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Evolutionary Fate of Species-Specific Endogenous Retroviruses (ERVs) in the Human and Chimpanzee Lineages Genetic traits of Korean dogs by Variable Number of Tandem Repeats Genetic polymorphism of microsatellite in working dogs Candidate genes contributing to canine personality Functional Characterization of WDR21A Gene in Steroid Resistance Relationship of between S100A9 (S100 Calcium binding Protein A9) and Neutrophilic severe Asthma Trans-Generational Transmission of Ozone - Induced Bronchial Hyperreactivity Computational Approach for Analyzing the Evolutionary Differences of the Novel Influenza A virus (H7N9) among Three Continents Whole-Genome Sequencing of Sporomusa silvacetica and its Application to the Reconstruction of Metabolic Pathway Antibiotic-Resistant Escherichia coli isolated from Water and Sediment of Yeongsan River Basin Structural Variants Discovery from Exome Sequencing Predicting of missing heritability by known susceptibility variants in GWAS Genome-wide association study of liver enzymes in Korean children High resolution typing of three SLA class II genes, SLA-DQA, DQB1 and DRB1, using multiplex PCR Ectopic expression of porcine PG-1, an antimicrobial peptide, in mice results in abnormalities in eyes and skins The development of PCR-RFLP for Nramp1, Mx1, TLR2 and pBD4 genes and their analysis on the association to the postnatal survivability of pigs Genetic Structure and Variation of the Racing Horses Inferred from Microsatellite Marker Analysis Seasonal Changes of Escherichia coli Phylo-group in Yeongsan River Basin of South Korea Acute Exercise Induces to Change Glucose Metabolite Gene expression profiles in the Thoroughbred horses Identification and Functional Characterization of P159L Mutation in HNF1B in a Family of Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) 5 Alternative Splicing of DNA Methylation Level in CHM Gene HERV-R env Knock-down Suppresses Radioresistance in Lung Cancer Cells Methylation and Promoter Activity Analysis of LTR Elements of PERVs in NIH Miniature Pig Expression Analysis of Human Endogenous Retrovirus (HERV)-R in Primates Claudin 5 transcripts expression affected by epigenetic enzyme LncRNAtor: a database for functional investigation of lncRNAs Correlated genes between DNA methylation and gene expression associated with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Functional characterization of PRPD and PRMS in Arabidopsis thaliana Mitochondrial genome renovations lead to florideophycean red algal diversity Transcriptome pyrosequencing of Pinus desiflora to identify the genes associated with early developmental stage 발표번호 접수번호
Genome-wide association study of laboratory markers in Kawasaki disease Genome-wide linear mixed model to estimate heritability for type 2 diabetes mellitus in Koreans Whole exome sequencing analysis in AML with normal karyotype not harboring FLT3/ITD mutation reveals novel genetic alterations Exome sequencing study identifies several candidate variants associated with Kawasaki disease Identifying Variants of Monogenic Diabetes in Gestational Diabetes Women Using Whole Exome Sequencing Exome differences among a familial Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (fCJD) patients with E200K and non-CJD individuals with E200K and Healthy individuals Whole Exome Sequencing Identifies PAX4 Nonsynonymous Variant as Susceptibility Locus for Type 2 Diabetes in Koreans A Genome-Wide Association Study of Glycemic Response to Oral Glucose Tolerance Test in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Women A Genome-Wide Association Study of Thyroid Function and Autoimmunity Identification of a novel locus for blood pressure by meta-analysis including gene-environmental interaction in east-Asian population Dietary Fiber Intake Modulates the Genetic Effects on Serum Lipid Levels and Insulin Resistance in Korean Genome-Wide Association Study Deletion variants of RABGAP1L, 10q21.3, and C4 are associated with the risk of systemic lupus erythematosus in Korean women Recurrent Loss of the FHIT Gene and its Impact on Lymphatic Metastasis in Early Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Novel fusion events in NSCLC cell lines identified by whole transcriptome analysis Study on plasma cytokine analysis between steroid-responders Etoposide Induces Renal Dysfunction via H2O2/ERK/ATF3 Pathway A genome-wide association study of glycemic response to rosiglitazone Contribution of human-specific LINE-1 to the human transcriptome diversification Structure and Expression of the human Long Noncoding RNAs Icilin inhibits E2F1-mediated cell cycle regulatory programs in prostate cancer Larger proteins are more essential than smaller proteins and evolve slower Introduction to agricultural bio-information resources in NABIC Identification of novel SNVs by exome sequencing of COPD in Korean patients Identification of Human-specific AluS: various evolutionary pattern and polymorphism among populations Bioinformatic analysis of SVA2 element in primate genome through establishment of novel consensus sequences Systems Biology identification of anthocyanin-specific genes in black rice Gene-set analyses of the genome-wide association studies on 49 quantitative traits measured in a single genetic epidemiology dataset Identification of MicroRNAs and Their Targets Associated with Colon Cancer Phylogenic Analysis of Gibbon Species by VNTR in MAOA Gene Promoter Region

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