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MGC-AIO course:
Transgenesis, Gene Targeting and in
vivo Imaging
Leiden, LUMC,
A: Basic course
Building 1, lecture hall 2 (K1-S)
May 9-11, 2011
B: International Innovative Mouse Model workshop
Building 3, Buruma hall
May 12-13, 2011
Organizers: Sjef Verbeek, Els Robanus Maandag and Riccardo Fodde Program and Additional Information
Monday, May 9
Lecture hall 2 (K1-S)
N.B. Lunches will be provided throughout the week to all participants free of charge Tea / Coffee will be provided between 3-4 p.m. Afternoon
Lecture hall 2 (K1-S)
Tuesday, May 10
Lecture hall 2 (K1-S)
Parallel sessions in vivo imaging Afternoon
Lecture hall 2 (K1-S)
Wednesday, May 11
Lecture hall 2 (K1-S)
Lecture hall 2 (K1-S)
Discussion forum: Which animal model is the best? 6th Workshop on
Innovative Mouse Models
Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, the Netherlands
rAAV directed gene targeting, recombineering, Zinc-finger nuclease assisted gene targeting,
Epigenetic programming in iPS cells, ES cell derivation and culture,
Meganuclases, TALE nucleases,
Invited speakers
Tomas Cermak
Engineered TAL effector nucleases: new tools for genome

Ivo Huijbers

Fast track production of complex tumor models starting
from GEMM-derived embryonic stem cells

Rob Howes

rAAV mediated gene targeting in human and animal cells

Samer Hussein

Genetic mosaicism and selection during reprogramming
to pluripotency

Ralf Kühn Zinc finger nuclease assisted gene targeting

Guillermo Montoya

Molecular scissors for in situ cellular repair

Jennifer Nichols

Manipulating pathways to improve ES cell culture and

Francis Stewart

Advanced transgenesis and genome engineering using
recombineering and site-specific recombinases
Suggestions for further reading
Size matters: use of YACs, BACs and PACs in transgenic animals (Review) Patricia Giraldo & Lluís Montoliu; Transgenic Res 10, 83-103, 2001.
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Nagy, A.; Gersenstein, M.; Vintersten, K.; Behringer R., Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press 2002 Practical Approach Oxford University Press 2006 Mammalian and Avian Transgenesis New Approaches WEBSITES OF RESOURCES
A. International Knockout Mouse Consortia
(Cell 2007; 128: 9-13 and Cell (2007), 129: 235)
EUCOMM (Europe):
NorCOMM (Canada):
Portal: The International Knockout Mouse Consortium (IKMC):
International Mouse Strain Resources (IMSR): global searchable catalog of mouse strain resources
JAX Mice (The Jackson Laboratory): mouse product list, technical support, mice:
Induced Mutant Resource (IMR): genetically engineered mice, The Jackson Laboratory
Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers (MMRRC): mouse strain and ordering information from NCRR's regional mutant mouse repositories:
Mammalian Genetics Unit (MGU): mouse stock list, mouse Embryo Bank, MRC, Harwell (UK)
European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA): repository for transgenic mouse lines (Italy):
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL): mouse mutant stocks, Oak Ridge National Laboratory database and repository of mouse neurological mutants:
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Cambridge UK (MICER)
C. Mouse and expression data bases
Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression (Canada):
Gene Expression Database (GXD) (MGI):
D. Anatomy
The Anatomy of the Laboratory Mouse Margaret J. Cook
E. Cre transgenic mouse strains
The CREATE (Coordination of resources for conditional expression of mutated mouse alleles) project
Cre-X-Mice: a database of Cre transgenic lines
F. General
The "International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT)" is a non-profitmaking Society
Organizers/ Lecturers
Prof. Riccardo Fodde
Experimental Pathology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam.
Tel.: 010-4088490
Dr. Els Robanus Maandag
Dept. of Human and Clinical Genetics, LUMC, Leiden
Tel.: 071-5269511
Dr. Sjef Verbeek
Dept. of Human and Clinical Genetics, LUMC, Leiden
Tel.: 071-5269410
Cor Breukel
Dept. of Human and Clinical Genetics, LUMC, Leiden
Tel.: 071-5269414
Dr. Lee Fradkin
Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology, LUMC, Leiden
Tel: 071-5269228
Prof. Jeroen den Hertog
Hubrecht Institute, NIOB KNAW, Utrecht
Tel: +31 30 2121800
Dr. Jos Jonkers
Div. of Molecular Biology, NKI, Amsterdam
Tel.: 020-5122000
Dr. Eric Kaijzel
Dept. of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, LUMC, Leiden
Tel.: 071-5263076
Dr. Rik Korswagen
Hubrecht Institute, NIOB KNAW, Utrecht
Tel.: 030-2121981
Dr. Nicolas Legrand
AIMM Therapeutics, Amsterdam
Tel.: 020-5666488
Prof. Hein te Riele
Div. of Molecular Biology, NKI, Amsterdam
Tel.: 020-5122084
Dr. Catherine Robin
Dept. of Cell Biology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
Tel.: 010-7044795
Dr. Daniela Salvatori
Animal Facility (PDC), LUMC, Leiden
Tel.: 071-5269688
Dr. Margriet Snoek
Div. of Molecular Genetics, NKI, Amsterdam
Tel.: 020-5122001
Dr. Marcel Veltrop
Dept. of Human and Clinical Genetics, LUMC, Leiden
Tel.: 071-5269427
Prof. Arn van den Maagdenberg
Dept. of Human and Clinical Genetics, LUMC, Leiden
Tel.: 071-5269460
Dr. Harald Mikkers
Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology, LUMC, Leiden
Tel: 071-5269668
Dr. Marc van de Wetering
Hubrecht Institute, NIOB KNAW, Utrecht
Tel.: 030-2121848
Dr. Joop Wiegant
Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology, LUMC, Leiden
Tel: 071-5269222


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