Treating lyme disease

Volume Sixteen • Number Four • July 2007
By Eve Greenberg, MA, LPC, CTN, Staff Reporter for EXPLORE! Publications, USA "In recent years, Autism, Asperger's and other related therapy and various forms of physical therapy, supplements, illnesses on the autism spectrum have become treatable to a medication and "magical formulas", meaningful laboratory large degree, especially when appropriate interventions are testing for autism, food preparation and practical tips for started early. Significant progress has been made in parents, effective and gentle methods of detoxification, energy understanding the toxic brain injury and brain inflammation medicine including homeopathy, microcurrent technology, that starts the downhill cascade of events in genetically microwave shielding, and inhaled ionized oxygen. Throughout susceptible children. Genetic Mapping with its subsequent the seminar practical tips and tricks were offered, including targeted nutritional csuggestions is an evolving science that demonstrations of physical exams, tools and techniques.
is starting to provide important therapeutic pearls. What is There are six illnesses that have the same underlying largely overlooked is the devastating effect of electromagnetic causes and respond to similar treatment strategies, explained radiation on children, from household electric wiring, wireless Dr. Klinghardt. These are autism, Asperger's syndrome, internet, cordless phones and microwave (from cell phone allergies, atopic skin disease, asthma, ADHD and seizure Autism Recovery
networks). What also does not seem to be addressed enough disorders. Environmental and genetic factors seem to is the effect of mycotoxins from mold in the home and Lyme determine how a child adapts to the toxic insult and which disease, which is often passed on from the asymptomatic In Germany, only one in four children are still healthy, Autism Recovery: A Practical Resource-Oriented said Dr. Klinghardt. "Recent literature reviews show that the Workshop for Concerned Parents and Practitioners was incidence of ASD has increased from 0.4 children per 1000 offered by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D. and faculty in in 1985 to 1 in 150 children in 2000 with the highest number . Klinghard
Bellevue, WA on March 30-April 1, 2007. Both practitioners (nearly 1 in 100) in New Jersey. Today, it is possible that 1 in and parents of autistic children attended. The three day seminar was punctuated with lively question and answer periods from Dr. Klinghardt began by exploring the world of the very aware parents and well-versed practitioners. Faculty autistic child, which, he said, is consistent with the expected included Lee Cowden, MD, Tomatis instructor Liliana Sacarin, and reported findings of severe mercury toxicity and chronic MS, RC, Andreanna Rainville (Vaughan), RN, Amy Derksen, Lyme disease. On a physical level, mirror neurons are blocked ND, Elizabeth Sheehan, DC, CCN and Aristo Vojdani, Ph.D.
in the frontal cortex, which creates an inability to spread them of Immunosciences Laboratory. A post-conference seminar out as far apart as possible and give them as late in age aspossible.
was offered by Lee Cowden, MD, focusing on Laser EnergeticDetoxification, a method of shining laser light throughhomeopathic remedies to quickly unblock detoxification Toxins in the Home - EMF and Mold
Dr. Klinghardt says that, "Autism starts in the womb Topics explored included toxicity, infections, biotoxins, which lives in a home. The home has a huge influence on EMF exposure and its catastrophic effect on the genes and autism." Dr. Klinghardt describes our houses as cardboard biochemistry, healing the toxic home, neurosensory boxes with plastic wrapped around them. Our houses do not development through Tomatis work, family constellation breathe, they build up toxic chemicals and they permit electromagnetic radiation to come in. By the time a person The most important immediately effective measure to moves into a new house, it is already moldy. Most U.S. children protect our children from further harm, Dr. Klinghardt says, grow up in homes that are toxic or electromagnetically is by using a propolis vaporizer at all times. Propolis attaches contaminated. Adults present with loss of zest, short term to mold spores. It is amazingly effective in neutralizing mold memory loss, lack of creativity, sex drive and potency, spores and harmful bacteria in the home.
insomnia, fatigue, dulling of the senses, and a dramatic increase For electrosmog, Dr. Klinghardt suggests moving the in neurological and psychiatric illnesses.
child's sleeping location until the child wakes up refreshed.
Cordless phones are the worst offenders, says Dr.
Install a "demand switch" or disconnect fuses for every outlet Klinghardt. The effect is like a gunshot going off in the brain.
in the child's bedroom walls. Buy corded phones for the home Known medical effects include disturbance of all known or disconnect cordless phones at bedtime. Do not use wireless intrinsic rhythms (EEG, heart rate variability, breathing internet. Inspect the neighborhood for cell phone microwave patterns, 24 hour meridian activity, bowel movements, emitters. Install an anti-electrosmog mosquito net. Sleep on a detoxification and more). The blood brain and gut barrier silver coated bedsheet with or without grounding, and move (leaky gut syndrome) are stuck in an open position, there is a synergistic effect with other fields and mold growth increasesin homes. Microwave technology, such as in cell phone Tomatis Method
radiation from the base station, affects the blood brain barrier The Tomatis Method of Sound Stimulation was in a 1.6 mile radius. The known medical effects include discussed by Liliana Sacarin, MS, RC, Tomatis instructor. The increased cancer rate three fold in ten years after cell phone ear perceives well in autism, she said. But motor input does radiation is brought into a community, after a five year not follow. Train the ear and the voice change instantly.
incubation period. Severe EEG, HRV and EKG changes, Through the Tomatis method, the child's ability to control delayed and disturbed brain development in infants, decreased and perceive the world changes. The method helps to increase melatonin and hormone production, an open blood brain the child's ability to analyze by helping to comprehend smaller barrier with increased toxicity all affect endothelial cells in gut mucosa and endothelium, and are responsible for illness Laboratory Testing
and death in trees, especially right in front of the cell towers.
Dr. Vojdani from Immunosciences Laboratory offers a Melatonin induces sleep. We only heal and detoxify in premier autism panel that tests for streptococcal antigens, deep non-rem sleep. Electrosmog reduces melatonin gliadin peptides antibodies, casein peptides antibodies, production in the pineal grand. Dr. Klinghardt quoted a study, antibodies to mercury-binding antigens (fibrillarin), Melatonin protects against mercury induced oxidative tissue Autism Recovery
dipeptidylpeptidases antibodies, anti-myelin basic protein damage, published in Basic and Clinical Pharmacology & antibodies, anti-neurofilament antibodies, metallothionein, Toxicology, Vol. 91, Dec. 2003, pp. 290-296 that says that natural killer cell cytotoxic activity, measles antibodies, melatonin is the most effective and potent neuroprotective immunoglobulins, varicella zoster virus, cytomegalovirus or chemical in the CNS and prevents damage from mercury, lead, CMV, Epstein-Barr virus or VCA, Herpes Type 1 2 and 6 aluminum, chemicals, mycotoxins, viruses, cigarette smoke, viruses. Immunosciences also offers laboratory testing panels bacterial and parasitic endo- and exotoxins outgassing from for autism that includes immune function, intestinal barrier carpets and new car plastics, etc. Without melatonin no . Klinghard
function, food allergy and intolerance, infectious agents, regeneration and no detoxification can occur. Fluoride also neuron-autoimmune antibodies induced by dietary proteins and infectious agents, autoimmune reaction and involvement Molds are spore forming organisms. The spores hatch in the human body, often in the nasal passages, and releasepotent neurotoxins. Neurotoxins destroy the ability of the Food Allergies and Supplements
nervous system to both develop and function normally.
The best diet for an autistic child, said Dr. Klinghardt, Neurotoxins are often also immuno-toxins and alter or is a common sense diet. Eliminate all grains, especially gluten suppress functions of our immune system. Some neurotoxins containing barley, rye, oats, wheat and spelt, all cow dairy, all are also carcinogens. Mold grows in moist areas of the house.
soy, all corn, and all non-organic food. Give enzymes at the The spores spread from there to every nook and corner of the end of each meal (digestive enzymes are pH dependent and house and are impossible to remove completely. Exposure to work in alkaline environments. The pH in the stomach is 1.5 high levels of indoor mold can cause injury and dysfunction before eating and 4.5 at the end of a meal, much more alkaline.
of multiple organs and systems, including respiratory, In terms of probiotics, saccaromyces boulardii is yeast that hematological, immunological and neurological system, in competes with other yeast for nutrients. It is very effective in immuno-suppressed individuals. Mold damages healthy the treatment of candida, even systemic candida. If still breastfeeding, mothers can take chlorella 3-4 times per day to clear toxins from the milk. Chlorella is product sensitive. It toxic substances, and has an anti-viral effect for HPV.
is important that the chlorella has had its cell wall cracked by Hydroxy-B12 has been found to remove toxic nitric oxide sound waves. Dr. Klinghardt recommends Biopure chlorella.
Children often love chewing the chlorella tablets, says Glycine is the most important rate limiting amino acid Dr. Klinghardt. The more the better. Swiss mothers have in the detoxification pathways used to eliminate solvents, reported complete resolution over 12 months of their children's PBDEs, phthalates and other chemicals which are almost autism by giving 120 or more tablets of chlorella daily.
always involved in ASD. Toxins harm enzymes involved in Chlorella detoxifies the gut and GALT. It elevates intracellular methylation. The damage may be to the genes, the epigenome glutathione, activates PPAR, has sporopollein increases or other mechanisms. The activation and silencing of genes is metallothioneine and it has specific peptides to remove dependent on methylation, the restoration of glutathione and mercury, lead and all other toxic metals, and it alkalinizes the many other issues. To bypass the glitch, consider methyl B12, system. Chlorella contains a high amount of Vitamin B12.
folinic or methylated folic acid, Sam-e and Di-or Trimethyl Using CGF liquid can be a nice first step since it binds and mobilizes. This way chelation may be started very slowly.
Autonomic response testing is a form of kinesiology that Cilantro is capable of mobilizing mercury, cadmium, incorporates the health of the autonomic nervous system, i.e.
lead and aluminum in both bones and the central nervous the sympathetic nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system. It is very effective in mobilizing mercury stored in system, and all the ganglia that innervate our body systems, the intracellular space, including the nucleus. Cilantro contains including the digestive system and the brain. ART helps create a mildly toxic compound which is neutralized when it is placed treatment protocols specific to each client's needs. I in a small amount of hot water before ingesting. It should betaken together with chlorella which is a binding agent.
Detoxification for Everyone
Vitamin B6 has benefits in autism when given in high The elimination of toxic metals is most important, doses, 300-500 mg/day or 30 mg/kg/day as pyridoxal HCL.
followed by the elimination of organic toxins such as Dr Klinghardt suggests a 6 week trial. If the patient has no insecticides, wood preservatives, PBDEs and phthalates.
beneficial response during that time, he recommends "Everyone is toxic," said Dr. Klinghardt, and everyone needs continuing to give closer to a normal dose for the entire length to be detoxed for lead and mercury. We all have PBDEs (fire of treatment time. Given as P5P, higher doses are needed, he retardants), phthalates and more. Detoxification needs to happen in the order that the body can handle.
Folic acid is a key nutrient in brain development. Folates Once ethyl mercury is introduced as thimerosol into the are critical enzyme co-factors for DNA and RNA synthesis body via injection, it is picked up by unmyelinated nerves and methylation. They have a strong anti-viral effect against and travels inside the axons of the nerves in less than 24 hours Autism Recovery
HPV and are the most important nutrients of the brain. There into the spinal cord. In another 24 hours it reaches the brain, are three forms. Folic acid is synthetic oxidized folate not where it is initially taken up by the astrocytes. They become found in nature. Unmetabolized folic acid has an anti-folate ill and start failing in one of their most important jobs: to effect. Folinic acid is naturally occurring. In some, but not all create the blood brain barrier. Later, the mercury is taken up children it can be converted to metabolically active folates, by all protein molecules inside the brain and brain-cells: GAGs including the mitochondrial folate functions, and L-5 in the matrix, receptors on cell walls, enzymes, structural methyltetrahydrofolate (L-5MTHF - monoglutamate form), molecules and GTP, the enzyme which creates tubulin, . Klinghard
the only folate that crosses the blood brain barrier. A common enzymes of the citric acid cycle inside the mitochondria and problem in ASD children is folate receptor antibody syndrome more. The main volume of mercury is trapped in the connective (selectively in the brain). The brain is starved for folate. Give tissue of the muscles, bones, ligaments outside the CNS. It is both folinic acid for the mitochondrial functions (100-400 mcg also trapped in the lymphatic tissue and adipose tissue. Overall, four times per day) and MTHF to bypass the folate receptor only a small amount reaches the brain. The amount is problem in the brain (400-1200 mcg four times per day).
According to Dr. Klinghardt, there have been The order of the ethyl mercury elimination protocol is misunderstandings regarding B12 and folic acid. In addition very important. It is paramount that the body is treated by to folinic acid and MTHF, giving folic acid in combination clearing the excretory organs before treating the brain. If the with hydroxyl-B12 (5:2 ratio) is helpful when given at the brain is treated first, the toxins from the body will move into same time sublingually several times/ day. This combination the brain and the patient will be retoxified. Mercury and lead has been found to demethylate toxins (and makes them more have a lethal synergistic effect. Use an agent first that removes easily processed) and can be very effective for stims, tantrums only lead, and then the stronger agents. Start with EDTA and any daily acute crisis. Dr. Klinghardt says that it is best to (intravenous or suppository). Hair testing is inexpensive and use ART testing to find which form of folic acid is the right non-invasive. It can be helpful to monitor progress. Since it form for this particular patient today. Folic acid de-methylates does not require provocation, it can be done in very sensitive or ill children without concern. When the hair test is negative Polygonum cuspidatum which increases brain microcirculation for lead, start removing the bulk of mercury first which is not and decreases autoimmunity, and Rizoles from BioPure which bound in the central nervous system. IV or IM DMPS and are fairly recently discovered compounds that form when Vitamin C, DMSA orally, Zn-DPTA, and chlorella are ideal, natural oils are ozonated for extended periods of time.
Depending on the organic plant oil used, the time of exposure Many parents have found the child's personal protocol to pure medical grade ozone gas, voltage and amperage in the ultimately by trial and error, since many of the commonly high-voltage chamber, different compounds with unique used expensive laboratory tests do not lead to real properties are formed. The rizoles were developed by improvement. Defects in the methylation-sulfation- and Professor and chief of the department of Chemistry Gerhard acetylation-detox pathways are shared by most ASD children Steidl of the University of Erlangen, Germany.
and the available solutions are limited, but should all be tried.
Autonomic Response Testing can individualize protocols.
Clinical Tips
Mercury affects every aspect of biochemistry. Without Clinical tips for parents and practitioners were offered addressing the mercury toxicity at the deepest level, no by Amy Derksen, ND. Common treatments she uses for permanent progress is made with the biomedical approach.
Dr. Cowden's laser energetic detoxification is a new Parasites: BioPure organic freeze dried garlic, revolutionary and effective approach that should be included Vermox/Mebendazole (100 mg BID 3 cays, then repeat in every child's detox regimen, says Dr. Klinghardt. In this after 3 weeks), Biltricide (compounded 150 mg QID for method laser light passes through a clear glass vial of three days, then repeat after 3 weeks, or full dose for homeopathic substance and sweeps the patient's body so the Bilharzia: 600 mg tbl: 3 tbl tid for 3 days, repeat after 3 body can release and/or resolve substances that are affecting weeks). Tinidazole (500 mg BID for 10 days, usually the patient. The substances to be swept are determined by following with Iodoquinol 650 mg tid for 3 weeks, Alinia kinesiology or electrodermal screening. Toxins, allergens, (1000 mg bid for 3 weeks is the optimal dose to treat autoimmunity and even infections may be resolved. A CNS larvae, otherwise 500 mg bid, 3 days and repeat).
treatment takes 32-52-3 minutes. According to Dr. Cowden in his presentation, LED is a safe and highly effective rapid banderol, smilax, stephania root, Japanese knotweed, detoxification therapy that removes many toxins in 24 hours SpiroNil, Cumanda, PhytoLymex by Nutriwest.
that otherwise might take 50-100 days to release. The process Fungal: Diflucan 200 mg for 1-3 months continuous can be very helpful in treating autism.
(this also helps to address Lyme), Nystatin, AmphotericinB, GSE, Colloidal Silver, Florastor/saccharomyces, Beta Autism Recovery
Infections and Infestations
Glucan probiotic, Pleo Pseu or Nig for environmental The most common opportunistic infections in ASD are measles virus persistent in the intestinal tract, Borna viruses Tonsils: Pleo Not and/or Pleo San Pseu (5 drops, (responsible for psychiatric symptoms), Giardia and amoebas, TID for 6 weeks followed with Pleo Sancom for 1 year).
roundworm threadworms and tapeworms, herpes viruses, strep Tonsilla comp, Lymphomyosot, Itiris, have a full ENT infections and consequences, Lyme and co-infections, molds evaluation for chronic enlarged tonsils since this backs up drainage from the brain, King Bio Tonsil Cure and CS . Klinghard
Many homes in the U.S. have elevated levels of mold including aspergillus, cladosporium, stachybotrys, caused by Kidneys: This organ is an absolute most to support poor building plan and materials. Dr. Klinghardt suggests if you are chelating metals. Renelix, Matric Electrolytes, getting an indoor air quality inspection, using a propolis room Solidago, acupuncture/neural therapy, K Drain by vaporizer which kills most known indoor molds, bacteria and Transformation Enzymes, Energen C, M Water viruses, clean bedding regularly and vacuum and sweep Metals: TD-DMPS, TD-DMSA, BioPure Chlorella pyrenoidosa or CGF Chlorella, BioPure CGF liquid, Bio "Almost every child with ASD we have tested so far Pure Cilantro tincture, Zeolite tincture, NDF, Heavy Metal has been positive for Lyme disease," says Dr. Klinghardt.
Detox by Transformation Enzymes, multi-minerals (liquid "Always suspect this when the child is not responding to typical forms seem easiest for kids to tolerate). Toxaway foot protocols." Products Dr. Klinghardt explores with patients bath, Biopure phospholipid exchange (oral). Designs for include PC-Samento and PC-Noni from Biopure, Nutramedix Health PaleoGreens, Nutramedix Algas Metal Detox, Banderol and Cumanda, SpiroNil/Teasel Root from Jernigan Metal Free spray, PCA-Rx, PectaSol Chelation Complex.
Neutraceuticals, PhytoLymes by Nutriwest, Lyme frequency General Detox Support: glutathione (nebulized, IV CD's, KMT technology, LymePlex spray by King Bio, or lipoceutical), B12/folic acid from AMT, Dr. Vinitsky's Andrographis paniculata which is protective against protocol or Dr. Neubrander's protocol for neurodegeneration and excreted rapidly via the kidneys, methylcobalamin, sub-cutaneous injections to keep bowels moving. Fibercleanse for toxin binding Immune Support: ambrotose, coriolus, banderol, ( Cod Liver Oil by Carlsons or Nordic Naturals (especially the DHA Junior by Nordic The conference also featured products sold by BioTools, Naturals), krill oil (NKO), BioBuilder by Body Health including microcurrent devices. Microcurrent devices use amino acids that easily are absorbed. Designs for Health alternating currents and low amperage. When a current is PaleoCleanse and Amino D-tox, Metagenics Fola Pro, pulsed, a multitude of biological effects can be achieved, dependent on the frequency, shape of the wave, pauses between Virusus: Biotics Bio-A-emulsion forte Vitamin A, the waves, length of the individual wave and variation of other Monolaurin, Olive leaf, Mycophyto Complex as a tea, parameters. Microcurrent has been shown to increase Amy Yasko's RNA remedies, Valtrex, Trifal by Ayush intracellular ATP levels, dissolve deep scar tissue, trigger the (also acts as digestive support), Thymactiv, Lysine, fish formation and release of numerous growth factors and oil, coconut oil, Pharmax selenium liquid, DFH allicillin stimulate new nerve growth and tissue healing. KMT technology focuses on the vasodilation of lymph and blood Multi Vitamins: Brainchild Nutritionals Spectrum vessels, downregulation of the sympathetic nervous system, Support II, Super NuThera, Liquid Health Attention, microbial growth inhibition and toxin mobilizing effects.
BioTools offers an air activation system that Dr.
Probiotics: Beta Glucan Probiotic by BioImmersion, Klinghardt says is very effective for oxygenating the whole Klaire Ther-Biotic Complete, PCHF Acidophilus Bifidus, system. It offers an ionic footbath that draws toxic and ionized VSL#3, Metagenics Ultra Bifidus, BioK, Pharmax HLC substances out of the soles of the feet and energizes the autonomic nervous system and acupuncture meridians on the Digestive Enzymes: Houston Nutraceuticals AAFP feet and turns on the detox function of the kidney, liver, gut Peptizyde or Zyme Prime, Kirkman DPP4, Pharmax and skin. BioTools also features devices that clean electrosmog Minerals: Minerals of Life by World Health Mall, Attendees, including myself, left with a great deal of Nutramedix Trace Minerals Relax, Comprehensive new, important information to put into action in their Minerals by Cardiovascular Research, Pharmax Trace Digestive Support (non-enzymes): Designs for About the Author
Health GI Revive, ground flax seeds, Allergy ResearchMastics, vitamin A (measles), PCHF Vermex and Bowel Eve Greenberg, AM, LPC, CTN is a Licensed Counselor and Certified Tra- Autism Recovery
ditional Naturopath who practices in Boulder, Colorado offering microcurrent therapy, color therapy, autonomic response testing, laser Brain Support: MHP Brain Liquid, NeuroCalm, energetic detoxification, drainage, homeopathy, herbs and Serotonin/Dopamine, PCHF-Brain Enhancement Liquid, nutrition. Eve has studied with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, NeuroRecover liquid, Serotonin/Dopamine, Neuro Relax, Ph.D., Robert Zieve, MD, Lee Cowden, MD and Dickson Neuro Calming, Heel Coenzyme compositum, Thalamus, Thom, ND. Eve has been an adjunct faculty member forseveral colleges including Naropa University ian Boulder.
Body Health Bio Builder amino acids, Designs for Health Prior to Boulder, Eve was homeopathic medical assistant sublingual B6, phosphatidyl serine, Carniclear, Electrolyte . Klinghard
to Robert Zieve, MD, which whom she is still affiliated.
Dr. Zi8eve is an integrative physician practicing in Prescott Liver: Hepatics, Dandelion root, burdock, ultrathistle (milk thistle product), castor oil packs, coffee enemas (not Eve is a staff reporter for Explore Magazine, has appearedin the WisdomNetwork's Journeys into Healing, is a workshop presenter, and has trained therapists internationally in action-oriented methods.
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