K L C C P R O P E R T Y H O L D I N G S B E R H A D ( 6 4 1 5 7 6 - U ) Administrative Details -
PLACE - Sapphire Room, Level 1, Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 1. Registration will start at 9.00 a.m. Registration will end at time as directed by the Chairman of the meeting.
2. Please read the signage to ascertain which registration table you should approach to register yourself for the meeting and join 3. Please produce your original Identity Card (IC) to the registration staff for verifi cation. Please make sure you collect your IC verifi cation, you are required to write your name and sign on the Attendance List placed on the registration table.
5. You will also be given an identifi cation tag. No person will be allowed to enter the meeting room without the identifi cation tag. There will be no replacement in the event that you lose or misplace the identifi cation tag.
6. Once you have collected your identifi cation tag and signed the Attendance List, please leave the registration area immediately and may proceed to the Ballroom i.e. the venue of meeting.
7. No person will be allowed to register on behalf of another person even with the original IC of that other person.
8. The registration counter will handle verifi cation of identity and registration.
9. The Registration Help Desk handles revocation of proxy's appointment and/or any clarifi cation or enquiry.
C A R PA R K A N D PA R K I N G R E D E M P T I O N C O U N T E R 10. After registration for attendance of the KLCCP 7th AGM, shareholders are advised to approach the Parking Redemption Counter to obtain the cash reimbursement of RM10/- only provided by the Company for car parking at the following locations in KLCC: Locations
(adjacent to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) 100 K L C C P R O P E R T Y H O L D I N G S B E R H A D ( 6 4 1 5 7 6 - U )
ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS - KLCCP 7TH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 11. A member entitled to attend and vote is entitled to appoint proxy/proxies, to attend and vote instead of him. If you are unable to attend the meeting and wish to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf, please submit your Form of Proxy in accordance with the notes and instructions printed therein.
12. If you wish to attend the meeting yourself, please do not submit the Form of Proxy. You will not be allowed to attend the meeting together with a proxy appointed by you.
13. If you have submitted your Form of Proxy prior to the meeting and subsequently decided to attend the meeting yourself, please proceed to the Registration Help Desk to revoke the appointment of your proxy.
14. Please ensure that the original Form of Proxy is deposited at the offi ce of the Share Registrar, Tricor Investor Services Sdn. Bhd. not less than forty eight (48) hours before the time appointed for holding the meeting.
15. Any corporate member who wishes to appoint a representative instead of a proxy to attend this meeting should lodge the certifi cate of appointment under the seal of the corporation, at the offi ce of the Share Registrar, Tricor Investor Services Sdn. Bhd. not less than forty eight (48) hours before the time appointed for holding the meeting.
G E N E R A L M E E T I N G R E C O R D O F D E P O S I T O R S 16. For the purpose of determining who shall be entitled to attend this 7th Annual General Meeting, the Company shall be requesting Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd in accordance with Articles 57(1) and 57(2) of the Company's Articles of Association and Section 34(1) of the Securities Industry (Central Depositories) Act, 1991 to issue a General Meeting Record of Depositors as at 5 July 2010 and only a depositor whose name appears on such Record of Depositors shall be entitled to attend the said meeting.
17. Light Refreshment shall be served.
18. For enquiry prior to the 7th AGM, please contact the following during offi ce hours: (a) KLCCP Legal and Corporate Services Division (b) Share Registrar - Tricor Investor Services Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Tenaga Koperat Sdn Bhd) 19. The KLCCP Annual Report 2010 is available on the Bursa Malaysia's website at www.bursamalaysia.com under Company Announcements and also at the KLCC website at www.klcc.com.my.

Source: http://www.klcc.com.my/InvestorRelations/Documents/Annual%20Reports/2010/Administrative%20Details%20%E2%80%93%20KLCCP%207th%20Annual%20General%20Meeting.pdf

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