June 8th Public Holiday to Celebrate end of WW Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! - 11. Show Boat opens on Broadway. Verdicts of Princess Elizabeth Marries Philip Mountbatten Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah - James Baskett. "All Stepping out with my Baby - Fred Astaire. Nationalised. Gandhi assassinated Burma and South African Apartheid. Stalin orders attacks 'A' You're Adorable - Perry Como. on Soviet Jews. Communist People's Republic of China. South Africa institutionalizes apartheid Horses around the fire. Coin in the slot Shrimp Boats - Jo Stafford. I'l See You in My Dreams - Doris Day. Mockingbird Hill Strangers on a Train. Disney's Alice in swirl, and rustle to the full-cut skirts. King George VI dies. Nelson Mandela arrested. Everest Conquest - Edmund Hillary. Stalin dies. Roger Bannister runs first 4 minute mile. Pensioners demonstrate for better pensions. The first kidney transplant is performed segregation. Ruth Ellis hanged in Holloway Hungarian uprising. Refugees arrive. Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier. Egypt takes control Going On - Jerry Lee Lewis. That'l Be the Day - Buddy Hol y. Wake Up, Little Susie - 1st CND Aldermaston March. The Munich air crash. Khrushchev becomes Soviet Premier. Your Life in Their Hands. Grandstand. Shampoo bought in individual General Charles de Gaulle becomes French First section of MI opened. Buddy Hol y dies. President Castro takes over Cuba. Tibet's Dalai Records starts up. Lonely Boy - Paul Anka. Wedding of princess Margaret. Berlin wall Twist by Chubby Checker. Only the Lonely Yuri Gagarin's flight into space and back. Alan Sheppard, first American in Space. Silicon Chip invented. John F. Kennedy president of US. Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley. Death of Marilyn Munroe. The 'Big Freeze' Loving You - Ray Charles. Twist and Shout - The Isley Brothers. The Loco-Motion by Opening of Dartford Tunnel. Assassination of Hippies. Make Love, Not War" long hair John F Kennedy. Great Train Robbery. Martin The Chiffons. Walk Like a Man - The Four Luther King, Jr. gives his "I have a Birth of Prince Edward. Elect. Harold Wilson Mary Poppins. Goldfinger. A Hard Day's PM. Nelson Mandela receives life sentence for his role in abolishing apartheid in SA. Cassius Clay heavyweight champion. Martin Luther Death of Winston Churchill. Vietnam War. Death penalty abolished. Lyndon B. Johnson US Labour victory in general election. Start of Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolfe? Alfie. Chinese cultural revolution. Aberfan landslide Summer in the City - The Lovin' Spoonful. American astronauts kil ed in fire during ground test. Torrey Canyon ran aground off Lands End. Sir With Love - Lulu. Happy Together -The First human heart transplant. Israel and Arab Six-Day War. Billie Jean King Singles and Memphis, Tennessee. Paris student riots. The Ross Cleveland trawler sank killing 19. Robert F. Test flight of concord. First men on moon - Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. The Woodstock. Silly String. Tie-dye T-shirts. Beetles break up. Conservatives win election. Open university goes on air. Decimal coinage. Maggie May - Rod Stewart. Granddad - Miners' strike. Bloody Sunday in Londonderry. Expulsion of British Asians from Uganda. VAT introduced. Watergate affair. Wedding of Labour wins general election. Patty Hearst Hot summer. Separation of lord Snowden and Princess Margaret. James Callaghan PM. Water shortages. High speed train service introduced. First commercial flights of Concorde. Jimmy Carter US president. James Hunt wins F1 title. Argentina - Julie Covington. The First Cut First test tube baby. Pope Paul VI, dies, then Pope John Paul I and Pope John Paul II takes Margaret Thatcher PM. Earl Mountbatten killed in bomb explosion. Abolition of corporal Just Like Starting Over - John Lennon. Peter Sutcliffe charged - Yorkshire Ripper. Charles and Diana's engagement and Wedding. Brixton, Toxteth, Moss Side riots. Ronald Lennon. Jealous Guy - Roxy Music. This Reagan US President. Booker Prize - Salman Barbican opened. Falkland war. Birth of Prince William. Prince is killed in car accident. Moonie Seat Belts compulsory. New £1 coin. HIV Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi. Scarface. Breath you Take - Police. Uptown Girl - Olympics - Los Angeles. Torvill and Dean wind Pads. Care Bears. Trivial Pursuit. Stone- Live Aid in London. Wreck of Titanic found. Chernobyl disaster and radio-active fall out. Herald of Free Enterprise sinks in N Sea and many die. Charles and Diana living separately. Kind of Love - Phil Collins. Heaven is a 46 kil ed in Kegworth plane crash. Student protest at Tiananmen Square. Fall of Berlin Prayer - Madonna. Back to Life - Soul II wall. Hillsborough disaster. Kazuo Ishiguro wins Margaret Thatcher resigns and is succeeded by Train crashes into buffers at Cannon Street Grunge: flannel shirts and ripped jeans. Station. Hostage Terry Waite released. Gulf Charles and Diana officially separate. Windsor Bosnian war s Rachel Whiteread wins Turner A mortar bomb in Sarajevo market killed 68 and wounding 200 people. Channel Tunnel opened. Cliff Richard receives knighthood. Damien Hirst Dunblane School Massacre. Graham Swift wins - Spice Girls. How Deep is your Love - Princess Diana dies in a car crash in Paris. Tony Blair becomes labour PM. Dolly the sheep I can Fly - R Kelly. I'll be missing you - cloned. Arundhati Roy wins Booker Prize - The Thousands killed in a poison gas attack on introduced. Solar Eclipse. Wedding of Prince The Millennium. Dr Harold Shipman arrested Foot and Mouth outbreak in Cattle. Wobbly Millennium Bridge closed. Twin Towers - Euro official currency of EU. Deaths of queen Mother and Princess Margaret. Murders of Holy Wells and Jessica Chapman by Ian Huntley. Unchained Melody - Gareth Gates. Sound Concord Makes last Flight. Queen's 50th The Lord Of The Rings. Kill Bill: Vol. 1. Wedding Anniversary. "shoe bomber" Richard Crazy in Love - Beyonce. Leave Right Now Floods in Boscastle - Cornwall. Olympic Games, Athens. 335 people, mainly school children Definitely Maybe - Oasis. Vertigo - U2. were killed after a siege of a Russian school by I'll Stand by You - Girls Aloud. Obviously Million Dollar Baby. The Aviator. Finding Price Charles marries Camilla Parker Bowles. The Apprentice. QI. Deal or No Deal. The Crazy Frog Ring Tone. Skate shoes. Fox hunting banned. Pope Benedict XV1 takes Blunt. Don't Cha' - Pussy Cat Dolls. Queen's 80th Birthday. Kiran Desai - The Inheritance of Loss - wins Booker Prize Madeleine McCann is abducted in Praia da Luz. hine - Take St Pancras Station opened as Eurostar Terminal. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills divorce. now - The Sugar Babes. Grace Kelly - The Credit Crunch. House prices fal. Northern Rock crash. Nelson Mandela's 80th Birthday. dies. Megrahi - Lockerbie Bomber released. Obama Inaugurated. MPs Expenses Scandal. Thirty-three Chilean miners are rescued after Prince William marries to Kate Middleton. Floor-length dresses. Bold floral prints.


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AF 100 Regulatory Compliance Letter EU Directive 2011/65/EU & 2012/19/EU Shurtape® AF 100 Pressure Sensitive Tape is outside the scope of the requirements set forth by European Union Directive 2011/65/EU – ROHS II and the European Union Directive 2012/19/EU – WEEE relating to electronics and electrical equipment which bans or limits certain heavy metals and polybrominated flame

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