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Patient Group Meeting 3
Dr V K Mittal Dr S Mittal Dr P Mittal Dr S Dutta B.K. (61,F) V.E. (65,F) N.D. (36,M) A.D. (73,M) R.C.
Minutes of the Meeting:

3) Problems discussed at the last meeting; progress update. • Tooting access to doctors; patients were generally pleased with outcome of the new system for making appointments in Tooting • Confidentiality; staff training given • Telephone consults; GP's offer telephone consultations during the • Complaint boxes; available at the reception at both sites • Smear uptake measures; current figures and possible reasons for lower uptake. Information is available on smear tests on the notice boards at both sites. Saturday morning, and later evening appointments being offered in Balham to aid the increase in uptake of smear tests 4) Action plan from the last meeting; progress update • Tooting surgery presentation in the waiting room; patient generally more happy with the improved organisation but suggested some improvements • Improve GP skills, listening, empathy and communication; • Saturday access in Tooting; funding approved for two Saturday
The Patient group is happy with the progress made so far and have agreed that
these should remain the three priority action points going forward.
It was felt that our progress could be assessed by conducting the same patient
survey as last time as this covers all of the above areas adequately.
5) Discussion of practice policy for accepting patients • Discussion about practice boundaries; inner and outer boundary of the practice. Discussed registering patients from outside the outer boundary and what potential problems there may be with this such as patient visits and visits from community nurses. • Ultrasound machine at the Balham site. This will be used to guide immediate management of certain conditions but will not replace the out-patient ultrasound service at St George's Hospital • ECG's/spirometry/bone density scans/24 hr BP; all of these services are being offered at the surgeries (bone density scanner in Balham only) • Warfarin clinic; run by Dr Dutta in Tooting • Funding has been applied for a 24 ECG machine 7) How to reduce unnecessary A&E attendances • Discussion around current A&E attendance figures; overall one of the • Action plans to further reduce attendances discussed • Encouraging the use of available community services such as the • Improved telephone access to GP's • Improved access to relevant internet information sites as links from the • Dr Dutta has identified a cohort of patients which may be classified as 'vulnerable' patients who are; elderly, housebound, have mental health problems • A session has been dedicated each week so that these patients can be visited at home and their necessary health checks and health needs addressed • Dental visits, visits from the pharmacist and the optician can be 9) Comments and feedback from the patient group There were some very positive suggestions about possible changes: 1. Improving the waiting room further in at the Tooting surgery by painting it a different colour; perhaps a brighter colour 2. Themed notice boards at the Tooting Surgery to make information easier to 3. A notice board at Tooting informing patients of seasonal updates such a flu 4. Patients should be given the opportunity to see a receptionist in another room to discuss any confidential matters if they feel that there is not enough privacy in the waiting rooms at both sites; a poster will be put up in both reception areas inviting patients to do this is necessary 5. When patients call in for a telephone consultation and the GP cannot take it straight sway the patients could state the urgency of the query; generally currently all GP's call patients back mostly after the consultation to preserve patient confidentiality 6. It was suggested that patients should be updated if the doctor is running late 7. Reception staff at the Tooting surgery should ask patients if they would like a 8. Bowel screening figures for the surgery were noted to be low and it was suggested that the kits be available at the GP practice to be given out to patients when they are seen by the GP. It was also suggested that GP's (during the consultation) check with patients in the relevant age group (60-69years) if they had done the screening A further patient survey will be performed and the results will be discussed at the
next practice meeting.
Next meeting date 21st February 2013


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