest house?
Tapescript for Exercise 4 (p. 15)
Man: There are six rooms altogether - a kitchen, living
room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms.
Mrs Richards: David, can you see Darek?
Woman: Six rooms … I see. Are the bedrooms double or
David: Is that him over there? Look, the one with the
Man: They're both double rooms, madam. Each
Mrs Richards: Short hair? No, look. In his photo, he's got
Woman: Good, good … what about a TV?
David: Oh, yes. He's quite short, too. And he's got glasses.
Man: Yes, there's also a TV, a large wardrobe … so
Mrs Richards: That's him, I think.
there's plenty of space for everything … and there's a David: No, mum. That boy's overweight. Darek's quite slim.
Mrs Richards: Oh, dear. I wonder where he is.
Woman: That sounds lovely. Do you serve breakfast?
Darek: Excuse me, are you Mrs Richards?
Man: Yes, we serve a full English breakfast, and that's at
Mrs Richards: Oh, Darek! Here you are! Oh, good! …
Woman: Eight o'clock … oh, that's not too bad is it? Hmm…
well it all sounds really nice. How much does it cost?
Man: It's 40 pounds per night, madam.
Woman: Forty pounds … thank you … and how …
Tapescript for Exercise 4 (p. 23)
What time is Sara's doctor's appointment? Girl: Sara, it's six o'clock … what time's your
Tapescript for Exercise 3 (p. 38)
Woman: At seven … I've got lots of time …
Graham: Hi, Maggie. What are you doing?
Girl: Are you going on the bus?
Maggie: Oh, hi Graham … I'm waiting for Dave … he's
Woman: Yes, there's one at half past six.
late, as usual. He's a typical Pisces … always dreaming Boy: Mum, where's my Maths book … it's not on
Graham: Do you know a lot about star signs, then?
Maggie: Well … I can usually guess what sign people are!
Woman: Look in your bag … it might be there.
Graham: So, what am I?
Boy: It's OK … here it is … on the kitchen table!
Maggie: Well, you're good at sports and you like to win
… I think you're an Aries.
Graham: Wow, that's right. I am an Aries. What about
Girl: Hi, Michael … how's school?
Boy: Fine … I've got a job at the weekends now,
Maggie: That's easy … she's so tidy, I say she's a Virgo.
Graham: Yeah, she is a Virgo. Right again! Well done!
Girl: Really, where?
Boy: At a restaurant in town … you know … Dino's.
Maggie: Well, Shelly's a good cook and she's a bit shy.
Girl: Ah, yes … that's next to the hospital, isn't it?
Let me see … A Cancer, am I right?
Graham: You're amazing! … OK … my turn to guess
what you are, Maggie.
Maggie: OK, Graham, guess!
Janet: When I looked in my bag, my purse wasn't there!
Graham: You're clever, and you've got a lot of friends …
Lucy: Oh, no! You forgot your purse? That's awful!
Janet: I know! I phoned Mum, but she wasn't at home.
Maggie: No, sorry. I'm not a Leo. I'm a Gemini!
There was nothing I could do.
Lucy: I bet you were angry?
Janet: No, I was just really embarrassed. I had the new
shoes on, remember. I just put my old shoes back on
Tapescript for Exercise 3 (p. 47)
and ran out of the shop.
Lucy: Oh, Janet! It could only happen to you!
Speaker: Whistler, British Columbia, is one of the most
popular ski resorts in the world. Whistler has got a great
choice of winter activities. You can go skiing, of course,or why not try snowboarding? If you don't like too much Tapescript for Exercise 3 (p. 71)
action, have a relaxing massage at a spa or buysouvenirs in one of the trendy boutiques.
Man: Gap Fillers. Good morning. How can I help you?
In the evenings, Whistler warms up. There are lovely Ellie: Oh, hello. I'd like some information about my
cafés where you can sit in front of a warm fire and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. There are cinemas where you can Man: Certainly, miss. We have lots of choices available
see all the latest films. And of course, Whistler has got for you here. Could you just give me your details for our some of the best restaurants in North America, where you Ellie: Ellie, Ellie Soames. That's S - O - A - M - E - S.
So, if you're looking for the perfect place to take your Man: Thank you … and your age? How old are you, Ellie?
family this winter, Whistler is the place to go! Ellie: I'm eighteen.
Man: Eighteen. OK. Can you tell me a little bit about your
interests, Ellie?
Ellie: My interests … erm, well. I like music a lot … but my
Tapescript for Exercise 2 (p. 56)
main interest is animals. I love animals and I want to be a vet.
Man: I see … so I suppose you want to do some work
Rosie: Hi, Carl!
Carl: Hi, Rosie … hey, you like animals … did you watch
Ellie: Yes, that's right. I want to go Australia, if possible.
I'm really interested in doing some work with kangaroos Rosie: No, I didn't … I watched a comedy, but it wasn't
Man: Australia … well that's a good place to go for
Carl: I didn't know there was a comedy on … Ted, did
animals! Now, when are you available to start work, Ellie? Ellie: I'm available from the 20th of June, after my exams.
Ted: No, I watched sport all evening.
Man: The 20th of June. That's great. Thank you Ellie. We'll
Carl: Sport? I might have guessed! … Cindy, did you see it?
Cindy: Well, I watched a play on Channel 4 … it was
Ellie: Thank you. Bye.
really good!
Carl: A play … ugh … I never watch plays on TV! … Elaine,
please tell me you saw the Wildlife programme!
Elaine: Sorry! I watched soap operas all night … I love
Tapescript for Exercise 1 (p. 80)
Hello, I'd like to book a day guest package.
Certainly. Could I have your name, please? A:
Tapescript for Exercise 1 (p. 64)
Janet: Lucy, did I tell you what happened to me last
Thanks. Now, we have a choice of exercise classes in the day programme … either yoga or dance.
Lucy: No, Janet, what?
Erm… well I've never done any yoga, so I think the Janet: Well, last Saturday morning I went shopping in
Dance, OK. And the same with the water exercise, Lucy: Burley's? Is that the new department store?
Janet: That's right. It's really nice. I wanted to buy some
new shoes and they've got some really trendy ones there B:
That's fine. Which day would you like to come? … Anyway, I found a fantastic pair of shoes and I liked A:
them so much, I asked if I could keep them on.
Let me see … the 12th of July … OK, that's no problem.
Lucy: Yeah … and then what?
Janet: Well, the assistant put my old shoes in a bag and
Lucy: I see. So what happened?


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