List Of Herbs Currently Grown At Kundalika Cottages
Passive diarrhoea & Haemorrhage, hoarsenes of voice sore throat.toothache, bleeding, ulceration & sponginess of gums.
Astringent, cooling, stypic, anthelmintic, constipanting, diuretic, emetic,& nutritive Rind of the ripe fruit, root-bark, leaves, flowers Constipation, duspepsia, dysentery of children, intermitten-fever, piles, vomating Fever, arthritis, skin diseases, sciatica, psychotic disorders Debility, after effect of fever, chronic diarrhoea, dysentery, catrrhal fever, ulcer, rheumatic pain.
Flatulence, diarrhoea, anthelmintic, sluggish fever, intermittent & remittent fever.
Urinary disorders, astringent, nervine tonic, vermifuge for tapeworm. Anti-diarrhoeal, fever, boils, wounds, skin diseases, astringent, carminative, tonic.
Diarrhoea 7 dysentery, to promote appetite, boils, small-pox, gonorrhoea.
Piles, vomiting, acidity, anti-bacterial, fever, jaundice, anaemia, diabetes.
Headache, malaria, astringent, diarrhoea.
Astrigent, purgative, antipyretic, gonorrhoea, jaundice.
Oedema, cardiac disorders, liver & spleen diseases.
palash, Palas, Dhak, Flame of the forest Weakness, anthelminthic, dysentery,geriatric tonic.
Anthelminithic, anti-pyretic, anti-pruritic, tumours,bronchitis,catarrh,dyspepsia.
Appetizer,laxative,carminative, anti-inflammtory, stypils.
Constipation, gout, rheumatism,stomach infection, facial paralysis.
Anxiety neurosis, minor memory disturbances, psychotropic agent.
Diuretics, urinary diseases, sinus, sedative.
Asthisandhara, Vajravalli, Hadjoda, Kandvel Dyspepsia, general weakness, fracture healer.
Oedema, pain, skin diseases, vomiting, liver diseases.
urinary diseases, vaginal discharge.
Rheumatism, oedema, pain, worms, piles, elephntiasis,fracture.
Cough, chest diseases, relief from severe colic pain.
Dyspepsia, diarrhoea, leprosy, obesity, anthelmintic.
Piles, Skin diseases, eye diseases, acidity, gall bladder, kidney stone.
Active against intestinal worms, piles, sore throat, dyspepsia,mouth ulcer.
Bark, latex, leaves, aerial roots, fruits Pain, wounds, oedema, eye diseases, skin diseases, dysentery.
Astringent, dysentery, diabetes, stomatchache, piles, diarrhoea.
Indigestion, skin infection, wound healer, burns, diarrhoea, dysentery.
Dyspepesia, nervous disorders, expel worms.
Snake-bike, fever, cough, liver & spleen, painkiller.
Astringent, dysentery, diarrhoea, diabetes, abscess.
Anantmool, Upalsari, Indian Sarsaparilla Tonic, demulcent, diaphoretic, diuretic, blood purifier, syphilis, urinary diseases.
Dysentery, fever, diarrhoea, intestinal worms.
Epilepsy, other nervous disorders,ointment for sores, ulcers, piles.
Anthelmintic, diuretic. Fresh leaf juice for corns, ulcer in mouth.
Cough, asthma, sore throat, fever, cardiac diseases, T.B. , skin diseases.
Bark, Leaves, Leaf juice, oil & essence of Flowers Jaundice, Skin diseases, leprosy, headache.
Skin diseases, cough, health tonic, hiccough.
Alexiphormic, nervous headache, diuretic.
Burning sensation, conjunctivitis, leucorrhoea, gonorrhoea.
Astringent, pungent, digestive, gum & teeth, intestinal worms, Bark of roots, powedered leaf, leaves, bark of stem Bodyache, application to fresh cuts, anti-diarrhoeal.
Carminative, stomach problems, nausea, vomating Fevers, anti-pyretic, anti-spasmodic, anodyne, rheumatism Diuretic,stimulant, demulcent, gonorrhoea, dysentery, chronic diarrhoea.
Astringent, tonic, dysentery, carminative, stomachic, purgative 78 Phyllanthus emblica(Emblica officinalis) Amla, Embelic myrobalan, Indian gooseberry Dried fruits, seeds, leaves, roots, bark, flowers Laxative, liver tonic, anaemia, piles,stomach complaints.
Jaundice, gonorrhoea, chronic dysentery, ulcer & swelling, Diabetes.
Chronic bronchitis, cough & cold, antidote to snake poison & scorpion sting Constipation, piles, colic, gastric, troubles, ascites, anaemia, worms, asthma.
Used in leucoderma, syphilis & leprosy Used in dyspepsia, piles, diarrhoea, & skin diseases.
Skin diseases, scabies, rheumatism, ulcer, internal bleeding, ulcers infected with worms, fistulous sores.
Astringent, in diarrhoea, pyrosis, toothache, boils, sores, skin diseases Fruits, covering of fruits, covering of roots Good for eyes, memory increasing, anthelmintic, heart muscles tonic, energetic Hypnotic, sedative, reduces blood pressure, opacity of cornea Rheumatic disorders, jaundice, hepatites, constipation Tonic, alexiphormac,emetic, purgative, nauseant, epilepsy, asthma, hysteria, hemicrania Piles, sores, dysentery, diuretics,tonic, urinary disorders Loss of appetite, heart diseases, indigestion Anginal pain, palpitation cardiac tonic, allays thirst & relieves fatigue Chronic constipation, peptic ulcer, urinary tract infection, eyes-infection 103 Tinospora cordifolia Var. Glabra Amrita, Guluchi, Guduchi, Gulvel Dysentery, fever, diarrhoea, intestinal worms.

Source: http://kundalikacottage.com/HerbList.pdf

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