19th World Congress & Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
Tower Hall Funabori, Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan Preliminary Congress Description
1. Purpose
Today, throughout the world, ozonation technologies have been widely used to establish the safe and comfortable life andproduction process in high-technology industry. This is because ozone has a strong oxidation capacity, no harmful residues after itsdecomposition, easy management and control characteristics. Accordingly, the ozonation technologies are greatly expected to playan important role in a wide variety of industries in future.
Meanwhile, in Japan, ozonation technologies have been also widely used to get tasty and safe drinking water, and expected to beimproved for more effective and new capacity in water purification plants. Gradually, they have been also applied to spa, pool andaquarium for clear water, agriculture, food and beverage for disinfection and high technology production plant for clean-up.
Additionally, they are expected to be adopted more in sewage and wastewater treatment field for water environment preservationand reuse of the treated wastewater.
The Ozone World Congress is held biennially, where researchers, engineers, consultants, and people concerned gather from all overthe world for presentations and discussions of the results from their researches and experiences. Through the Ozone WorldCongress, all participants can get up-to-date information, knowledge and innovative ideas, surely contributing to the development ofozone science and technology.
It will be the third time for Japan to hold the Ozone World Congress in 2009, including the 7th congress (Tokyo, 1985) and the 13thcongress (Kyoto, 1997). This congress should be a good opportunity to get up-to-date information of the science and technologydeveloped in Japan as well as all over the world.
2. Topics Included
Main topics included in this congress are as follows;
3. Schedules of the Congress & Exhibition
4. Technical tour (option)
Technical tour to visit ozone application facilities including the Asaka Water Purification Plant and the Shibaura reclamation Plantin Tokyo area will be prepared in the afternoon on Sep.2 and 3, 2009.
5. Special technical tour (option)
2 days special tour on Sept. 4 and 5, 2009, to visit water and wastewater treatment plants in Kyoto Area will be prepared. You can
enjoy comfortable Super Express Train "Shinkansen" and historical Kyoto City.
6. Social tour (option)
Several social programs will be also prepared. You can enjoy Japanese historical, traditional and nice sightseeing spots.
7. Registration
Registration fees are shown in the following table Accompanying person(Welcome reception, Welcome & Preliminary Session, Visit: https://apollon.nta.co.jp/ozone2009-er/ IOA WC2009 Desk Nippon Travel Agency Co.,LtdTEL:81-3-5565-9895, FAX 81-3-5565-9899 8. Hotel Accommodation   visit: https://apollon.nta.co.jp//ozone2009-eh/
9. Preliminary Technical Program (Tentative on April 1)
IOA International congress in 2009
※ Simultaneous Translation will be prepared in Room 1.

Presentation Programmee (Tentative on April 1)
This programmee is tentatively made for associated persons to understand presentation contents.
The presentation date and time and order of each paper will be changed because only persons who register with registration fee
before May 31 can present and be recorded in the final programmee.
p.m 13:30~18:30
Session 17
at Room 1
UV treatment of water in Japan; applications, situations and UV/TiO2 for Removing Taste and Odour Compounds in Drinking Water: Influence of Water Composition and Destruction Mechanism 38 Investigation of generation mechanisms of nitrite in UV irradiation Ritsumeikan University Hydraulic optimization of a single UV lamp placed perpendicular to 48 Research on the Actinometer Corresponding to High Dose Range 56 Distribution characteristics of light source in ultraciolet band Photo-transformation of amoxicillin during UV treatment and toxicological assessment of its intermediates Growth inhibition of indigenous Microcystis species in a lake using MELBOURNE WATER'S APPROACH TO ONE OF THE 121 WORLD'S MOST COMPLEX WASTEWATER TECHNOLOGY Melbourne Water Corporation Session 2
at Room 2
Emerginng Contaminants
122 Role of ozonation in the destruction of EDCs and Pharmaceuticals Application of O3 and O3/UV processes for the removal of PPCPs 61 in secondary treated water Energy consumption for the rffrctive 2 Removal of Bisphenol A from aqueous solution by ozonation 101 Removal Characteristics of EDCs by Ozonation Perovskite catalytic ozonation of some pharmaceutical compounds REMOVAL OF PROPRANOLOL IN AQUEOUS PHASE BY OZONATIONREMOVAL OF ENDOCRINE DISRUPTING COMPOUNDS(EDCS) AND PHARMACEUTICALS AND PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS (PPCPS) FROM DRINKING WATER USING Session 3
at Room 3
Industrial Application
73 Ozone: Science & engineering 30 yeras of progress Direct Plasma Degradation of Perfluorooctanoic Acid in Gas-Liquid Decomposing Mechanisms of Persistent Organics in Water Using Direct Plasma MethodTHE OZONE LAUNDRY HANDBOOK A Comprehensive Guide 16 for the Proper Application of Ozone in the Commercial Laundry ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS OF OZONE MICROBIOLOGICAL BENEFITS OF OZONE IN OZONE 17 LAUNDERING SYSTEMS20 Ozone application for chamois leather making Super-hydrophilization of Stainless Steel Surface by the Combined Industrial Technology Center of 59 Densification of CVD-SiO2 film using high-density ozone treatment Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Wednesday)
a.m 9:00~12:05
Session 4
at Room 1
Municipal Wastewater Treatment
111 State of ozonation to municipal wastewater treatment in Japan Ozone treatment of secondary effluent at US municipal wastewater 67 The potential use of ozone in municipal waste water 89 Ozonation of municipal secondary effluent Treatment efficiency and operational parameter of ozonation of Development of Ultra-advanced Sewage Treatment by Compound Oxidation using Advanced Oxidation Process Demonstration research of micro-bubbling system of ozone for reuse Session 5
at Room 2
Advanced Oxidation Process
Review and perspective in application of advanced oxidation The investigation of ozone/hydrogen peroxide treatment after coagulation and edimentation in drinking water plant Simultaneous Control of Bromate Ion and Chlorinous Odor in Drinking Water using Advanced Oxidation Processes (O3/H2O2) O3/H2O2 process for both removal of odors and control of bromate Advanced Oxidation Process - effective and technical suitable for Micropollutant Removal in contaminated Water Sources 40 Diclofenac removal by UV and UVA/O3 processes Effects of addition of hydrogen peroxide and/or calcium carbonate 49 on ozone-decomposition of phenol or chlorophenol sparingly 135 A new catalyzed ozone process on water treatment Session 6
at Room 3
Byproducts and Control
109 Results of the AWWARF IOA bromateresearch project 123 Decomposition of bromate by biological activated carbon Behaviors of halogenated compounds during pre-chlorine, ozone and An Australian Perspective of Ozone/BAC Process for Reducing Disinfection By-product Precursors in Organics-laden Water Toxicity and Formation of Oxidation Byproducts Generated during Ozonation of Natural Water Containing Pesticide Identification of N-nitrosodimethylamine precursors on ozonation from influent of a sewage treatment plant Formation of aldehydes formed during ozonation of secondary Research Center for Eco- effluent from a sewage treatment plant and their ecological effect Session 7
at Room 5
Ozone Generation
140 State of the art of ozone generation technologies in Japan The Influence of Adsorbed Gas Layers on the Electrodes on Ozone The Kansai Electric Power Company Long Time Operation of An Ozonizer with a Rotating Type A Study of the Mechanisms of Composition on the Surface of Nickel The Kansai Electric Power Company in the Ozone Production Using Pure Oxygen 69 Higher energy efficiency of O3 generation by shorter pulse power 70 Ozone generation using nano seconds pulsed discharge IGS (Intelligent Gap System) Dielectric Technology for Large-Scale Session Medical 1
at Room 4
Pharmacological Aspects of Medical Ozone: Reaction Mechanism, Mechanisms of Action, Biological Models, Animal and Cell Models
【Keynote Lecture】
Low-Dose Medical Ozone as a Bioregulater. "Ozone Peroxide"as Dr.J.Hänsler GmbH Iffezheim/Baden-Baden, Ozone Oxidative Postconditioning efficacy on the Prolapse and FEMANDEZOlga Sonia León,Marelis Pantoja, Luis Ledesma, Protrution Phases in Patients with Hernia Disc Renate Viebhan,LambertoRe,Silvia Menéndez,José L. Calunga Effect of Ozone Oxidative Preconditioning on Oxidant Status of MAUSUF M.Nabil,Maha.M. El-Sawalhi, Hebatalla A. Darwish SHIMIZU Nashiku,Noriko Shimizu,Makoto Washizu Understanding the Molecular Actions of Ozone. Ozone in Medicinal OLIVER Douglas W,C.B. Brink, D.P. Venter, B.P.J. vanResearch MENENDEZ Silvia,José Luis Calunga,Zullyt Zamora,Nelson Ozone Oxidative Postconditioning in Acute Renal Failure (Wednesday)
p.m 13:30~18:30
Session 8
at Room 1
Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Ozone application during APT coagulation of wastewater: Effects The Study on the Ceramic Membrane Wastewater Reuse System with Pre Ozonation and CoagulationCOAGULATION - FLOCCULATION AND OZONATION OF AGRICULTURAL IRRIGATION.
The Enhancement of Permeation Efficiency in Ceramic Membrane Treated Water Quality Enhancements from Ozonation/Biologically Active Filtration in a Tertiary Plant Upgrade Treatment Characteristics of Wastewater Containing Phenol and Reaction Mechanism by Ozone-Added Activated Sludge Process Updating an Existing Wastewater Ozonation System with Application examples of ozonation for reuse of treated sewage in Installation and operation of full-scale ozonation facility to sewage Sewage Works Bureau of Kyoto City Haruki Mizutani Super advanced treatment with ozone and BAC in Lake Biwa basin- 142 Reuse of treated sewage by application of ozone in Yokohama City Yokohama City Session 9
at Room 2
Advanced oxidation process
THE ADVANCED OXIDATION PROCESSES WITH OZONE, 51 OZONE-UV, AND OZONE-UV.H2O2 AN ALTERNATIVE FOR Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Clementina Ramírez- PHYTOTOXICITY OF INTERMEDIATE COMPOUNDS OF 52 PHENOL OXIDATION WITH OZONE AND OZONE-UV71 Water Trearment System Using discharge in Water Cavitation 105 Effect of ozone-gas bubble size and pH on ozone/UV treatment Decomposition of 1,4-dioxane by ozone and advanced oxidation Session 10
at Room 2
Agriculture-food-beverage Application
OZONATION OF IMIDACLOPRID AND BITERTANOL: DEGRADATION OF DEOXYNIVALENOL BY OZONATION 37 TREATEMENT: BY-PRODUCT AND GENOTOXICITY Removal of Odorous Compound on Rubber Seals using Ozone in 28 Ozone Inactivation of food spoilage acid-producing bacteria Session 11
at Room 3
Industrial Application
Application of Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide (O3 + H2O2) AOP 80 (Advanced Oxidation Process) Treatment to Modify the Surface Characteristics of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs)Fundamental Studies on Effect of Ozone Injection to the Internal 62 Combustion Engine - Chemical changes of Hydrocarbon Compounds by Ozone Injection -ACID LEACHING OF CHALCOPYRITE WITH OZONE AND 65 FERRIC IONS: TAGUCHI EXPERIMENT AND STATISCAL ANALYSISStructural characterization by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of National Center for Science Research Maritza F. Díaz Development of Treatment Technique for Corrosion Inhibitor in Liquid Waste from Nuclear Power Plant Using Ozone Effect and optimization of CO2 partial pressure during ozone water Measurement of dissolved ozone concentration with multi- Ozone Measurement Based on optical Absorption Using a Visible 94 Simple ozone-leak monitor with ultra-violet absorbance system Measurement of ozone concentration distribution around small air deodorizer using developed ozone detection ribbon Session 12
at Room 5
Ozone Generation
Studies on Discharges Mechanism of Micro-plasma Ozonizer Fundamental Study of Barrier Discharge and Ozone Generation Characteristics for Multiple Needles to Plane Configuration Miniaturized ozone generator for deodorization using ferroelectric fReduction of Nox on Air-Fed Ozonizers Using Ferroelectric Effect dielectric electrode material on ozone generation in piezoelectric transformer-based ozone generator Consideration on configuration of parallel reactors for ozone production using nanosecond pulsed power discharge 27 An Ozone-zero Phenomena in Pure Oxygen in Ozone Generation Session 13
at Room 5
Ozone Solubilization and Decomposition
Absorption and decomposition characteristics of high concentration Model Development of Ozone Decomposition: Validation Using Pure Compounds as Initiator, Promoter and InhibitorDecomposition behavior of dissolved ozone in high temperature 106 solution for decontamination of Reactor Pressure Vessel in a Nuclear Power PlantMass Transfer and Reaction Characteristics of Pressurized Non- Study on ozone absorption characteristics in ultraviolet rays / ozone Session Medical 2]
at Room 4
Clinical Reports and Treatment Strategies: Angiopathia, Diabetes and Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
【Keynote Lecture】
The intensive Care of Lower Limb Diabetic Wounds: our 10 Years Noam Calderon, Teddy Kaufman, Leonid Bryzgalin, Munir Experience in PatientsTtreated Topically with Ozone as Adjunctive Awad Adjuvant HBO and Ozone in Diabetic Foot & Badly Healing Session Medical 3]
at Room 4
Clinical Reports and Treatment Strategies: Virus Cased Diseases and Complementary  Oncology
【Keynote Lecture】
Ozone Therapy in Cancer Treatment. State of the Art (Thursday)
a.m 9:00~12:05
Session 14
at Room 1
Sludge Treatment
Power production from municipal sludge using improved anaerobic Reduction of sewage sludge and recovery of phosphorus by the Evaluation of Multistage Anaerobic Digestion Systems combining Ozonation, Mesophilic Digestion and Thermophilic Digestion Ecological Treatment System for River Sludge Sediments using Air National Center for Science Research Matilde López Torres Verification of sludge reduction by ozonation with phosphorus recovery conducted at the demonstration plant Performance of sludge disintegration process by ozonation installed Actinomyces Scum Control-Technology for correcting treatment Session 15
at Room 2
Air and Gas Treatment
Cooking exhaust deodorization of food processing factory & Effect of Different Combination of Metal and Zeolite on Ozone VOC removal in a compact wet scrubber using advanced oxidation Decomposition of Benzene, MTBE and Toluene in Gas Phase by Removing Nox Process Having Water Absorption Filter and Effect Catalytic Decomposition of Unwanted Ozone under Ambient Session 16
at Room 3
Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Ozonation of dye stuffs and intermediates and further decrease in dissolved organic carbon by post-biogegradation Effect of the Additives on the Degradation of Dyes in Aqueous The experimental results of dyeing wastewater treatment by Vietnamese Academy of Sci. & Tach. Trinh Van Tuyen Dyeing Wastewater Treatment Using Charcoal Made of Vietnamese MELANOIDINS OZONATION FOR COLOR REMOVAL AND CYANIDE REMOVAL FROM AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS BY COMBINED EFFECT OF OZONE AND ACTIVATED CARBON OXIDATION OF PETROLEUM REFINERY WASTEWATER Session Medical 3 ]
at Room 4
Clinical Reports and Treatment Strategies: Virus Cased Diseases and Complementary Oncology
【General presentation】
OKAMOTO Yoshiharu, Takuro Mori, Takeshi Tsuka, Masahiiko Sugiyama, Saburo Minami, Toru Kitamura, HarunariOkamoto Intratumoral Ozone Therapy - An Important Step in Improving the Ozone Therapy in Patients with Viral Hepatitis "C". Ten Years TOKUYAMA Hirobumi、Chikaaki Kusaka,Tsutae NAGATA, Efficacy of Ozone Therapy for Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN) Clinical Comparative Study of Ozone Therapy and Guideline UEMURA S., T.Ichihara, A.Watanabe, K.Nakahara, Ozonated Olive Oil Enhances the Growth of Granulation Tissue in a SAKAZAKI Fumitoshi, Hiromi Kataoka, MasanoriMouse Model of Pressure Ulcer Senma,Tomofumi Okuno, Hitoshi Ueno, Katsuhiko Nakamuro Components and Anti-inflammatory Action Mechanism of Ozonized MIURA Toshiaki, Atsushi Iwai, Koichi Tamoto, AkinoriOlive Oil (Thursday)
p.m 13:30~18:30
Session 17
at Room 1
Water Purification
Operating Experience with Drinking Water Ozonation in North Evaluation of the raw and process water in the purification plant by 92 The reactive art of Quenching Ozonated Water 136 Appropriate ozonation system in water purification plant Application and operation of high-efficiency ozonation system in combination of pure-oxygen ozonizer and U-tube reactor Design of a 2,900 MGD Ozonation System For Taste and Odor Application of an advanced water purification(ozonation) system at Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Murayama Water Purification Plant in Tokyo Session 18
at Room 2
119 Ozone Inactivation of viruses- More to it than CT alone WATER DISINFECTION OPTIMISATION: AN ANALYTICAL 54 MODEL TO DETERMINE HYDRAULIC EFFICIENCY OF OZONE CONTACTORSDisinfection and removal of biofilms using ozone in combination with hydrogen peroxideQUANTIFICATION OF THE BACTERICIDAL, FUNGICIDAL, 41 AND SPORICIDAL EFFICACY OF THE JLA LTD OZONE LAUNDERING SYSTEMOZONE APPLICATION FOR POSTHARVEST DISINFECTION Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Treatment of antibiotics and antibiotic resistant bacteria in manure Disinfection of Pure Water by means of Direct Ozonation Using Session 19
at Room 3
Industrial Wastewater Treatment
53 PHENOL OXIDATION WITH OZONE AND OZONE-UV-H2O2 OZONE OXIDATION OF STRIPPED SOUR WATER FROM A Application of Advanced Wastewater Treatment Techniques To The Low Type Grease-InterceptorA Feasibility Study on the Catalytic Ozonation Using Modified 63 Aluminum-Coagulated Sludge as a Heterogeneous Catalyst in Wastewater Oxidation TreatmentLandfill leachates treatment by coagulation-flocculation-ozonation Mitigating Environmental Impact Of Gold Mine Wastewater Session Medical 4]
at Room 4
Clinical Reports and Treatment Strategies: Ozone in Pain Management, Intraarticular and Intradiscal Injections, Trigger Points, Rheumatology
Ozone Therapy for Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) and Spinal Canal Fibromyalgia - A Controlled Clinical Study with Ozone vs Local AnesteticFinal Results of Combined Intradiscal and Periganglionic Injectionof Medical Ozone and Periganglionic Administration of Steroids and Anesthetic for the Treatment of Lumbar Disk Herniation: Effects on Disk Size and Lumbar Radiiculopathy RE L, G. Martinez-Sanchez, G. Malcangi, A.Mercanti i Ozone Therapy: A Clinical Study on Pain Management Treatment of Lumbodinya and Sciatica with Ozone Therapy ALEJANDRO Ortiz , Alcantara-Canseco Cesar Postoperative Pain Relief by Ozone Therapy in Patients Undergone Hiroshi Gotoh Development of Small-sized Generator of Ozone-dissolved Water NISHIKI Y., N. Kitaori, K. Nakamuro, and M. Tanaka, Medical Session Sept 2-3
Clinical and Neurophysiology Effects of the Intrathecal 1 Administration of Ozone-Oxygen Mixture in Hiv-Patients with Arachnoencephalitis Caused by Herpes Virus L.A. Kosova, A.N.Serova, G.I.Glelitsky, I.G. Tsigankova, M.A.
Change of Lipid Exchange Indices of Patients with Arterial L.A. Kosova, A.N.Serova, G.I.Glelitsky, I.G Tsigankova, M.A. Russia Hypertension under the Influence of Ozone The System of Complex Control of Human Fitness Underapplication M.A. Kurbatov, A.N.Serova, G.I.Glelitsky, I.G. Tsigankova, of Ozone Therapy When Treating Different Diseases The Efficiency Estimation of Ozone Therapy at Patients with 4 Pathological Seams on Indicators Radioactive Nuclide Researches of I.I.Shevelev, P.I.Koshelev a Tissual Blood Flow.
Analgesic Effect of the Ozone in a Study Carried in 775 Patients Study of Sanogenetic Action of Ozone by Digital Holographic Analysis of Perspectivity of Ozone Technologies Use in Neurocirculatory Dystonia with Syndrome of A.V. Vorobyov, V.A. Shikhragimov, S.P. Peretyagin, A.K.
Ozone Application for Correction of Oxygen Homeostasis Disorders atyana Poznyak, Fabio Antunez, Alejandro García and Isaac Experimental Toxicology of Ozone Therapy by Rectal Insufflation Erythrocyte Enzymatic Activity and Serum Crystallogenic Properties A.K. Martusevich, Yu.V. Zimin, A.G. Solovyova, S.P.
Stimulate Antioxidant System in Peritoneal Zamora Za, Guanche Da, González Ra, Hernández Fa, Alonso The Markers of Condition Vessels Endothelium of Patientswith Burning Trauma before and after Ozonetherapy Change in Biochemical Parameters after Metabolic Disorders Efremenko J.R., Kontorschikova C.N., Koroleva E.F., Vedunova Pathogenetic Justification of Ozonotherapy Usage in Gynecologocal O.S. Yanchenko, K.A. Korovushkina, E.U. Kontorschikova The Influence of Combined Treatment and Ozone Therapy Effecy on C.N.Kontorschikova, A.V.Alasova, S.V.Tzybusov, I.G.
18 the Contense of Zinc, Copper and Iron in Patients with Breast Nariko Shinriki, Mitsuo Ohsawa, Noboru Obi, Tohru Taguchi Hematological Study of Healthy Man Treated by Major Nobuo Sugihara, Yashuna Shibata, Takako Emoto, Shizuka Autohemotherapy with Ozone for Five Years Obigane, Fumitoshi Sakazaki and Katsuhiko Nakamuro 21 Safety and EffectivenessEevaluation of Ozone Gel 22 Current State and the Future of Treatment with Ozone Water Hiromi Kataoka' , Masanori Semma' , Humitoshi Sakazaki, 23 Proinflammatory Event of Ozonized Olive Oil in Mice Katsuhiko Nakamuro,Tadashi Yamamoto, Seiichi Hirota, Keiko Japan.
Tazuya-Murayama4 and Atushi Ichikawa 24 Toxicological Study of Low Concentration Level-ozonated Water Katsuhiko Nakamuro, Fumitoshi Sakazaki and Takaya Fji.
Silvia Menéndez and 1Andrés Oscar Torres José Luis Calunga, Silvia Menéndez, Zullyt Zamora, Nelson 26 Ozone Oxidative Postconditioning in Acute Renal Failure Ozone Oxidative Preconditioning and Postconditioning in Acute Silvia Menéndez, Ricardo González, Zullyt Zamora, Aluet Nephrotoxicity Induced by CisplatinN in Rats Borrego, Frank Hernández and Teresa Montero Silvia Menéndez, José Luis Calunga,Yuleidys Paz and Alfredo 28 Ozone Therapy in Patients with Pulmonary Emphysema 29 Ozone Therapy in the Treatment of Herniated Disk José Luis Calunga, Silvia Menéndez, and Alberto Balbín 30 Development of New Surfactant with Antifungal Property Disinfection Effect by Ozone Gas and Application Examination to Yasuo nakamura, Hiroshi takagi, Yukihiro kamase Takashi Urano,kazuhiro nakazawa,Yukito endo,Yukihiro 32 Application Research on Ozone Water to Endoscope Disinfection Sterilization with Ozone in a Clean Room of Pharmaceutical Noriyoshi Kosaka, Shinichiro Okuda, Fumitoshi Kadowaki Survival of Noroviruses in Yodo River and Inactivation of Norovirus Kenji Yamazaki and Katsuhiko Nakamuro Bactericidal Effect of Low-Level Dissolved Ozone to Legionella Hitoshi Doi, Katsuhiko Nakamuro,Toshie Hizuka and Akiko Microbiological safety of the bath water using a newly developed C. Terao, N. Doi, S. Ishizuka, R. Terao and K. Nakamuro ozone treatment filtration system (Kanozo system) Summarizing the whole meeting by Renate Viebahn Please return this Application Form by fax or visit:https://apollon.nta.co.jp/ozone2009-er/ IOA WC2009 Desk  Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd., Event &Convention Sales Division5th Fl. Nihon Koa Ginza Bldg., 7-13-10, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, JapanTEL: +81-3-5565-9895  FAX: +81-3-5565-9611 E-mail: mcs_inq01@nta.co.jp □ Prof  □ Dr.  □ Mr.  □ Ms *Please Print
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