SSAI2011: Detailed overview abstract presentations
All abstracts are presented in the format: 7-min oral presentation plus 3-min discussion. Site: Abstract presentation areas A and B (near Exhibition area, lower level and Entrance) Wednesday June 15, 2011
Abstract session 1: Miscellaneous topics I
Abstract area A: Chairs: Lars Rasmussen, Copenhagen, Denmark & Jan Henrik Rosland, Bergen, Norway
A new approach to interim analysis of a randomised clinical trial:The value Bartha E, Davidsson T, Brodtkorb TH, Kalman S (Stockholm,
of further research on goal-directed haemodynamic therapy for elderly
patients. Trial nr (NCT01141894
Efficacy and effectiveness of an algorithm used in a randomised clinical
Fernlund ME, Bartha E, Imnell A, Arfwedson C, Andersson L, trial on goal-directed haemodynamic therapy for elderly patients. Trial nr
Sleep disturbances after fast-track hip and knee arthroplasty
Krenk L, Jennum P, Kehlet H (Copenhagen, Denmark) Why in hospital after fast-track hip and knee arthroplasty?
Husted H, Lunn TH, Kristensen BB, Troelsen A, Gaarn-Larsen L, Kehlet H (Copenhagen, Denmark) Why in the Post Anaesthesia Care Unit after fast-track hip and knee
Lunn TH, Kristensen BB, Husted H, Gaarn-Larsen L, Kehlet H arthroplasty?
Orthostatic intolerance during early mobilization after fast-track hip
Jans Øivind, Bundgaard-Nielsen Morten, Solgaard Søren, arthroplasty
Johansson Pär I., Kehlet Henrik (Copenhagen, Denmark) Intraoperative transfusion threshold and tissue oxygenation - a
Nielsen K, Johansson PI, Dahl B, Henneberg SW, Rasmussen LS randomized trial
Partners' experiences of the post-discharge period after day surgery - a
Majholm B, Esbensen BA, Thomsen T, Engbaek J, Moeller AM qualitative study.
Abstract session 2: Obstetric anaesthesia I
Abstract area A: Chairs: Seppo Alahuhta, Oulo, Finland & Kari Hreinsson, Reykjavik, Iceland
Ultra-Sound guided spinal anaesthesia for Caesarean Section- a
Sprehn MS, Helbo Hansen SHH (Odense C, Denmark) consecutive, sono-anatomical study in 200 patients
Is epidural analgesia during labour harmful for the child?
Sandkvist Tornell Siv E, Karling Mats, Ekeus Cecilia, Högberg Ulf, Håkansson Stellan (Umeå, Sweden) Drugs used for intrathecal (IT) labour analgesia.
Al-Kazwini Hadeel, Rosseland Leiv Arne (Skien, Norway) The use of Oxytocin in obstetrics in Sweden - time to change practice?
Kjellqvist N, Kierkegaard A, Bålfors E (Stockholm, Sweden) Placenta percreta - a multidisciplinary challenge
Albrechtsen C. K., Clausen C., Langhof-Roos J. (Copenhagen, Denmark) Remifentanil Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) used as rescue analgesia
Schwarz GL, Bjørnestad E, Albrechtsen S, Volmanen P (Bergen, facilitating vaginal delivery in six high risk parturients.
Case report: Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy accompanied by Diabetes
Post dural puncture headache in two similar-sized hospitals in Norway
Haynes J, Hagen R (Stavanger, Norway) Trouble intrauterine hypoxia by his lung ventilation respiratory gas
Urakov A.L., Urakova N.A., Kasatkin A.A., Gausnekht M.Y. through intrauterine aqualung
Abstract session 3: Obstetric anaesthesia II + Miscellanous topics II
Abstract area A: Chairs: Elin Bjørnestad, Bergen, Norway & Vicki Clark, Edinburg, Scotland
Venous air embolism during caesarian section: a case report and
Aase T.Aa., Tvinnereim A, Spook-Fintl K, Sand S (Oslo, Norway) discussion
Algorithm for postpartum neurologic complications
Klemenzson GK (Reykjavik, Iceland) Hemodynamic effects of intravenous oxytocin during cesarean section
Rabow S L, Olofsson P (Lund, Sweden) Timing of intravenous bolus may improve remifentanil patient controlled
Volmanen P, Satomaa A-P, Alahuhta S (Savonlinna, Finland) analgesia (PCA)
Perceptions of safety climate in anaesthesia and surgery
Haugen AS, Søfteland E, Eide GE, Nortvedt MW, Harthug S (Bergen, Norway) Implementing WHO Surgical Safety Checklist at Akershus University
Lüdemann Bente, Svaar Helge, Smith Jacobsen Lise, AHus Hospital (Ahus)
Surgical Safety Checklist workgroup (Lørenskog, Norway) The occurrence of pneumonia diagnosis among neurosurgical patients:
Kuusinen P, Ala-Kokko T, Jartti A, Ahvenjärvi L, Säynäjäkangas P, the definition matters
Ohtonen P, Syrjälä H (Oulu, Finland) Local anaesthesia and remifentanil sedation for operative hysteroscopic
Majholm B, Bartholdy J, Clausen HV, Virkus RA, Engbaek J, procedures in day surgery
Way to prevent conjunctivitis after anesthesia and resusitation
Rudnov V.A., Urakov A.L., Kasatkin A.A. (Izhevsk, Russian Federation) Thursday June 16, 2011
Abstract session 4: General anaesthesia I
Abstract area A: Chairs: Ib Jammer, Bergen, Norway & Perti Pere, Helsinki, Finland
Abstract withdrawn
Endotracheal intubation with Airtraq® versus Storz® videolaryngoscope
Sørensen MK, Holm-Knudsen R (Copenhagen, Denmark) in children younger than two years - a randomized pilot-study
Anaesthesia in a Patient with Morquio-Brailsford Syndrome.
Malte Nielsen R, Pedersen NA, Skovgaard Olsen K (Copenhagen, Denmark) Rapid sequence induction and intubation with rocuronium-sugammadex
Sørensen MK, Bretlau C, Gätke MR, Sørensen AM, Rasmussen LS versus succinylcholine - a randomized trial
Response to Succinylcholine in Patients carrying the K-Variant in the
Bretlau C, Soerensen MK, Rasmussen LS, Gätke MR Butyrylcholinesterase Gene
Delirium after fast-track hip and knee arthroplasty
Krenk L, Rasmussen LS, Bæk-Hansen T, Bogø S, Søballe K, Kehlet H (Copenhagen, Denmark) Central venous oxygen saturation (ScvO<sub>2</sub>), a useful guide to Østgaard G, Ulvik A, Jammer I (Bergen, Norway)
fluid therapy ?
Pholcodine withdrawal in 2007 has led to fewer reports of suspected
de Pater GH, Florvaag E, Johansson SGO, Irgens Å, Guttormsen anaphylaxis during general anaestesia in Norway.
Why does reversal of neuromuscular blockade increase BIS and Entropy
Aho AJ, Kamata K, Yli-Hankala A, Lyytikäinen L-P, Kulkas A, Jäntti Abstract session 5: Abstract area B: Intensive care I
Chairs: Jean-Daniel Chiche, Paris, France & Lars Marius Ytrebø, Tromsø, Norway
Is it safe to perform percutaneous dilatational tracheotomy in ICU patients Rosseland L.A., Laake J.H., Stubhaug A (Oslo, Norway)
with increased bleeding risk or obesity? A prospective analysis of 1000

In situ systematic team training in the ICU with a high fidelity patient
Meurling Lisbet, Hedman Leif, Sandahl Christer, Gustafsson simulator. An interventional study.
Helena, Felländer-Tsai Li, Wallin Carl-Johan (Stockholm, Sweden) Regional differences in ICU resources and use in Norway
Flaatten Hans, Dybwig Knut, Fonneland Inger-Lise, Kvåle Reidar, Laake Jon Henrik, Strand Kristian (Bergen, Norway) Association of a benchmarking programme on results of intensive care in Reinikainen M, Mussalo P, Hovilehto S, Uusaro A, Varpula T,
Ruokonen E, Pettilä V (Joensuu, Finland) Mortality of intensive care unit-treated cardiac arrest patients has
Reinikainen M, Oksanen T, Leppänen P, Torppa T, Niskanen M, decreased in the era of therapeutic hypothermia
Elderly patients in the ICU. Results from a retrospective analysis of three
Flaatten H, Kaukonen M, Ruokonen E, Martner J, Nolin T, Kvaale national ICU registries
Acute metformin overdose: Case report
Novacek Martin, Zebrakova Tatana (Kolin, Czech Republic) Experience of treatment pregnant women with severe acute respiratory
Kaminskiy V., Tkachenko R., Shlapak I., Khomenko O., Kaminskiy illness caused by influenza A(H1N1) in Kyiv.
Abstract session 6: Emergency Medicine I
Abstract area A: Chairs: Øivind Østeraas, Bergen, Norway & Hans Friberg, Sweden
A retrospective comparison of survival rates amongst in-hospital sudden Kuklin VN (Tromsø, Norway)
cardiac arrest patients who were either treated or not-treated with opioids.
A case of the Lazarus phenomenon with good outcome
Kuklin VN, Scurr CF (Tromsø, Norway) In-hospital cardiac arrest - outcome before and after defibrillator
Södersved Källestedt ML, Enlund M, Herlitz J (Västerås, Sweden) implementation and staff education: A population-based study from the
National Registry of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Sweden

Chest compression decay during simulated advanced life support.
Bjørshol C. A., Myklebust H., Assmus J., Søreide E., Sunde K. (Stavanger, Norway) Self-assessment of skills in prehospital ultrasonography
Engaging a whole community in resuscitation
Nielsen AM, Isbye DL, Lippert FK, Rasmussen LS (Copenhagen, Denmark) Quality and Consistency of Records from Pre-hospital and In-hospital
Buanes EA, Heltne JK (Bergen, Norway) Resuscitation
Delay in initiation of face mask ventilation (FMV) is associated with early
Ersdal HLE, Mduma EM, Svensen ES, Perlman JMP (Stavanger, neonatal morbidity and mortality
Abstract session 7: Education, miscellaneous topics III
Abstract area B: Chairs: Doris Østergård, Copenhagen, Denmark & Per Christian Hyldmo, Arendal, Norway
Improving patient safety through blended learning : Training instructors
Jacques T, Fraser K, Reece G (Sydney, Australia) for the DETECT programme
How do medical students perceive team training in a simulated
Escher C, Meurling L, Hjelmqvist H, Wallin CJ (Bromma, Sweden) environment?
Medical simulation - Time to change old dogmas?
Bredmose PP, Sollid S (Oslo, Norway) The Effect of a Difficult Airway Management Course on Anaesthesia
Rewers M, Rosenstock C, Østergaard D (Herlev, Denmark) Residents' Proficiency
Checklists and competence cards are an effective educational tool for
Svensson C, Toft P (Copenhagen, Denmark) senior consultants in anaesthesiology
Residents' knowledge of neuromuscular monitoring
Gätke MR, Østergaard D (Herlev, Denmark) Optimal oxygen delivery Index (DO<sub>2</sub>I ) in elderly patients
Arfwedson C, Bartha E, Imnell A, Fernlund ME, Andersson L, operated for proximal femoral fracture during routine anaesthesia?
Cardiac surgery in octogenarians
Hovdenes J, Fiane AE, Bugge JF, Espinoza A, Svennevig JL (Oslo, Norway) Fentanyl or remifentanil for fast-track in cardiac anaesthesia
Khanykin B., Siddiqi R., Jensen P.F., Bigler D. (Copenhagen, Denmark) Abstract session 8: Intensive Care Medicine II
Abstract area A: Chairs: Sten Walter, Sweden & Eldar Søreide, Stavanger, Norway
The Scandinavian Starch for Severe Sepsis / Septic Shock (6S) Trial:
Haase N, Perner A, Wetterslev J, Åneman A, Guttormsen AB, Characteristics of included patients in the ongoing trial
Tenhunen J, Klemenzson G, Scandinavian Critical Care Trials Group (SCCTG). (Copenhagen, Denmark) Comparison between two different CRRT machines, with regard to filter
Bleeg R.C., Nyboe R., Andersen M.H., Schønemann N.K., Dreyer survival time
Regional variation of organ donors in Swedish ICUs may indicate missed Nolin T, Walther S, Mårdh C, Karlström G, Möller C (Kristianstad,
opportunities for donation.
Impact of decreasing alcohol taxation on alcohol-related admissions to
Tamminen J, Reinikainen M (Joensuu, Finland) intensive care
Survey on sedation practices in Norwegian intensive care units
Bekkevold M, Brattebø G, Kvåle R (Bergen, Norway) Necrotizing Fasciitis at Haukeland University Hospital, a review
de Hoog B.J., Aardal S., Flaatten H. (Bergen, Norway) Severe soft tissue infection (necrotizing fasceiitis) treated according to a Jansen EC, Andersen JS (Copenhagen, Denmark)
uniform protocol with optional hyperbaric oxygen
How to exclude catheter-related phlebitis, thrombosis and embolism at
Urakov A.L., Zabokrizhkiy N.A., Kasatkin A.A. (Izhevsk, Russian the administration of infusion fluids victim of terrorism and bio-
technological disaster
Abstract session 9: Experimental
Abstract area B: Chairs: Else Tønnesen, Aarhus, Denmark & Jan Wernerman, Stockholm, Sweden
Resuscitation with adenosine, lidocaine and magnesium reduces fluid
Granfeldt A., Hyldebrandt J. A., Nielsen T K, Sølling C., Dobson G. requirement and improves cardiac function following severe hemorrhagic P., Wogensen L., Vinten-Johansen J., Tønnesen E. (Aarhus C,
Intravenous microdialysis, the impact of membrane lenght and dialysis
Mattson Per, Rooyackers Olav, Wernerman Jan (Stockholm, pump velocity on accuracy
Na<sup>+</sup>/HCO<sub>3</sub><sup>-</sup> cotransporter
Cho Jun Hwi, Park Chan Woo, Won Moo Ho (Chuncheonsi, immunoreactivity changes in neurons and expresses in astrocytes in the
gerbil hippocampal CA1 region after ischemia/reperfusion
Real-Time Measurement of Myocardial CO<sub>2</sub> Tension Enables Pischke SE, Hyler S, Tronstad C, Holhjem L, Fosse E, Bergsland
Quantification of Low Grade Myocardial Ischemia in the Course of
J, Halvorsen PS, Skulstad H, Tønnessen TI (Oslo, Norway) Coronary Bypass Surgery
Different phosphodiesterase 3A expression in the myocardium of newborn Hyldebrandt J.A., Schmidt M.R., Simonsen U., Ravn H.B. (Aarhus
and 4-6 weeks old piglets.
The effect of polyvalent immunoglobulin in experimental porcine sepsis
Barratt-Due A., Thorgersen E.B., Sokolov A., Nielsen E.W., Castellheim A., Mollnes T.E. (Oslo, Norway) Bradykinin blockade ineffective in porcine sepsis
Barratt-Due A., Johansen H.T., Reubsaet J.L., Seip K.F, Sokolov A., Tønnesen T.I., Mollnes T.E., Nielsen E.W. (Oslo, Norway) Effects of epinephrine on lactate, glucose, lipid and protein metabolism in Gjedsted Jakob, Buhl Mads, Nielsen Søren, Schmitz Ole,
the placebo controlled bilaterally perfused human leg
Vestergaard Esben, Tønnesen Else, Møller Niels (Aarhus N, Denmark) Reliability of HOMA-IR for evaluation of insulin resistance during
Fujino H, Itoda S, Zen N, Yokoyama T (Fukuoka, Japan) perioperative period
Abstract session 10: Regional anaesthesia
Abstract area A: Chairs: Johan Lundberg, Lund, Sweden & Axel Sauter, Oslo, Norway
An increase in the efficacy and safety of peripheral nerve blocks for
Valery Piacheski, Aliaksei Marochkov (Mogilev, Belarus) regional anaesthesia performed using ultrasonic visual guidance.
The sciatic nerve block anesthesia by means of an anterior-medial
Valery Piacherski, Aliaksei Marochkov (Mogilev, Belarus) approach.
Abstract withdrawn
Two Years`Experience and Results concerning Block Rooms (BR).
Toft Peter, Filipovski Igor, Brock Marie (Horsens, Denmark) Impact of anesthesia method on hemodynamic changes during
Gasiunaite Diana, Šipylaite Jurate, Kontrimaviciute Egle (Vilnius, laparoscopic colorectal surgery.
Measurement of fluctuations in skin conductance for evaluating
Kazansky JY, Kuklin VN, Mercer JB, Bjertnaes L (Tromsø, effectiveness of regional blockade
Is is possible to avoid the insertion of a urinary bladder catheter during
Ólafsson Dòrarinn, Karason Sigurbergur (Reykjavik, Iceland) Low Dose Spinal Anaesthesia (LDSA)?
Assessment of spread of Transversus Abdominis Plane Block after
Mitchell AU, Torup H, Hansen EG, Petersen PL, Mathiesen O, Dahl administration of 20 ml ropivacaine 0.5% bilaterally
JB, Rosenberg J, Møller AM (Bagsvaerd, Denmark) Abstract session 11: Pain
Abstract area B: Chairs: Lars Jørgen Rygh, Bergen, Norway & Leena Lindgren, Tampere, Finland
The pharmacokinetics, efficacy and safety of oxycodone in labour
Kokki M, Gonzalez-Franco M, Raatikainen K, Ranta V-P, analgesia
Sankilampi U, Neuvonen PJ, Heinonen S, Kokki H (Kuopio, Finland) Analgesic efficacy of oxycodone/naloxone is non-inferior to oxycodone in Kokki H, Kuusniemi K, Sjövall S, Huhtala J, Karjalainen P, Kokki M,
postoperative pain management
Intraoperative LIA for early analgesia after hip arthroplasty: A randomized, Lunn TH, Kristensen BB, Husted H, Solgaard S, Gaarn-Larsen L,
double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in 120 patients
Recovery after hip arthroplasty with preoperative high-dose
Lunn TL, Kristensen BB, Andersen LØ, Husted H, Gaarn-Larsen L, methylprednisolone: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial
Genetic variability and sciatica
Rygh LJ, Storesund A, Jacobsen L, Iordanova E, Gjerstad J (Bergen, Norway) Epidural pain management after major surgery: Female patients have
Vigfusson Gisli, Sigurðsson Gisli, Breivik Harald (Reykjavik, better pain relief and need smaller amounts of analgetics than males
Algoplus ®, an instrument for acute pain evaluation in the absence of
Pickering ME, Bunna P, Pereira B, Rat P, Chit C, Madeline G, linguistic communication in doctor-patient exchange? a pilot study in
Rejeaunier M, Dubost C, Serrie A (Clermont-ferrand, France) Cambodia.
Treatment of patient with both hamstring tendinitis and piriformis
Choi Sang Sik, Park Sang Hyun, Kim Yong Chul, Sim Sung Eun syndrome
Friday June 17, 2011
Abstract session 12: Intensive Care Medicine III
Abstract area A: Chairs: Richard Griffiths, Liverpool, UK & Reidar Kvåle, Bergen, Norway
Quality of life in ICU-patients after long-term ventilator therapy.
Poukinski Andrei, Christensen Doris, Bestle Morten H. (Nykøbing, Denmark) Developing a generic simulation model for planning of critical care
Steins K, Walther S M (Norrköping, Sweden) resource needs
Remifentanil+propofol vs fentanyl+midazolam for sedation during
Bjelland TW, Dale O, Kaisen K, Haugen BO, Lydersen S, Strand K, therapeutic hypothermia:a randomised controlled trial
Therapeutic hypothermia reduces the elimination of morphine but not
Bjelland TW, Klepstad P, Haugen BO, Nilsen T, Dale O midazolam in man
Is open-ended intensive care the answer to prognostic difficulties? A case Robertsen A, Helset E, Laake JH, Nordby HK, Ellefsen KE, Wilson
report of a 20 year old man in refractory status epileticus
JA, Taubøll E, Sunde K (Oslo, Norway) Metabolic alkalosis is the most common acid-base disorder in ICU
Mæhle Kjersti, Haug Bjørn, Flaaten Hans, W.Nielsen Erik (Bodø, patients.
<em>Title: Management of young girl with hypoxia, avoiding positive
Gawecka Ewa, Norum Hilde (Oslo, Norway) pressure ventilation.</em> Abstract: Management of acute respiratory
failure complicating chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension

Reliability of alarms of patient monitor in High Care Unit
Kawakubo Y, Tanimoto C, Fujino H, Kobayashi M, Yokoyama T (Fukuoka, Japan) Abstract session 13: Intensive Care Medicine IV
Abstract area A: Chairs: Anders Perner, Copenhagen, Denmark & Jon Henrik Laake, Oslo, Norway
Reduced costs of sedativa after implementation of a standardised
Gundem TM, Helset E, Sporsem H, Terjesen AI, Sørensen K, sedation protocol for intensive care patients
Influenza disease complicated with Hemophagocytic lymphohistocytosis Bentsen G, Aukrust P (Oslo, Norway)
(HLH), a case report of a fatal case in a 10 year old boy.
Anakinra (IL-1 receptor antagonist) for treatment of postiviral
Nyrerød HCN, Aukrust PA (Oslo, Norway) inflammatory response in Influenza A H1N1 patients.
Red blood cell transfusion during septic shock in the ICU
Holst LB, Smith SH, Perner A (Copenhagen, Denmark) Changes in dextran 70 use and complication rates over time in ICU
Nebelin L, Perner A (Copenhagen, Denmark) patients with septic shock
Rejection of liver grafts is independent from the ischemia-reperfusion
Haugaa H, Tønnessen TI (Oslo, Norway) Life threatening hyperammonemia after Asparaginase treatment
Øverland G, Hausken J, Slåstad HS (Oslo, Norway) Abstract session 14: General anaesthesia II
Abstract area A: Chairs: Sigga Kalman, Stockholm, Sweden & Mikko Pitkänen, Helsinki, Finland
Relationship between predicted plasma concentration of propofol and
Solberg S, Kuklin V, Bjertnaes L (Tromsø, Norway) bispectral index during target control infusion
Stunt-course in ultrasound assessment of gastric fluid.
Filtvedt M, Ulvik A, Kuwelker M, Østgaard G, Gilja OH (Bergen, Norway) Genotyping of the butyrylcholinesterase gene is beneficial for selected
Gätke MR, Kindberg K (Herlev, Denmark) patients
Using impedance pneumography to estimate ventilatory changes during
Seppä V.-P., Wojciech C., Harrison L. C. V., Hyttinen J., Yli- jet ventilation
Integration of simulation-based learning in specialist training in
Møller M.H., Østergaard D. (Holte, Denmark) anaesthesiology
Comparison of tracheal intubation with a flexible fibreoptic endoscope
Jepsen CEH, Rosenstock C, Gätge MR, Rewers M (Copenhagen, and the McGrath series five video laryngoscope in simulated difficult
airway scenarios
Glidescope improves laryngeal view
Østerås Ø, Kuwelker MD, Heltne J-K, Søfteland E (Bergen, Norway) Intubation with the Glidescope®. Using intubation fibrescope as a
Kristensen F, Søfteland E (Bergen, Norway) steerable stylet when it is difficult to insert the tube.
Abstract session 15: Emergency medicine II
Abstract area A: Chairs: Øyvind Thomassen, Bergen, Norway & TBA
A disaster in Denmark: The Mandø incident
Hansen P M, Køhler D (Odense C, Denmark) In-hospital mortality pattern of severely injured children
Do HQ, Steinmetz J, Rasmussen LS (Copenhagen, Denmark) Trauma system implementation: a hospital survey from southeastern
Kristiansen TK, Ringdal KGR, Lossius HML (Oslo, Norway) Norwegian trauma team leaders - training and experience. A national
Ringen AHR, Hjortdahl MH, Wisborg TW (Hasvik, Norway) point prevalence study
A tale of two counties - comparison of fatal injury patterns in rural versus Bakke HK, Bakkane A, Hansen IS, Lilleng PK, Morild I, Wisborg T
urban communities in Norway
The lateral trauma position - what do we know, how do we use it? A cross- Fattah S, Ekås G R, Hyldmo PK, Wisborg T (Oslo, Norway)
sectional survey of all Norwegian emergency medical services.
Prehospital advanced airway management, reporting activities by the new Reid BO, Kruger AJ (Trondheim, Norway)
Utstein template for airway management.


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Scientific Oral Inflammation and Diabetes Advisory Panel Maria Emanuel Ryan, DDS, PhD, Department of Oral Biology and Pathology Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine Ray Williams, DMDChair, Department of PeriodontologyDiabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disordercontributing to bacterial proliferation and oralaffecting carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism.

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Using amphibians in laboratory studies: precautions againstthe emerging infectious disease chytridiomycosisDirk S Schmeller1, Adeline Loyau1, Tony Dejean2 and Claude Miaud21Station d’Ecologie Expe´rimentale du CNRS a` Moulis, USR 2936, 09200 Saint Girons, France; 2Laboratoire d’Ecologie Alpine,UMR CNRS 5553, Universite´ de Savoie 73376, Le Bourget-du-Lac cedex, FranceCorresponding author:

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