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2013 Express Rebate Qualifications
Modesto Irrigation District's MPower Business Rebate Program offers commercial, industrial and agricultural customers rebates for the
purchase and installation of qualifying energy efficient products. Minimum qualifications must be met. General program restrictions are
listed below. Refer to Rebate Catalog for product specific requirements and limitations.
Purchase Qualifications
 Purchase (not lease) and install qualifying product(s) between November 1, 2012 and December 15, 2013. These dates may change if
funds are depleted sooner. Qualifying products must be installed before submitting your application. The application and supporting materials should be returned within 90 days of purchase date. All applications must be postmarked by December 15, 2013 to be considered eligible. Exception: Applications for rebate items that are discontinued mid-year must be received by rebate item end date (see Rebate Catalog for details.).  For all qualifying measures, the product purchase date is determined by proof of purchase documents, such as the customer acceptance date of a contract for services, a detailed itemized and dated paid invoice, contract or the printed date on a store cash register receipt. Proof of purchase document(s) must include price per product and detailed payment terms or "type of transaction" (i.e., cash, credit, etc.). Leases and / or performance based projects do not qualify for MID rebates.  Funds received from sources other than MID rebate programs that lower the cost of the project may affect the incentive amount applicants receive. These sources include all third-party energy efficiency programs offering direct funding, financing or rebates (other than tax credits). The funded amount(s) will be deducted from the actual and documented Project Cost as it relates to the MID criteria and the maximum accrued rebate will not exceed net Project Costs. Applicants are required to inform MID of any other incentives for which they have applied and/or may receive. Inspection Qualifications
 Pre-Inspection may be required. See each measure for details.
 Customer must disclose to MID, at the time of the rebate pre-inspection (if required for rebate item) exactly what energy efficiency
modifications are planned and where exactly on the premises they will be installed. Projects that significantly differ in application, scope of install location from MID's information may not be eligible for rebate.  All products are subject to a post-installation inspection by MID.
 MID reserves the right to request manufacturer specifications and/or data for any product.
Payment Qualifications
 Rebates anticipated to exceed $3,000 and all exceptions require written pre-authorization of the MID Energy Services Department.
 Rebates of $600 or less are issued as credits on the electric account for customers. Rebates greater than $600 are issued by check for
customers. IRS W-9 form is required for rebate totals of $600 or more. Rebates are eligible only to customers in good financial standing with MID (subject to MID approval).  Property owners or authorized payees - Rebates of $100 or less are issued as credits on the active electric account. Rebates over $100 are issued by check. IRS W-9 form is required for rebate totals of $600 or more.  Rebate may be redirected to the owner or a duly authorized agent of the customer or owner, such as a property manager, but not to a  Rebates take from six-to-eight weeks to process.
General Qualifications
 These rebates do not apply to new construction, additions to existing facilities, or reconstruction of existing facilities (ex: gut and rehab,
change of occupancy) that must comply with Title 24 Energy Standards. See MID web site for information about rebates for non-residential new construction.  Items not meeting all of the stated requirements will not be processed until proper documentation is received. Upon MID notification, if required documentation is not received by MID within 30 days, the application will be voided. All documentation must be legible.  Products can only receive one MPower Business rebate from MID during its useful life period, see rebate specifications. Reapplication for rebate will not be accepted during this period.  Measures not in the Rebate Catalog may qualify for the MPower Business: Custom Rebate Program.  MID is not responsible for any taxes that may be imposed as a result of these rebates. MID makes no representation or warranty and assumes no liability with respect to quality, safety, performance or other aspect of design, system or appliance installed pursuant to this agreement and expressly disclaims any such representation, warranty or liability.  Rebates issued at the sole discretion of MID. MID reserves the right, without prior notice, to periodically review and make changes to rebate qualification standards and to determine final program eligibility. See for current information and forms. Annual Payment Limits
The maximum annual payment cap for this program is determined per account, by the applicable MID electric rate schedule: $10,000
(GS-1, FL, SL); $20,000 (GS-2, GS-TOU, P-3); or $50,000 (GS-3, IC-25). Customers eligible for a rebate that exceeds this cap may
request an exemption. Exemptions to the cap require pre-approval by MID and are subject to a determination of available funding, which
may not occur until the latter part of the current year.
Rebate payments are limited to a percentage of the net purchase price of the qualifying product(s). The percentage is set relative to the maximum annual payment cap: below the cap - 100%; above the cap - 75%, with the exception of Network PC Management Software (Rebate ID CB001) which remains at 100%.
Applicant Information (Please print using blue or black ink)
Customer/Tenant Name (as it appears on MID bill) Owner Name (if different than Customer/Tenant) Contact Phone Number Payee of Rebate Check (See qualifications for check distribution details) Rebate Item Details
(Use Rebate Summary Sheet only if more than nine rebate items included with application) (W-9 required for rebate totals of $600 or more) Customer Acceptance of Terms (must be completed to apply for rebate)
I certify that I have purchased and installed the indicated energy-saving products for use in my business facility and not for resale. I agree to verification by the MID of both
sales receipts and product installation. I have read and understand the program requirements set forth in the MPower Business Rebate Program Qualification Standards and
attest that all given information is correct. I agree to provide MID with 100% of the energy savings for the rated life of the product or for three years from the receipt of the rebate whichever is less. If I do not provide the energy savings or I cease to be an MID customer during the three years, I shall refund a prorated amount of dollars based on A/C Rebates Only: Existing S.T.E.P. Participants Only: I wish to remain on this program and have MID install a control device on my new air conditioner. Yes Contractor Information and Certification (If owner installed, enter "Self")
Additional information may be required (see Supplemental Data Sheet) Contractors with the required licensing are encouraged to participate in MID rebate programs. If application is submitted with misleading or fraudulent data, the rebate may be denied and the contractor may mot be allowed to participate in MID rebate programs. Contractor Name I certify that the products described in the preceding section installed at the above installation address and attest that all information given is correct. No applications accepted after December 15, 2013. Funds are limited; submit application within 90 days of purchase.
Include photocopy of itemized and dated receipt, contract or invoice for all products. Send to: MID Energy Services Dept., P.O. Box 4060, Modesto, CA 95352-4060
Central Air Conditioner Data
New Equipment
Old Equipment
Attach Certificate of ARI-Certified Performance for the installed unit(s): ( Invoice must include Coil and Condenser model numbers. Cooling Capacity (tons)
Remember to:
• Include photocopy of all original receipts/invoices or contracts for all products. • Complete all sections of the application, including contractor information and signature. • Include supplemental supporting technical information or specifications. Send completed application and supporting materials to: MID Energy Services Department
Questions? Call (209) 526-7339 MID web site:
For MID Use Only
Date Received
Inspector Signature Date

ES Supervisor Approval Date
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