LEVINE EMB Agar (Eosin Methylene-blue Lactose Agar acc.
For the isolation and differentiation of Escherichia coli and Enterobacter and for the rapid identification of Candida albicans according to LEVINE (1918, 1921).
in vitro diagnosticum -
See also General Instruction of Use
For professional use only
Warnings and precautions see ChemDAT®
The culture medium complies with the recommendations of the APHA Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Appearance of Colonies
Wastewater (1998) and the United States Pharmacopeia XXVI (2003).
Mode of Action
The dyes contained in this medium inhibit the growth of many accompanying Gram-positive microorganisms. According to WELD (1952, 1953) and VOGEL and MOSES (1957), LEVINE EMB Agar can be used to identify Candida albicans in clinical speci-mens, if chlorotetracycline hydrochloride is added to inhibit the Colourless, "pin-point" colonies Coagulase-positive entire accompanying bacterial flora. LEVINE EMB Agar can also be utilized for the identification of coagulase-positive staphylo-cocci which grow characteristically as colourless "pin-point" "Spidery" - or "feathery" colonies and which show good agreement with the results of the coagulase test (MENOLASINO et al. 1960).
Other Candida species. Sometimes Nocardia Typical Composition (g/litre)
Peptone from gelatine 10.0; lactose 10.0; di-potassium hydrogen
phosphate 2.0; eosin, yellowish 0.4; methylene blue 0.065; agar- American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association and Water Pollution Control Federation: Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 20th ed., Washington 1998.
Preparation and Storage
LEVINE, M.: Differentation of E. coli and A. aerogenes on a simplified eosin- Usable up to the expiry date when stored dry and tightly closed methylene blue agar. - J. Infect. Dis., 23; 43-47 (1918).
at +15 to +25° C. Protect from light.
LEVINE, M.: Bacteria fermenting lactose and the significance in water After first opening of the bottle the content can be used up to the analysis. - Bull., 62; Iowa State College Engr. Exp. Station (1921).
expiry date when stored dry and tightly closed at +15 to +25° C.
MENOLASINO, N.I., GRIEVES, B., a PAYNE, P.: Isolation and Identification Suspend 36 g/litre, autoclave (15 min at 121 °C), and pour plates.
of coagulase-positive staphylococci on Levine's eosin-methylene blue agar.
- J. Lab. Clin. Med., 56 (6); 908-910 (1960).
VOGEL, R.A., a. MOSES, M.R.: Welds method for the rapid identification of Candida albicans in clinical materials. - Am. J. Clin. Path., 28 (1); 103-106
If cultivating Candida, add 0,1 mg tetracycline hydrochloride/litre after autoclaving and mix homogeneously. The culture WELD, J.T.: Candida albicans. Rapid identification in pure cultures with
carbon dioxyde on modified eosin-methylene blue medium. - Arch. Dermat.
Syph., 66; 691-694 (1952).
WELD, J.T.: Candida albicans. Rapid identification in cultures made directly
from human materials. - Arch. Dermat. Syph., 67 (5); 473-478 (1953).
United States Pharmacopeia XXVI, Chapter "Microbial Limit Tests", 1985.
Clinical specimen collection, handling and processing, see general instruction of use.
Experimental Procedure and Evaluation
Inoculate by thinly spreading the sample material on the surface
of the culture medium.
Incubation: 1-2 days at 35 °C aerobically.
To obtain a primary culture of Candida, incubate the plates containing chlorotetracycline in a 10 % carbon dioxide atmosphere (e.g. with Anaerocult® C or C mini).
Merck Microbiology Manual 12th Edition
LEVINE EMB Agar (Eosin Methylene-blue Lactose Agar acc.

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Merck Microbiology Manual 12th Edition

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