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 Inhaled cannabis increases blood osmolality and therefore, makes one more dehydrated. It is recommended that you increase your water intake to offset this side effect.  Using a vaporizer aerosolizes the chemical essence of the medication without carrying with it the resin, tars, or impurities. This is a better way of getting the benefit of cannabis while decreasing the potential risk of bronchitis, etc. There is no decided link between inhaled cannabis and lung cancer.  The edible forms of cannabis take longer to reach the threshold of effect, but the duration of the effect lasts longer than the inhaled method . Cannabis tincture may be used for glaucoma,
arthritis, migraine, etc. and day time activity, taken orally.

 General health measures include maintaining a balanced diet of mostly fruit and vegetables. It is recommended that persons in good health do aerobic exercise with resistance
30 min daily. Gotu Kola, ginko biloboa, and Focus Smart support memory and brain function*.
 Ibuprofen(Advil, Motrin), Voltaren, Vioxx were found to increase stroke or cardiovascular risk of death, whereby Naprosyn, Anaprox, Aleve were not.
 Recommendations for back pain are Pilates, yoga, inversion table with reverse sit-ups, Stair Master with arm attachments for stretching the spinal muscles while hardening the spinal musculature, elliptical machine in reverse and. MRICenters.Com @ 310 373 0000 provide low cost MRI diagnostic procedures (with a Rx ) for imaging the exact cause of back problems.  General measures for joint symptoms ( pain, stiffness) are: Velvet Antler(Tobin Farms)
Hyaluronic acid, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin, available over the counter.
Cannabis topicals “ointments, lotions, and alcohol rubs” can be applied directly to joints to
help relieve pain and inflammation of arthritis or tendonitis with out any psycho active side effects.  It is not recommended that the use of cannabis be combined with alcohol, narcotic medications, or narcotic illicit drugs. Avoid transporting it outside of a locked automobile trunk, similar to
or, for additional legal information.
 One should avoid the use of cannabis while driving in your car, while operating dangerous
equipment, or during any endeavors which require full alertness and attention.  The doctor or the staff does not refer to cannabis dispensaries or co-ops and does not aid or abet in
the acquisition of medical cannabis or marijuana; so please don’t ask.
 Please write back to Madison Burbank Medical Center, Inc. at email address: to let us know how you are responding to treatment and return in 3weeks for follow-up. ANNUAL AMERICAN DEATHS CAUSED BY DRUGS
TOBACCO . 400,000
ALCOHOL . 100,000
ALL LEGAL DRUGS . 20,000 (Doctors prescribed and FDA approved)
CAFFEINE . 2,000
ASPIRIN . . 500
MARIJUANA . 0 source: National Institute on Drug Abuse



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